More about Pi, Pyramids and Phil’s Folly

 Duty to science and survival must supersede superficial considerations

In light of our recent publication of Harry Lear’s Open Letter to President Trump, it’s timely also to link to this article, by Christian Frehner, documenting the discussions between Meier and the Plejaren, from 1980, about the true value of Pi, and also from 2017, regarding Lear’s historical new information.

You’ll also see that that, in 1995, Meier specifically pointed to the coming correction of Pi, in Contact 251.

Science over Celebrity

Of course, of especial relevance is the emphasis on preventing the impact of  Duty to science must supersede superficial considerationson Earth, in either 2029, or 2036. Hopefully, a good number of scientists have matured sufficiently to elevate their duty to science above concerns about funding, tenure, online/TV celebrity, etc. As we’ve learned time and again by their refusal to acknowledge, let alone even investigate the abundant, irrefutably and singularly authentic Billy Meier UFO contact case, many things are subservient to the attention and profit seeking of various people who call themselves scientists.

Many are also the paid-off deniers of manmade climate change, who choose to see no connection between oil extraction and earthquakes, A-bomb testing and the ozone damage, and all of the various manifestations of human irresponsibility and overpopulation, as first warned about by Billy Meier and the Plejaren… 72 years ago.

A Plait too Phil

Please see this edition of Phil Plait’s skeptical blog, from 2009, for examples of overconfident, arrogant and misguided pseudoscientific comments, from a supposedly professional scientist, and his followers, regarding UFOs, the Billy Meier contacts,as well as Apophis, etc. You’ll see that, when challenged, Plait mysteriously disappeared, apparently unable to respond to the kind of evidence he was, quite insincerely, requesting. I’ll forward this blog to Plait as well and await his acknowledgement and corrections.

As is often the case, some people who attain positions of power, celebrity, etc., succumb to believing their own hype and work harder to maintain their position than to search for the truth.

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78 Replies to “More about Pi, Pyramids and Phil’s Folly”

  1. NOTE: I waited to approve Matthew’s comment here until I received a response from Harry, which follow’s Matt’s comment.


    This here is just one of the many symbolic approximations of Pi resp. 2Pi.
    That’s all. It’s a pretty bad approximation of the actual irrational
    value of Pi, and the idiot (Harry Lear) actually throws out calculus of arcs.
    There really is a glaring error in Pi, and no, it is not exactly 4/rtPhi!
    It is that the real Pi symbol is 2Pi, the circumference to the radius,
    not the circumference to the diameter.

    It’s just a hint at the fact that the real Pi-symbol is 2Pi, and that this
    also gives revealing values in regard to astronomy, etc, when taken
    as a rational approximation.

    Hi Michael,

    Mr. Deagle’s comments are not clear. He does not define his terms and so I have no idea — mathematically or otherwise — what he is specifically trying to say. Is he talking about Pi or 2 Pi and why, pro or con using arcs as sides of a triangle (an error) or is he referring to Archimedes’ Circles of Arbelos (equal lengths of arcs resembling the “shoemaker’s blade” under (and equaling the length of) a semi-circle), the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its radius or diameter, who knows what Mr. Deagle is saying/asking/asserting/whatever? Sometimes I think individuals just pull out disconnected thought globs and throw them out there, pretending to be carrying on a discussion. I prefer step by step rational logic unless you’re writing the lyrics for a rap or country western song. Little levity there.

    So actually, I’m not really interested in debating individuals who (1) have yet to use a CNC machine to cut a 1 unit circle and measure its Pi circumference (at which point they will clearly see that Pi = 3.1446… and can finally throw away their Old Pi = 3.1416… approximations), or (2) rely on ad hominem attacks as their scientific or mathematical rebuttal against others.

    Doesn’t bother me if you print Mr. Deagle’s unclear rhetoric.

    Thanks for asking, Michael.


    1. Harry, this is the last thing I will say to you regarding this.
      But your value of Pi was, ironically, disproven by Archimedes himself
      using the method of exhaustion i.e. many-side polygons.
      Upper bound is 3 10/70, or 3.14285714…, which, behold, is smaller
      than your value of 4/sqrt(Phi) = 3.14460551…
      You are in error. My goodness.
      Please, you know that the value of Pi has to be between those two polygons.
      Don’t kid around. Go somewhere else.

