Prophetic Painting? You Decide

Painting from 1965 shows numerous images seemingly foretelling specific current events 

In 1965, my painting below was displayed in the Sixty-eightth Annual Exhibitionby Artists of Chicago and Vicinity, at the Art Institute of Chicago.

I draw your attention to several of the images in the painting, beginning in the top left.

1. There is a white football player kneeling while another football player is standing, looking away from him. Behind him is the partially obscured word “Hero”.

2. In the right upper corner is the face of a back man, with the same expression as the football player. Just to his left, and slightly below his ear level, are several stars…such as can be found on the American flag.

3. To the left of the white football player is a dark, shadowy, figure in a manned drone kind of aircraft, who who is waving, while the aircraft is dropping things that appear to explode around the deathly pale-looking person.

4. Below the white football player is a man in a falsely pious, prayerful posture, surrounded by an elaborate religious vestment, while concealing himself behind sunglasses.

4. To his right is a figure, who is just below the star symbols for the flag, wearing a hat with the letter “A” on it, as in…Alabama. He has his left hand in his trouser pocket and while he’s staring straight ahead, his menacing-looking right hand and forearm are extending to grab, or grope, something unseen.



While reproduced in black and white above, the painting was in full color, as seen here with other works.



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10 Replies to “Prophetic Painting? You Decide”

    1. It’s funny, when I was writing the bloomy attention kept being drawn back to the car but I didn’t know why and I didn’t notice that it was…mirrorless.

  1. BEAUTIFUL creative work. And you were not familiar with Billy’s work and prophecies at that time? What was your inspiration and how were you inspired at the time you were creating this painting, if you wouldn’t mind sharing? 🙂

    1. This was painted in 1964/1965. The figure with the A on his hat and the gaudy clothes epitomized to me the so-called ugly Americans, the ones who were bigoted, etc. At the time, Alabama was a symbol of a lot of racial discrimination, a backward kind of mentality, and I put that A on the hat to represent that, and the menacing hand was about the violence that came out of that consciousness. The falsely pious figure represented the sleaziness of the religious hierarchies, which even then seemed to me to be corrupt, hypocritical, materialistic, etc.

      The football player was about the worship also of this game, which to me also epitomized many things wrong with the American mentality. The figure in the upper right I modeled after Malcolm X, a black revolutionary leader who’s assassinated.

      Those were the motivations in my mind at that time, as a young art student.

  2. As for the vehicle yes it has now mirrors and so did the “racing” cars of that time period. The car resembles that of a early 50’s Jaguar or a Forza Horizon

  3. It`s funny that I once or twice road in a Jaguar XK-E too back in the early 1960s but this was so long ago. I used to love riding in a Jaguar becuase the car was an English import back then. How times have changed.

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