After years of freely allowing comments, opinions etc. to flow through the blog, the time has come, after constant shows of degeneration and abuse of freedom, to enforce a new set of blog posting rules that will be mandatory for comment participation, effective from today forward.

While it can be considered progressive that many attacking comments in the past were allowed to be posted so that we can figure out exactly how to moderate the comments and establish a set of blog posting rules, these “tools”, observation practices and the like, no longer have use moving ahead in the future now that such data and observation has been exhaustively collected. Likewise, there will be no need for such antagonistic comments of any form from anyone, no matter who you are or what your life experience is like.

Attacks do not happen randomly. They are built overtime like seeds in a garden. Thus, all comments that are, in their seedling form, provocative, and, or, leading to an eventual attack, will be deleted before they are allowed to fester and grow into additional comments.

To balance this fairly, should members have legit concerns or criticisms, then an email will be sent to the seed-growing-comment’s poster where it will be absolutely mandatory if they wish to share their concerns they will ONLY be conducted through Video, face-to-face contact, via Google Hangouts or Skype, or in person, should both parties have the time and availability to conduct it.

This new rule is non-negotiable.

Absolutely no long emails, back and forth comments, criticisms etc. done through text will be accepted whatsoever, and will be ignored, deleted or blocked. This also includes users who wish to stand and critique like an armchair skeptic, but cannot take critique themselves or realize that no human being is without error, including themselves, or totally neglect that for every action, there’s a reaction (cause and effect)

Those who fail to adhere to these rules will be warned (up to 2 times) and on the 3rd time, should the degeneration continue, then you will be suspended from posting with the possibility of a permanent ban.

This is a step towards promoting human to human contact over the cowardice and comfort of internet anonymity which has, for too long, existed on the blog heavily and grown a terrible, distracting image of Theyfly’s true intent and representation of the mission.

Using supposedly “real names” and “emails” can easily be faked and spoofed. Furthermore, even if it is a real name and an email, comments are still being conducted behind a computer (or mobile device). Your online presence is only your ego and not the real you. Thus, to completely eradicate this inhumane form of communication as much as possible, we are moving towards promoting human contact via video or in person.

This also is a realization of the limitations of the English language, as it is advised in Meier’s material. As we grow as an evolutive collective, one must observe that there must be genuine, humane order, or degeneration and chaos ensues, even for the most advanced of us.

Please see the new, mandatory set of blog posting rules by clicking here



76 comments on “Blog Etiquette, Rules for Posting Comments

  • Might I suggest, Michael and Jedi, that you guys consider taking on another moderator (or two), so that in true FIGU way, a truly fair and just democratic system is also used whereby there is a democratic “vote” amongst different moderators on whether a comment or commenter is truly “offensive, attacking, etc.” Given – as pointed out – the very real misunderstandings that occur due to the nature of online communication, language and cultural differences, etc.? This is of course only a suggestion. And to be clear: In no way am I volunteering or asking for this job, as I have other priorities I’m focusing on, but perhaps there are others here who would welcome the opportunity? πŸ™‚

    • Of course this is open, if the person wishes to step up, have the time, dedication, balance, respect, understanding, ability, knowledge, trust, wisdom etc. in addition to being able to hangouts face-to-face, then this is open for others to step up to and contribute / work (and personally, I’d really like if the ladies can step up to add that balance even more)

      As time goes on, and into the future, we hope to have many dedicated folks working here in various parts of not just the blog but the mission itself and platform. Posting, writing, moderating, advertising, promotion, creation, networking, assistant managing, research, etc. there are MANY positions open for others to step up to the plate, not only moderation.

      Reach out to us!

        • Anne I think realistically what we need is a separate WordPress website run by a majority of women this time and for the first ever time and you need to be their leader and between whoever approaches the task the information needs to be properly feminised by the female admins and writers on that blog and all the info by Billy be fully rationalised there by women and be designed to be appealing to women, where at the moment we have a majority and domination of men who have rationalised the information presented by the Plejaren. Your the one who could start it Anne

          • This is way too much bootlicking on the subject. You’re going off the rails assuming the work is completely male dominated and not embraced by female counsel in the present time. A balance, not replacement between the energies, is needed. That being said it would be great to see more women actually working, especially young women.

          • Hello Daniel

            That is a sweet thought. I will post a full response re. my thoughts/perspective on your suggestion tomorrow. Tonight I need some rest. πŸ™‚

            Have a good night/day all.


          • Just to clarify Anne, if you can lead and do something I’m all support for it. It’s the “replacement-agenda” like comments Daniel has been submitting that is seemingly over positive.

          • Hi Daniel,

            So here are my answers on your above post – I’ll break it down in segments and respond accordingly:

            “…what we need is a separate WordPress website run by a majority of women this time…”

            My answer: This is certainly not a bad idea, and of course this is always up to the prerogative of any like-minded women who have the desire, skills, means, resources, knowledge etc. to do so at their own voluntary discretion and decision.

