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Michael Horn Live, EP 13

Tuesday night, Jan. 23 7:00PM Pacific Time

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43 comments on “Michael Horn Live, EP 13

  • also some time ago I read that eventually we may become like the Organians from the episode Errand of Mercy from the orginal Star Trek TV series due to all the aches and pains that some of us have from diseases and so on. “As I`ve always said it`s time for the people of Earth to grow up!” There are wonders of wonders and so many cosmic univreses to learn about and discover out there that we`re just scatching the surface of now that we need to wake up and find alternatives as this website Educate Yourself is all about.

  • Also some time ago I read that we will eventually be like the Organians from the episode Errand of Mercy frio the original Star Trek TV series due to all the aches and pains we suffer in our daily lives.

  • Also I read some time ago that we will evntually be like the Organians friom the original Star Trek episode Errand of Mercy due to all the pain and suffering here on Earth.

  • Sorry about all thoses blog`s but I had trouble getting these words in when I tried to click I`m not a spammer and post comment but my computer wouldn’t add the oine comment so I kept typing again ywo more times and finally I got my comment in. Sorry. Salome Terry

  • I need to share
    My latest saying:
    “I could not give a flying @#$% about anything you have to say about ANYTHING!”

  • Nice work at the CoffeHouse.
    Posted a few times to facebook recently. Generating traffic here is the proper action for these times.
    The work you have done Michael Horne is phenomenal (more damn flowers).
    But living well is its own reward, eh?
    Great job, American Rep.

  • Hey guys, It`s February 1rst. BEAMS 81rst birthday is Saturday Feb 3rd,let`s all wish BEAM a very very Happy Birthday on Saturday when we all must Saalome gan naan ben uurda gan nijber asaaala hesporoona! Salome Terry:)))

  • The Cape Town drought and its implications for residents may be a stark reminder that climate change is not a future concern – it’s a reality of our present, happening at this very moment. As with any single weather or climate event, it’s difficult to blame the Cape Town drought solely on our dependence on fossil fuels. Climate change just isn’t that simple. Yet just as experts are making progress in connecting individual events, such as hurricanes, to climate change, analysis has shown that Cape Town’s regional drought was likely worsened by human actions. The chances of extreme drought are increasing in the Western Cape region overall. While wet and snowy years will still happen, the area is trending toward being dry and drought-prone. Local climate trends certainly have something to do with this, but so do globally increasing temperatures and shifting weather patterns. Indeed, research has found that hotter, drier weather is becoming more common across the globe. One study predicts that nearly 74 percent of global populations will be threatened by dangerous heatwaves by the close of the century, and we could even see record-high summer temperatures every other year as soon as 2030. In 2015, NASA satellite data found that one-third of global groundwater reservoirs were over-stressed by human use, suggesting a grim outcome if we do not learn to use water more sustainably. Cape Town is just one example of these predictions spilling over into reality.

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