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An actual conversation between a customer and RayGuard as posted on Facebook:

My job is computer support, so I’m around electronics all the time. I’ve had my Rayguard (body & car) since early 2012. For the first week or so I was keeping it in my pocket and didn’t notice anything different.

I contacted the main company in Austria about it and was informed I needed to wear it around my neck to get the full affect. After I started wearing it around my neck that same night I was able to get a good night sleep and have been ever since. Before this I had a problem with going to sleep. About 2 years ago I loaned it to my wife for two weeks for her to try it out. I was very happy to finally get it back, because I slowly started to feel uncomfortable without it, it was like there was this thin layer of static all around me and on my body. Here is the email with questions and answers I got back from the Rayguard representative Morten:

“Hi thanks for all your help. I received my order about a week ago. I’ve been searching through your site, but haven’t yet found an answer to my questions:
1) Can the RayGuard device work if it’s constantly in my pocket? I have been putting the body & car device in my pocket, but wonder if I should instead be wearing it around my neck on a chain? Also does it lose it’s protective ability if covered by certain materials (ex: metal), if covered by a thick material (ex: inside a case or backpack), or underwater?

M: The best is to wear around the neck – there is a cord in the box. Tie it tight, since it is very smooth. Then it will be in front of the heart app., and then strengthen and protect the vital organs better than being in a briefcase or backpack or somewhere else.

2) Does the RayChip work just as good if it’s placed inside a mobile phone? Instead of sticking it to the outside of my Blackberry 9800 (Torch), where it might one day fall off, I found it fits perfectly inside the battery cover.

M: The best is to put it outside on the phone where the radiation will come. Put some instant glue on it to make it stay there, e.g. Use your phone as little as possible. I know this is a hard one in these wireless times.

Personally I don’t own or use a mobile phone or any wireless gadgets. There will always be consequences and when the bill arrives, most of us are not ready to pay it. I have the deepest respect for the wireless.

Enjoy and kind regards, Morten”

A Real Wake-up Call!

See this blog about Digital Dementia-What South Korea Forgot for even more about the health  and life-threatening consequences of being exposed to these frequencies.

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  • Hi Michael,

    Morton is also my contact at Günter Gasser GmbH, the manufacturer of RayGuard®. I communicate with him several times a week. If anyone has questions they only have to ask me and if I don’t know the answer, I will find out. They don’t put a cord with the pendants anymore so people will have to find something that suits them to hang it from though I don’t recommend metal. Also, women can carry the device in their bra, or it can be carried in a front shirt pocket as it is best to carry it near the center of the chest. For the best protection it is recommended to also have a room device, and 2 chips on your phone is better than one.

    • Karrol,

      Thanks very much for delivering the Rayguard pendent and chip to Australia for me! The past few days I’ve had it I noticed a better sleep. Hopefully it stays that way.

      I used a flat soft shoe lace to hang it around my neck. Does the job and is comfortable enough.

    • Thank you for recommending this very important technology Michael! And thank you for all your help Karrol! I can’t wait until my order arrives.

  • Hi everyone,
    I think there is some confusion when speaking about pendants. Michael and I are referring to the pendants we mean the body&car pendants that retail for $125.00. These pendants have a radius of 1 meter (3 feet). They can withstand cold but should not be heated to over 140 degrees F. Because they are sonically sealed they might have a small air bubble in them so do not wear them to swim or shower, or run them through the washer as they might get water inside of them.

    The flower of life pendant ($40) is for people who just want to try the technology out before making a bigger purchase, or good for small children, or as a gift to introduce the technology, as they only have a radius of 6 inches. The flower of life pendant will not give you full protection! So be aware of this when ordering.

    I hope this helps clarify things.

    NOTE from MH: Please remember to use DISCOUNT code MH1212 when ordering any of the RayGuard products!

