The social hypnosis, hysteria and denial continue

  • The Olympics
  • The Gun Debate
  • Reactive vs Reasonable
  • Naked Conspiracies: Can’t Outsmart the Prophecies
  • Defense Department Checking Me on LinkedIn
  • Wikipedia Censoring Billy Meier Case
  • Class Cancelled

Michael Horn Live EP 17

Monday, February 26, 7:00 Pacific Time

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The Pin Heads and the Bulb Heads

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36 comments on “Michael Horn Live, EP 17

  • I just want to confirm and maybe clarify for those who don’t know: the show is today and not Tuesday(tomorrow). It says Tuesday, February 26th up above. Thanks

  • Great show as always Michael. The more we as a community apply the spiritual teaching in our thoughts, feelings, and action the better prepared we are for the future. Also if I may ask Michael here is a link . It is about a scientest named Viktor Schauberger and much of the work he applied the spiritual teachings. I would like to know your thoughts if you have time.

    Seweryn Lavecchia

    • I’m traveling now, more responses later. I know only a little about Schauberger; I think he’s also mentioned somewhere in the Meier material.

    • Viktor is on the contact persons list by Plejaren, I assume by telepathic impulses, just like it was with Nikola Tesla. I have researched Viktor’s work a bit and it is stunning. He was advocating already in his time how our engineering is unnatural, you can say it goes against Natural/Creational Laws; it so unlike the nature: wasteful, noisy, relying on explosive energies rather then, you could say, neutral-positive: implosive energies through which flora and fauna grows.

      “Our disdain for Nature’s ways will bringy only environmental catastrophe. Humanity must work within Nature’s laws. Observe and copy nature. This is the path we must urgently rediscover, if we are to survive.” – Viktor S.

      Here is the contact list:

      • Luka may I ask if you’ve heard of a phenomenon known locally as evolution?

        If you have, may I ask you be more liberal generous with the quantity of time you offer others.

      • Salome Luka,
        Victor’s work certainly is stunning, I was very much wanting to go back to University and study for a BACHELOR OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE majoring in WATER MANAGEMENT when I spent days researching all I could find on his work.

        • Hi Andrew,

          Haha, yes, I thought the same. Thought I missed my profession. His work is quite extensive and is not at all complicated to comprehend, all that is required is an open heart and a little bit of common comprehension, just like with BEAM materials. As some here are agitated hearing something new, some new therms, it is actually absolutely resonating with BEAM’s work. It is not perfect ofcourse, but what is?

  • When can we expect the next episode? I clearly missed episodes #16 and #17 and it’s quite a good news for me about these live episodes; haven’t been on a blog for a while. Thanks.

  • I`ve been hearing in the news about people cloning their pets such as cats and dogs which is NOT part of the Creational natural Laws! How in living hell are we going to educate people who lost their cats and dogs NOT to cone their pets which could lead to coning people! We NEED to teach people that cloning is NOT moral and NOT even ethical

      • Hi Professor MH I just saw EP 17. Thanks for the info on cloning. I didn`t know where to put that but there is one thing that concerns me and that is the ordinary people from Russia not the politicians,business people, crooks,well you get the picture, the ordinary man,women and children, my point is why should we destroy these ordinary citizens like you and me who live in Russia. There are lots of very nice welcoming people who live in Russia just as there are very nice welcoming nice people who live in the US or for that matter all over the world. It`s those bad people everywhere that try to grab the spotlight like politicians, religious fanaticism,crooks and so on that are causing and making trouble for the rest of us here on Earth. In other words, you can`t just say all Russians are bad just as you can`t say all US citizens are bad,etc. We need to use common sense thinking logically here and use reason here too. This goes for all of Earth and all of the various universes too. There are good and bad everywhere no matter where you look. Thanks again for another great show Professor MH

  • Hey Jedi Why are you hiding in the dark when you introduce MH on Youtube? We`d all like to see your face too as well as Michael Horn`s.

  • Sorry to bother you MH but you mentioned what every human should know. is there a website about what every human should know? I just tried to look it up but found nothing on the web about what every human should know. Thanks. Have a good safe trip. Salome Terry

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