Michael Horn Live, EP 13


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Michael Horn Live, EP 13

Tuesday night, Jan. 23 7:00PM Pacific Time

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43 Replies to “Michael Horn Live, EP 13”

  1. Could Climate Change also have any thing to do with the so-called pole shift? If so could this mean that the earth is moving into a globular cluster? If so which one? I read some time ago that the earth was part of a globular cluster M54 and maybe also now due to the pole shift we might also move into another globular cluster which explains what I read two years ago bout very very advanced life in globular clusters? I remember reading some time ago that the Plejarens are aware of worlds and federations that are fare more advanced then the Pleljaren Federation etc? This is just my guess but I might be wrong,just guessing?

  2. Sorry to be off topic but this is very serous and urgent: This is from Democracy Now! “:URGENT” The first article under In the News New U.S. Nuclear policy Calls for More Nukes When Nukes could Be Used The first story from Democracy Now! Head of Nobel Peace Prize Winning Group: Trump`s Nuclear policy “Puts US on Path Toward Nuclear War” “This is the very reason wht I tried to seek asylum one oi the Plejaren Federation worlds a a dissident,imagrent, oir refugee or even ALL of them due to the fact the death,radiation poisoning,burns,cancer etc,etc,etc,etc! I am terrified of death and dying and finding out the I`m one of the billions dying from ANY kind of a nuclear attack!!!”,so my request was not honored whe I sent out fior that request a few years back!!! So what NOW???:-(((( Ask Ptaah and Billy Why Me???:-(((( What am I doing here on such a childish insane savage barbaric world called earth???:-((((

  3. P.S. This comes down to this: Why are all these stupid politicians, militaries, deep state, black ops and so on intent on wars of any kind,nuclear, or otherwise trying to kill,anilihate,obliterate an entire civilization in the name of a fictitious peace that Yu or I will never ever experience in our very own lifetime while these so-called rulers who wish us all dead live life underground in stupid underground bunkers salivating, wining and dinning on champain and cavier with our ill begotten taxes pay for their filthy rich wealth,sit around living the lavish life in their underground bunkers while the rest of us live above ground dying from cancer,radiation poison living above ground scouring for what little is left of posion food is left from a little, medium and or big nuclear bomb let alone a hydrogen bomb that could destroy hole universes I might add! What good will that be just for a REAL peace that doesn`t even exist thank to Kim Jong Un, Trump, Angila Merkil, and all the rest of these dark nefarious nergies kleft over from the wars in the Orion Nebuler System,etc,etc,etc I might add? Where is the spiritual teaching in this for love,peace, logic,harmony, freedom,reason,common sense and so on,youtell me!!!:-((((

  4. I just heard on c2c that after the Korean Olympics this Un&co will try to launch a nuclear tipped ICBM which the Carter Administration has predicted would happen sooner than later in North Korea! Thanks to Trump and Un we`re getting nowhere and fast too I might add. I just hope the Ps are keeping an eye on these terrible events now getting worse and worse all the time.

  5. P.S. It`s very high time we all learn get along with Russia and China or if we want to put stop to Trump and Un trying so very very to obliterate,anililate not just the U.S. but also the entire world earth!!! Some rough state and even terrorist may try to get their hands on this nighmareish horror if we don`t take some action to stop ANYONE from getting their hands on a nuke that is ANY nukes!!! also we NEED tio do away with nuclear power plants too while we`re at it because these nuclear p[ower plants ciould also be used as nukes too!!! to say nothing of fossil fues, biological, chemical weapons to while we`re at it!!!

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