      1. Okay I lied, I have one more thing to say.
        The whole matter does point to something real,
        though it is totally wrong to say it is the real value of Pi.
        Namely, hyperbolic geometry where that is a possible value of Pi.
        Similarly, on a sphere Pi can go all the way down to 2
        (i.e. when the circle is a great circle/equator and the diameter is half of one),
        however can never exceed the flat value of Pi,
        so your value of Pi only works in hyperbolic geometry.

        So Billy going along with this wrong calculation points to a real interesting
        matter which is measuring Pi on a sphere or a hyperbolic space/plane
        That may well have real applications, and it is indeed hinted
        at be the pyramid ratio of 11/7, which is greater than Pi.
        However, another one of the pyramids has an approximation less than Pi,
        so spherical.

          1. You don’t need to do an experiment in math, you just need
            a proof. It follows logically.
            e.g. it was proven in 1882 that Pi is transcendental,
            whereas his formula gives Pi from an algebraic number sqrtPhi,
            which therefore cannot, cannot be correct, with absolute certainty,
            for the flat value of Pi.
            Namely, Phi is defined as the root of the polynomial a^2 – a – 1 = 0.
            Pi is not the root of any such polynomial at all, so Pi
            can never be given for a flat surface from Phi or the square root
            of Phi or a rational or integer product or quotient of that.
            It is simply wrong. However, I think Billy and Christian are hinting at something real and Harry’s egregious engineering-logic-based blunder is not entirely worthless – see hyperbolic geometry.

            Billy does stuff like this all the time – gives hints but not proofs
            or candy.

            As for the ‘experiment’, okay, there are experiments in modern math,
            but that is like using Mathematica or Maple and numerical analysis,
            not measuring a circle you cut out – you should question your measurement if it does not agree with logic.

            1. My guess is that not many of us here are schooled in higher mathematics. Harry Lear has done work and instructs on how to duplicate/verify it. While I’m not sure if it applies in this matter, I’m suspicious of statements like, “You don’t need to do an experiment in math…”

              You’re claiming not only that Harry’s wrong but that Meier and the Plejaren have, knowingly, helped to promote wrong information. You also say that “Billy does stuff like this all the time – gives hints but not proofs
              or candy.”

              These are two separate things. I will have to leave it to more knowledgeable people – who’ve actually duplicated Harry’s work – to debate it based on their experience.

              As for your statement about Meier, please substantiate it.

          2. Basically, Archimedes proved that Pi is a note between G and A,
            and Harry here is claiming it is a note between A and B.
            So that cannot be right. It is outside the bounds of Pi. He is sharp.
            Needs at least to tune down. That’s it. You can be certain about it.

            (This only applies to Pi on a flat circle, and if the circle is in a hyperbolic plane then his value can actually be right. It’s also a neat result if you take away the claim it represents flat Pi.)

          3. What MH said, I’m not schooled in higher mathematics, but, I looked it up on the intermanet and a circle is a 2-dimensional thingy. So does it not mean that we might have to apply additional calculations when we want to know things about thingys that are not 2-dimensional?

          4. Andrew, exactly. The value of Pi as 4/rtPhi is actually correct for a certain relative size in a hyperbolic space/plane.

            Similarly, you get smaller value of Pi for a spherical plane such as the surface of a planet.

            So that is the trick here – those values only apply for a ‘stretched’ surface.

            Could well have applications regarding e.g. periods of time.

  2. Hi friends,

    When submitting your application to appear on the live show, should it be accepted, I will video interview you this week for technical purposes and to make sure you are a good fit for the upcoming presentation. Please note this is the first special presentation pilot of this kind, we will not be able to accept everyone immediately.

    1. To participate in the live show please have the following ready;

      1 – A device to connect from such as a computer (Mobile phones can also work) that has good connection
      2 – Prepare to answer the following in your own self explanatory way: “How do the spiritual teachings work in your life and how will you use them for the upcoming storms in the future?”

      Once these are prepared, we will meet on google hangouts this week and I will do a pre-interview to assure quality and technical capability.


  3. Do a blog about a lady gaga bad romance with extraterrestrials which lasts thousands of years and only one gentlemen knows about the relationship and he has to keep dieing the relationship is so bad and he is caught in it.

      1. A blog about particularly messed up relationships which linger on and waft around the world for thousands of years i.e caught in a bad romance /w extraterrestrials for so many thousands of years that they can even tell us who wrote what in our oldest books. Bad relationship trouble.

          1. I’ll write something down in my year planner, ok got a pen, so I got ‘some general unspecified Text written by MH between April and October in 2018’ that should be helpful note enough to remember to do a thing at a time.

