Unstoppable geopolitical, financial and environmental shaking, quaking as Billy Meier predicted

In addition to questions from the chat room, tonight’s show will feature:

  • RayGuard: SPECIAL OFFER for Protection from 5G and EMF*
  • Prophecies Fulfilling NOW
  • What Do You Want from People?
  • The Spiritual Teaching: Self-responsibility Is Not a Quick Fix
  • New Children’s Book debuts

Michael Horn Live, Episode 14

Wednesday, February 7, 7:00PM Pacific Time



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Here is an unofficial translation of information on EMF’s from the Plejaren and Billy Meier regarding EMF radiation, which may contain errors:

Ptaah…It was mentioned that mobile telephones are particularly dangerous with regard to their radiation in terms of human brain warming when the equipment is used in enclosed spaces, such as apartments or other buildings, but also in underground installations as well as in tunnels, caves and canals.

Such a particular danger also exists in all closed vehicles and missiles, i. e. in automobiles, airplanes and railways, etc.

It should also be noted that switched-on mobile telephones are not to be worn on the body, especially at height or near the heart and other vital organs such as the lungs, kidneys and liver.

Billy Unfortunately, it is. We have already discussed electrosmog on several occasions, such as it is caused by mobile telephones etc., but on the other hand it is claimed by the equipment manufacturers and the ‘expert luminaires’ they have bought that the radiation is harmless. Contrary to this, however, you have said the following several times, as e. g. at the 330th contact interview on August 29,2002:


15…Electro-smog (is) is not invigorating for all forms of life, but very harmful, and in particular the human being is very susceptible to it, besides domestic animals and wild animals, as well as plants.

16. Electro-smog fields occur wherever electrical cables are running or where electrical apparatus, systems, generators or transformer stations etc. are located.

17. Radio, television and mobile telephone transmitters as well as similar receivers, i. e. radio telephones, radio-communication equipment and mobile phones, or the so-called ‘mobile phone’, also emit high emissions of electro-smog, which is nothing more than ‘low-energy electromagnetic fields’ or ‘low-energy electromagnetic oscillations’.

18. Effects of electro-smog on human beings may include dizziness, loss of consciousness, headaches, brain warming, concentration disorders, allergies, blood diseases, rheumatism, nervous disorders, psychological damage, eating disorders and aggressions, sleep disorders, forgetfulness, personality changes, depressions, visual disorders, even cancer, etc., as the facts show, but this is usually vehemently disputed elsewhere by the earthly ‘experts’ and ‘scientists’, as well as by the manufacturers of products emitting electro-smog.

Billy Other times you have also explained that the radiation from mobile phones, etc. also destroys cells in the body and that alterations to the genetic material occur, which also results in pregnancy damage and physical deformities as well as deliberate damage to offspring. You also said that radiation warms the brain and alters the blood count, causing platelets to clump. All this is still disputed today by the mobile phone manufacturers and their bought ‘professionals’, therefore false test results are delivered. On this point, the question of whether the time is finally coming when all the deception and lies will be revealed.

It will not be the case for some time to come that really serious research is being carried out in this respect and that unadulterated results are being announced that actually correspond to the truth.

53) Profit takes precedence over the manufacturers of appliances and equipment and the ‘professionals’ who have been bought to investigate and clarify everything, regardless of the health of people.

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50 comments on “Michael Horn Live, Episode 14

    • Are we tomorrow by now? eheh

      It told me the show was starting in a matter of minutes. 🙂

      Haha it is strange how the time works here if I look at the times and dates it is often mindboggling to… I always catch it live so far when attempting too even though the numbers don’t adds up lol.

      Salut Ev

      mercredi 7 février 2018 à 22h03

  • God thing I didn`t miss the show. Hope to watch the show to morrow. Looking forward to hearing what MH has to say,can`t wait.

  • Hello Michael

    Here are some questions (3) I would ask tonignt:

    1)Do we have the new count of human beings living on Earth as of the 31st december 2017 produced by the Plejaren?

