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There is a storm on the horizon, are you prepared for it?

As time goes on and we find ourselves witnessing predictions and the possibilities of prophecies, one must ask themselves — am I prepared? The world is changing. What once was, now, isn’t. Advances in science and technology are (and have been) growing exponentially. Everyday there’s a new gadget, a new discovery, and the like, filled with their own possibilities for greatness and destruction.

Bitcoin is no exception to this. From a technological standpoint, Blockchain is not only innovative, rather, it’s necessary to move ahead as a growing civilization in conjunction to its technological development. Like many other great innovations before it, Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and Blockchain can be considered “disruptive” due to its design and improvements over legacy systems.

But before we jump into all that, let’s discuss how Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies connect to the spiritual teaching.

The six year old answer is simple – Everything connects to the spiritual life.

When one begins walking as one with Creation, one begins unraveling that it is not something you can simply set aside as some would do with churches and religion. Creation is in all things, in all of us, at all times, ever present, ever growing, through its creations. Bitcoin is suddenly no exception to this, as Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are also creations (technology) of creatures of Creation (mankind)

Therefore, like the internet, a phone, website, book, etc. — Bitcoin can be looked at neutrally, as a tool.

There is much debate right now about gun control in America, but truly, one must ask themselves, is the gun itself evil or good, or, is it the human behind the trigger?

Positive and negative are connected to each other and one cannot exist without the other. The internet for example, while it can be used for many destructive purposes like disinformation, dumbing down the masses, etc., it can also be used for good such as spreading the spiritual teachings.

This applies to Bitcoin too. The technology itself, while fascinating in its own right, presents both positive and negative (the inseparable forces of existence) to our world. For some, they may utilize this opportunity to create good from it. Start projects, innovations, creations etc. that would be beneficial to mankind while others would probably be drowned in their greed and lust for riches.

This places even greater emphasis on self-responsibility, something that, no matter how far one progresses, must always be enforced.

As said in my book, Bitcoin: The Crypto Revolution and its Future,

“…taking self-responsibility is often overlooked – particularly in the form of doing your own research. However, there is a deeper root to this enigma that begins squarely at the base of the human condition – the power of thoughts.

You often hear phrases relating to this, though in oversimplification, such as “as you think, so you shall become.” And this is often overlooked. However, getting into trading of any kind – whether crypto or any other asset, will bring this to the forefront. To be blunt, the garden of consciousness, or for a simpler term, the state of mind, determines whether that individual will ultimately succeed or fail.”

Bitcoin: The Crypto Revolution and its Future, Chapter: The Garden of Consciousness (Part 1)

As the storms approaches, each of us should be working towards our goals, using the available tools we have here and now, neutrally. Because there is such great negative on earth should be look at in a positive light — because without negative, there’d be no reason to evolve. Life would be one big joke. Since Earth is so filled with negative, instead of being discouraged by it, perceive it as more “fuel” for us to slingshot into tremendous evolution.

The storms are coming, yes, but one should not be afraid.

“Choose your perception of positive and negative wisely, because, should you embrace what comes your way neutrally, harnessing both sides of the “coin”, then your success becomes inevitable.”

Bitcoin: The Crypto Revolution and its Future, Chapter: Embrace Failure or Die

The coming perils (some of which are completely unavoidable at this point) due to cause and effect is a chance to make the best out of each of us. Let’s take the sails and steer our ships towards the shore, not getting toppled over by the great waves in the water. It is our responsibility as the “prototypes” for the future of our earth peoples to endure the negative and rise up victorious, using all the negative to grow us exponentially.

Precisely because our Earth is so negative and yet, still intact, gives all the reason why we should be inspired to take up the mantle and better our lives, our communities, families, nations, and the world around us at large. Being here on Earth is wonderful in this sense, because it is such a fantastic learning opportunity to better a civilization at large.

Crypto, Bitcoin, and the like, are only tools. The upcoming global financial crash is already underway. Soon, paper money would be worth no more than rolling a joint with. This is an unstoppable transition from legacy fiat to digital currencies, just as the horse (transportation) was “reincarnated” into the car (transportation)

This is not a call that you should suddenly go off and invest using your life savings in crypto. This is not financial advice, this is my opinion. As a matter of fact, I’d recommend that most do not invest or trade due to the sheer difficulty of the profession, rather, be aware of this monumental shift in mankind.

