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An actual conversation between a customer and RayGuard as posted on Facebook:

My job is computer support, so I’m around electronics all the time. I’ve had my Rayguard (body & car) since early 2012. For the first week or so I was keeping it in my pocket and didn’t notice anything different.

I contacted the main company in Austria about it and was informed I needed to wear it around my neck to get the full affect. After I started wearing it around my neck that same night I was able to get a good night sleep and have been ever since. Before this I had a problem with going to sleep. About 2 years ago I loaned it to my wife for two weeks for her to try it out. I was very happy to finally get it back, because I slowly started to feel uncomfortable without it, it was like there was this thin layer of static all around me and on my body. Here is the email with questions and answers I got back from the Rayguard representative Morten:

“Hi thanks for all your help. I received my order about a week ago. I’ve been searching through your site, but haven’t yet found an answer to my questions:
1) Can the RayGuard device work if it’s constantly in my pocket? I have been putting the body & car device in my pocket, but wonder if I should instead be wearing it around my neck on a chain? Also does it lose it’s protective ability if covered by certain materials (ex: metal), if covered by a thick material (ex: inside a case or backpack), or underwater?

M: The best is to wear around the neck – there is a cord in the box. Tie it tight, since it is very smooth. Then it will be in front of the heart app., and then strengthen and protect the vital organs better than being in a briefcase or backpack or somewhere else.

2) Does the RayChip work just as good if it’s placed inside a mobile phone? Instead of sticking it to the outside of my Blackberry 9800 (Torch), where it might one day fall off, I found it fits perfectly inside the battery cover.

M: The best is to put it outside on the phone where the radiation will come. Put some instant glue on it to make it stay there, e.g. Use your phone as little as possible. I know this is a hard one in these wireless times.

Personally I don’t own or use a mobile phone or any wireless gadgets. There will always be consequences and when the bill arrives, most of us are not ready to pay it. I have the deepest respect for the wireless.

Enjoy and kind regards, Morten”

A Real Wake-up Call!

See this blog about Digital Dementia-What South Korea Forgot for even more about the health  and life-threatening consequences of being exposed to these frequencies.

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89 comments on “RayGuard: Protecting against Deadly Digital Damage

  • At least you guys in USA and Canada are “kinda safe” in this matter, under condition you don’t live in a highly densed metropola; compared to Europe, where pretty much on every corner there is some tech. / electrical / EMF emanating structure because of high population density (2nd in world) and whole industry and life-work style is moving to a total dependency on newer and newer technologies. Such a pace, normal human being can’t catch up with. Not even heads who are the brightest in their professions – IT, telecommunications, electrical engineering etc. Well, at least not those who want to live a happy and a healthy life. I agree technology is something we can’t avoid, and is very helpful, but I don’t think Tesla and other pioneers imagined such a world. In my opinion, this is total insanity. Again, overpopulation here plays immense role and supply-demand of people who are embracing this kind of false progress with their arms wide. I’ve been on seminars where adults, leading people on their universities are expressing their discontent “why aren’t we already living in a Star Trek world-reality!?”, and I thought to myself, hey guys slow down a bit… to come to the point, in my opinion, a deviation between consciousness-development and technological-development is becoming way too high. This kind of technocracy, for lack of a better expression, is really dominating more and more and an average individual can’t keep track of it. This not a way to live. I’ve heard such stupid statements from people of academic titles, that my stomach is getting really sour and I’m an IT engineer by profession.

    About the population density USA/Canada vs Europe:

    Popolution: 35,151,728 mill.
    Area: 9,984,670 km2

    Population: 325,719,178 mill.
    Area: 9,833,520 km2

    Population: 741,447,158 mill.
    Area: 10,180,000 km2

    • Interesting statistics on population density. To your point: “a deviation between consciousness-development and technological-development is becoming way too high“ … couldn’t agree more.

      In a CR Billy mentions how the human being is increasingly becoming weaker, less resilient, spineless, etc. due to overpopulation; so there is that factor at play here as well (not a verbatim quote of the CR).