    2)Should one directly inform FIGU if he/she strive for making Billy’s books accessible to all in librairies and biliothèques. (book such as those that buy directly at figu but allso those related to “Billy Meier” found on your website too) I could ask the town to buy some books so we could lend them.

    I could find nothing in my whole city!

    3)Should we find a way to adresse the danger about rampantly spreading desieses, terrible illnesses, epidemics, parasites etc. without creating panic, because there was a volontary omission made by billy in recent updates about not creating hysteria or fear through premature predictions or something lika that… it is my biggest fear right now… perhaps dying from desieses what should we do about that situation, I feel powerless in this kind of scenario!?

    Many thanks will most probably watch this show life if my device permits me

    Salut! 🙂

  • I finally saw the video but with difficulty due to technical problems with the video stop and going here and there and I had trouble following the dialog. Good lecture MH but the video itself was technically very poor. Hope #15 will be of better quality. I`ll try to watch #14 again to see if I undertand what yu were talking about? This is the first video without the close caption and your movements were all stop and go all over the place Sorry for the technical problems. Hope the next video will be technically much better but your letcture was as always superb. Thanks MH Salome Terry

  • Salome & G’Day to all who find themselves fighting the good fight.
    Please excuse me while I sideline my self oppointed mandate of “putting a smile on your dial.”
    How do you expect our current course to change to the better if we “don’t get involved” in politics? Politicians write the laws or policies that allow vested interests to line the politicians and their own pockets at our expense (double-entendre intended). We are extorted daily at every level of existence, be it truth/belief, feelings/deference for others, emotional triggers, values, ethics, housing/shelter, clothing/garments, food/nutrition, water/hydration etc. not to mention the bombardment of insurance, sports, cars, guns etc.
    We are few and we are puny. Imagine the measuring devices of more evolved humans visiting our planet and looking at their viewing screens that measure the constant stream of fine-fluidal-energy emanating from this ancient globe and what it tells them about the vast majority of its inhabitants?
    BEAM has virtually said that we can’t do a bloody thing against them and have to keep our hands in our pockets, lest we be murdered. The warnings are there so that you get a passport and oneway plane ticket to Australia (couldn’t help myself 😉 ). And we have it very bad down here too if you, like me, just couldn’t be bothered chasing the almighty dollar, not to mention the aspirations of the current politicians to rise to the top of the arms exporting nations.
    Bring the fire, is all I can say; and I will self oppoint a new mandate of being on the front lines when it comes to the correct course being travelled in the distant future, in modesty!
    Good luck, all.

    • The more important message that Meier has given is that we can, and should, develop ourselves, our consciousness. This isn’t some escapist thing, it’s simply the way we need to proceed in order to slowly build the real momentum, which will bear its most abundant fruit in the future.

      Some people can indeed make a bit of “noise”, as long as they know just how far to take it. But working on ourselves, studying and applying the spiritual teaching will bring benefits to those who pursue the course. Meier has also said that the mission is like a snowball, going down a hill and building momentum.

      No doubt we will have plenty of opportunities to practice, apply and refine…as the time fulfills.

      • I hear you MH.
        It’s just that now that the Petale level is holding me responsible because I have read Decalogue Dodecalogue, I feel responsible. So I would like to march down to my local and federal members of government offices and ask them if they too are willing to feel the feeling of being responsible, but I think I could get acquainted with the inside of some sort of cell if I did. I don’t know if I could know just how far to take it!
        Oh well, back to the books, nature and the unnatural.
        Chirry Pip.

        • Andrew,

          I think it’s really all about holding…ourselves responsible first, which also means that we decide just how to do that, without endangering ourselves.

          That’s where creativity can come in too!

  • Hi MH I finally got the EP 14 on the other website startpage and found that startpage has a much better version of EP 14 closed caption and all no stop and start that Google Crome has which was just terrible. I even looked on twitter too but even that was bad too so startpage.com has your EP14 in a much better quality video and I finally understood just what you were talking about. Thankyou Michael for a wonderful EP 14 video. Bravo. Terry Thanks

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