You should do your own research and assess your strengths and limits. Everything worth it in life comes with risk and their own negatives, crypto is no exception. Details of the pros and cons can be seen in my book and the strategies surrounding them. My book was designed to be an insightful guide into the crypto world with lessons learned, strategy, the formation of the proper thinking and how it relates to trading and investing, neutrality, the historical and possible future weight of cryptocurrencies, humanity and its effects.



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105 comments on “Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies And Spiritual Teachings, How do they connect?

  • Putin’s Orders: Russia Prepares to Legalize Cryptocurrency Markets by July 2018

    Russian authorities are planning to pass new legislation that would effectively legalize cryptocurrency markets by summer 2018.

    As revealed in a report by the Russian parliament’s official publication on March 1, Russian president Vladimir Putin has set a deadline on July 1 for relevant cryptocurrency legislation to be adopted in the country.

    The report specifically points to two draft laws centered on blockchain technology that have been developed so far. Russia’s Ministry of Finance has put the spotlight on legal guidelines for the issuance of initial coin offerings (ICOs) while the country’s central bank has prepared a separate draft law on crowdfunding.

    • You’re trying very hard to slander like a common skeptic, using articles (straws) to capture anything you can to fuel the belief “it is bad.” Instead of doing this, do your own research and come to a neutrally-assessed conclusion. What you are presenting isn’t a researched opinion.

  • I was reading through the comment section of an article called “Bank of England calls for cryptocurrency crackdown” where the first guy responds by saying:

    “They still have no idea how crypto works”

    (Second guy responds)

    “They know EXACTLY how cryptos work! IT’s idiots like yourself that don’t realize that cryptos threaten a countries taxation system and therefore won’t be allowed to exist. While you hold on to your idea that decentralisation means government cannot control it, you just watch how Government bring it down however they can, bit by bit. Good luck to you involved in the scam.”

    (Third guy comes in)

    “…and then implement government run cryptos and ban cash”

    To me, that sounds very likely to be the cinario in which cash will be outlawed.

  • I am just being honest here Jedi, don’t take it personal mate.

    This whole debacle with Satoshi Nakamoto, is really making me think that there is something fishy goig on. The guy is claiming that hes got nothing to do with Bitcoin, yet everyone references his name when it comes to the origins of Bitcoin. I find that very suspicious.

    Another thing.

    Promise me that you wont talk Terry into buying Bitcoins Jedi, because I swear to god that he will lose them in heartbeat. Terry if you’re listening, don’t buy them bro, it is a pitfall, or shall I say, a blackhole.


    • It’s cool but we cannot know who Satoshi is right now and even if, he’s most likely multiple people.

      Also I don’t think anyone, not just Terry, should invest without properly researching and analyzing their risk, and being properly informed.

      My book is a strict lesson on that and the dangers of not thinking for oneself.

    • There is no “debacle” wrt Satoshi Nakamoto, except the fictitious one you’re trying to create to promote your over-the-top doomsday declarations about Bitcoin. SN is almost certainly a pseudonym of the actual creator who, for his/her own reasons, prefers to remain anonymous at this time.

      As I recall from an article about the identity of SN I read months ago, one researcher into the real guy behind SN thought he had located the actual Bitcoin creator in some Silicon Valley town. A major reason he believed he had solved the puzzle was that he had discovered there was an actual person living nearby in the neighborhood of his suspect SN with the name of Satoshi Nakamoto, which name the researcher claimed the real Bitcoin creator decided to borrow to cover his tracks.

      At some point when this hypothesis reached a critical mass in the public, the actual person with the name Satoshi Nakamoto felt he had to come forward with his denial. Simple as that. Understandable that he would be getting rather tired of all the SN inquiries and the intrusion into his privacy.

  • Well guys here`s from the horses moth: Putin is going to have Russia`s currency go crypto as of this summer 2018 on July 1rst and no later no matter how bad things get!

  • So, Jedi, you lablel me as a common skeptic, yet the value of Bitcoin dropped 65% in value from December to February? From $20, 000, bitcoin dropped to $7, 000. Many people put their money in just before this happened. Many people thought than Bitcoin “was going to to the moon” as you said, and then they lost more than half of their money.

    Ok, so I confess, I was wrong about my previous statement about there not being any connection between Bitcoin, cryptos and the Spiritual Teaching. Because we know, there is actually value in the process of making mistakes. That is how we learn as human beings to evolve and improve ourselves. So that next time, we are hopefully wiser, otherwise, we repeat the mistake until the lesson is learnt to become more knowledgable and balanced.