          2. Jedi, you seem to be new to one Daniel Leech. He’s been around even longer than I, which isn’t that long, with ununderstandable writings. There are, or were, numerous of these sorts of writings in the comments at the bottom of numerous pages over at , years ago, I gave up on him years ago, but I see that he has dragged me back in, recently.
            By the by, I had a little chat with that teensy weensy little part of Creation that is my innermost self and it told me to wake up to myself because I am not responsible for another’s irresponsibility and that I would not be checking up on any spirit-form in the future. To which, I said that I know that and that I was only joking, to which I was told, oh good one Andrew, you got me there, LOL, and I immediately felt a sensation as if I had been slapped in the back of the head! 😉

      2. Haha
        My sculp is leeching blood from scratching the hell out of it after that, that instead of mumuring ouch! the best I could do was ‘gaga’.

  4. If Apophis cannot be stopped in time (11 years [April 13th, 2029]), will the powers-that-be simultaneously evacuate Europe while warning the world to brace for impact?

    When the barrage of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions start, will the world learn from it’s collective mistakes of overpopulation and misuse of the crust of the Earth?

    If food, water, and resources (such as minerals and precious metals that go into cell-phones and computers, etc.) come up in short supply, will the world learn to conserve, share, and humanely depopulate and make do with less?

    Before there is a atmospheric collapse (contact 481), or a collapse of the ocean’s “global conveyor-belt” (contact 544) will the world learn only to procreate every 7th year for a one-year break-allowance?

    The Juggernaut in outer-space that is hurling towards our precious home at an unprecedented speed (Apophis), will it be for the world the way Quetzal says it should be: complete unity of the world’s best and brightest (and all the world’s forces) to change the path of this monster (Apophis) before it kills millions and billions, and forges a new continent with it’s wall of death?

    Will the world unite, and outlaw war that is not gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit-related?

    Will the world embrace natural law, and try and perfect it’s banishment practices in less then a century?

    Will the world try and adapt to natural law (as a mode of a survival requirement adaptation) in less then two centuries?

    Can we do it?

    Can we?

  5. If Apophis strikes in 2029 or 2036 will that cause the volcanic eruption in the middle of Italy and northern Germany (sea of fire)? Or are they completely unrelated.

    1. IF Apophis strikes, it will be because belief won out over a man with verifiable, copyrighted writings which included information of facts that were hard won by real Human Beings who weren’t that connected to the gravy train!

  6. Did Archimede in ancient times have some sufficient knowledges and accurate devices to evaluate the real value of Pi 2200 years ago ?
    we are still living with the wrong theories from the liar Sir Charles Darwin

  7. Phil Plait, by the way, should be called the joke astronomer.
    I see his absurd post there that you replied to.
    Bemoanably stupid.
    It’s like saying that you don’t believe a rare species of fish exists
    because you are an oceanographer. Hard even to laugh at stupidity like that.
    The man is worth less than my toenail.

    1. Matthew, no human being is worthless (or worth less than anyon’s toe nail for that matter). The spiritual teachings are quite clear about this. We are all at different levels of consciousness development and spiritual evolution and Phil is not by any means excluded from this. Regardless of his consciousness-development, thinking, rationale, logic, actions, etc. etc. he is still, in the words of Billy, “a creation of the Creation” and is owed the same rights as you or me or anyone else to continue on his own path as a human being. We should do unto others…. 🙂

      1. He’s a liar, and I was only half kidding about him.
        But I’m not kidding about the cult-leaders.
        They’re clearly a net negative and should be eliminated.
        Of course there is some essential good value there,
        but it is compensated for by the mortal danger of their lies and insanity.
        The net sum of their persona is thus negative and one gains
        by eliminating them. So they are effectively worthless, despite innate value.

        Take Jim Jones for an example. Was he not also a ‘creation of Creation’?
        Okay, he was, at birth, but he also created a sick and insane persona that ruled his life and negated whatever value was there, meaning he should have been killed before he could commit mass murder-suicide. He was worthless.

        1. “meaning he should have been killed before he could commit mass murder-suicide. He was worthless.”

          There is so much wrong with this statement I don’t even know where to begin. No, he was not worthless, even as a mass murderer – and why are we resorting to wanting others killed? The eye-for-an-eye mentality still exists here I see. Unless he was on IS level, actively bringing forth militarized groups trying to wipe out the population, then that’s a different subject that refers to the law of elimination.

