RayGuard: Protecting against Deadly Digital Damage

Information about how the RayGuard works 

An actual conversation between a customer and RayGuard as posted on Facebook:

My job is computer support, so I’m around electronics all the time. I’ve had my Rayguard (body & car) since early 2012. For the first week or so I was keeping it in my pocket and didn’t notice anything different.

I contacted the main company in Austria about it and was informed I needed to wear it around my neck to get the full affect. After I started wearing it around my neck that same night I was able to get a good night sleep and have been ever since. Before this I had a problem with going to sleep. About 2 years ago I loaned it to my wife for two weeks for her to try it out. I was very happy to finally get it back, because I slowly started to feel uncomfortable without it, it was like there was this thin layer of static all around me and on my body. Here is the email with questions and answers I got back from the Rayguard representative Morten:

“Hi thanks for all your help. I received my order about a week ago. I’ve been searching through your site, but haven’t yet found an answer to my questions:
1) Can the RayGuard device work if it’s constantly in my pocket? I have been putting the body & car device in my pocket, but wonder if I should instead be wearing it around my neck on a chain? Also does it lose it’s protective ability if covered by certain materials (ex: metal), if covered by a thick material (ex: inside a case or backpack), or underwater?

M: The best is to wear around the neck – there is a cord in the box. Tie it tight, since it is very smooth. Then it will be in front of the heart app., and then strengthen and protect the vital organs better than being in a briefcase or backpack or somewhere else.

2) Does the RayChip work just as good if it’s placed inside a mobile phone? Instead of sticking it to the outside of my Blackberry 9800 (Torch), where it might one day fall off, I found it fits perfectly inside the battery cover.

M: The best is to put it outside on the phone where the radiation will come. Put some instant glue on it to make it stay there, e.g. Use your phone as little as possible. I know this is a hard one in these wireless times.

Personally I don’t own or use a mobile phone or any wireless gadgets. There will always be consequences and when the bill arrives, most of us are not ready to pay it. I have the deepest respect for the wireless.

Enjoy and kind regards, Morten”

A Real Wake-up Call!

See this blog about Digital Dementia-What South Korea Forgot for even more about the health  and life-threatening consequences of being exposed to these frequencies.

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  1. That doesn’t surprise me about the change in people’s attitude. I have noticed this also, our whole family gets along better, and seem to have a easier time communicating and understanding each other. It has gotten better and better over the last several months. Every one is more relaxed with a better sense of humor. I also experience tingling when I hold the home devices. As far as a placebo effect, it makes sense if the constant stress is removed (which can be measured on the human body) we will feel relief.

  2. This is a very disturbing article if it is in fact true, which I have no doubt about, but the website itself is very questionable, it takes so long to load because of the amount of the ridiculous amount of advertising. You have been warned.

    “Radiation given off by state-of-the-art street lamps is wreaking havoc on the residents of Gateshead.

    According to local scientist Mark Steele, 58, people living in the area are experiencing symptoms of insomnia, nose bleeds and several women have even endured the horror of stillbirths since the introduction of LED lamps that emit 5G radiation…

    …Earlier this week Gateshead council put out a Facebook post encouraging people to ignore ‘conspiracy theories’ about the dangers of 5G radiation, adding ‘there is no scientific basis or credible evidence for any of these scare stories’…”


  3. G’Day Karrol, When Mark Anthony said in another of his videos that Gateshead has been turned into a microwave oven, it reminder me of my Uncle Paddy who was high up in the Australian army, well as high as he wanted to go, refused to have a microwave oven in his house. He knew back in the ’80’s.

  4. Hi Andrew, Sorry about all the typos in my response! I was in too much of a hurry when I wrote it. What is happening is very disturbing. There is a contact report out which took place on March 1st, and it validates what is happening. I sent it to Michael as I think there could be a better place to post it besides the comments.

    1. I bought a Body & Car pendant and then a home unit from Karrol. I feel much clearer in my mind and my body has stopped aching.
      I sleep a lot better than I used to and after ten hours working on a pc in a busy city centre I still feel mentally alert.
      I live in Gateshead and have to endure these lamp posts which are setup and ready for 5g, the council have given conflicting stories about the antenna on the lamp posts the latest being its only 2 and 3g which in itself is harmful enough.
      Nobody from the council will come forward and explain this, they hide behind a nameless facebook post.
      The national media has picked the story up and ran with the facebook post mentioning no names, they have also ran the story that the LED lights cause cancer and have failed to even mention the antenna on top of 31,000 lamp posts that is causing the problem, this is a typical mainstream media tactic of mixing a truth with a lie to make it all seem bizarre and fringe lunacy.
      That tactic in itself speaks volumes about this situation.

      This is a 5G network ready and waiting activation and I suspect they have been intermittently testing the hardware.
      They have broken many laws with this illegal rollout but nobody official will put their name next to a so called press release.

      If you think about it logically with the 2020 rollout of 5G in the UK all lamp posts will be fitted with small antenna, is Gateshead council after spending 18 million installing this network going to install another antenna in 2 years time next to the existing one!

  5. Greetings,

    Everyone should hear what Barrie Trower, an expert on microwave warfare who used to work for the Royal Navy, has to say regarding the effects of wireless technologies. He is pretty much shunned by the mainstream scientific community, but his explanations seem to be aligned with the Meier information.

    Here’s the link: https://youtu.be/z99_SzoXZdY


    1. Thank You for that David, that would explain why we lost Uncle Paddy to a very aggressive cancer. I see I was 2 decades or more behind his knowledge.

      1. Hi, Andrew. You’re quite welcome. I don’t know Uncle Paddy, but I am sorry to learn the news of his passing nonetheless. Cancer is a cruel disease. I lost an uncle to lung cancer and an aunt to lymphatic cancer (I can’t tell if microwave radiation would factor in their illness.)
        I guess that’s what is so insidious about wifi: you are subjected to microwave radiation continuously but in small enough doses that it could take a long time before any noticeable effects on your health, making the real culprit difficult to identify, especially if you’re a modern day “digital zombie.”

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