The Truth about Jmmanuel aka “Jesus Christ”

As the time fulfills, the truth begins to emerge

A new article has come out that touches upon some of the information about Jmmanuel’s time in India, though there are many errors in it. Nonetheless, while Jmmanuel is still referred to as “Jesus Christ”, a fictionalized person for whom there is zero historical evidence, we edge closer to the time that the real, full truth will become known.

You can already learn much more than will be otherwise known and acknowledged, for many years, in this article.

Nice Haircut

Also, in the holy heresies department, in 2015, forensic scientists came up with their version of what Jmmanuel looked like, which not only contradicts the ever-popular WASP-on-a-stick* Sunday school version, but looks remarkably like the drawing that Semjase provided to Billy Meier – in 1975 – just with a more contemporary haircut:











The truth about the life and teaching of Jmmanuel is to be found in the new translation of the Talmud Jmmanuel, available here.





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Thanks to Bob W.

23 Replies to “The Truth about Jmmanuel aka “Jesus Christ””

    1. Hi Bob,If you want to contribute to They Fly Blog please give us your full name. MH aka Mi8chael Horn request that we all give our full name. Tahnkyou.

      1. Well, what else would He possibly look like given the region? I mean really, He couldn’t be blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes! It makes no logical sense geographically and personally, I think they make Him look very cavemanish and it’s very off. I do believe that He would have been a bit thinner for some reason based on diet and food of the region… I don’t know, it’s all really speculative and I’m only now coming into a severe and sudden plunge deeper (or higher in this case) to the next level of my spiritual awakening. I also am an artist so freethinking has really given me the key to be able to actually decifer what I’m discovering throughout my journey.

    2. Hello Bob the most important aspect of contributing opinions at theyflyblog is that you provide your surname so that an inspection of merit of your written content may commence. We don’t particularly care what you have to say with respect unless you break a rule.

  1. Why do I get this sense that there is an Islamization of Jesus Christ and why do I get the feeling that that drawing of Jmmanuel looks more and more like Billy the more I see it.
    Holy moly if ever the religious nuts found out that the person known as Jesus christ (Jmmauel) was a white man they would go nuts a second time around.

  2. Hmmm? Strange? I always liked and still like guys with long strait hair and gals too.:))) I grew up during the 50s and 60s anti war revolution during the Viet Nam area where guys wore long hair and beads. Now guys were crewcuts and go bald which I personally eaute to violence,militarisms, seems to me that Immanuel woth the short hair is not so pleasing to my personal anti war beliefs as the fake Jesus with the long strait hair was and still is more pleasing to my personal sore eyes anti war stanse. Strange bedfellows for me personally. Salome:))) Hmmm?

    1. Terry,

      Jmmanuel had longer hair, as per Semjase’s original drawing.

      I know exactly what you mean though about those short hair/bald types, many are a bit crazy if you ask me.

  3. Bad hygiene has nothing to do with racism? I find it racist to connect the two subjects together. If someone has bad hygiene and they are from another race it’s probably best you told them what you thought honestly instead of concealing that just because they are a different race because if not its tantamount to accepting an association and that’s worse. Just talk to anyone and everyone freely and honestly within your personality would you.

  4. Compare the so-called “Jesus Christ” with Semjase’s drawing of Jmmanuel and there certainly is a difference. On the one hand the so-called “Jesus Christ” is symmetrical and good looking with nice facial features. On the other hand, if you look at Semjase’s drawing of Jmmanuel you can see that he was not exactly symmetrical and “perfect looking” like he is depicted in the Christian faith. That drawing of Jmmanuel, in my opinion looks similar to Billy. Look at the nose and the eyes and that is where you would see the similarity between Billy and Jmmanuel.

    1. The drawing by Semjase is more of a three-quarter view and also not a finished piece of art. So it’s more of sketch. The finished drawing in the TJ is more from a more frontal perspective, and also looks less like either of the other two drawings.

      1. If Semjase’s drawing or sketch is more of a three-quarter view and also not a finished piece of art then could you please post the more “accurate depiction” of Jmmanuel that is found in the TJ?

  5. There are videos where people find it absurd and devilish that their in home spy gadgets (Amazon Alexa, Google Home), can’t recognize when asked who is Jesus Christ?

    Had they paid attention to their holy books and asked who Jmmanuel was, they’d get the answer they were looking for.

    1. Please remember with this subject that not everyone has had any exposure to it and probably may not necessarily understand what the special observations and interpretations may mean. I’ve never read any of the many bibles but assume it has the word jmmanuel in it based on what you said George. However I cannot agree that anyone would attain the “answers they were looking for” from any of these books. My recommendation for an individual seeking useful intelligible information about life is for them to approach an athiest.

      1. Sorry, I will clarify that the answer that they would receive is a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Jmmanuel”. In which the Christians should associate as their fake Jesus Christ.

    1. Life is full of surprises.

      Thanks for joining us here and please use your first and last name when submitting future comments.

    1. The TJ isn’t making scientific statements or claims. Although the foretold oil fires that would darken the skies took place well AfTER the first publication of the TJ.

      Some things require that a person…thinks them through for themselves, in order to determine…the truth.

      Please feel free to submit comments using your first and last name.


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