Michael Horn Live, EP 19

Live, interactive, addressing your questions about the Billy Meier UFO contacts

Michael Horn Live, EP 19

Tuesday, March 13, 7:00 Pacific Time

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  1. I’ve noticed a particular wave of backlash towards Jedi. This has been going on for a while now. I’m not going to get into the particular conversations about this or that, but what I do want to mention is the negativity that seems to pervade from it. Do you ever consider how you are negatively affecting yourself and then spreading it on to others?

    Jedi is a wonderful and kind person. He puts a lot of time and effort into spreading the spiritual teaching and helping with the blog. Him and Michael see many horrible, vile, and demeaning comments on a daily basis. They do have to develop a thick skin, but the fact that people treat others so poorly is disturbing.

    I’m not trying to take sides here, I’m just pointing out the observations I’ve seen. I see harsh criticism of his person, at almost every turn. I also see certain individuals being very demeaning and downright rude to those they deem ignorant or lacking knowledge. Not everyone is at the same level, but that doesn’t give us the right to demean and call them names. We are all of the same Creation. We literally are Creation. The whole could not exist without every single one of us.

    I think we all need to come together. We all want the same thing. Let’s put our egos in the trash where they belong.

    1. Maybe it’s an equalisation issue melissa. Perhaps they feel like their comments are filtered by Michael Horn while Jedi’s comments flow freely and such a filter places Jedi on par with Michael himself, yet Michael has several decades more experience, and Jedi has developed an in-house interpretation of the spiritual teaching and it doesn’t match the original. And the way they know how to deal with such an illequilibrium is to test its pressure by prodding it to see if it equalises itself… if we want to talk about it psudoscientifically and guess, perhaps. I agree it’s too negative either way, but there is negativity across the community especially in the core group itself according to Ptaah.

          1. It simply shows the great hypocrisy that is so wide spread here, including some veterans.

            We use our real names here, yet we still sit behind computers, long emails, phones, mental gymnastic tests, competition, online-presence egos, and the like. It’s so ironic but this is still internet anonymity at its finest. Through this, many feel they can attack freely and harbor very twisted plans to attack others. The issue with this, is that it is detectable from certain word combinations, the subject of the comment, the estimation of the reasoning, and why.

            That is why “wearing a mask” is obsolete, especially to those who are trained (naturally and academically) to read and understand such social engineering. One can easily be caught if they are ignorant of such an observation based discipline.

            It is also quite easy for the mass consciousness of folks to arrive into an attack point if no thought and reflection is given. That is why we have political parties, religions, groups, beliefs, etc. that also play a role. The precise cases are no longer relevant. What is relevant is this truth: such unchecked evil is extremely deadly to the mission, toxic, delusional, overly ruminated, exhaustive, and lastly, useless, to the future progression of building a better Earth.

            It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, how much experience you had in X, Y, B and Z, what you are, the entirety of you, can be summarized in a single pulse — and that pulse shines through words at times, that, if progressively examined, shows the true intent. This is why it is advised to drop the masks. Remember, while certain things can be obvious, some things can affect others differently if they do not truly neutrally observe.

            This leads back to the fact that this inhumane form of communication is extremely dangerous for human to human relationships. Instead of studying to post these nonsensical, waste-of-time-who-cares-about-your-online-ego-and-reputation comments, request to speak to someone directly.

            Grow up.

          2. You’ve answered Melissa’s query quite well there Jedi, if you have been patiently awaiting a threat and anticipating it, you have gone reasonably far to bait the hostility if that is what you are recieving and I do not know because I have not been following it. If it is this way I recommend you do not respond and cool and calm, like MH does. Amy’s baking company on YouTube. This happened in the core group, they waited patiently to receive a bad review, knew the targets and saved up the excrement so they could instantly hurl a larger quantity of it back, according to Ptaah, it got way out of hand in some of the rows that happened at the SSSC.