      • Hi Mait,

        Yes I will share some my experiences with using RayGuard®. Like so many people my family members and myself had sleep issues. Mine were not so bad but the men in my family were all having problems sleeping, along with restless leg syndrome in one member, and also depression. I suffer from migraine headaches and I was having digestive issues and though a change in diet helped I was still getting unexplained headaches. Once we put a home device in and started wearing the pendants we all made steady improvement in our health. My headaches have been greatly reduced and I now sleep more deeply for a shorter period of time. Everyone’s sleep problems have improved and the restlessness has vanished. We all feel better generally, calmer and more relaxed. Also, I think that communication and comprehension between everyone has improved.

  • I am concerned about the mobile phone mast that is situated 61 meters from the office where I work. Will the Rayguard protect me from that?

    At home I am 0.6 miles away from a mobile phone mast.

    • Hi Paul,

      Yes, the RayGuard® with protect you from the mobile phone mast. It is imperative that you get protection. The products are in essence receivers (as are we). The more of these receivers we have around us to resonate with the wireless and cell towers the better. Paul at the very least I would be wearing a pendant. I think those who work in environments with lots of radiation would do well to have a mobil on their desk. If you own a business, put a large device in work areas for your own health and that of your employees. Notice the gradual improvement your environment. The benefits far out weigh the cost of the device. My husband now gives pendants to his employees as part of their safety gear as they are on roofs with cell towers all around them.

  • Hello,
    Does anyone know how the Rayguard really works? Perhaps it is a patented secret, but looking at the key chain version it looks like some sort of tuned circuit with two coils and possibly a capacitor in the middle? If I understand the properties of fluidal forces, it would seem our own energy would be absorbed into it as well? Thanks

    • Hi Scott, From what I understand, they are receivers, the silver spirals inside work like antennas. The precise mixture of minerals inside the glass tubes which the antennas are wrapped around are attracting waves and rays which has a very high resonance with longitudinal or scalar or “Tesla” waves. It does not effect the hertz waves as we need those for the communication of the cell phones. If you try to block or reduce those waves the phone signal will actually become stronger to compensate which is not a good thing. For more information there is a video on my site by Dr. Manfred Doepp which gives a good explanation and is very interesting. It’s the first one on the page:

    • Hi Karrol and Bruce.
      I will study this further. There is a discussion on the German FIGU Forum about Rayguard. From what I read the company or product used to be called Raymaster, but since has been renamed Rayguard. Hans mentioned that since Billy has been using it, he is able to concentrate better. Salome

  • Just asking: if I remember correctly, didn’t Billy mention that Might of Thoughts here play an important role to neutralise begative EMF effect and not to be so concerned about EMF? Thanks for reply and resolution about the matter in advance. Cheers.

    • The Might of Thoughts plays a tremendous role in everything, including even forming protective “barriers” around one’s self against harmful dangers such as electromagnetism. As an example, I’ve stared at computer screens since childhood sometimes all day and my eyes are in excellent shape to this day. Despite that, it’s not a reason to jump into a pool of acid out of over-positive stupidity.

      • So what if you have stared at computer screens since childhood and you still have good eyesight. You do realize that the reason why you have good eyesight has probably to do with the genes. It is simply not just a matter of looking after your eyesight, it also has to do with your genes. Also there is obviously a difference when looking at a computer screen at a very close distance like 6 to 8 inches, and looking at a computer screen from a few feet away! Also another thing which one has to consider is how you set up both the brightness and contrast on your laptop or desktop monitor!

        • Actually, neither my mother or father had good eyesight and my entire immediate family wears glasses. If you’re referring to genes as in, me changing it through the might of my thoughts, then you’re correct – but not from inherited. We could go in endless loops about your skepticism, but I neither have the care nor concern to convince you that what Billy wrote in Might of Thoughts, works. That was just one example of many, which I’m sure others reading this blog can share their experiences as well.

          • Well in your case you are an exception. Yes, indeed it is possible to have both your parents having poor eyesight whereas you, on the other hand turned out to have good eyesight. That is something that has to do with the genes. Don’t get me wrong, what I mean is if both your parents are for example short-sighted (myopic) then it will increase the likelihood of their offspring to also be short-sighted. But remember this is something that is not guaranteed to happen, it only increases the likelihood.

