US, Germany and NATO preparing illegitimate war with Russia, etc.

The news of the day speaks for itself, with the only commentary needed being in Billy Meier’s specific, prophetically all-too-accurate information.

NEWS: NATO to open new command centers in US & Germany – officials

 “The US and Germany are set to become the locations of two new NATO headquarters, according to officials. The German command center would reportedly be responsible for deploying troops after a possible incursion from Russia.”

MEIER: NEW Prophecies and Predictions from Billy Meier

“There already are secret plans in the USA and EU-dictatorship to start a war from Germany against Russia, which shall then be blamed for the whole ensuing global crisis. And that the war should be blamed on Russia, of course completely unfairly – if it actually happens – that is obvious from the start.  And if this war should actually happen, then it will be used as an excuse to enact martial law which will suppress the riled-up population, who by then will be fully dispossessed – with mighty and reckless military and police forces.”

 Henoch Prophecies, 1987:

217. Far in the West, it will be different; the United States of America will be a country of total destruction.

218. The cause for this will be manifold.

219.  With its global conflicts which are continuously instigated by it and which will continue far into the future, America is creating enormous hatred against itself, worldwide, in many countries.

220.  As a result, America will experience enormous catastrophes which will reach proportions barely imaginable to people of Earth.

221. The destruction of the WTC, i.e., the World Trade Center, by terrorists will only be the beginning.

NEWS: Mueller Still Investigating Possible Collusion, Source Says

“Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his prosecutors haven’t concluded their investigation into whether President Donald Trump or any of his associates helped Russia interfere in the 2016 election, according to a person with knowledge of the probe.”

MEIER: The USA and the evolution of Russia


There is up to now no new cognition existing, which I could mention in regard to the election, whereby however secret plans are forged in order to drive Trump from the office. And indeed a special investigation court would be called up by his political foes, before which he/she will be charged, in order to confront him with accusations of secret election machinations together with Russia, in the hope, to be able to strip him of his office.

NEWS: New Evidence Sea Level Rise is Accelerating

“There is a clear connection between human-cause climate change and the rising of our oceans.”


1964: Glaciers melt away worldwide just as do the masses of ice of the Arctic and Antarctic.

2006: “The climate warms ever faster, whereby the snowfall is also absent ever more frequently in the deeper sites, while the Earth’s polar ice masses, as well as the glaciers melt ever faster, which leads to this: that by the year 2100, in some cases, the water of the seas will rise up to 160 centimeters (5’3″). Forceful natural changes have become unstoppable…”

2008: It is not only the climbing sea level, as a consequence of the melting poles and glaciers, which again and again drives entire groups of humans and even entire peoples to seek refuge – especially those who live on the oceans’ islands which are increasingly, and ultimately completely, flooded by the climbing water – but it is likewise also the increasing demolition of the oceans’ shores, and the loss of ground.

NEWS: ‘Big One’ fears mount as earthquake ‘cluster’ strikes Pacific Ring of Fire

“EARTHQUAKES and volcano eruptions around the Pacific’s ‘Ring of Fire’ have sparked fears that a ‘Big One’ quake is on the way.”

MEIER: REAL News from 1948 to…2250!

84. Through the exploitation of the Earth’s resources the geographic constitution of the Earth will change, and gradually inner-Earth movements of the Earth plates will come about, for which reason tremendous earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will emerge in all areas of the Earth, through which hundreds of thousands of human beings will die and primeval destructions will be evoked, as many wars and terror will claim millions of human lives and also many valueful antiquities will be irrevocably destroyed.

NEWS: ‘Worst case scenario’: Underwater magma chamber ‘could kill 100 million people’

“A magma reservoir potentially hidden behind an underwater volcanic crater could have civilization-ending results if it ever erupts, according to Japanese scientists.”

MEIER: Contact 251:

“Malona, or rather Phaeton, was destroyed in fratricidal wars by its genetically-manipulated inhabitants who had originally come from the Sirius regions, and who blew up the planet by diverting parts of an ocean into the subterranean or underwater magma chambers of a gigantic volcano.”

New Video Interview

Former Operations Director/VP, Orbital Flight Systems Group, on The Billy Meier Case


The people were warned…and did they listen?


