Michael Horn Live, EP 15

What to focus on now that the UFO cover-up and debate is over

First, I’d like you to listen to a new interview with a very interesting person who calls himself The Ghost Scientist. He also has many other interesting interviews, like this one.

Tonight’s interactive show will of course feature questions from the chat room and…

  • What to focus on now that the UFO cover-up and debate is over*
  • Battle for the Arctic as Billy Meier specifically foretold years ago
  • New, lethal radiation leaks detected at Fukushima
  • The coming global financial collapse
  • Military and police forces to be deployed against American citizens

Thanks to Greg O’Brien for the new information on Fukushima.

Michael Horn Live, EP 15

Tuesday, February 13, 7:00PM Pacific Time

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The revolution begins within.


*See also:

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  1. My friend is living in a caravan in the middle of the countryside due to being electro-hypersensitive. Basically, he’s been getting nose-bleeds since mobile phone masts started going up and many, many, more suffer similarly and are largely ignored and could massively benefit (life-changing) if products like Rayguard really work, so, I would really appreciate seeing some test results and evidence of that before recommending if anyone has any?

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