            Also like I had already mentioned in my other comment, it depends on a number of factors. Being in front of a computer monitor at a distance of just 6 to 8 inches is one thing, but staring at a computer monitor from several feet away is obviously something else. Also you have to consider how you set the brightness and contrast of your computer or laptop monitor. The higher the brightness and contrast the worse it would be for your eyesight especially if you place yourself at a very close distance to the monitor.

            Now, as you probably already know, bigger and bigger desktop monitors are being released with higher resolutions. But that is not necessarily a good thing because on the one hand people nowadays might be buying bigger desktop monitors with a higher resolution, but on the other hand they would still place themselves at the same distance as if they had a much smaller desktop monitor!

            In my opinion, if or rather when OLED TVs and desktop monitors become widely available and obviously at a much cheaper price, then it should, at least “in theory” be a little easier on the eyes since OLED panels are not backlit like the current LED monitors.

          • Again, that eyesight example was only one of many I (and others here I’m sure) have to offer. And no, I’ve sat directly in front of these screens only mere inches away, sometimes glued to my face at night using mobile devices with no other light sources besides said devices. Again, this is one example of many. I could’ve also referenced beating sicknesses “miraculously” in my life as well or being completely unaffected by certain conditions (that affected others in my environment) through the usage of the Might of Thoughts. It boils down to if you think I’m some sort of genetic super anomaly (which I’m not) or the fact that the might of thoughts do actually work in certain conditions against harmful effects as thoroughly explained in Billy’s book.

          • I’m telling you that in your case it is genetic. If you were short sighted (myopic) then you wouldn’t be mentioning the “Might of the Thoughts”. Clearly you are being a bit stupid. If what I have said is not true about the genes then why does Billy himself wear bifocal glasses. If there is someone who knows more than you about the “Might of the Thoughts” than I think it would be Billy. If I’m not mistaken when Billy himself was younger he never needed to wear glasses. I think part of the reason why he wears glasses is because he is frequently sitting in front of his computer monitor typing and so forth. He has been wearing glasses for a long time.

            Yes, it does have to do with the genes. Try cranking up the brightness and contrast of your computer monitor all the way up to 75% if not more and put yourself inches away from the computer screen and see how bad that is to your eyes and health. And remember, the bigger the computer monitor, the further away you are supposed place yourself in front of the computer monitor. I myself don’t exactly respect this because I’m short sighted, but realistically speaking that’s what your supposed to do.

          • Did you try to insult my intelligence because your failure to convert me to your skepticism isn’t working?

            How ironic, and frankly, typical.

            David, you tend to go off assuming all too often than actually knowing the truth of a matter. Here’s a distinct fact to chew on: you do not know my life or the encounters I experienced. What you think you know is your assumption unless I, specifically, clarify the truth (which I did)

            How can you tell me exactly and precisely what I have experienced, felt, encountered etc. without it being (at best) a guess? I couldn’t do that with you or anyone else.

            I don’t know if this is jealously or ego, or perhaps thinking everyone is an irresponsible victim and incapable like yourself (as you’ve demonstrated previously, Re: Rayguard being overpriced) but some of us can actually utilize our inner powers within and use them for some seemingly (for lack of a better word) “amazing” feats.

            You completely neglect I’ve stated that I’ve been unaffected by conditions around me (sicknesses) and or completely cured of life threatening ones harnessing the usage of might of thoughts, and yet, these are actually some of the underwhelming reports I haven’t gone into detail about out of modesty. You chose to point your scope at eyesight while neglecting the previously mentioned.

            So, for the sake of a learning experience for all, let’s do it – Eyesight is only one case of many. Strawman argument would allow me to say that Billy didn’t need it for so long because he was carried by the usage of his powerful consciousness (concerning eyesight), using might of thoughts, and as his physical body aged, he eventually lost his physical prowess (as everyone does) instead of losing it at a much earlier age which would’ve happened had he not been utilizing the power of the might of thoughts.

