Michael Horn Live, EP 9

When just having a headache really isn’t enough

As usual, in addition to our INTERACTIVE format, tonight’s show will cover these topics:

  • UFO News: Yes, there really is some to talk about
  • “The Adventures of Billy Meier” more than a comic book
  • The Salome Peace Meditation…and the Red Meteor
  • ISIS defeated in Iraq, NYC terrorism, sleepers worldwide
  • Trump endorsing Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol
  • 2018 and the time of the great upheavals
  • The Michael Horn Wildlife Fund, meaningful charity
  • Future Self for Kids, how they can create their own futures

…and possibly more!

Michael Horn Live, Episode 9

Tuesday night, Dec.12, 7:00PM Pacific Time

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11 Replies to “Michael Horn Live, EP 9”

        1. It’s best left to the…professionals. However, your generous donation allows you to – safely and vicariously – see all the action (intended for mature adults only) from the comfort of your own living room.

          You’re welcome.

        2. I have a sneaking suspicion that any donations will not see the light of day until a certain future personality of a, Mr. Horn, is in a position to take a ride in a time travelling vehicle and revisit the wild life of the summer of ’69! 😉

  1. Yes, EP9 was a good show, Michael, I agree. It is a nice way to stay a bit up-to-date with was is going on like this Thanks!

  2. Hi MH ,

    In this video @ 58:56 …..

    Suddenly you heard a little suggestion …. ” Keep on Walking ”

    Are they the plejarens who told you to keep walking …..

    You told us you would tell that story … Please tell about it in the next live session … we would love to know about it ….

    Salome …..

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