    2. Yes Melissa. I recently had come to question some of his “behavior” enough that I felt the need to address it. He was and is right about one thing especially; many things are misconstrued through text, and it is pretty much futile to continue trying to seek clarity through these back and forth comments.
      We had a video chat because of this, I have come to understand quite a bit about him in a short amount of time and I couldn’t be more glad of it.
      Please people if you have any developing concerns please let him know, or whoever else it may be for that matter, and I’ll wager he’ll be happy to talk to you face to face. Exactly as these sort of things should be handled. Nobody should ever be trying to win a conversation, but rather sincerely, trying to understand one another.
      Indeed, we are all in this together.

    1. I think when in the future ladies takeover the FIGU and every other group, business and organisation for that matter in the future there will be far fewer such disturbances anywhere. We are too dominated by men, which may even sound silly, but I agree with every historical observation the Plejaren have ever made about it.

      1. Daniel, although we do need more women to balance out the current male power, I really hope that women do not take over. That will tip the scale in the opposite direction and not help anything. We need male and female power in absolute balance with nature. I’m sure there are some women who would love to dominate the world, but honestly, that’s just as wrong too.

        1. I think 200 years of the scale tipped toward the favour of the woman would after that cause the balance, because men will learn to think and listen and because the man has had the favour for the last 10-12,000 years or so. However it doesn’t matter what you or I think would be right or wrong, the Plejaren have already told us it’s a stage in time which precedes the equality stage where women cause the problems for the men not the other way around and that in earlier times we have had several such times in history, afterwards it is like the Plejaren are, where Semjase, Menera, Florena, Pleija, Talijda etc, are more vocal and outspoken and better spoken and make more sense than the men, ie Ptaah, Quetzal, Billy etc, it is just the way it goes.

          1. We are fast approaching those times right now. The women are already overrunning all the institutions. I understand the reasons why, but I will be happy when we get to that point in time where we have a true balance.

        2. I totally agree with you Mellisa It`s high time we tip the balance equally because it`s all part of the laws of Creation. There are good and bad men and women everywhere no matter where you look,live and so on. All the universes ween`t built just for men or women only. We need to get along equally. It`s called survival. one cannot survive without the other gamete i.e. the opposite sex. We each contribute in our own special ways and talents,we compliment each other.

          1. My opinion Melissa to that is that we won’t go back there again ever now, the cats out of the bag. We’ve lost whatever traditional behaviour was there. I see by the end of my lifetime women will be even more independent of men and beyond my lifetime young men and women exempt Muslims unfortunately, will have better and better relationships, and as Plejaren say, in 800 years the young women and men will be completely equal and we’ll have an entirely differently social system and order.

  2. how could michael horn forget about billy saying nazi saucers were being built in the south pole and parts of south america? i learned the term magnetic implosion device, which is the principle nazi saucers operate on, from seeing one of Horn’s video lectures on billy meier. And also about small, technologically advanced, secret , civilizations that did live at one time , at the south pole, underground and also in californias mount shasta. These advanced, hidden human beings felt under threat and left though ,according to billy meier. Sometimes i suspect michael horn may be a little uncomfortable with the more exotic aspects of the billy meier story. And i understand that, but professing complete or near complete ignorance of these aspects when i personally have seen or heard you mention them kind of makes me suspicious of michael horn. Maybe hes in reality a covert disinformation operative for the cia himself. I’ll write president trump and request that if the cia or others are controlling or paying michael horn that that info should be publicly known. Sometimes the best way the deep state can control a story isnt from behind the scenes, but instead, having someone right in front of the camera. Of course this doesnt make Mr. Horn a bad guy really, he seems nice enough. Im Just a bit suspicious. And hope he comes clean with his audience if there is anything going on. Sorry michael but have to call them as i see them, youve done this a couple of times. In fact one time you posted info on your blog that was in complete contradiction to what billy has said about nazi ufo’s. It was a list of billys responses to a number of conspiracy theories and it listed a number of contradictions. And a number of people not me, but others were also complaining about the contradictions on that posting. How do you make a living anyhow? You cant be making much if any money on the billy meier story. I wish you were actually , that would mean more people were paying attention to this. Also if Michael horn is a covert operative, he can best apoligize by publicly admitting he’s an agent and actually just tell the truth about the billy meier story from his perspective. If its fake , tell the people. Whatever the truth is, just tell the truth, please!