            See? I can also be childish and pull on straws in endless loops too. It’s not really that difficult and fairly easy to identify when someone attempts to pull this card.

            Either way, neither of us could answer that to complete, 100% truth, unless we asked the man directly — and if his response wasn’t what you wanted to hear, would you try to break it down to your incompetent level because it doesn’t cater to your boxed beliefs?

            You see what I’m getting at?

            I have a solid idea of why you are trying so desperately hard to convert me to your beliefs, even though it’s my life, and even though you cannot know me the way I know myself, but I still find it amusing that you’re trying.

            On a closing note, you’re free to think that I’m a super genetic spawn if that helps you sleep at night. However, rest assured I have enough cognitive capability and intelligence of knowing, deciphering and understanding my own life and its encounters, the possibilities and the like, can you say the same for yours?

      • You can call me stubborn or something else if you like. I’m okay with that. I can easily counter this by telling you that you are

        being stupid and unrealistic because if you think that you have built some sort of barrier around you through the might of your thoughts to protect you from electromagnetism then yes, I do think that you are being unrealistic. It has more to do with your genetic makeup, even though, according to you, both your parents have poor eyesight. That’s why people react differently to certain treatments. It has to do with their genes. There are people, like you, who can look at computer screens for hours and maybe also at a close distance and not be really effected by it in some way or another. But does that mean it has to do with their own thinking and that they have developed some kind of protective shield around them to be “immune” from it, or is it more likely that it has to do with their own genetic makeup? Yes, I think obviously the latter.

        Reading the “Might of the Thoughts” is one thing, but actually applying what there is in the book “Might of the Thoughts” is a whole new ballgame because it is obviously easier said than done.

        Michael Horn,

        You said that I was assuming about Billy wearing glasses. Okay, if what I had said about Billy wearing glasses is not true then please tell me why does Billy wear glasses? Why doesn’t Billy ask the Plejaren to correct his eyesight? Or why doesn’t Billy, through the might of his own thoughts correct his eyesight so that he doesn’t need to wear glasses in the first place? Yes, I do think that Billy sitting and looking at the computer screen at a fairly close distance did probably contribute to him wearing glasses. Sure I could be wrong with what I’ve just said about the reason Billy wears glasses, fair enough, but I never said that I knew for sure. You obviously know Billy better than I do since you go and visit him more or less every year.

        • Again, you rattle off with your erroneous assumptions. It’s so bad that you think I am referring to the usage of the might of thoughts as quick magical fixes (though there are some cases where humans have done some incredible things through the usage of their consciousness related gifts and continue to do so in modern times) which is also why I purposely said from the very start… “Despite that, it’s not a reason to jump into a pool of acid out of over-positive stupidity.”

          It is explained in the book (which I know you haven’t read or you’re just being willfully ignorant) that one can harness the might of thoughts to build protection against harmful circumstances. Billy’s exact words will be seen below.

          The mere fact that I’m about to link these pictures irritates me, because it feels like Sunday-school-scripture-linking without researching, assessing, and cognitively thinking for oneself. “Billy said this, Billy said that etc.” shouldn’t apply in a religious manner that one cannot think on their own without Billy’s statements.

          This is contradictory to the teachings which teaches reliance on self. The reason I brought up Billy was because I can confirm what the man is talking about is true from living MY OWN PRACTICAL EXPERIENCES, giving more weight to him as a profound teacher that is worth listening to for SELF-EDUCATION — not for the sake of using his words to WIN an argument.

          Due to that, this is the first and last time I’ll be linking any part of Billy’s books for anyone for multiple reasons.

          1 – You’re an adult, do your own research.
          2 – My time is precious (as I would hope yours would be too), and wasting time debating people because of their own lack of knowledge (aka ignorance), shortcomings, insecurities, skepticism etc. is both exhausting and (generally) pointless. I would assume this would be a reason why Billy isn’t wasting his time debating skeptics.
          3 – Go buy (or work like helping / assisting the mission as a fair payment) for the books. They’re actually worth it, rather than being a lazy, whiny, victimized, skeptical, incapable leech.

