What to focus on now that the UFO cover-up and debate is over

First, I’d like you to listen to a new interview with a very interesting person who calls himself The Ghost Scientist. He also has many other interesting interviews, like this one.

Tonight’s interactive show will of course feature questions from the chat room and…

  • What to focus on now that the UFO cover-up and debate is over*
  • Battle for the Arctic as Billy Meier specifically foretold years ago
  • New, lethal radiation leaks detected at Fukushima
  • The coming global financial collapse
  • Military and police forces to be deployed against American citizens
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Thanks to Greg O’Brien for the new information on Fukushima.

Michael Horn Live, EP 15

Tuesday, February 13, 7:00PM Pacific Time

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The revolution begins within.


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27 comments on “Michael Horn Live, EP 15

  • Another great show MH. I have one question though. Billy once said soothing about a wandering black hole traveling around the galaxy that might hit Earth someday,could that be true,if so what can we do to prevent that black hole from entering into this solar system? How big is this black hole too? I heard somewhere Stephen Hawking says there are also minin bkack holes everwhere in the universe that are harmless that we would not even be aware of that won`t even bother us since these tiny black holes are no bigger than the lead of of pencil point. Is this also true too?

    • Terry,

      Dangers from black holes to Earth lie VERY far in the future. And, of course, there’s nothing we could do about it anyway, other than leave the planet.

  • I was thinking Billy always has a purpose for everything he does. Maybe he won’t be around when the destruction of San Francisco happens .

  • Um, MH, was that The Way to Live that you were reading from at the end there? And if so, how come you Americans get pictures in yours? Common Core? I flicked through the pages of mine and there wasn’t even a stick-figure walking along down in the corner!
    Also, while I’ve got you, you seem to be answering a lot of questions that could be answered with “Self-responsibility, self-education, theyfly.com and futureofmankind.co.uk or .info!”

  • Great show as usual M.. I particularly enjoyed how you ended it – with food for thought. Speaking of life saving boats/ships.. Billy wrote a verse the Goblet to that effect.. (not a verbatim quote). He essentially said we create our own life “saving boats” (our own protection – we are our own protectors) through embracing the teachings and living our lives according to the Truth. I’ll have to look up the exact verse & chapter and will post it here as soon as I have a moment.

    • Goblet 7:65
      Therefore, do not accuse the true prophets of falseness (deviousness), because they want to save you from your inequity (unfairness) and unaccountability (consciencelessness) and virtuelessness, and truly they offer you an ark (boat of rescue) so that you may not drown in unpeace, because you reject all signs (evidence) of the truth and truly smite yourselves with blindness.
      Goblet 8:41
      And if you turn your back on your inequity (unfairness), unrighteousness (consciencelessness) and on all your inner terrible things, then you will become your own protector and your own perfect helper.

  • Or chapter & verse and other errors in my comment .. lol… apologies, I’m one finger tapping it out on my phone.

    Salome to all

  • Hi Dr.Michael, I rewatched EP15 on Googlw Crome with the Colesed Caption and fianly understood and wrote down im my notebook some of your inspirations since i don`t have credit cars and am still on a very limited fixed income.Your lectures are always so very imspiring to me. Again thanks so much,wonderful videos Dr. Michael. Peace in Wisdom Salome Terry

      • Darcy, I`m not a one finger on the keyboard type since I`m always rushing to get my thoughts out but when I see a misspelled word then I use the spell checker to correct the misspelled word. If a thought comes up i will type it and try to go back to correct the misspelled word as I go along. I like to think before I type since typing to me is such a chore,I have to think about what I want to say before I type it. writing the old fashion way is easier for me because it`s less time consuming. I like to think first then type or write when I have something to say.

        • Terry, Billy Meier talks about impulses and how they are released to and from the brain from what he calls the storage banks. So good, good I mean, that you think about what you would like to say with your international broadcast device and then take the time to write it properly and correctly as opposed to acting unrestrainedly and randomly typing. The reason this is good and good for yourself that you endeavour to act this way and in relation to impulses as Billy Meier describes them and the phenomenon is that very many talented individuals have had some really ghastly accidents, incidents and death in the past, especially since motor vehicles were further developed, because they didn’t develop that necessary level of restrain over their impulses and over themselves. I leave it to you, well done.

  • Great show Michael. Thanks for answering my question. I shall put some effort in getting myself a Peace Meditation Pyramid (PMP). I checked FIGU Canada to see what BEAM books they are going to translate next and I found they also are selling the PMP, great surprise!
    Source: https://ca.figu.org/other-products2.html
    Eusebio (you-say-bee-oh) Apellido

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