          I briefly spoke about this on MH Live #16, relating to a show about the Unabomber, where during his trial, the jury presented harsh, vile, sinister statements against him that made them no better in their hateful approaches. Likewise, this hateful approach, even towards criminals, comes across very loveless and inhumane.

          Please take a look at how the Plejaren deal with criminals.

          1. Jedaiah, please review my and your comment.
            It’s not revenge, it is preventive.

            This is lies, it is Christian-type bullshit gone haywire.
            Everyone in their right minds knows a SWAT team should have killed Jim Jones.
            How can you be such a fake, mendacious pseudo-humanitarian?

            I mean come on. Think of it – you kill one guy or maybe him and his top men, and you save 900 people.

            Jim Jones, for your information, was on the level of ISIS.
            His massacre killed more Americans in a single intentional act
            than any other until 9/11.

            1. Hello Matthew, and everyone about to read this comment.

              There are a couple things I’d like to point out before deconstructing Matthew’s comments.

              1 – I do not know Matthew personally. All I have to go off of is what he has submitted over the past few days.
              2 – Due to that, my response is only directed at his comments, the nature displayed in them, and not at his worth as a human being.
              3 – At times my responses are sometimes my own mistake for assuming that those already here are great examples of the spiritual teaching (or at the very least, progressive examples) and I sometimes tend to overestimate them more than they really are which would explain why some of my responses are based on “you should already know this / you should know better.” Again, that is my own fault for overestimating people and I’ve sufficiently learned my lesson on this.

              That being said. This is my response.

              “Jedaiah, please review my and your comment.”

              —- What many might not know is that I run the backend of this site to assure functionality and stability. I read comments very often, even before they are posted. I’ve read Matthew’s comments and my response to it several times yesterday to make sure I’m keeping myself in check and my response is well warranted before I post.

              “It’s not revenge, it is preventive.”

              —- Not sure what’s worse, classifying one as a killer before they are a killer, therefore killing them before they kill others? Where does one draw the line to determine that? Should we have started with Jim when he was a kid?

              Rhetorical questions to be frank.

              The solution should never be to harm another human being, even if they are a killer. The law of elimination should be an absolute last measure that is strictly out of need, rather than so easily tossed around as is the common case with primitive earthlings and their over-aggressive thinking that, even allegedly intelligent ones, still suffer to so easily. That is unworthy of altruistic human behavior.


              —- It’s unlikely that anyone with as much as half decency on this planet can deny this was a horrible act. That does not automatically give you the moral high ground to become a crusader. It’s extremely hypocritical to one (based on your profile picture) studying the spiritual teachings and supposedly living it.

              The biggest issue I am seeing from Matthew’s comments is Ausartung. What’s even more concerning is that there is seemingly little to no self-reflection of said Ausartung, or perhaps, emotionally-blinded neglect and ignorance.

              “Everyone in their right minds knows a SWAT team should have killed Jim Jones.”

              —- Or arrested, exiled from all of society, stripped of technology, and given the spiritual teachings as a way to learn the right way. Please see how the Plejaren deal with criminals. Although this may not be feasible in this lifetime, he still should be given a fair trial without limb or consciousness damaged and destroyed. Again, this quoted line from Matthew is a quality example of irresponsible, thoughtless Ausartung.

              “How can you be such a fake, mendacious pseudo-humanitarian?”

              —- Ad hominem attacks are not only laughable, but a pathetic way of trying to portray your argument. You did this previously with Harry, which up to now, you haven’t performed and neutrally tested his experiment – nor are you even capable of wrapping your head around the fact that science, math, history etc. aren’t timeless – rather, they are very changeable (as the universe continues to change) and what we know then, today or even in the future, is subject to be changed. Likewise, our current systems and mathematics are extremely primitive and should always be rigorously tested for their updated value, including things we thought were X but are actually Y.

              You want to know what’s timeless?

              Spiritual values. You want to know who’s a fantastic teacher at those values? Billy Meier. Our math, our technology, intelligences, bodies, etc. will decay, die and change. Altruistic values, the true values of Creation – IE: love, never changes. It’s timeless.

              Are you certain you understand the point of Billy’s teachings? You’ll have to forgive me if I am to assume that the answer to that is a resounding “No.”

              “I mean come on. Think of it – you kill one guy or maybe him and his top men, and you save 900 people.

              —- Precisely this nature is exactly what’s wrong with the world. Thank you, it needs to be quoted as an example of what not to become. Ever.

