Michael Horn Live, EP 18


How cause and effect trumps conniving, colluding and conspiring

  • Physics Not Politics
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  • Berlin Heading back to the Middle Ages
  • Global Financial Collapse
  • Super Heroes
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Michael Horn Live, EP 18

Wednesday, March 7, 7:00 Pacific Time

33 Replies to “Michael Horn Live, EP 18”

  1. if you allow me to go off topic –
    do you know what happened to FoM? kept getting 404 error. I read things there like daily… I will be very sad if it’s forever gone..

  2. What Mike was referencing my response to the superheroes question and controversy surrounding Black Panther:

    “Superhero movies are fiction. The powers, abilities etc. aren’t the focus, rather, the idealism and the point, which all stories must answer to. There are superheroes like Superman for example, who’s true “strength” is not his power, but the idealism to be good, upright, better human beings and inspire others to follow that mantle.

    Fantasy is of enormous importance and shouldn’t be neglected because they aren’t real. It is through fantasy that we unlock steps towards making many things that appear “fictional” into reality, and thus, while some of it may be exaggerated, it is still very important they continue for we are allowing the Universe to dream through us.

    As far as Black Panther goes, there are many faults in the movie that’s being promoted wrongly.

    First off, many stories these days are written for political and populist purposes, effectively making them (sooner or later) shallow. Many films place protagonists into roles because they are a certain color or gender, represent a political or populist opinion etc. instead of focus on the character and their intent.

    Black Panther itself has an average, marvel-formula story. It’s not horrible and it’s not amazing, just very formulaic. However, many people (due to their already screwed thoughts) use this as an opportunity to push their agendas, biases, preferences etc. instead of focusing on the idealism and intent of the movie.

    It’s a combination of many factors that makes this movie controversial, mainly stemming for the already pre-programmed racism, artificial nature of America, politics etc.”

    I’d like to extend that by saying Marvel generally has a track record of having artificial superheroes whereas DC ideals are more respectable.

    IE: Superman (hope, optimism) vs Hulk (Rage, anger)

    This isn’t to say there aren’t good Marvel representations or all DC is fine, just far fewer on Marvel’s roster since Marvel is generally more facile.

  3. Hi Jedi, To me it doesn`t matter what race,creed etc, when I see ads or trailers for such violent context It tells me that people will just applaud and go out of their puny way to support such violent negative behaviors and etudes which makes me wonder why people instigate and support such violent behaviors such as the school shooting now taking place all over the US! I wonder just how such advanced civilized people from the Plejaren Federation would even think and put up with such barbaric savage malevolent atttudes and bahaviors. Marvel comics should be view as such childish wish fulfilling attitudes and behaviors. This makes me wonder just hoiw we would look and sound toi the Ps with such limited violent mental attitudes like Black Panther, Shrek and so on. I think the Ps or even more friendly benign worlds woul look upon the Earth people as pretty stupid and dumb cheering on such violent characters who support such violent behaviors and attitues!

  4. While its nice and fun to watch dream and imagine angels and fairies I don`t really believe these angels and fairies exist just as god and religions don`t really exits. Using your imagination does help you get through the everyday hole-hum of living. Some entertainment can be fun to watch such as Cinderalla,Peter Pan,Sleeping Beauty etc, but like religions you don`t really want to believe in them as long as these fairytales aren`t violent, aggressive and harmful. Believing in angels and fairies are pure escapisms that helps you get through lifes up and downs etc,etc,as long as they aren violent and destructive.

  5. Mr. Michael Horn! I want to share an experience with you and the public at large. I have had bad sleeping problems for the past few years. Last night I told myself, ‘What would happen if I let your USAF Investigator conference video run on my iPad while I try to go to sleep? Michael Horn has a nice voice, plus I hear strange noises from my backyard that I can’t identify, I wonder if this idea will help me relax?’ The next thing I knew, Mr. Billy Meier, you Mr. Michael Horn, an Earth friend of Billy’s, a lot of people, and with me included, were in a room discussing lots of subject matters. It was a great meeting to be had by all! I don’t know if I talked at all in this dream or not. When you had the microphone, you said many things, but then when you brought up the red meteor, I became upset. I saw a bed, laid down, and then the next thing I knew, I was awake. Now I’m typing this out. Thank you!!

    1. Thank you Belinda for sharing your experience.

      Also, please use your first and last name when commenting…and I hope to see you at the next meeting. Maybe there’ll be better news about the red meteor!

  6. This was a interesting live show. MH, you did no take up why Berlin is heading to the middle ages? Is that from some contact note, perhaps?

      1. And the evil-irresponsible-lying-believers want to war with Russia from here, Germany!
        Don’t be surprised if the Russians take it upon themselves to knock these perverts dicks into the dirt!

  7. Hi Michael/everybody,
    this is off topic but I have seen a few alarming news about epidemics recently.
    “Scientists warn of mysterious and deadly new epidemic called Disease X that could kill millions around the world
    The World Health Organisation has added the unknown future pathogen to a list of deadly threats to mankind”

    “New virus strain behind HIV explosion in the Philippines”
    Do i remember correctly from the CR´s that there was a mention of new strains of HIV?
    Stay safe everybody.

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