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30 comments on “More Billy Meier Predictions Ceaselessly Fulfilling

  • Salome Barry,
    What I am sick to death of is the violence in the phantasmagoria.
    “…phantasmagoria, through movies and television, as well as later through a worldwide netting of computers and electronics, through which they deceive themselves and see things that do not exist, and are only visually determined for the eye, subsequently their sense for reality disappears and they can no longer distinguish between reality and fiction, whereby they lose themselves more and more in the labyrinth of life, while those who produce phantasms commercially as well as religious and sectarian phantasms, have an easy game with the people of faith, who they deceive in every possible manner and make them into humble beings, like cringing dogs.”!

    Who, I don’t have to wonder, bought off the censors of the Cinema, TV and gaming industries! Weinstein, Polanski, Tarantino, Murdoch, Soros, et al. It is one of those times where it would take less time to list the things that don’t include violence!

    Love, Peace, Freedom and Harmony to, yours and all others, eventually!

  • Hi Andrew, I completely agree with you 100% It high time the entertainment industry fess up to the real truth you stated in your last sentence! All this senseless violence and destruction on Earth is getting us no where including all the school shootings here in the US and politics, religions,etc aren`t even helping at all! They`re just making matters even worse! “This planet Earth needs upgrades in the meantime until the Earth-human learns to evolve 200 years from now but at this point I very much doubt that at this point in time. This just doesn`t look good for our moral right now. I just don`t know ho we will ever fix this world up at this point in time! This world needs to be put on the operating table and surgically remove all this blight from Planet Earth so we can evolve and heal alittle faster!:-((((

  • Interesting times.
    Cleaning up a mess is nasty business. I’d say the world is definitely entering a housecleaning phase. We can expect lots of changes, to just about everything that was once familiar.
    The only reason I see for promoting a large scale military conflagration is to “bail out” a collapsing economy.
    In the natural world we’ve far exceeded boundaries that were safe. The Arctic will soon be ice free and is spewing forth tremendous amounts of Methane (a greenhouse gas 86 times more potent than CO2 at trapping heat in Earth’s atmosphere). We don’t want that.
    Dramatic change is happening everywhere.
    There will be [are] millions of climate refugees this year, many of them coming into the U.S. from South and Central America.
    Get ready. The planet is shifting.

    • Hi Terry. The Earth Climate System has shifted to an unstable state. Heat continues to invade the Arctic, relentlessly. When the ice is gone things will accelerate and humans will find it a challenge to survive.
      Politics has shifted to an unstable state, too. Worldwide countries are struggling to keep an unsustainable economy going for as long as possible.
      And the attitudes of people have shifted. No one cares about “facts” anymore. Opinion and celebrity are more important to many.
      Big changes are coming soon.

  • Ptaah said the climate change is not only human induced but also naturally induced too and this also has to do with the entire solar system but I also wonder if this is also do to the pole shift too as well? If so,where are we and this solar system moving into?

  • Friendship is a higher value then self professing a person or a nation as an enemy. The interpersonal relationships between nations should be built on common interests. The provocations of gewalt and wars are not the answers neither. And Berry is right the power of love is respectfully more powerful then 1.21 gigawatts and more powerful then tachyons with a speed of light higher then oura we need to get back to the future with this power of love.

  • The FIGU members are destined with the body they have, to die prematurely i.e long before a dignified human life form would succumb to a naturally induced death under normal conditions for a human life form i.e a creative-wesen form of life. So I think it’s important that FIGU members are particularly careful in their everyday life’s activities, especially given our worlds consciousness deficit disproportionate to technological achievements e.g with a fast moving motor vehicle, that they don’t bring that preprogrammed genetically conditioned length of time down any further than it already is. A FIGU way of saying be well and live as long as one can so that one might prosper due to recieving as much learning applicable time as possible i.e live long and prosper. Salome.

  • The reincarnation factor is undeniable. (I’d also be interested if you could cite where your information came from. Sometimes we enjoy reading for our own edification.)
    Ever evolving, what does one day, or a lifetime, matter?
    Except as you say, learning.
    We’re witness to incredible events. No doubt we are supposed to learn something.
    And witness.

    • Michael seems to be working with a shallow dish of some kind, it is not immediately clear, but he asks for references so often that he must do. Listen here, often the information goes deeper than even Billy Meier himself realises, that is why there are 10 or more references for every possible word combination and revisits to subjects every decade. Here’s a word combination, pigs will fly some day, yes metaphor or real, real, Billy wrote about pig human hybridisation under laboratory conditions, it’s only a matter of time before they’re air cargo i.e fly. What do you want to know? Oh do you? Well don’t waste any more time at Michaels blog then, head on over to the mediawiki futureofmankind where you won’t have to mess about, use all the tools and search functions and get what you want as opposed to being lead around the library.

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