Michael Horn Live, EP 17

The social hypnosis, hysteria and denial continue

  • The Olympics
  • The Gun Debate
  • Reactive vs Reasonable
  • Naked Conspiracies: Can’t Outsmart the Prophecies
  • Defense Department Checking Me on LinkedIn
  • Wikipedia Censoring Billy Meier Case
  • Class Cancelled

Michael Horn Live EP 17

Monday, February 26, 7:00 Pacific Time

The Pin Heads and the Bulb Heads

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36 Replies to “Michael Horn Live, EP 17”

  1. Hi MH Hope your trip is going well. This topic may not be in the right place to put this but yu may want to read the transcript or listen to the first two hours of c2c with George Noory because it`s very serious and we need to get along with Russia if we are to stop all these threats of a nuclear war! George Noory interviewed Stephen Cohen for the first two hours 2/28/18. on Russian and US relations. Cohen`s website is jordanrussiacenter.org. I didn`t listen to the interview out of fear of being too negative which I do most of the time now since most of the time Noory`s subjects are so damn negative and scary with the exception of Critical Health News since I`m very into alternative holistic health alternatives. Salome.

    1. In contemplation of Terry’s above statement: I think we should stay friends with Russia as they had obviously no impact on the DNC (Democratic National Convention) and were not involved as it has been now proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, and the more obvious fact that the Apophis meteor has been predicted by the Plajaren to hit earth in the area of the Ukraine or thereabouts… in either 2029 or 2036. The Russians do not have a “No nukes in Space” program as the Americans do… and they know the asteroid or meteor is coming and want to detonate a nuke nearby the Meteor so as to deflect yet not explode it far enough away to not break it up yet perturb it’s orbit enough to reach a final solution to the problem. If not expect: Tsunamis of molten rock, oceans and atmospheric problems changing our way of life for many,many years to come. Myself a non political entity have no problem with Russia or it policies and see Putin as logical and reasonable even though he may have come from a KGB background he appears to want to “play” fair and is still enduring “sanctions” from the USA for medical and military will (nukes are okay: Uranium anyway) it is a messed up relationship I agree… as far as calling it a “cold war” I think that is a made up term by sore losers and war profiteers and we have to remember we are all One Entity in the USA at least and maybe the entire Earth even though we may not agree with each other. This meteor and what it can do will definitely put a crimp in our plans to say the least and we ALL have to get along as far as deflecting it away. Maybe USA can use ESA,NASA or SETI and use the intelligence and Russia can provide the bomb and rocket scientists to adjust this “Red Meteor” away from Earth so as to not hit us at this time. I think it is more than coincidental that we now know the recently acquired new formula for Pi is different and we should use that rather than use an old archaic formula to do this very delicate and precise operation in space and maybe we can team up with Russia as they have said they will be willing to help or do it themselves if need be. I think the USA should step up and also agree to protect us from this asteroid (Apophis) due to hit probably within our lifetimes or the lifetimes of our children. It is my understanding the US has a policy of no nukes in space and is powerless to deflect this most terrible of problems of which our “fault finding know-it-alls” say it will NOT hit and come up with margins of error in the six figure difference category which tells me they have made a mistake in the Heisenberg Uncertainty calculations to say the least!


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