    • Hi Luka, I totally agree with you that we need to start thinking about living in a Star Trek Universe i,e. a kinder gentler universe where all can live off the grid and live in peace,love,harmony,freedom logic, health and well being with wind,solar,deep geo-thermal energy,etc. A Star Trek Universe is far more preferable than all this stupid techno nuclear and fossil fuel a.k.a. dirty energy stuff that is ruining this world in the first place. Right now overpopulation should be our top priority with clean safe energies,etc,etcv,etc!

  • Thanks for all the information about Rayguard Michael.

    Many are independently reporting very positive results from using these devices. I’ve shared the blog and the info from neutralwise with my friend who suffers with Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) and also with Dr. Magda Havas who he introduced me to and who has some great info here:

  • Hi David,
    I though Michael did a good job of answering your question and I am going to expand on this a bit because this is not the first time, as an entrepreneur I have run into this attitude. Yes there are unscrupulous business people out there that exploit others to make money but the majority of business owners in this world aren’t out on our yachts while a “cash machine” is making us rich. That is a myth perpetrated by get rich quick schemers. Most small business owners work long hours for many years to make a business viable. We are usually the last to get paid. We often don’t see a paycheck until we have been in business for at least a couple of years, some never see a paycheck until they sell their business, or never see one at all because they were not able to turn a profit and so they go out of business. We take a lot of risks to make a business happen. The producer of RayGuard® is a small business owner, who probably spend at least a few years in R&D before ever launching his product. He is still a small business owner who employs his family and others to make these products, many of them by hand. They are paid a fair wage on which they can support their families. So unlike many of the products out there, they are not made in a sweat shop for pennies on the dollar. He could have set out to design a product that will break or need replacement parts but he did not.

    I am a small business owner, I have been in this business for a little over 2 months. I started this business on a “shoe string”. RayGuard® products are also expensive for me to purchase and I have ship them from Austria. Then there are expenses like website costs, shipping costs and materials, office supplies, every time someone makes a credit card purchase I must pay a fee. Then there are marketing and advertising costs. You have to pay either time, money or both so the people know your product or service is out there. We must have a place to do business and a vehicle and gasoline, and a way to support ourselves until the business is profitable.

    Right now I am given a fair enough price from Günter Gasser to make enough to re-order and pay back my small investment loan. If I get large enough, I will qualify for better prices based on the size of my order. I am no where near that and won’t be for at least a couple of years. I must put in many hours of work to get myself there and of course as a business grows so do the expenses. Eventually I will make money for myself. In the mean time, I make the products as affordable, and give as much product as I can for free without jeopardizing my business.

  • Can a RayChip be used on a Wi-Fi router? Just like sticking it on a mobile phone but rather sticking it to a router in your home? Thanks.

    • Hi Luka,
      I get this question often so I am glad you asked it. The chips help reduce radiation at the source in a very small field. So yes it would help a little but a router is very powerful transmitter so I would save my chips for things I am right next to like a computer, tablet, or cell phone. Routers need a much bigger receiver to resonate with so wearing a body&car pendant would be much more effective.

      • Hi Karrol, I understand the danger of cell phone radiation, but what danger does a computer or tablet have in common with a cell phone? If the computer or tablet has the wifi turned off, I don’t know how this presents any harm, unless the computer or tablet emits harmful radiation due to the internal electronics or the screens? I understand if the wifi is enabled then the device becomes and transmitter and receiver, but when the wifi is off, this would seem to minimize any risk? Thanks very much

  • Hi Canada People,
    Now that I have some actual feedback on shipping costs, by actually shipping items to your fair country, I have been able to lower the charges on the heavier shipments. So ordering a home device is now less expensive.

  • Michael, I can’t thank you enough for posting this article and bringing this to my attention. The information is not only worth a close look but could also prove invaluable one day. I am relieved there are people doing serious research into the potential adverse effects of the “wireless” age.

  • Wow, lots of comment here. I now have a RayGuard body and car pendant and maybe I’m sensitive but I did notice an overall cooling or soothing effect when I placed it on my chest. I sleep well normally but when using the RayGuard, I sleep for a shorter period and wake in the morning much more quickly and with ease. It has also improved my meditations. So far, so good. I highly recommend it. The RayGuard home will be my next purchase. Although, it is a lot of money to part with, its function is worth paying for. Wellbeing is priceless. Thanks Michael for sharing.