    1. Meier never said that the Nazis were building “saucers” at the South Pole, as I can recall. He did say that post WWII, some Nazis fled to South America in craft that they had built in Germany. Perhaps they built more there but I don’t recall any info specifically about that either.

      It seems that every time I try to reach the CIA to ask them what happened to my check (and promised bonuses!) the message says, “We’re sorry but the number you have called is no longer in service. If you think you’ve, etc.”

      So here I am, a trained, skilled, covert, intelligence operative trying to find out where all my promised compensation is and those guys must’ve skipped town, closed up shop, relocated to the South Pole, etc. Now I’m left responding to emails from conspiracy theorists, when I could be vacationing on the Riviera, or even doing some inter-stellar dating (as long as she drives).

      1. During the war, before it ended as I recall, and you can even go there today, there are many communities of Germans in south America now, but they never made flying saucers while in south America only during the war and in Germany and under the influence of the Plejarens schematic impulses which then modified so the hannebu could not leave the atmosphere.

        1. Thank you Daniel, I appreciate your keen memory and wish you the best! I also remember what you just mentioned. But i thought i also read the nazi’s were building these things in south america and the south pole. And I think Michael Horn even mentioned the nazis went to marrs as well. Not sure about that though its been a while since i heard that and cant recall exactly where i saw it. but I think it was michael horn that said that as well.

          1. I got it wrong so my memory not so keen Todd. Apparently they were not finalised in Germany it happened in south America. After they knew they could go around the whole world multiple times with it they probably did do all the things you said, and more, but no mars as MH said. not like that movie with the nazis on mars, having said that I’m probably wrong about that too. I have been considering wandering over there, it’s a different world today and only a flight away, and ask them about it more personally.

          2. They are all either very old or dead now, but their children and grandchildren would tell a story of their grandparents probably if it’s polite. I think north Americans took the crafts to their desert and buried them in a warehouse which they disguised from the perspective of space presumably to make area 51 movies popular and commercially viable

      2. I hope your not offended Michael Horn. And ill take your funny response to mean you are genuine and you do think the meier case is legit. Unless you wish to state otherwise? Have a nice day and I wish you the best!

        1. Todd,

          For better or for worse, I find it VERY difficult to get offended. I have finally decided that’s absolutely true. I had my doubts for a moment, in 1979, but a couple days later I knew it was true.

          Thanks, you too.

          1. Your joke was good depending on reader mood, but I want to know about your, hearing, seeing, perceiving, stories of Plejaren and their various technologies inside 30 years… Tell us a story Michael, oh please do, I’d love it, really lather up a narrative of what you were doing and how it happened so we can read or listen

          2. A story one might deliver to a child or grandchild about yourself at a younger age, with the twist that it’s about the Plejaren and you. Assuming you have such a story, perhaps you are completely blind to the reality of what you talk about for 30 years, in that case that would also be appropriate to know, if only you want to, and only for future generations memory and from your memory.

  3. MH It the post where you said you would vacion at the Riviera and hopes she drives. That whole post was hysterical:))) From March 15 12 26 am 2018 was so very funny to me:)))

  4. Jedaiah,

    After what has been said and done, I still think you should apologize to Anne for all your hateful and disrespectful remarks. She did nothing to deserve such treatment.

    The “us vs them” mentality is NOT the step in the right direction my friend. Fighting is not the answer. Remember what I said about neutral positive thoughts. Don’t just say it, let it become a state of mind, so that “falling out of good nature” becomes a thing of the past.

    I think it’s good for people to accept their differences and move on, but before that can happen, it is essential to accept ones own mistakes.

    How can there be peace on Earth, when we cannot even find it amongst ourselves?


    1. Hello Jacobus 🙂

      Thank you for standing up for me, I appreciate it, you are a true gentleman.

      I don’t require an apology from Jedi, only that he continues on his path of active learning and striving for the Truth.

      He is, like many us, myself included, simply walking his path of consciousness-development and true discernment in the Spiritual Teaching. None of us are perfect.

      I bear no ill-feeling toward him and only wish for him everything good and just and fair in his life. My feelings toward him (and all our wonderful young people – for they are our future) is that of a mother toward her child. Perhaps in time he will come to realize that my words are not ill-intentioned towards him.


