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There is a storm on the horizon, are you prepared for it?

As time goes on and we find ourselves witnessing predictions and the possibilities of prophecies, one must ask themselves — am I prepared? The world is changing. What once was, now, isn’t. Advances in science and technology are (and have been) growing exponentially. Everyday there’s a new gadget, a new discovery, and the like, filled with their own possibilities for greatness and destruction.

Bitcoin is no exception to this. From a technological standpoint, Blockchain is not only innovative, rather, it’s necessary to move ahead as a growing civilization in conjunction to its technological development. Like many other great innovations before it, Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and Blockchain can be considered “disruptive” due to its design and improvements over legacy systems.

But before we jump into all that, let’s discuss how Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies connect to the spiritual teaching.

The six year old answer is simple – Everything connects to the spiritual life.

When one begins walking as one with Creation, one begins unraveling that it is not something you can simply set aside as some would do with churches and religion. Creation is in all things, in all of us, at all times, ever present, ever growing, through its creations. Bitcoin is suddenly no exception to this, as Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are also creations (technology) of creatures of Creation (mankind)

Therefore, like the internet, a phone, website, book, etc. — Bitcoin can be looked at neutrally, as a tool.

There is much debate right now about gun control in America, but truly, one must ask themselves, is the gun itself evil or good, or, is it the human behind the trigger?

Positive and negative are connected to each other and one cannot exist without the other. The internet for example, while it can be used for many destructive purposes like disinformation, dumbing down the masses, etc., it can also be used for good such as spreading the spiritual teachings.

This applies to Bitcoin too. The technology itself, while fascinating in its own right, presents both positive and negative (the inseparable forces of existence) to our world. For some, they may utilize this opportunity to create good from it. Start projects, innovations, creations etc. that would be beneficial to mankind while others would probably be drowned in their greed and lust for riches.

This places even greater emphasis on self-responsibility, something that, no matter how far one progresses, must always be enforced.

As said in my book, Bitcoin: The Crypto Revolution and its Future,

“…taking self-responsibility is often overlooked – particularly in the form of doing your own research. However, there is a deeper root to this enigma that begins squarely at the base of the human condition – the power of thoughts.

You often hear phrases relating to this, though in oversimplification, such as “as you think, so you shall become.” And this is often overlooked. However, getting into trading of any kind – whether crypto or any other asset, will bring this to the forefront. To be blunt, the garden of consciousness, or for a simpler term, the state of mind, determines whether that individual will ultimately succeed or fail.”

Bitcoin: The Crypto Revolution and its Future, Chapter: The Garden of Consciousness (Part 1)

As the storms approaches, each of us should be working towards our goals, using the available tools we have here and now, neutrally. Because there is such great negative on earth should be look at in a positive light — because without negative, there’d be no reason to evolve. Life would be one big joke. Since Earth is so filled with negative, instead of being discouraged by it, perceive it as more “fuel” for us to slingshot into tremendous evolution.

The storms are coming, yes, but one should not be afraid.

“Choose your perception of positive and negative wisely, because, should you embrace what comes your way neutrally, harnessing both sides of the “coin”, then your success becomes inevitable.”

Bitcoin: The Crypto Revolution and its Future, Chapter: Embrace Failure or Die

The coming perils (some of which are completely unavoidable at this point) due to cause and effect is a chance to make the best out of each of us. Let’s take the sails and steer our ships towards the shore, not getting toppled over by the great waves in the water. It is our responsibility as the “prototypes” for the future of our earth peoples to endure the negative and rise up victorious, using all the negative to grow us exponentially.

Precisely because our Earth is so negative and yet, still intact, gives all the reason why we should be inspired to take up the mantle and better our lives, our communities, families, nations, and the world around us at large. Being here on Earth is wonderful in this sense, because it is such a fantastic learning opportunity to better a civilization at large.

Crypto, Bitcoin, and the like, are only tools. The upcoming global financial crash is already underway. Soon, paper money would be worth no more than rolling a joint with. This is an unstoppable transition from legacy fiat to digital currencies, just as the horse (transportation) was “reincarnated” into the car (transportation)

This is not a call that you should suddenly go off and invest using your life savings in crypto. This is not financial advice, this is my opinion. As a matter of fact, I’d recommend that most do not invest or trade due to the sheer difficulty of the profession, rather, be aware of this monumental shift in mankind.