              “Jim Jones, for your information, was on the level of ISIS.
              His massacre killed more Americans in a single intentional act
              than any other until 9/11.”

              —- Okay, I sense the Jim Jones case has personally affected you, especially in the emotional and psyche spectrums. It’s so bad that it’s broken your nature to this point. I can only feel sympathy to be completely transparent, as this is often the case with the formation of many evils here on earth.

              One is killed, another is infuriated, then, in a self-righteous, blind, arrogant, imbalanced way of proceeding, they march forward with their holy crusade, inspiring others to rise and take the mantle of self-justified evil sometimes with, and, or, against the ones who inspired them. The road to hell is often paved with supposedly good intentions. Be careful of what you’re allowing to break you.

              Now, with all that out of the way, I am of the opinion, you should immediately remove the symbol of life (Peace) from your profile picture as the nature you’ve demonstrated here is not only of poor taste but a complete contradiction to said symbol and a horrible example of it, the spiritual teachings and its values.

              This is not to say that we don’t make mistakes – no human is without error, but, out of respect to the importance of that symbol, you should strongly consider removing it until you can count yourself capable of carrying the responsibility that comes with representing it.

              Take some time and reflect on this comment. None of this is meant to bring you, as a person, down. It is the nature you displayed here that is shocking, hypocritical, unworthy, and completely devoid of upright humane values, all spawned from an imbalance of positive-negative which is all too common in earthlings.

              Earthlings often swing from one extreme to another, going far too over-positive or far too negative from the drop of a hat for various self-justified reasons. No balance. No control. No discipline. Devoid of neutrality.

          2. Anne, what is concerning here is your apparent ‘Verweichlichung’ and dishonest touting of supposed humaneness toward a mass-murderer.

            That’s not logical. It’s not humane. It kills people.
            And it’s ironically similarly self-contradictory as the BS
            taught by guess who, Jim Jones, and his ilk who are now becoming
            ever more dangerously popular in universities under the guise of
            ‘social justice’ (same term used by him).

          3. Jedaiah, I think you need to study some more,
            and forget whatever you read in Gandhi.
            Quite sad you think you know anything.
            Good thing Billy put safeguards on people like you knowing too much.

          4. 1/3 of immigrants to the Caribbean in 1883 were Dalits. ?
            Jedaiah, are you a Dalit?
            Would explain some things about your manner of thinking.
            You know, like arrogance, lying, presumption, things that
            seem to suggest criminal ancestors.
            Dalits were originally not a ‘caste’ but outcastes, criminals,
            from whom are descended e.g. the Romani/gypsies of Europe,
            who are likewise criminal scum to this day.
            You might want to clean out the toilet of your bad genes before you talk about Ausartung.
            No, I’m serious. A lot of bad thinking and behaviour, what you talk about, positive and negative excess, has to do with things like alleles related to aggression and crime, which are rife in Dalits.
            And what you did here is all indirect aggression and illogic,
            suggesting you need to control your bad tendencies.
            I’m not saying you are bad because you are a Dalit, but that on average, Dalits have it worse genetically than other Indians.
            And yes, studies show consistently that 50% of behaviour or
            more is heritable, i.e. genetic.
            (Yes, you heard right, 50% of your character is genetic.
            You however have the free will to control or use those genes,
            to a degree. Epigenetics is overestimated,
            but you have conscious thinking and presumably some level
            of dignity of self-image other than lies and hubris.
            So please, consider what I say soberly.)
            So this may sound controversial and is just more gasoline on the fire for your accusations, I’m sure, but it is food for thought as you embark on the journey of purifying your psyche of contradiction.

            1. Matthew,

              I’ll let Jedi respond should he wish to but I’ll add the following. Racism is not only odious but a lack of specific, RATIONAL, factual, logical arguments only compound what appears to be a consciousness-related problem on your part.

              And certainly it displays a complete absence of understanding what actually IScontained and expressed in the spiritual teaching.

              I suggest working on that.

            2. Attention citizens, we are about to reveal the true nature of Matthew Deagle in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1….

              “1/3 of immigrants to the Caribbean in 1883 were Dalits. ?
              Jedaiah, are you a Dalit?”

              — Nope. Good try though. I have no relation to any of those lines.