      1. ” Perhaps in time he will come to realize that my words are not ill-intentioned towards him.”

        Up to now, I’ve never thought this nor did I ever take it personally.

        How can I? All I do is use counters and reflective self-defense weaponry. Who I am you will never be able to completely find out here because I purposely parody the hypocrisy and evil as a mirror to show you the unchecked madness which some of you, even veterans included, don’t realize you do so easily.

        The only thing that makes me angry is the blatant disrespect or unthinking of consequences, especially connected to the work we’re doing here. Instead of just posting something, ask why am I doing it, what could this possibly bring, how would the person respond etc. Use some tact for crying out loud.

        We sit here talking about self-responsibility and yet, we can’t even think about the effects of our causes? Lol, come on guys, I see this in every single post against me (including Anne’s) and it makes me laugh.

        This is an online medium. It is not truly us, no matter how much we’d want it to be. It’s egos (egos in the sense of navigation tools) That’s what’s so dangerous.

        Safe to say: there are a new set of blog posting rules that will be coming up soon. A repeat of yesterday or anything remotely similar will never happen again.

    2. There will be no apology, especially after evaluating those comments endlessly all day yesterday. The whole thing is incredibly stupid and can be cut at its roots instead of allowing it to fester into this madness.

      Anne herself talked about self-defense in a previous comment, so it’s rather hypocritical to think that cause and effect, even for her, won’t come back to her because she’s a woman.

      You will not slap someone on the cheek and expect to slap them on another with no effects (even if you think you’re doing the right thing). Anne is not a doll. She’s a grown woman and a human being, she can handle herself. You, thinking women are just dolls who are incapable of handling “heat”, can be considered quite sexist.

      Not to mention, your treatment of Terry and Cody pits you in a position where you, out of all the people, should be very quiet in handling human to human relations. Anne doesn’t know about those comments. I do. Don’t try to pluck the chip from another’s eye when you are blinded in dirt yourself.

        1. Okay, we’ve gone point/counter-point and punch/counter-punch, so the new guidelines will explain how we will proceeding from here regarding interpersonal communications, attacks, etc.

          We’ll also discuss the guidelines as necessary to make sure that they are clean and clear, etc.

  5. Well, anyway to comment about history and the Russians, I’ll put a few sample videos around the events of WW2, particularly the Russian Front, for anyone wanting to know a little more. Of particular interest are the amount of casualties the Germans suffered during the course of the war that is generally ignored/unreported as it would paint that side in a different light.

    David M. Glantz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Clz27nghIg

    Soviet Storm, Produced Russian State Media: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CerdjvePsg&list=PLwGzY25TNHPC_SsXFcIH-ba0nWuNbHOM6

    Also, to change gears briefly, I think people need to think about where all this whiteness is stemming from. If we consider the Russians, who are clearly white people, then why is there a backlash antagonistic discussion being made over white people that’s OK but ignoring the fact it’s done by agitators and/or foreign actors? I’m not asking those questions to anyone in particular here but mainly the fact that these types of questions don’t get asked by media professionals because properly dealing with a subject requires hard work. After all, no one here chose to be born into the bodies they had … so, we’re starting from a common point of interest.

    More over, this lack of hard work in fact rears its head when some folks clearly look at Meier’s contacts as when they’re presented with what appears to be more white people; then end up calling Meier voluminous amounts of negative things. Some, like Silvio, declare some odd ball notion of evil devils or whatever madness compelled him to mention that.

    Cui bono?

    And the last gear to change is the actual lack of time to prevent the worst of the prophecies. Bear in mind Ptaah’s mention that if Hilary was elected we WOULD BE in a NUCLEAR WAR. He’s not wrong folks. If one asks a properly formed questions, like who benefits from a housing bubble that would injure the world economy, then one would see where it was directed at. Or, you can just watch Putin’s entire interview where he clearly indicated economic/punitive measures aren’t hurting Russian more that it is than other countries. Which means, that part of the prophecies where the West would attack economically already happened. We’re at the point where increase of weapons and confrontation is NEXT.

    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mhi_AyQAyw

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