After years of freely allowing comments, opinions etc. to flow through the blog, the time has come, after constant shows of degeneration and abuse of freedom, to enforce a new set of blog posting rules that will be mandatory for comment participation, effective from today forward.

While it can be considered progressive that many attacking comments in the past were allowed to be posted so that we can figure out exactly how to moderate the comments and establish a set of blog posting rules, these “tools”, observation practices and the like, no longer have use moving ahead in the future now that such data and observation has been exhaustively collected. Likewise, there will be no need for such antagonistic comments of any form from anyone, no matter who you are or what your life experience is like.

Attacks do not happen randomly. They are built overtime like seeds in a garden. Thus, all comments that are, in their seedling form, provocative, and, or, leading to an eventual attack, will be deleted before they are allowed to fester and grow into additional comments.

To balance this fairly, should members have legit concerns or criticisms, then an email will be sent to the seed-growing-comment’s poster where it will be absolutely mandatory if they wish to share their concerns they will ONLY be conducted through Video, face-to-face contact, via Google Hangouts or Skype, or in person, should both parties have the time and availability to conduct it.

This new rule is non-negotiable.

Absolutely no long emails, back and forth comments, criticisms etc. done through text will be accepted whatsoever, and will be ignored, deleted or blocked. This also includes users who wish to stand and critique like an armchair skeptic, but cannot take critique themselves or realize that no human being is without error, including themselves, or totally neglect that for every action, there’s a reaction (cause and effect)

Those who fail to adhere to these rules will be warned (up to 2 times) and on the 3rd time, should the degeneration continue, then you will be suspended from posting with the possibility of a permanent ban.

This is a step towards promoting human to human contact over the cowardice and comfort of internet anonymity which has, for too long, existed on the blog heavily and grown a terrible, distracting image of Theyfly’s true intent and representation of the mission.

Using supposedly “real names” and “emails” can easily be faked and spoofed. Furthermore, even if it is a real name and an email, comments are still being conducted behind a computer (or mobile device). Your online presence is only your ego and not the real you. Thus, to completely eradicate this inhumane form of communication as much as possible, we are moving towards promoting human contact via video or in person.

This also is a realization of the limitations of the English language, as it is advised in Meier’s material. As we grow as an evolutive collective, one must observe that there must be genuine, humane order, or degeneration and chaos ensues, even for the most advanced of us.

Please see the new, mandatory set of blog posting rules by clicking here



76 comments on “Blog Etiquette, Rules for Posting Comments

  • How listening to an impulse regarding a misunderstanding led to clarification and understanding

    By Seth Whitaker
    ​One day, on Theyflyblog I saw a series of post and the seeming behavior of someone that confused me. It seemed out of character, off beat. There was a stirring beyond the shallows and it was reflected upon the surface. I decided I needed to know. I decided I couldn’t, as I had done in the past, simply believe things were swell and / or would work themselves out.

    ​Why is this apparently highly regarded and respected member of this blog presenting himself in such a way?

    ​Something was off. I was only getting part of the picture. I got an Impulse. It said Take action. ​

    ​I decided to take self-responsibility by initiating personal, face to face communication. It was well received. It lead to me gaining knowledge and understanding; banishing what were previously only misconceptions and beliefs.

    ​In all honesty and sincerity have I never been more glad to have taken the initiative. In the past this wasn’t the case. I had mistakenly let myself be led to believe (which was a sprout of further confusion and uncertainty in my life) previous posts in the past from other seeming respectable members of this blog whom also behaved / commented in questionable manners that didn’t seem in sync with the teachings. I simply brushed it off as something I didn’t understand due to my lack of involvement (uncertainty). And I chose to believe everything was hunky dory under the surface.

    ​Do you see how devastating this is? I inhibited my own self-responsibility and let myself be led astray, putting blind faith into someone because they seemed intelligent, referenced the material, studied German, and even represented a peace lotus.

    ​I thought things like; oh here’s a guy who really knows his stuff, it’s okay if I listen to him, I don’t need to waste my time trying to clear this up / research this, how can I not simply trust someone who seems to know so much about all this? I probably just don’t understand because he’s on a much higher level than me, if I just go along with it maybe it’ll become clear in time.

    ​Does any of this type of thinking seem familiar? Can you see where this process of thinking will lead you? This is the type of thinking paired with blind belief and a neglect of self-responsibility.

    ​How can you claim, either internally or externally, to represent the spirit teachings if you don’t put them into practice?