            “… and you need to be their leader…”

            My answer: I do not “need” to be anyone’s leader. I am a leader only of myself. πŸ™‚ I will under no circumstances to set myself up as a “leader” of such a website/blog run by women, or any group or individual, for that matter. To do so would be to act against the Spiritual Teaching and also FIGU’s principals and statutes, i.e.: “The fundamentally most important factor of FIGU membership is the equal value and equal standing of all members as human beings.”,2
            Moreover, FIGU group statutes and by-laws (whether online of offline) require a true democratic set-up whereby everyone has an equal vote, and all members opinions are equally heard and treated. There is no hierarchy within FIGU groups.

            “…and all the info by Billy be fully rationalised there by women…”

            My answer: The Truth Teaching is genderless and neutral (just as Creation is genderless and neutral). Human beings (regardless of gender) cognize and rationalize the Truth Teaching based on their own individual consciousness-development. We are all at different levels of consciousness-related development, and this is the determining factor in how much or how little a person is able to recognize, comprehend and live according to the Truth Teaching, in the current life, no matter if this person is a “he” or a “she”.

            “… at the moment we have a majority and domination of men who have rationalised the information presented by the Plejaren…”

            My answer: This is an erroneous assumption without any basis in fact.

            So there you have it – my own personal thoughts and perspectives on your interesting suggestion. I hope it helps to clarify some of your thoughts on this matter.


          • Just so there is no confusion on Anne’s comment — all human beings are worth the same, equal value, and ideally, there should be a true democracy in all inspired groups like it. However, we do hit some English language limits here I’d like everyone to observe. Anne is correct in her context, but one should not mistake said context of true democracy for anarchy. In rightful, true positive-equalized order, there must be true leaders, correct-humane order, and those who are able to dedicate and, or, do more due to their time, availability, skill, capability etc. which will naturally surpass others who cannot.

            This does not mean said folks are worth anymore than anyone else nor does it mean leaders should practice coercion.

            It is a role fulfillment and responsibility, and the higher up the ladder (so to speak) one goes, it is balanced by the natural negative of deeper responsibility. This is completely natural, and leaders (true leaders) under Creational recommendations, are more sobered than excited due to the growing negative balance of their responsibilities. A good example is Ptaah and his people. He is a leader, once a god here to Earth, but with such a title / standing, comes a gigantic responsibility of assuring the correct delivery of information for the evolution of the Earth people and much more we may not even know.

          • A thought on the leader subject that can be seen in Creation. For example, our Galaxy – the stars, comets, planets etc., orbit around Sagittarius A*, which is the central black hole of our galaxy. You can even see this in solar systems as well, from Sol (our primary star) which the planets orbit around, and those planets themselves (Jupiter for example) which can be considered their own solar system with dozens of moons.

          • Also to add to Jedi’s comments re. leadership (in the true sense).

            I was hesitant about opening this particular pandora’s box. However, as rightfully elobarated by Jedi, I agree with his further clarification above.

            In the FIGU leaders are not self-appointed, do not set themselves above others (i.e. set themselves up as “tin gods” as described in the Goblet of Truth), do not seek to have ‘followers’, nor do they attempt to gain a leadership position through deception, coercion, manipulation, etc. Neither do these true leaders, once democratically voted into a position of leadership (such as for example a FIGU study group President position) seek or expect any special privileges or act in a controlling manner or other negative behaviors. FIGU statutes and by-laws in fact contain strict rules about members comporting themselves in such self-aggrandizing and destructive conduct.

            As Jedi mentioned, Ptaah and his folk is one good example of this principle of true leadership, as well as our CG49, as likewise Billy.

          • Thank you both, glad you handled it well because I’m not Christopher Hitchens.

            Anne there are no women who have famously investigated Billy Meier. That’s the way it will stay.

          • Not that it matters, but I definitely wouldn’t say it won’t ever happen. Things are just getting started. Big changes are happening all over the planet.

          • Daniel

            “…Anne there are no women who have famously investigated Billy Meier.”

            In the grand scheme of things, this is irrelevant. πŸ™‚

    • Great idea with many good branches, but there has never in the history of FIGU been an individual who has been audacious enough to select a website style that offers such Reddit/Wikipedia functionality. Were I to offer my recommendation Anne I’d say we perhaps needed a new man or for that matter a new woman much less an additional if it’s more of the same.

  • Found you, MN, on Twitter and BEAM on facebook. Also excuse me fellows for abusing rule #2 (joking). Let me reiterate with at least 12 in this series to go. I’m going to hope to keep up with a note pad. I like your free styling and double teaming!

  • I’d like to personally make a plea to all the ladies out there to step up. We need you! A true balance of the male and female energies will get us where we need to be. I understand the time constraints we all have, but starting small is at least starting.


  • I can show my gratitude for those who strive to set up guidelines for the general behaviors of their fellow human beings. It can help a whole bunch in regenerating order/peacefulness/not involving war or Gewalt.

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