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There is a storm on the horizon, are you prepared for it?

As time goes on and we find ourselves witnessing predictions and the possibilities of prophecies, one must ask themselves — am I prepared? The world is changing. What once was, now, isn’t. Advances in science and technology are (and have been) growing exponentially. Everyday there’s a new gadget, a new discovery, and the like, filled with their own possibilities for greatness and destruction.

Bitcoin is no exception to this. From a technological standpoint, Blockchain is not only innovative, rather, it’s necessary to move ahead as a growing civilization in conjunction to its technological development. Like many other great innovations before it, Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and Blockchain can be considered “disruptive” due to its design and improvements over legacy systems.

But before we jump into all that, let’s discuss how Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies connect to the spiritual teaching.

The six year old answer is simple – Everything connects to the spiritual life.

When one begins walking as one with Creation, one begins unraveling that it is not something you can simply set aside as some would do with churches and religion. Creation is in all things, in all of us, at all times, ever present, ever growing, through its creations. Bitcoin is suddenly no exception to this, as Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are also creations (technology) of creatures of Creation (mankind)

Therefore, like the internet, a phone, website, book, etc. — Bitcoin can be looked at neutrally, as a tool.

There is much debate right now about gun control in America, but truly, one must ask themselves, is the gun itself evil or good, or, is it the human behind the trigger?

Positive and negative are connected to each other and one cannot exist without the other. The internet for example, while it can be used for many destructive purposes like disinformation, dumbing down the masses, etc., it can also be used for good such as spreading the spiritual teachings.

This applies to Bitcoin too. The technology itself, while fascinating in its own right, presents both positive and negative (the inseparable forces of existence) to our world. For some, they may utilize this opportunity to create good from it. Start projects, innovations, creations etc. that would be beneficial to mankind while others would probably be drowned in their greed and lust for riches.

This places even greater emphasis on self-responsibility, something that, no matter how far one progresses, must always be enforced.

As said in my book, Bitcoin: The Crypto Revolution and its Future,

“…taking self-responsibility is often overlooked – particularly in the form of doing your own research. However, there is a deeper root to this enigma that begins squarely at the base of the human condition – the power of thoughts.

You often hear phrases relating to this, though in oversimplification, such as “as you think, so you shall become.” And this is often overlooked. However, getting into trading of any kind – whether crypto or any other asset, will bring this to the forefront. To be blunt, the garden of consciousness, or for a simpler term, the state of mind, determines whether that individual will ultimately succeed or fail.”

Bitcoin: The Crypto Revolution and its Future, Chapter: The Garden of Consciousness (Part 1)

As the storms approaches, each of us should be working towards our goals, using the available tools we have here and now, neutrally. Because there is such great negative on earth should be look at in a positive light — because without negative, there’d be no reason to evolve. Life would be one big joke. Since Earth is so filled with negative, instead of being discouraged by it, perceive it as more “fuel” for us to slingshot into tremendous evolution.

The storms are coming, yes, but one should not be afraid.

“Choose your perception of positive and negative wisely, because, should you embrace what comes your way neutrally, harnessing both sides of the “coin”, then your success becomes inevitable.”

Bitcoin: The Crypto Revolution and its Future, Chapter: Embrace Failure or Die

The coming perils (some of which are completely unavoidable at this point) due to cause and effect is a chance to make the best out of each of us. Let’s take the sails and steer our ships towards the shore, not getting toppled over by the great waves in the water. It is our responsibility as the “prototypes” for the future of our earth peoples to endure the negative and rise up victorious, using all the negative to grow us exponentially.

Precisely because our Earth is so negative and yet, still intact, gives all the reason why we should be inspired to take up the mantle and better our lives, our communities, families, nations, and the world around us at large. Being here on Earth is wonderful in this sense, because it is such a fantastic learning opportunity to better a civilization at large.

Crypto, Bitcoin, and the like, are only tools. The upcoming global financial crash is already underway. Soon, paper money would be worth no more than rolling a joint with. This is an unstoppable transition from legacy fiat to digital currencies, just as the horse (transportation) was “reincarnated” into the car (transportation)

This is not a call that you should suddenly go off and invest using your life savings in crypto. This is not financial advice, this is my opinion. As a matter of fact, I’d recommend that most do not invest or trade due to the sheer difficulty of the profession, rather, be aware of this monumental shift in mankind.

You should do your own research and assess your strengths and limits. Everything worth it in life comes with risk and their own negatives, crypto is no exception. Details of the pros and cons can be seen in my book and the strategies surrounding them. My book was designed to be an insightful guide into the crypto world with lessons learned, strategy, the formation of the proper thinking and how it relates to trading and investing, neutrality, the historical and possible future weight of cryptocurrencies, humanity and its effects.



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106 comments on “Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies And Spiritual Teachings, How do they connect?

  • For my understanding there’s nothing wrong with trying to save a coin or two for a rainy day, like buying an ounce of silver and gold here and there, same as saving a dollar under the mattress for uncertain times to come, I personally don’t count those measures as speculation, speculators to me are people who manipulate markets for their own enrichment without caring of the consequences that could be brought upon, like making money without working or using the hard work of others in order to enrich themselves, I don’t personally think that either FIGU or BEAM will oppose that concept. Provided that the prophecies will come to term, one needs to be ready for the hard days ahead, Cryptocurrency is decentralized, you can use it everywhere you go, it’s pretty safe, the great technological advances that brings upon is undeniably to stay. There are also bad cryptos too, like Jedi said with all, you get the positive and the negative, and it has risks associated with it but just as any other asset has it’s own risks, diversifying is a way of protection too. Yes, hoard some food and water, winter clothing good shoes and medicines,but saving some cryptos on a secure wallet won’t certainly hurt.

  • How can you call Bitcoin a “currency”, when in January 2018, a mayor Miami Bitcoin conference stopped accepting payments with Bitcoins due to network fees and congestion.

    Ouch! Now, if you want to p%ss off some Bitcoin proponents, then this must be the way to go!

    Sounds like Bitcoin is suffering a bit from constipation…

    • Hi Jacobus!

      Are you aware that in Japan, bitcoin is a legal currency? I feel the need to remind you that bitcoin is still in its infancy and it’s already getting a ton of attention because it’s revolutionary. Yes, scaling will be an issue for bitcoin as more and more people use it but solutions are being worked on, tested, and implemented. The congestion you mentioned has subsided thanks to the talented bitcoin developers but we may have a few more hiccups as this movement continues to grow. This could be the next Amazon or Google in terms of investments.


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