This Circle in the Middle

Why I have no respect for your beliefs and hope you feel the same way about mine

To be honest, all of the myriad religions, and their believers, claim that theirs is the one true religion. As others have also pointed out, this makes them all wrong and untrue.

As I have said to people in person, and I will repeat here, I have absolutely no respect for yours or anyone’s beliefs, religion, etc. And, as I have also said, I hope people feel the same way about mine, should they discover that I have any.

What I respect are human beings who do their best to live by eternally valid, higher principles and values in life, such as peace, love, freedom, harmony, wisdom, understanding, compassion, etc. I respect people who seek and treasure the truth above all beliefs.

People’s beliefs also change. So, why should I waste a moment of my time working up “respect” for any beliefs, when in a moment of whimsy, or deep thought, someone changes their beliefs, now requiring me to get all… respectful about their new ones?

I certainly do respect each and every person’s right to believe whatever they want.

But I do abhor the fact that we overindulge and try to assert such things, which are often rife with hypocrisy, in the secular (and rational) realm, pushing people to become submissive so that these beliefs can dominate social and political processes and institutions.

As I have also pointed out before, every religion rests on the patently childish and inadmissible premise that, “What’s in this book is true… because this book says it’s true.” You can’t bring that absurdity into a court of law…let alone into a kindergarten.

Nonetheless, we’ve become so defensive, thin-skinned, and sensitive about our precious little beliefs, that the vice-president of the United States, pandering to his primary constituency, feels it necessary to publicly rebuke rebuke talk show host, Joy Behar, for her politically/religiously incorrect utterances. Of course, when we are pointed to a scientific study that shows a correlation between religious fundamentalism and being wacky, there’s a bit of dissonance.

It’s hard to think of other times when the opinion of someone on the equally wacky, self-righteous left had some actual scientific support behind it.

Some of the worst hypocrites are either members of the various clergy and/or outspoken proponents of different religions. These are the people who say they really respect other people’s religious views, which is obviously an odious lie, or they themselves would hold those same beliefs.

Expressing false respect is a devious way to try to create some kind of an advantage, a twisted path to get people to feel good and/or compliant, and thereby get agreement, which they feel (probably correctly) wouldn’t succeed if they simply had the honesty to say they didn’t respect the other persons beliefs.

Trying to assert any kind of moral authority over one another is a pretty pathetic and counterproductive way to communicate. When we are living a truly higher-value based life, however we have come to those values, then we can have true fellowship, communication and cooperation.

With friends of mine who indeed are religious, we sometimes discuss just how and why we do seem to have solid agreement on a number of important things when our…cosmologies, as I refer to them, are so different.

I illustrate the answer by making circles with the thumb and ring finger on each hand. These, I say, represent our respective cosmologies. Then I bring my hands together so that one circle partially overlaps the other.  “This circle in the middle, where our common values overlap,” I say, “is the reason. Everything else is far less important.”



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39 Replies to “This Circle in the Middle”

  1. Gee Michael working nightshift what are you doing still awake?
    Man is it the case that the older you get the less sleep you get.
    Thousand things going on in your mind to keep you well awake?

  2. I respect that you have beliefs but don’t respect the beliefs themselves on a personal level ie abreast them unconditionally without first thinking for myself.

    On belief and language, I found out something interesting about Sarat, ie one of the main Plejaren languages, the other night from a FIGU Forum comment. Its very similar to the so called Angelic alphabet aka Celestial alphabet by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa and the so called Enochian script by John Dee. The Arjn language is its predecessor language of Sarat as it is German, English and several others mostly European.

    It made me wonder what meier-friendly divination process was used to attain the language by those authors. A sheer guess, An education guess, Retrieval of impulses from the storage banks or the Plejaren or perhaps Bafath imparted the knowledge manually through impulses. In any case it was either impulsive or speculative reworking. What I’m sure of is that it was not Meier-retrospective because mostly for me it would be too stupid if Meier copied it. It makes more sense that Meier was given the script by extraterrestrials explicitly who told him not to alter it in any way.


    1. Regarding the comment on a FIGU forum, please provide a link to it. And of course remember that unless it has been corroborated by FIGU, it’s unsubstantiated.

      1. Go to google image copy + paste “Plejaren Alphabet” into the box. Look quick but don’t click. Then remove the word Plejaren using the backspace key and type Angelic, so that the search term is now “Angelic Alphabet”, press enter, look. Now press the google home key and type the same words followed by the word ‘wiki’ so the terms are “Angelic Alphabet” “Plejaren Alphabet” “John Dee” “Heinrich Cornelius” “Sarat” “Hebrew Alphabet”

      1. Not me, but sounds like a good read and something I would write were I ever so slightly differently inclined. I see merit in calling music from the last 12,000 years modern given the change in the length of our lives now which is different than it has been for millions of years. I also see the merit in music from the medieval time ie a thousand years ago, not having changed much to now since then, music actually got more complicated in about the 17th and 18th century to then return now today to a very simple arrangement once more as it was a thousand years ago. But I was not the author no.

        1. Plejaren ‘probably’ (no references/speculative) know of biological instruments ie that are grown and reach maturity or that produce sounds through the fine-material-spectrum, but the fundamental sound that is produced won’t be dramatically different than other instruments in its basic sound, same premise for the synthesizer which popped out of the 20th century, it’s basic sounds are not so different from the instruments we already had fundamentally, wind instruments or string/plucked instruments and the instruments that were developed in Asia and the abilities of the human vocal. We have the vast majority of sounds and styles available now or have experimented with them.

    1. Thank you david, it is nice that you pulled this up, it establishes something between us all when folks do that, so thank you.

  3. Good afternoon to you. Has anyone heard of a man by the name of “Bob Sanders?” He has his own YouTube channel. He has written a book called “The Stairway to Freedom.” I’m sharing this information because I find him to be very interesting, as well as his genuine cheerfulness. Have a good day!

    1. Hi Belinda,

      I haven’t see his videos, so I can’t comment on them, but anyone who claims to be channelling the”Great White Brotherhood” (or anyone or anything else) is either deluded, or misled.

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