You should do your own research and assess your strengths and limits. Everything worth it in life comes with risk and their own negatives, crypto is no exception. Details of the pros and cons can be seen in my book and the strategies surrounding them. My book was designed to be an insightful guide into the crypto world with lessons learned, strategy, the formation of the proper thinking and how it relates to trading and investing, neutrality, the historical and possible future weight of cryptocurrencies, humanity and its effects.



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105 comments on “Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies And Spiritual Teachings, How do they connect?

  • Interesting info. Thank you for sharing Jedi. I would like to bring to attention (for informational purposes only) an excerpt of FIGU’s statutes “Article 14 Financial Issues for Organizational Debts, #5, #6”.

    Before I quote the excerpt let me clearly state that this has to do with FIGU Society business only and that it does not pertain to the personal private affairs of individuals who are of course free to do as they deem appropriate in this matter in their own personal lives/affairs.

    “5. Speculative deals, as with shares and bonds or in other ways, may never be carried out in any way on behalf of the FIGU Society, neither with FIGU-owned capital, nor with outside capital; not by the FIGU Society nor by individual FIGU members or by a decision made at a General Assembly. This decision is valid for all times and shall never be altered and not be replaced by another decision. This is also valid for all FIGU groups of any kind all over the world.
    6. For security reasons with regard to internet banking criminality and FIGU’s banking account and monies, the use of Internet banking by the FIGU Society is strictly forbidden until that future time when no internet-banking criminality is possible anymore and when the security of monetary transactions by internet banking is guaranteed.”

  • “When one begins walking as one with Creation, one begins unraveling that it is not something you can simply set aside as some would do with churches and religion. Creation is in all things, in all of us, at all times, ever present, ever growing, through its creations. Bitcoin is suddenly no exception to this, as Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are also creations (technology) of creatures of Creation (mankind)”

    I like this statement. I was just thinking the same about internet… there was already a “cosmic web, cosmic wi-fi, cosmic database etc etc” billions of years before us. If you get me. Everything is just a reflection.

    Great educative post. Thank you.

    Btw. Jedi you got an e-mail. 🙂

    • “I was just thinking the same about internet… there was already a “cosmic web, cosmic wi-fi, cosmic database etc etc” billions of years before us. If you get me. Everything is just a reflection.”

      — Yeah that’s incredible, isn’t it? Even computers are imitations of our brains. Everything!

  • The following transcription is from a video called, Is Crypto Trading Worth The Stress?

    “Is crypto trading worth it? Well, so I got into crypto trading in 2013 in my senior year in college and it did start distracting me from my work, and I believe, I personally believe my grades were reflected based on my newly focus on crypto. Luckily, I did pretty good throughout my entire college career, so you know, it didn’t affect me too, too much, but it is a pretty big distraction, you know, I believe a lot of you guys can relate.When you’re dealing with money, making money and potentially losing money, it really takes the focus away from actual life, like what’s around you, whats happening around you, the people who love you and work, and you know a bunch of other things, right? So, you know, I’ve fallen into a couple of traps where I’ve been so freaken focussed on crypto, where I didn’t pay attention to anything else, and it really got to me right? Its nice making extra money on the side, but sometimes, it is really not worth it. Right now , it is almost a blessing that we’ve had a dive in volume, like on Poloniex, Bittrex and all these other crypto sites, just because its almost like a paycation. I know there is not a bunch of action on the charts, so I tend to not look at it. And its been a relief, its been much nicer, just taking a step back, focussing on other things for once. I have a lot of things going on outside the crypto world. I have my own career, I have my own job, I have my family. I have a lot of stuff going on, and its nice to have more focus on that. Message of the day is, don’t get overly involved in crypto, unless you really want to make it your life, cause its really easy to get sucked in. I am talking like its almost like a gambling addiction…To be honest with you, treeing crypto is kind of like an addiction, umm, especially if you, its not even my career and I am so freaken focussed on there, right? And I just want to make sure everyone realizes, that once you start getting into it, once you start making some good trades, its hard to get out of, you want to be ready to have an exit plan for a while, you know, just mentally prepare yourself to kinda leave crypto, you have to dicipline yourself and take the nessicary steps to just feaken walk away for once, and it feels nice that I actually deleted my twitter account for few days, it was a relief, cause you know what? Everytime I go out to the store, to my families place, to work, anywhere I freaken go, I have my phone on me and I am always looking at these stupid freaken charts, non stop, my eyes are bleeding out of my freaken head! It really gets to you…
    ..Making videos is a really good distraction from crypto,and its a really good way to express my feelings.”

