We Look But We Do Not See

Billy Meier’s predictions and prophecies continue to fulfill

Billy Meier has long warned about two coming US civil wars. He foretold them in 1981, 1987, 2012/1975, and again warned about the danger in 2017:

16. The USA and the rulers of the USA shall be imperiled in the future in many ways, which arise from both governmental and non-governmental anti-government and anti-state actors, as well as from large parts of the United States population, so that the US population breaks up into different population-groups, the basic causes of which are already present, so that the USA is already separatized into various groups at the present time.

As for the danger to “the rulers of the USA”, consider the recent truck/train “accident” the day after President Trump’s State of the Union address.

The Coming Global Financial Crisis

In terms of the now looming, worldwide financial crisis, Meier also foresaw:

27. In the whole economy, the wages of the employed will drastically decrease, and provoke enormous financial problems in all population-strata of the working world, so that also the social collective is damaged, shall collapse, and everywhere a rapid rise in criminality shall also engender enormous problems.

28. Speculators will bring about a global financial and economic crisis of such proportions as has never before been seen, so that the whole financial economy falls into terrible straits, and also very much trouble and great scarcity of commodities occurs.

29. Even in the USA, the people will be dispossessed as a consequence of the global financial crisis, which shall become a pretext for deploying the military and police forces against the angry and partly also heavily armed population.

30. The planned ban on cash shall elicit the disposession of the population, while however the elites of the ruling classes and of capitalism shall enjoy great opulence, as if they were swimming in a pile of money. And the whole financial system the world over will be overturned, in order to redistribute the extant national debts of all countries, so that in general it costs all populations of all states. There already are secret plans in the USA and EU-dictatorship to start a war from Germany against Russia, which shall then be blamed for the whole ensuing global crisis. And that the war should be blamed on Russia, of course completely unfairly – if it actually happens – that is obvious from the start.  And if this war should actually happen, then it will be used as an excuse to enact martial law which will suppress the riled-up population, who by then will be fully dispossessed – with mighty and reckless military and police forces.

The Swiss and the EU

Speaking of the EU dictatorship, this recent information about their growing demands against the Swiss confirms what Meier said in October 2017, and what his first mentor, Sfath, told him…in 1945 (in German).

Scientists Corroborate Meier’s Information about the Mayan

There’s a “new scientific discovery” about the number of Mayan (emphasis added):

Aerial laser mapping detects thousands of hidden structures in Peten region, suggesting its population was millions more than previously thought.

Researchers using a high-tech aerial mapping technique have found tens of thousands of previously undetected Mayan houses, buildings, defence works and pyramids in the dense jungle of Guatemala’s Peten region, suggesting that millions more people lived there than previously thought.

The discoveries, which included industrial-sized agricultural fields and irrigation canals, were announced on Thursday by an alliance of US, European and Guatemalan archaeologists working with Guatemala’s Mayan Heritage and Nature Foundation.

The study estimates that roughly 10 million people may have lived within the Maya Lowlands, meaning that kind of massive food production might have been needed.

“That is two to three times more [inhabitants] than people were saying there were,” said Marcello A Canuto, a professor of anthropology at Tulane University.

“Most people had been comfortable with population estimates of around 5 million,” said Estrada-Belli, who directs a multidisciplinary archaeological project at Holmul, Guatemala. “With this new data, it’s no longer unreasonable to think that there were 10 to 15 million people there — including many living in low-lying, swampy areas that many of us had thought uninhabitable.”

As explained to Billy Meier, in Contact Report 13438 years ago:


This information is sufficient. Then still this: Guido asked me whether I knew the reason for the disappearance of the Mayan culture. Do you know anything about that?


57. One reason was very strong climatic changes, which extended approximately over 230 years.

58. A time during which the Yucatan Peninsula, where the actual Mayan culture was settled, was hit by many droughts, which cost many people’s lives or forced them into migration.

59. Another reason was tribal wars and acts of war with foreign Indian tribes.

60. Also, many people were carried off by epidemics, not only in the actual central area of the Maya but also in all the other areas where the Maya resided, such as in the areas of Belize, Honduras, and Guatemala, etc.

61. The total population of all the Mayan tribes added together was about 17 million people.

62. During those approximately 230 years of natural and environmental disasters, the epidemics and wars to which the Maya were exposed resulted in the fact that these indigenous peoples and families of languages disappeared in southern Mesoamerica, southern Mexico and northern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras.

Demystifying the Mayan

38. In those times the Maya were the holders of very highly advanced culture whose heyday began about 300 years after Jmmanuel’s birth and was lasting for about 460 years, before they – because of climatic changes – were befallen by draught catastrophes that wreaked havoc over the land and claimed 14,392,108 lives in only as much as 150 years.

Volcanic Activity Increasing as Sfath Warned

In 1948, Sfath spoke about increased volcanic activity after 2017. There have already been 17 earthquakes over 6.0, since Jan. 1.


Thanks to Lolo for the info about the Mayan.