    If you invested in Bitcoin purely for the sake of making a quick buck, I am convinced that hundreds of thousands of people around the world are now kicking themselves for being so gullible to begin with. It was the greed for profit that caused the price of Bitcoin to spike. The price has somewhat recovered, but now we see the so called crackdown on the so called, “illegal cryptocurrencies”. We have India and the UK cracking down, we have facebook banning crypto ads, we have the US Security and Exchange Commission warning that some crypto trading platforms are potentially illegal, etc, etc

    So, do you also call this “unconfirmed conspiracies”?

    • There are scams in almost everything, crypto, a baby industry, is no exception. Much like Creation itself through its creations making errors, cleaning, and finally making diamond, the crypto industry has much to learn, and ultimately, evolve.

      Greed is an internal issue that does not originate from the tool (crypto) but various factors such as the upbringing, societal influences and conditioning, the personality, etc.

      This is covered very sufficiently in my book at the chapter Delusions of Grandeur.

      I’d highly recommend checking out the book.

      PS: Corrections are necessary in any healthy market, especially after mania phases.

    • Anyone who invested a large sum of money but failed to do the minimum amount of research into Bitcoin, such as checking out its price history since 2011, and expected it only to go up, never down, deserves what comes with ignorance and laziness. Bitcoin had indeed experienced major dips in the 50-70% range prior to the downturn to Dec ’17-Feb ’18. It always recovered, even if on a few occasions that took many months, and almost always it was a recovery that produced new all-time highs.

      Definitely a high risk/high reward investment, requiring patience and nerves of steel from its investors. So it’s not for everyone. But proponents and reasonable neutral observers need not waste any time concerning themselves about the occasional, and rather rare, investor who utterly fails to do any due diligence.

      As to governmental crackdowns, they were to be expected. After all, Bitcoin and related cryptocurrencies threaten the established system of government/Big Bankster control of our financial system. Of course there will be pushback. But the question is, whether Bitcoin et al can reasonably be stopped. I’m betting that they can’t. Some minor-moderate governmental regulation, yes, but that’s as far as it will go.

        • Thanks Jedi, and thx too for all the great substantive comments you’ve made here, many responding intelligently and level-headedly to our local hard-core skeptic and purveyor of FUD.

          I’m going to go ahead and order your book on the basis of your excellent post and quality responses here.

          • Appreciate the words and I would also like to thank you for your comments that I find to be of solid and informative value, especially to some folks who are lacking the correct information and are muddled in fear, uncertainty and doubt.

  • It all boils down to: Do you want to get rid of paper money? Because I don’t.

    Paper notes are more practical and efficient.

    I would much rather choose a paper money over an RFID chip infused with centralized crypto. Because then the freedom that we were promised, will turn into a nightmare.

    • That’s great, but many disagree, including myself. Paper money is prone to more security leaks and unchecked inflation, in addition to the corruption of governments, banks and central banks. It will also be ultimately slower. It’s a dinosaur system to be forward.

      Either way, whether you like it or not, it’s happening. I see crypto as necessary evolutionary steps for the eventual dismantling of the very belief of monetary existence.

      The mere fact it has provoked such backlash is quite hypocritical, because everything ultimately boils down to belief of worth. This is why religion, politics, money etc. has such an oppressive hold on earthling mankind.

  • Money is a neutral thing. It is what we do with it that counts. But because human beings on this planet always have been degenerate, me and you included,it all seems inevitable that more surveillance, more control, more corruption will be unleashed after a financial shift is made towards an exclusively crypto-like monetary system. It is not gonna be sunshine and cherry blossoms. That is dangerously naive.

    Another thing, evolution is not something to be forced. We don’t need an evolution in technology. We need evolution in consciousness.

    • The assumptions…

      Nobody said it’s going to be peaches and cream. The natural embedded skepticism that is programmed into society from young to doubt, be a victim and remain closed minded is precisely why there will be a new batch of rich and a new batch of poor.

      Also, evolution of consciousness happens in all things at all times. You don’t get to play pick and choose just because it’s something you don’t like, similarly to how some would go to church only on Sundays. The mere fact that Bitcoin is bringing out the true “demons”, the faults of belief, is something of enormous importance that we, as a collective, should investigate for consciousness evolution.

  • The decentralized blockchain will uphend all traditional forces of money. It is a force to be reckoned with Bitcoin or no Bitcoin. My person opinion is Bitcoin to 500k once economy collapse people wont be fooled again. Bitcoin is gonna moon, when lambo, everybody buy the weak hands and hodl. Good luck in stocks and petro fiat.

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