Michael Horn Live, EP 12

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  • Questions from the Chat Room
  • Vow of Silence
  • Neutrality in Difficult Times
  • The Hawaii Missile Crisis
  • Your Spiritual Teaching Library
  • More Water on Mars
  • The Water Stats*

A Call to Action

In a world awash with conflict and aggression, people seek respite and may turn to things like religion for peace and solace. But ultimately, with religion, as is often true of politics, more fear and war are reaped instead. And as the breakdown increases, and people feel more helpless because the promises of safety and salvation are revealed as false and without substance. So, fundamentalism with all its desperation and emotionalism, increases.

You can see a great example of it with Alex Jones. However valid or invalid some of his information may be, his presentation is always polarizing, promoting a desperate, us-against-them mentality. Like a fundamentalist preacher, there’s a palpable fear beneath his increasingly emotionally charged pronouncements about his connection to his beloved, imaginary, God and Jesus. So, inevitably, this only leads to more emotionality, polarization and frantic behavior, which includes invoking the protection and participation of the imaginary figures in a holy war.

If you maintain a fairly neutral perspective while you watch these types of polarizing presentations, which aren’t limited only to the spokesmen and demagogues of the right, as the same intensity of negative rhetoric flows ceaselessly from the primarily non-religious left, from which violent attacks have already occurred, you can see how, according to the law of cause-and-effect, there will be endless consequences and further provocations from opposing sides.

Rather than get swept up in all of the intensity, the doom and gloom, and rather than remaining indifferent, one has to see through the drama and the fireworks with clarity to determine what the best, and most correct, line of thinking and acting will be.


*Regarding the Water Stats above, a friend named Terry suggested that I provide more specific information on the Multi-Pure drinking water systems, and the surprisingly comprehensive list of all the contaminants they remove. Please go to this link and then here for all that information.

Michael Horn Live, EP 12

Tuesday night, Jan. 16, 7:00PM Pacific Time

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  1. It’s officially Saturday in Switzerland! Happy Birthday Billy Eduard Albert Meier! Hope you have many, many more to come!

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