28 Replies to “We Look But We Do Not See”

  1. The Mayan information was very interesting.

    If mankind does not come up with “corrective course” plan of action, and see it through, the predictions that are set in stone (will obviously) be fulfilling before everyone’s eyes, the prophecies will become locked in if we do not correct our course.

    It’s time to adjust our societies to embrace natural law.~

  2. Just last night Tst seath of japan had an earthquake at 6.0 maybe alittle more. and just niorth of where I live was a 2.2 earthquake around putnum County just north of Weschester County that is north west of Weschester County,Rockland County at around alittle after 6am so I heard on he local news. The Philtines Isilands recentyly had a huge earthquake that lasted ofr 9 days. As to the stockmarket right now it seems very volatile right now with congress behaving like 2 year old children,etc,etc,etc! As Ptaah said this “is the ONLY world in this universe or for that matter ANY universe that is just too stupid enough to believe that money is the be all and end all!” Time for the Earth-human to stop being so childish and grow up like reasonable consenting logical common sense adults like the rest of ALL the universes “The Earth-human must learn to stop acting like 2 year old babies and learn to share with kindness,love harmony,thoughtfulnesss and learn tot be more helpful,forgiving and thoutful toward on another! Isn`t this what the Creational Natural laws andCoimmanments are all about in the first place? “Will thr Earth-human EVER learn to love with peace and freedom and grow up?”

  3. Whenever referencing something from pre 2000 make it sound like it happened before the industrial revolution, before man walked the earth, prehistoric, eons ago, “back when gas was $x” “like it couldn’t possibly happen again” – Billy says that history is short. Billy says we’re forgetful of events that have just happened in our most recent past. If your someone who knows that “history is short” and “we are forgetful fast” then please don’t keep this to yourselves, your are so rare, please don’t keep all that gold to yourself it’s so greedy, please share before you die without any dignity.

  4. Concerning the EU-Russia relation: In the Dutch press today (“Het Parool”, a Dutch quality newspaper), February 12th, a ‘leaked’ part of a speech of our current Minister Halbe Zijlstra of Foreign Affairs, recorded in November 2016 on an event of his party (“VVD”, i.e. ‘People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy’), in which he suggests that “…it could well be that we will get to deal with a war in Europe… a war with Russia”(!).
    I must state that he wasn’t a Minister at that time in 2016. Also, the newspaper particularly deals with the fact that Zijlstra lied about the fact that in his speech he said he was in the same room with Putin (“in Putin’s ‘datsja’), when he overheard Putin answer a question of a journalist, asking Putin what he meant by ‘Great-Russia’. Putin would have answered “Russia, (Republic of) Belarus, Ukraine, and the Baltic states”. Zijlstra wanted to make it clear that Putin was clearly a threat to the EU. He now admits that he wasn’t there at all, but somebody he trusts was, and that he trusted and believed that person (he doesn’t want to mention who this person was), and thought it was such an important fact, that he felt he had to make it public. He is under heavy fire now in the Netherlands.
    A sad day for self-responsibility…

    1. There is no such thing as the EU, no one voted, no one knew it was growing and planning, no one knew they were paying for it, no one knew where to protest or where it’s located or who is who or what it is. There is therefore no EU-Russian relations, only instead 28 different and unique relations and one imaginary relationship with an idea they call the EU. it’s an embarrassment how much so little has costed and how much the small planning has costed and small arrangements without any consultations, very expensive people and stupid too in special ways the world hasn’t seen for hundreds of years, it’s almost as if God invented it.

    2. Update: the source is known now, it is a senior executive at Shell, ‘Jeroen van de Veer’, who stated today in another Dutch newspaper (“Volkskrant”) that Putin never made the statement about ‘Great-Russia’. So our Minister has a big problem.

      1. Update 2: I have a little bout of flu so I was a bit quiet these days, but just as a (bit late) latest update: our Dutch Minister Zijlstra stepped down the 13th, as a result of his lie. So, he took his responsibility after all 😉

  5. “188. That will also be in the course of time after which, in Europe, a dictatorship-union, headquartered in Belgium, is going to come about, which the European countries will inconsiderately join as a result of the promise-lies of the dictatorship’s founder.
    189. This dictatorship – it will thus come – will be governed by might-hungry leaders and will sneakily endeavour to bring all European states oppressively under its might.
    190. The dictatorship, however, will also strive to extend its might to countries outside of Europe, namely through alliances, in order to – as it has been since time immemorial – newly stir up western hostility towards Russia.”

  6. MH,

    When Meier said to you years ago that “if things go a certain way you may as well roll cigarettes with your money” I thought he was referring to the USD being worthless because of either the break-up of the USA or because of the world turning away from the USA and USD ceasing as world’s reserve currency. But now that Meier said a “ban on cash” , is that just in the USA or maybe the world?

