Former Skeptic Now Supports Billy Meier UFO Case

Derek Bartholomaus retracted hoax claims, now posts pro-Meier videos

This is pretty surprising stuff so a little background is in order. In 2008, we released The Silent Revolution of Truth, a powerful, award-winning documentary on the Billy Meier UFO contacts. My partner, Jack Gerlach, and I wanted to present a balanced approach and include elements that would address the doubts, concerns and skepticism that some people might have.

To do so, we included an interview with a psychotherapist, who spoke about people who believe in UFOs, extraterrestrials, etc., and one with a consultant to the US military, who’s an expert in reading body language, who assessed Meier, and the eyewitness, former UN diplomat Phobol Cheng, and found them to be truthful and honest.

Also, because of the intense attacks from various skeptics, we gave the better part of a 17-minute, Special Features segment to Derek Bartholomaus, to present the best of the skeptical perspective.

As many people now know, shortly after the film was made, Bartholomaus publically retracted his claims that Meier used model UFOs, miniature trees, etc., which were the foundation of his position and of the entire skeptical argument.

Attacking or Supporting?

Recently, my attention was drawn to a website Bartholomaus maintains that seemed to be centered around attacking the Meier case, where he had posted two video clips from our film. So, I filed a complaint with YouTube, which removed them. Then I saw that Bartholomaus uploaded them, again, via Vimeo. I filed a complaint with them and they also removed them.

But once again, he uploaded the videos on his site and filed counter claims to have YouTube and Vimeo reinstate them. Then it dawned on me. Why was I trying to get a skeptic to take down pro Billy Meier videos? Bartholomaus wasn’t attacking the case…he was supporting it!

The first video presents documentation from Meier and the Plejaren about what they say is the history of human beings in the universe and on Earth. Now, with “new discoveries” being made that challenge previous scientific research about the earliest humans – and with more certain to come – Bartholomaus even wrote this introduction to the video:

“For more information regarding the Plejaren’s history of the universe please watch this video which includes information such as that the Earth started to be formed 646 Billion years ago and that there were originally 40,353,607 different human races in 343 different skin colors and that apes actually descended from human beings.”

Then I looked at what Bartholomaus wrote to introduce an interview we did with Atlant Bieri, which we didn’t use in the released film:

“Since Meier is over 80 years old now there has been discussion about what will happen to FIGU once he dies. If Billy Meier is the only person ever contacted by extra-terrestrials then what are they supposed to do when he dies? The answer is that one of Billy Meier’s sons is going to take over. In an early edit of the movie ‘The Silent Revolution of Truth’ there was an interview with Meier’s son, Atlant Bieri, and Atlant discusses his future running of FIGU. This scene did not make it into the final edit of the movie, and Atlant is never identified as being one of Billy Meier’s sons in the final released version of the movie. I received this footage because I was interviewed for the movie and I required approval over how my interview footage was to be used in the movie and I was sent an early edit of the entire movie instead of just my section of the movie.”

No “Cult”

Atlant is actually one of Meier’s stepsons but, as Bartholomaus notes, he said, “I refused to be the leader of this society and…This was just a role I was given by my father.” So, he clearly isn’t going to become the leader of the society. This deftly establishes that any claims (some of which Bartholomaus had repeated too) about some kind of religion or cult, are clearly unfounded. Bartholomaus also takes the time to not only post the video but also transcribed the text, including, “Of course, my father is a wise man.”

Atlant says that while Meier “proposed an idea”, he freely disagreed with it and declined the position. No “cult” there.

Bartholomaus says that he approved his own interview. He later admitted his claims were wrong, disarming any other skeptics who would try to use them.

He also advertises how to become a Passive Member in FIGU! Since membership is strictly voluntary, and certainly not necessary for anyone to have access to the free, as well as purchasable, material, it appears to be an invitation for interested parties to consider membership. I don’t think that he’s a Passive Member himself but it now looks like anything is possible.


I did wonder why Bartholomaus would publish false statements about Meier claiming to be a “grave robber” at the tomb, as well as being the reincarnation, of the imaginary “Jesus Christ”, when anybody could check and see they’re not true. And then I realized that’s why he did it. Curiosity alone will get people to rush to find where Meier made such outrageous claims and, instead, they’ll learn he never did, as is explained in this article. So, Bartholomaus presented a provocative way to get people to learn the truth themselves. Really, why was I trying to stop this guy?

Copyright Infringements

I initially objected to the misappropriation of my copyrighted brand, “theyfly” (, that Bartholomaus made into He also mis-titled his site But beyond the infringements, even beyond the obvious “plagiarism is the highest form of flattery”, I saw that by using those names he was showing that he supports the case…while not having to come out directly and say it.

It also makes it easier for people to find my site, blog, online TV channel, etc. By his calling his site “Billy Meier UFO Case” and saying…”The evidence is here”, Bartholomaus indicated to astute people that the Billy Meier UFO case is where the evidence is, if not actually on his site.