  • You know I run into this often, people don’t do their research on the research!. It is pretty clear that there have been reputable studies done on the human body (and this is important because this is the only way we know if something is harmful or good for us) and the tests can be replicated for anyone who wants to give it a go. One of the tests done By the following scientists
    Marinelli Fiorenzo – Institute of Molecular Genetics CNR Bologna, Curci Rosa – Institute I.O.R Lab. Ramses, and Tomassetti Goliardo – Institute of Radioastronomy CNR Bologna and be found here: with little bit of homework one can understand the research if they so desire. There is also a 6 part interview with the Dr. Marinelli, one of the scientists that was a part of this particular test. It is informative though it takes a bit of patience and concentration to watch because English is not his first language.

      • Agreed, and let me put it this way (for all reading here):
        Every person is responsible for him/herself – even to do the “research on the research”. 🙂

        Personally, I’ve learned through the years not to get frustrated at people who are simply blind and ignorant… why? Because I have much more valuable things to do with my time than to spend my energy to try to teach the unteachable. Instead I give my energy and time to those who want to learn and who want to be taught. This is even written about in the teachings.

        Sure, we should defend ourselves against those who would attack us and call us liars and so forth… however, the question here is “how much energy do I want to give this person?” This is because the truth is the truth and stands for all time… things that are false and wrong and inaccurate does not endure. It’s a simple enough fact.

        So what am I trying to convey here? If there is one or two people here who are skeptical about the device… so what? Let them be skeptical, that is their prerogative and they will either prove it to themselves or not. Their problem to take care of. 🙂 I for one would certainly not waste my precious energy and time on them more than is absolutely required to help them, because that is the right thing to do. But if they won’t accept my help… we’ll that is on them.

        Just my opinion. 🙂

  • Well I would agree with you Anne, I knew what I was up against when I decided to start this business. Sometimes we have to take the time to deal with skeptical people though we don’t want to. What I was actually referring to in my post was the fact that someone in my community felt threatened by the information I am sharing with the local schools and decided to turn me in to the Better Business Bureau claiming that I was “bothering people with my (un-scientific) product and that I should not be allowed to solicit.” I had to take time out of my day to answer this complaint. The BBB really has no teeth but since they post these complaints publicly I felt I had to reply…just part of the territory sometimes.

    • Hi Karrol, like I said, of course we should defend ourselves when justified and required, as you mention. We should not be spineless either, after all. I would have done the same in your shoes, in the situation you describe.

      What I was referring to really was how much time we (general “we”) spend here in comments going back and forth ad nausea with people who simply and obviously refuse to think for themselves or lift a finger to help themselves and do their own research and study and through their own effort draw their own conclusions.

      Some of these fellow still-ignorant fellow humans would also rather miserably criticize and/or are argumentative in a negative attacking sense, etc. (I.e. They currently lack the ability/cognition to be neutral-positive as well as to truly peaceful, harmonious and loving). I read a quote from Billy not too long ago (roughly translated): “Only miserable people say miserable things about others.” Some of these people in particular would also lazily rather be spoonfed everything like the meek sheep they are (religious thinking… here we go again!).

      So these are the types of individuals I personally, don’t care to spend more-than-absolutely-necessary time, energy and effort on.

      I should also add that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being skeptical.. in fact healthy skepticism is a good and necessary part of life. Healthy skepticism shows a person who is searching for the truth, even if they are currently somewhat ignorant, etc. At least they’re questioning – and that is a whole lot better than blind belief. The problem becomes when people take this too far (they are not open minded and/or neutral positive in their thinking) so they narrow-mindedly, “blind-belief-ingot” refuse to open their minds – despite all clear evidence numerously recited. They therefore only place a burden on themselves rather than using their skepticism in a healthy format as an “opportunity” to learn and expand their consciousness – I.e. to evolve.

      So that is all 🙂 I was not addressing your (or anyone’s) previous replies directly here with my post. I am “generally” speaking only.

      But now we’re off-topic.

      I would purchase these devices myself, only my financial situation prohibits me at this time.

      Thank you to both you and dear MH for making this wonderful tool available to us. 🙂 Much appreciated!


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