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An actual conversation between a customer and RayGuard as posted on Facebook:

My job is computer support, so I’m around electronics all the time. I’ve had my Rayguard (body & car) since early 2012. For the first week or so I was keeping it in my pocket and didn’t notice anything different.

I contacted the main company in Austria about it and was informed I needed to wear it around my neck to get the full affect. After I started wearing it around my neck that same night I was able to get a good night sleep and have been ever since. Before this I had a problem with going to sleep. About 2 years ago I loaned it to my wife for two weeks for her to try it out. I was very happy to finally get it back, because I slowly started to feel uncomfortable without it, it was like there was this thin layer of static all around me and on my body. Here is the email with questions and answers I got back from the Rayguard representative Morten:

“Hi thanks for all your help. I received my order about a week ago. I’ve been searching through your site, but haven’t yet found an answer to my questions:
1) Can the RayGuard device work if it’s constantly in my pocket? I have been putting the body & car device in my pocket, but wonder if I should instead be wearing it around my neck on a chain? Also does it lose it’s protective ability if covered by certain materials (ex: metal), if covered by a thick material (ex: inside a case or backpack), or underwater?

M: The best is to wear around the neck – there is a cord in the box. Tie it tight, since it is very smooth. Then it will be in front of the heart app., and then strengthen and protect the vital organs better than being in a briefcase or backpack or somewhere else.

2) Does the RayChip work just as good if it’s placed inside a mobile phone? Instead of sticking it to the outside of my Blackberry 9800 (Torch), where it might one day fall off, I found it fits perfectly inside the battery cover.

M: The best is to put it outside on the phone where the radiation will come. Put some instant glue on it to make it stay there, e.g. Use your phone as little as possible. I know this is a hard one in these wireless times.

Personally I don’t own or use a mobile phone or any wireless gadgets. There will always be consequences and when the bill arrives, most of us are not ready to pay it. I have the deepest respect for the wireless.

Enjoy and kind regards, Morten”

A Real Wake-up Call!

See this blog about Digital Dementia-What South Korea Forgot for even more about the health  and life-threatening consequences of being exposed to these frequencies.

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89 comments on “RayGuard: Protecting against Deadly Digital Damage

  • Hi Scott,
    You are correct, if the computer or tablet has the Wifi turned off then it is much safer but you cannot surf the internet without a signal so that is when the chips come in handy so that you have protection while your wireless is turned on. I would guess that many people are on the internet much of the time when they are on their computers because more and more everything is cloud based and so the days of using external software off line is disappearing.

    I will add this question and answer to my FAQ page that I now have on my site.

    • Hi Karrol, one more thing which may need to be updated. On your website there are 3 pictures of 3 slides displaying blood cells before and after exposure to cell phone radiation. The first slide and the third slide are identical, which can be misleading in their descriptions of what the slide depicts. Thank you:

  • Hi Scott,
    Thanks for once again catching one of my mistakes. I did notice this a few weeks ago and then I forgot about it. For some reason I cannot find the correct slide so I have removed the whole row. I agree this is misleading, though not intentionally.

    • I echo what Scott said… thank you Karrol, to you and MH, both for this. 🙂

      I plan on purchasing one of your products a little later this year as well – depending on my financial situation. Due to a current chronic health issue I’ve been dealing with since 2016 I assuredly am in need of every little bit of help to aid my healing.

  • I received my RayGuard products last week, but I wanted to wait at least a week before I posted a review. I had heard or read that it can take several days to feel the full results.
    Well, let me just say that I felt the effects immediately. Granted, I have since felt the full magnitude of the device, but it definitely was very noticeable right from the start. I have especially noticed changes in my husband. When you are with someone who is close to you, you absolutely know when they are different, even if the changes are not apparent to all. It’s kind of hard to explain other than saying it’s an overall feeling of wellbeing, peace and joyfulness. There’s an air of happiness that was previously suppressed. It’s as if we are lighter in some way.
    Also, the sleep has improved very much. We were always groggy and tired in the mornings, but that has changed. Not all people like getting out of bed at 6 am, but at least now we are able to get up feeling rested and ready for the day. It makes a huge difference. I can just pop out of bed and get going instead of needing to hit the snooze button 3 times.

    Thanks again Karrol for all the help and offering the discounts. You’re doing an awesome job!

    Also, thanks to Michael for giving us the info on it and a thank you to the Plejaren for testing it for us.

    • Thanks for posting your experience! Can’t wait to get myself a device. Good to hear it’s working for folks – that’s super encouraging 🙂

  • Hi Melissa, Are you located in a high density area where there is much wifi and cell phone radiation? Which unit did you purchase? I purchased the car/body rayguard, but haven’t been wearing it everyday, so I can’t say I have allowed myself to receive the full benefits yet. Glad its working for you so quickly.

    • Hi Scott, in my case, my computer and wifi router are located in my bedroom and they are on 24/7 and the first time I used the RayGuard Body& Car I start I’ve notice that I get better sleep. I normally sleep about 6 hrs and used to wake up tired and some times I couldn’t ever the alarm going off (now I hear it everyday).

    • Hi Scott, I live in the San Francisco Bay Area if that helps you. We have a pretty solid 4g network out here and lots of cell towers, wifi, etc.
      As for the devices I bought: I got the RayGuard car & body pendent for me and the bigger RayGuard mobile for my husband. I also got phone chips for all our cell phones. I was afraid that he wouldn’t use it because of skepticism, but he carries it every single day. I wear mine constantly and we keep his on the nightstand at night, so we kind of have double protection when we are sleeping.

  • Hi Anne and Melissa, You are most welcome. Scott, Bill didn’t notice much difference either, though like Melissa I noticed immediately after we unpacked the home device and placed it in the room that it felt quieter and more peaceful.

    Melissa, like you I saw the changes in my mate. Bill didn’t notice any difference but I noticed that he sleeps more peacefully and is no longer restlessly moving around in his sleep, it took about six weeks for him to gradually stop moving around. Out of the four of us he is the only one that could not tell much, but now finally, I just asked him what he has noticed and he said he now sleeps more deeply. I think this the way it is for some, just like the damage is from cumulative exposure, it may take some time to let your body “reorganize” but that can’t happen unless you are protected constantly.

    I have another friend who has not noticed much difference either but I have noticed that she is happier and does not complain so much about her life. She also has a bad memory and we are hoping it will improve in time now that she has the devices.

  • When I purchased my last wifi/router, I made sure I had the ability to turn off the wifi when not needed. My computer’s are hardwired to the router, which eliminates needing to use the wifi unless I want to use other devices. Also, where I live I receive at least 28-30 wifi signals at any given time, so I’m sure the Rayguard has its work cut out for it 🙂

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