  7. As Ptaah said: “This is the “ONLY” world in this universe and other universes where there is money, economic forecast,the Stock Market,Wall Street,religions,politics,corporations,Deep State,Black Ops, This is the “ONLY” world that would even bother with such dark malevolent barbaric stupid unfriendly hateful savage things!!!” Seems to me this planet Earth is doing the “EXACT OPPOSITE” of what the spiritual teachings of love,peace, freedom, harmony and so on are all about:-((( This explains why all those cabals and shills are trying so very very hard to make like on earth so hard and miserable and sp[iteful for all on such a shameful world called Earth. I guess the people of Earth haven`t even bother to wake up yet,how very very very sad:-((((

    1. Where did Ptaah say that Terry? Which block, page, contact no. You must include this data or some indication unless it’s commonly known. My suspicion is that Ptaah never said such a thing because it would contradict 96% of the other thousands of pages of documentation they’ve been providing. I am not confident you have ever actually read a contact report Terry unless we are talking about 6+ reading age, it seems like you make stuff up hoping folks give you the actual answers so you don’t have to read i.e uncritical. Also may I ask why you have no compassion for others, for those that read your comments, why do you make it difficult to read your comments? Is it because you have very low levels of compassion for others? low levels of literacy? Spatial-awarness? Sympathy? Or because you use a small keyboard. Either way your embarrassing Michael Horn and the nation you both represent at this website, by commenting as often as you do Terry. MH allowing your strange character comments over such a long period of time demonstrates how he deep down feels about FIGU and Billy Meier, his genuine thoughts about it.

      1. Daniel,

        I allow Terry, you and others to post comments that I may not necessarily agree with, so long as they aren’t vulgar, very misleading and damaging to the truth. This often does mean that people state things as facts that they aren’t substantiating specifically. If something is wildly, and apparently deliberately inaccurate, I will usually challenge it.

        In cases where people are making generalized, and not specifically accurate, statements, I also leave it to others to challenge the writer to substantiate their claims.

        Since in this case Terry’s generalized, and perhaps stretched the truth a bit, it’s fair to ask her to substantiate her statements…while noticing that the “flavor” of her comments and what she attributed to Ptaah isn’t that far off.

        What is equally far off, however, is your own statement claiming what my allowing Terry’s comments demonstrates. It could be read either way, so please clarify what you mean.

        1. clarity on what I meant. I meant you must see FIGU and Billy as a particularly cheap substandard and very low inferior quality i.e worth as much as a bunch of garbled random character text plastered over every page – by approving Terry’s hundreds of comments yet not seeming to recommened her to bump the quality up or link to some article about compassion for readers.

          1. You’re obviously incorrect. As someone who’s personally received deliberately harsh, nasty, vile, unsubstantiated and incorrect attacks, I know the difference between such things and what you refer to as “garbled” texts. And even with deliberate attacks and disinformation, I don’t get all ruffled about it, despite my knowing it’s incorrect.

            The more perplexing issue may be how and why you draw such inaccurate assumptions, why you think it’s a negative reflection on Meier and the material to allow people to express themselves and their own understanding of it, even when it may be a bit skewed, or exaggerated, but not deliberately, maliciously, etc.

            Your statements come off a more passive-aggressive, revealing some kind of covert contempt for people on whom you’re trying to shift off some blame and malicious intent, and not be self-responsible for doing so.

          2. You may be right Michael, but just make sure you make those observations for the rest of your life i.e learnt something, not just because I’ve prompted you to do so.

            No to me you have hundreds of thousands of visits and views from around the world with less than a hundred commenters because there’s no community they can identify with, garbled text and whatever else, including FIGUs lack of hospitality acknowledgments. But as you say, opinions vary.

            1. Daniel,

              First, only a fraction of people may wish to comment publicly. Also, your “because” is based on assumptions that you want to make, rather than any facts in evidence.

              Perhaps you can show people just how to create communities they can identify with, etc. I have no idea what you are talking about re “FIGUs lack of hospitality acknowledgments”.

          3. Michael who is this Jedaiah guy? Have you told him to parrot you?, stalk your movements? do you need it or want it? Is this you two working together or? Well I think it’s weird.

            1. Daniel,

              Did you notice that Terry didn’t ask, “Who is this Daniel guy? Have you told him to…stalk my movements? do you need it or want it? Is this you two working together or? Well I think it’s weird.”

              As for who Jedaiah is, why not…ask him?

              1. Jedaiah is a magical unicorn from space who enjoys long walks on the beach with sunsets.

          4. Andrew is an ordinary unmagical crab that comes out onto the beach at sunset hoping to catch a glimpse of the illusive magical unicorn.

  8. My oh my. If people only really would deeply study the teachings and make a real effort to apply the knowledge so as to gain true wisdom. Before one attempts to take the splinter out of the eye of one’s fellow man, perhaps one should regard the beam in one’s own eye first.

    1. Oh C’mon Andrew, Jedaiah and Melissa let me unceremoniously butt in here and state that we are an inclusive spiritual group so incase you’ve forgotten may I remind you guys that leeches also live near the beach, sea leeches that is and not the blood sucker type variety.

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