          Take a read on—v

          And just because I feel like slamming the last nail in the coffin:

          Obviously we know the above isn’t “superhuman”, rather, use of consciousness related abilities. Heck, even specially trained soldiers can drink poison and be completely immune to it (No, I will not provide these links because I am not your free-paid school teacher, do your own research) Safe to say this conversation has run its course and it’s drifting FAR off topic.

          • In general, the might of thought is certainly real, but I think that in general,
            that is in all cases, the might of thoughts operates similarly to Arahat Athersata,
            that is does nothing more than influence, steer and initiate natural processes.
            It is just extending your ability to steer your own body to all matter, that’s it.
            Thus e.g. if Billy moved a stove with his thoughts, that was just influencing
            the force of anti-gravity.
            The same thing with e.g. if he turned coca cola into ‘wine’,
            he just initiated a natural process that quickly broke down the sugar into alcohol.
            There was nothing at all supernatural about it.
            Note also Arahat Athersata does things like this, causes e.g. a comet
            to go onto a new trajectory aimed at a certain place on Earth. Natural process.

            It is just initiating or steering a natural process, and nothing more.

            In contrast, e.g. you could not use the might of thoughts to walk unshielded
            into a radioactive fallout zone, because your mind cannot just generate
            a lead shield around you.
            Your might could however probably indeed, through the unconscious that is,
            influence the rate of radioactive decay in a certain little lump of it.
            So that is how it works. Without a doubt.
            The unconscious is aware of everything and implicitly contains information
            about all natural processes and all relationships.
            If you affect anything with the might of thoughts, therefore, you are just
            steering that, steering a natural process through the unconscious
            which is always in a way intelligently in charge of nature anyway.
            But it is intelligently in charge in such a way that it can just execute
            one or the other program of a logically following natural process.

            There is no ‘magic’ really, except in the original sense that means nothing
            more than ‘Kraftentfaltung’.

            By the way, many of the things you cite above are unverified,
            most of the verified ones are related to genes or genetic disorders.

          • Thanks Matthew for confirming what I said, albeit semantics. We must ask ourselves the intention for entering in discussion or debate.

            Are you trying to play gotcha? Are you trying to win an argument for winnings sake? Are you trying to slander and defame?


            Are you trying to find truth and peace? Are you trying to learn and become better for yourself?


          • Jedi, I did not confirm what you said at all.
            Read carefully. It’s just the unconscious and natural processes.
            You cannot violate the laws of nature with the might of thoughts.
            You cannot e.g. cure a genetic disorder like myopia.
            You cannot shield yourself against radiation,
            except maybe in the sense of not being influenced by subliminal


          • This is off-topic and I’ll only point out that might of the thoughts accords with a law of physics, I.e. cause and effect. Energy follows thought and even Quetzal pointed out that a device with no intrinsic abilities to repel these frequencies – one that I had in 2004 – could work because it would store flu ideal forces, which would be activated by my own thoughts, belief, etc.

            No magic, just MoT and physics.

            Back on topic please.

          • There’s no controversy that a lot of diseases are psychosomatic. It’s widely accepted in mainstream medicine.
            However, on the other hand a lot of placebo effects, etc, have been exaggerated, and as far as I know it is rare if at all that one negates a genetic disorder psychosomatically.

            Also, the link given to examples of supposed ‘superhumans’ by Jedaiah contains several unverified ones.
            Those that have been verified either had a genetic or developmental disorder (e.g Kim Peek) or were relying on nothing supernatural or miraculous, but just intuition/the unconscious (e.g. Isao Machii, assuming there is no trickery there).

