They spent $110 million to NOT find Billy Meier’s UFO films and photos

Here’s a visual follow-up to the previous blog about the Pentagon UFO hoax.

It remains to be seen if the gullible public will come to their senses in time. Not doing so only further assures the fulfillment of Meier’s newest prophecies and predictions.


Michael Horn Live, EP 11

Tuesday, January 9, 7:00PM Pacific Time


  • Questions from the Chat Room
  • The Latest Prophecies and Predictions from Billy Meier
  • The So Epidemic Struck Mercilessly in 2017
  • New Video about Pentagon UFO Hoax
  • There Is No Life Without Striving


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37 comments on “The REAL UFO Films the Pentagon Hid from You

  • Why bother with concerns about the “gullible public”? Why not simply accept “the fulfillment of Meier’s newest prophecies and predictions” ?

  • Where’s the ‘usual others’ comments? WHY don’t the Plejaren openly acknowledge Michael Horn on this blog, or, on BEAMS FIGU channels?

    • You asked, so from

      A small number of persons are trying really very hard to form a good FIGU group in the USA. So there are also really good people over there who try very hard. If I thereby think solely of Michael Horn, who has already worked for so many years for the teaching and the mission, he and his work cannot be highly enough appraised. Indeed, not all human beings need to be working in his tireless scope, because a lesser commitment is already very valuable, and such a one can be achieved by many in America. However, these correspond only to a minority, but if they engage themselves, then much can be achieved through them. A small number of human beings can also achieve much and bring, in many others, change for the better and good, if they make an effort. How does it go? Constant dripping wears away the stone. Considered in this sense, everything unloving, evil, unpeaceful and disharmonious, wrong and illiberal, as well as any Gewalt, addiction to rule and addiction to might, every hatred, every revenge as well as every addiction to retaliation, will, in the same way, be worn down to the ground, as well as everything dictatorial and which harms life and limb.

      There is nothing there with which to argue, because your words correspond to reality. This, however, changes nothing in our attitude. If, in relation to the human beings and the behaviour of the American people, something changes for the better, for good and right, then we will also change our opinion. But we are very pleased regarding the ongoing efforts for many years by Michael Horn, whereby he has provided extraordinary services, which are of inestimable value. While we also acknowledge the efforts of all those people in the USA who tried for decades to form a FIGU group and also made an effort in terms of learning the spiritual teaching; unfortunately they have not achieved the objectives they claimed they wanted to achieve.

      • You can tell right away who reads the contact notes and who doesn’t. There is another place where Ptaah thanks Michael Horn for his help in spreading the truth about the contacts. When one reads the contact notes , all your questions are answered. Edward and Ptaah and Quetzal and Semjase and others , cover just about everything a human being could ask. Remember this spans over 70 years , advanced beings speaking with a higher advanced being ( Billy).

        • Couldn’t agree more Barry. Even things you don’t think to ask are answered. It’s a wealth of information more valuable than our rarest gemstones.

        • Agreed. I’ve found myself in a middle of a long typed out question only to investigate and find the answer myself -along with other new questions and answers to those questions. It goes on and on. Amazing what a person could do to find their own answers…

        • I read the contact reports to increase my logic and reasoning which then helps me tremendously to understand the spiritual teachings, the prophesy warnings and the Creative natural laws clearly.

    • John, why are you always making asinine assumptions and telling folks to do this or do that? You’re all over the place and seem confused in your thoughts and statements. Instead of constantly badgering Michael and others on this blog, why don’t YOU go research things and find the answers that you seek? Take that personal responsibility and seek out the knowledge and truth. Maybe then all your questions will be answered.

  • We must create harmony here if nowhere. Thanks Michael for your common sense approach. I wish everyone wisdom, love, freedom and harmony.

  • Just watched. Fantastic !!
    $110 Million? Maybe a little more than that.
    (Interestingly, they were never able to interfere with the contacts. Verboten.)
    Damn good MH.

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