          5. Also makes me think about how people like to accuse others of
            ‘ad hominem’. But heritability studies show that 50% of personality is genetic.
            So then ad hominem is ad veritatem.
            At least 50%. Really!
            If someone is descended from Dalits, there is a much greater chance
            of them being a criminal or a pathological liar than say, if they are descended from English fishermen, Edinburgh linguists and Lebanese.
            Yeah, really. If your ancestors were criminals, there is a better chance you are.
            It’s not 100%, it is 50%.
            Hence e.g. self-proclaimed psychopath James Fallon, descended from the Irish mob,
            is a neuroscientist, because maybe his spirit-form made up for his Dalit ancestry.
            To a degree. He still has no conscience. But he is not Truman or JFK.
            So yeah, there is freedom in the sense you can run the machine with whatever software you input, but I doubt epigenetics for the most part. I mean 50% heritability, woah. That shows how much is genetic.

              1. Matthew is perhaps, very altruistically, about to give us a living example of what it’s like to be a…self-cleaning oven, presenting that which is encrusted and in need of a high-temperature, internally generated consciousness cleansing.

                We’re cheering you on to turn up the heat on yourself until it radiates…more light.

          6. MH, it’s not racism, it’s genetics.
            Dalits are not a race, either. They are outcastes
            of a broader actual mixed race, Indians.
            If we’re interested in the TRUTH, we have to accept unpalatable facts
            like that 50% of behaviour is heritable, that is genetic,
            and that actually indeed, Dalits like this guy, who claims
            not to be a Dalit, ironically out of typical Indian self-racism,
            are more likely to have psychological problems as a result
            of their bad genes derived from being outcastes in ancient times

            1. Matthew, as I said…RACISM. I would suggest not aligning yourself with those who resort to racism, about the lowest level of consciousness human beings can engage in.

              While you, hopefully, come to terms, and deal, with that, do you have any specific, logical, factual, point-by-point responses to Jedi’s comments to you?

            2. Nah, actually at this point it’s Red Herring:

              I really didn’t want it to escalate into this. Even now I don’t necessarily feel “good” about the way someone would degrade themselves just to try and win an internet debate (and still be hilariously wrong / fail) Perhaps you can come back to the points discussed or, altogether, drop it and move on? Even now, I still feel compassion and I’m willing to put this as a temporal mistake and move onto greater things that we as a community can achieve together.

          7. NOTE: Matthew has submitted a very lengthy comment, which leads with the non sequitur about Dalits, what is and isn’t racism, etc., and a lot of other blurry-lined comments.

            Matthew, also misrepresents what Billy Meier did/didn’t do in his role as the Phantom in the Middle East and, despite being a German speaker/translator, mistranslates Ausartung (a very bad get-out of the control of the good human nature) all of which appears to be to justify a wild argument and various ad hominem statements, etc.

            I don’t think this reflects the actual spiritual teaching and I don’t think it’s productive to post it. Matthew’s stated his positions and I think that he needs to carefully examine his thinking – and beliefs – as they pertain to what he’s expressed.


          8. Whoa, Matthew, Dude, Mate, Sport, Cobber, Friend, Digger, Buddy, Pal, are you attempting to stop smoking and have swallowed the Champix (Chantix) or swallowed, smoked, injected, eaten, topically applied or shoved up your bum, some other mind altering substance?
            Anywho, the reason I interject myself here is to bring to the attention of all, a definition that apparently needs to be known. The footnote on pg. 94 of the English translation known as Decalogue Dodecalogue states: law of elimination = to expel/banish from society = to separate from society.

            And while I’m at it and I’m in the same blog as the comment that I am currently talking about, I mentioned that a circle is a 2-dimensional thingy that Pi is associated with, Pi isn’t associated with hyperbolic thingys by itself, it requires additional calculations in these cases, I imagine, like I said, “I’m not skool’d in higher math.”

          9. If there is ever any racism or for that matter sexism, xenophobia, insults, slander and any other type of thing such as pressure, gaze, voyeurism, political correctness, and whatever else folks don’t want for what ever reason. Don’t ever ever direct your anger at the person who wrote it, on this blog they are clear of responsibility, direct it at MH, he reads ever word and approves or denies every comment, by sealing the wind in the way he has, he is now responsible for everything. Same as on the FIGU forum, the admin holds all responsibility direct what you have to say at that person not at each other. They are the ones who have set the filters so they are the ones accountable because they’ve actually assessed the merit where as the individual who wrote it may be ignorant.

            1. This is incorrect. The person who expresses their point of view is solely responsible for it. There is no requirement that a person who comments is in agreement with me, or anyone else.

              Not all comments are approved, if they are far off-topic, contain profanities, or especially confused, inane, etc. Even so-called “positive” comments could be unapproved for these same reasons.

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