          • Matt,

            Even if you are bound to a certain disease/disorder for the rest of your life, still your MOTT determines what will you make out of it. I know it is a harsh statement, because of many malignant and not so malignant diseases that people have to endure. Yes, my body hurts too, I’m not ashamed to admit. If you can’t heal it currently, you are not a failure. One of the great examples is Stephen Hawkings. Look at the what he has achieved in spite of his condition. Your statements suggest that human being is powerless over him/herself and his living experience. That is exactly what religions propagate. I see nothing wrong with Kim Peek too, he has is damaged in one way but has abilities 99% of people do not have. These are superhumans for me, I don’t pitty them at all. Ofcourse, we should thrive that autism eradicates one day etc etc.

            Back to the topic yes…

            Eventhough MOTT plays important role in everything, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to take care of yourself. Better be safe than sorry. I bought one of basic RayGuard products, though not from Neutralwise, because I’m not from North America. I will try it, see if it works for me. I suggest everybody to consider buying themselves RayGuard from Neutralwise. Again, better safe than sorry…

            Peace to you guys.

      • Jedaiah Ramnarine,

        I’ve re-read your initial post and actually you didn’t say that the reason why you have good eyesight is because you have developed some kind of protective shield around you against electromagnetism, but unfortunately that’s how I first interpreted it. Therefore I apologise for misreading your post. But in your case, you obviously didn’t inherit those genes that cause nearsightedness or myopia from your parents. But like I said before, if both your parents are nearsighted then that would only increase the likelihood of their offspring to also be nearsighted. But yes, obviously this is not always the case.

        P.S. Thank you for posting those pages from the book “Might of the Thoughts”.

  • Hi everyone, I wanted to tell that I have been using Rayguard for about a week now and I do have notice that I sleep better and the next day I wake up energized, before I used to wake up tired even when I had 8hrs of sleep.

  • In my opinion, charging nearly $700 is too expensive for the RayGuard Home! Also I find your website a little misleading because you only provide free shipping to the USA and Canada. This is what I really and truly do not understand about you people! Yes, I know that this RayGuard Home product probably does work as it should. But why do you have to charge way too much money for it?! I am poor! I can’t afford it! But don’t get me wrong! I don’t want you to pity me because I am poor! I just want to know why do you overcharge for something that probably only costs a fraction to make?! Again, please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying that you are not entitled to make a profit. But why the very high price for something like that? Honestly, I don’t get it. 🙁

    • A lot of assumptions there David. What makes something “too expensive”? Do you know the actual costs involved in making it? Can you make it for a cost that you’ve decided is “right”? “Only provide free shipping…”? Really, have you ever run a business, had to deal with the costs and demands, etc., thereof?

      If one’s whole home can be better protected, with no replacement parts and service charges, if one’s health and the health of their family can be better safeguarded, for only $700…how is that “too much money”?

      Not everyone can afford everything they want in many cases. But that doesn’t automatically make what they want “overpriced”. People also do things like…use credit cards that they can pay off, sometimes their payments amount to what they would spend on coffee they buy in shops on a regular basis.

      The real problem with your comment is that you’re blaming and…whining, sounding very much like a victim, rather than a self-responsible, self-empowered person who views his desire to have something ordinarily outside of his reach as a wonderful opportunity to solve a problem, rather than bemoan its existence.

    • I understand you David, you are just sad about the whole situation in world. That’s okay. I thought the same immediately but then I realised, hey, people are paying 1000$ for an Iphone and this is even cheaper, so… there is no rush, if you have to save little by little for 1 year, you will have the money. I believe it comes as a great addition to our overall wellness.

  • I live on a very limited income with only $183 a week and my bank won`t even let me put $500 to $1000 dollers into a checking account let alone a savings account plus I don`t use eamil due to privacy concerns so how am I going to be able to afford GatGuard since my stupid landlord refuses to stop harassing me everytime I to bed for the past five years with their stupid fossil fuel boiler right under my bed? I tried to compromise with them but quiteing the motor one way or another even getting this realty to replace the motor one that is quieter but NO DEAL. So how in hell am I going to be able to buy the RayGuard for $700 dollars since I`m a senior citizen with multiple physical disablities? I can barely get a good nights sleep and so I`m always tired most of the time! $700 dollars is way over my heaed right now and I can just barely even live if at all!:-((((

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