Michael Horn Live, Ep 16

Interactive as usual and soon even more so

We’ll be discussing a new perspective on UFOs, as well as about expanded audience participation in coming shows…and the reason why it’s so important now.

Michael Horn Live, EP 16

Tuesday, February 20, 7:00PM Pacific Time

The Pin Heads and the Bulb Heads

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11 Replies to “Michael Horn Live, Ep 16”

  1. The book looks great guys!
    Looking forward to another fun and informative evening. Let’s get this party started!

  2. Perhaps you could have a segment about time and what will and won’t be here in 70 years i.e what decomposes, what rusts, but also what knowledge is left over, tends to be a dozen myths and stories left over after every epoch we live through. You could also talk about biological legacy and how the force of our lives i.e how we live, changes what we biologically pass along to the future. You could also talk about the nature of consciousness while your there and how we only are aware of what we need to be aware of for that time, bringing it back to time, time in which we live. What Ptaah said about now, past present future, the now aspect, and what he said it would take for nature to reclaim all our achievements, around 70 years he said. Talk about the clock which Jeff Bezos wants to make which will last 10,000 years, it will be the only thing that does apart from big mountain carving and excavations assuming our descendants develop ground penetrating radar again.

      1. If you allow questions to be posted in the last youtube video you made for the next video, you can sort out the ones that are good to answer. You will also have the benefit of seeing which posted questions viewers “liked” the most to be answered too. It’s a good system. Many Youtube channels do that system.

  3. Hi MI I just finished watching EP16. I just wroted down some of the very importent information from the first question that I thought was beautiful such as creation doesn’t give deep meaning in of itself for example. This is in case we loose the internet,at least I will have all the important information written down in my notebook. The other issue is from what a friend told me a few years ago is that I`m one of those people who are extremely Hyper-sensitive. The slightest thing would just through me of whether it`s good or bad for example. I didn`t even know that until my friend told me back then, every little thing I feel will bother me and leave me feeling extremely uncomfortable. It`s difficult to explain. One example is I can`t eat hot spicey food such as chilies,tabasco,hot red pepper flakes, pepperjack cheeses,etc. This is just one othe those examples. This is just one of manyu example of my hyper- senseties. There are others to but that would take up[ another paragraph but thanks for the wonderful lecture Dr. Mike,Salome Terry

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