Best Left Unspoken

Sometimes what isn’t said is as important as what is. While leaving up long debunked skeptical claims about Meier’s UFO photos and films, he wisely (and conspicuously for those paying attention) didn’t mention the ironclad 1964 India evidence…which even alone authenticates the entire case. As someone who follows my work on the Meier case, Bartholomaus would know that the US Air Force OSI investigator, and his conclusions, are unimpeachable. The same holds true for the former prosecutor-trial lawyer and his expert opinion. Probably for the same reasons, he didn’t mention all the new analyses that authenticated Meier’s most controversial photographic evidence, nor the 200+ specific examples of Meier’s prophetically accurate scientific information.*

Personal Risks

Overall, Bartholomaus found a clever way of hiding in plain sight before more openly risking revealing his pro-Meier position. I’m reminded of the former Navy SEAL, now called Kristin Beck, who attained great success in the military as a man, and who came out recently as a woman, which was an extremely courageous thing to do. While Bartholomaus may still enjoy the support of skeptics who consider him one of their own, how will they feel when they see that, whether as a matter of conscience, or a turning to the truth for its own sake, he courageously did the right thing?

Plausible Deniability

While not everyone who has a change of mind for the better may want to blurt it out openly, another way to proceed is by using plausible deniability. If his skeptical friends ask him about all of this pro-Meier information, Bartholomaus can just point to the still existing links to outdated and disproven skeptical material on his site. He can say that he’s still skeptical, though his own retraction, the positive, pro-Meier information he’s posted, and all the ironclad evidence he conspicuously avoided mentioning, say the opposite…no matter how anyone tries to spin it.

We’re reminded of how skeptics at the organization Bartholomaus was associated with tried to debunk Billy Meier’s astounding, prophetically accurate scientific information about the planet Jupiter…and ended up corroborating it instead.

As Billy Meier – who Bartholomaus himself took the time to note, “is a wise man” – said, ultimately, the people who are negative and attacking the truth, actually contribute to it finally emerging and triumphing. While not all of them either realize, or get to enjoy, the positive outcome, it appears that Bartholomaus may just end up fully redeeming himself and, hopefully, becoming one of them.


*The newest, independent expert, scientific analyses and authentication of Billy Meier’s photographic UFO evidence:

Rahl Zahi’s Analysis Report on the WCUFO

Rahl Zahi’s Analysis Report on the Pendulum UFO

Rhal Zahi and Chris Lock’s Analysis on The Energy Ships

The Billy Meier UFO Case: Now You Can Prove It to Yourself 

Corroboration & Evidence


16 Replies to “Former Skeptic Now Supports Billy Meier UFO Case”

  1. Good on him if he intends to promote the validity of the Meier case. It must be hard for skeptics to change their tune if/when they discover the case is real.

  2. Hello Michael.
    It’s good to see someone like Derek recognize the truth. Hopefully his
    “voice” will help other human beings find the correct path to the truth.
    Salome, Scott Reed.

  3. I watched a UFO back in 2012 directly over head of me on my acreage, however I initially was tracking the space shuttle on it’s return orbit. The UFO was simply a star in my mind sitting with the rest of the starry night until the Shuttle approached it, suddenly the star animated into an exact mimic/mirror image of the space shuttle and they both moved exactly in unison as they passed one another like identical twins. After the passing, the star submitted back to its original stationary form in intensity. I wonder if such intelligence could possibly be our future folks time travelling back here before WW3/4 to see for themselves the truth.

  4. Posting of a short clip on his site does not constitute agreement with Billy Meier’s story. In my view, Barthalomous has simply included the clip on his site for reference purposes. Keep dreaming that he has suddenly lost his mind.

    1. Oh gosh, wouldn’t you know it? I’m approving this comment despite the fact that there’s apparently no “Michelle”, only a fake email address.

      As I said in my email seeking verifiable ID:

      “As a new participant on the blog, please provide verifiable ID, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc., after which we can approve your comments.

      We try to avoid spammers, trolls, fake IDs, etc.

      Thank you.

      P.S. In regards to your particular comment,I’d be more than delighted to post it and discuss your perspective, evidence to the contrary, etc. So please, as per the generic message above, help me to do that.


      Cowardice is at epidemic levels. Really, if whoever-they-are would like to expound on their spin to Bartholomaus’ obvious pro-Meier leanings, and/or try to make a case for skeptical opposition to the Meier case, all they have to do is be…honest and truthful about who they are.

    2. What’s funny is that skeptics have this deluded idea that their confirmation of truth actually matters, and people care what they think.

      Lol no. This is a new era. Skeptics are a laughing stock – equally as much of a joke as die-hard religious believers.

      If you wish to continue calling the sky purple, go right on ahead while the rest of us discover truth and utilize it to better our lives.

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