    “When you’re dealing with money, making money and potentially losing money, it really takes the focus away from actual life”

    “I am talking like its almost like a gambling addiction…”

    “ its really easy to get sucked in…”

    “ I am always looking at these stupid freaken charts, non stop..”

  • “STILL cain`t wrap my head around cryptos !”What other world would even bother with cryptos of ANY kind? Salome

      • Hum, if by silly you mean something negative, I disagree. With the extreme variation in evolution among human beings here, the ability to store work/time seems to be a pretty good idea/invention. Ideally we’d have a much lower population and we would all treat each other with respect and share resources without hesitation but this is not the world we live in. Anyway, just my two cents. Nice work Jedi.

  • I was thinking about this idea that maybe if we use crypto we
    might be weened off paper money and heavy change and then gradually we might be weened off of money, economics and so on anything that has to do with currency,politics, religions, corporations, militarisms, etc then maybe we might enter into the Plejaren Federation after all but ” we HAVE to start soon or else we might perish and die out as a civilization just as the Akart did but remember the first order is the birth stop and birth check too so we on Earth can start to clean up our environment and our criminal violent behavior as well but this will have to be done soon and quickly with surgical precision if we (or for me personally) want to join as a member with the Ps or any more advanced federations of humans who have gone through what we on Earth are going through now.

  • P.S. The analogy is a step by step approach of doing way with money, politics,religions, if you understand my idea.

    • Yes Terry and I agree. Crypto is the starting steps towards the eventual eradication of the very idea of money. It’s bringing forth the folly of our belief systems. Eventually crypto too will become obsolete maybe a hundred or so years from now and by then, instead of a new belief, perhaps we will move on from these imaginary shackles.

      Nothing lasts as it is forever. Everything is subject to death (change) and reincarnation.

      Fiat must die to be reborn as digital currencies. Horse must die to become car. Crypto will eventually die to become (?) Hopefully by then we are more advanced in the consciousness to make a reasonable, logical decision on a rebirth by then.

  • The only way to guarantee a future, one where our future spirits will incarnate to, is to ensure there is some order that will ensure that survival and spiritual advancement. It is with high interest people should think over how this will look, what this force would represent, what they would have at their disposal, and who runs it. The P’s have described it with their own history and have given some current examples Earth Humanity can use and do the stuff that the Sons of Heaven have done so in the past. It is especially important if you feel/believe we will soon live in a time where nothing can be no longer bought or sold and people basically shot on the street for stealing food.

  • I like the idea of a crypto currency like Bitcoin. However what I don’t like is the de-centralization and anonymity because this can be a magnet for illegal activity such as money laundering. I think the governments around the world will sooner or later have their own crypto currency similar to Bitcoin. But if this were to indeed happen then it will probably be centralized and free from anonymity. In my opinion, this is not necessarily a bad thing as long as the people have that opportunity to mine their own crypto currency and not having the need to buy expensive equipment like when mining for Bitcoins. I honestly think that if something of the sort can be done then crypto currencies can certainly be widely accepted and successful.

    • Michael – bitcoin uses a transparent blockchain, it’s actually not very anonymous at all. For charities, government, corporate purchases, etc., a transparent blockchain is ideal because anyone can look at the ledger to verify where the money/coins are going. This is the huge advantage to a de-centralized ledger or blockchain like bitcoin has when compared to a private bank ledger that only the bank can verify.

      Now I believe that an anonymous crypto like monero has a place in the future as well. Currently, it wouldn’t be impossible for someone to find out which bitcoin wallet is yours and if they have that info, they can easily look to see how much bitcoin you have in the wallet. Would you be comfortable having all your money and assets on display for anyone to see? When someone uses the monero blockchain, it is much more difficult if not impossible to see who is sending coins to who and how much they are sending. If you have someone’s public monero address, you still can’t see how much they have in their wallet unlike bitcoin.

      It sounds like you are very much an advocate against anonymous currencies because people can make illegal purchases more easily. Are you also against cash? In my mind monero is very similar to a digital cash.

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