    ​If you have concerns. Please do everyone, yourself first and foremost, a favor and contact the person in question. Keep in mind we speak English. English sucks for clarity, it’s going to take a bit more effort from every party involved to obtain as much clarification as possible. Speak face to face. Then take time to reflect on the conversation. Listen to your gut (intuition). Then exchange Emails / voice messages to clear up any lingering concerns / uncertainties. Maybe even have another or several more video chats to confirm that everyone is on the same page.

    ​This is more than a recommendation. This is an obligation. To yourself and each other. You can read the books and meditate all you like but only your initiative can break this stagnant inertia.

  • Thanks so much for this particular blog. I do enjoy reading the posts that people make here and many are very interesting and I can learn a few things, but at times there are people who are rather nasty and go into attack mode if they do not agree with what someone has written. They can get personal about it. I had experienced this the very first time that I began posting on this blog. It is good that people do not agree on certain subjects and discuss it. That is how we learn and my in fact think differently about a topic, however, the insults and nastiness is counter productive and does not solve anything. thanks Jedaiah for your post on this.

    Diane Grebe

  • Thank you Jedi, this make good sense, I think I might be one of the lowest evolved, consciousness wise, of all the participants here.

    • We can’t really know that without knowing you better, but it doesn’t matter whether you are highly evolved or lowly evolved. We should live in peace (positive) and work to protect (negative) that peace.

      • Yes, I agree. Thank you for your efforts, I enjoy your addition to the work that Michael has been doing. Reading your posts and listening to your work on the live shows brings a calming to my frustrations.

      • Hi Michael Horn, just curious, do you also posses the ability to determine the level of consciousness evolution of a human, based on the methods Jedi is using?

          • Very funny MH! I wonder if BEAM can do that? I will contact FIGU to find out if Billy can do that.

          • Edit: Okay Jacobus, this is your first strike. Please read the rules for blog commentary. Thank you.


          • Billy is very busy with many things, so it’s not so much a matter of what he can do as what he has…time to do.

            Fortunately for you (and everyone else) in addition to a modest, one-time input and processing fee, small monthly payments assure that you will receive my Personalized Personality Profile and Progress Program, delivered by email in more than one color!

            Yes, with the PPPPP, you’re guaranteed to be kept abreast of your own consciousness development and just where YOU rate in comparison with the many other PPPPP members (we call them Party Sigh Pants, PSP, because of all the outrageous fun they claim to be having with the program).

            So don’t delay! Act today, sign up for your PPPPP and join all the other PSP as they compete for prizes that include…choosing their next incarnation! Time, place, race, nationality and sex slightly extra. (If you’re not interested in sex the next time around, we have the special Celebrating Celibacy option though, to be honest, very few have exactly raved about that choice.)

      • It especially matters Jedi, about whether an individual is highly or lowly evolved, because born in the wrong nation and be dead before any grip has been established, born in the right nation and a lifelong welfare will be laid on, full buffet. Very important on this world to know and dangerous not to know.

        • Thanks for all of your last post MH. I had to laugh out loud. I Loved your last commentary it was so funny. Salome Terry

        • Timothy, the highly evolved should be the least aspired for, for you, they pay the most tax, work the longest hours, are the most exhausted at the end or everyday and they live the longest, some or them way past a hundred to add insult to injury, they get the most abuse thrown at them, they attract the least generative company and the most competency rating and they have to do it all without ever asking or receiving any guidance on their evolutionary rating which is lonely for those few too. Stick to what you know.

    • Jedi’s right Timothy, those things don’t matter. We are all human beings making our way through life and in search of the same thing. We all had to start at the beginning and make our way through the same levels. There isn’t anyone who can say they weren’t a young spirit form at some point in their evolution. We all need to come together in a loving and familial manner. Our future depends on it.

  • I am rather perplexed?? Why do we have new rules again?? I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary lately? Nothing problematic. The comments on the blog are quite civil and orderly. Compared to what you see on other platforms like youtube, this blog is very refined and respectful.

    • We have rules because this platform will no longer be a showdown fest for people to cower and attack. If there are any issues with members, submit a comment requesting to speak via email to them and on hangouts, video, face-to-face.

  • Have you guys ever thought about using “the naughty step”? It works very well with unruly children, maybe the concept could work here?

  • From what I have read on the blog lately, there wasn’t anything in particular that could be classified as “degenerate”? Maybe I missed something…Could you please give us a name so that we can be on the lookout for this rascal!

    • oh dear gott! does these main we cannot invent our own sequences of the words any longer? I’m gonna get on the blower to Disney danmark

    • Hi Jacobus:

      I don’t think we should use any names here to be respectful. Those people will eventually catch on. It is just a general rule about discussing things in a manner without getting nasty, arrogant or condescending. I did experience this when I first came on this blog and was deciding if maybe I should not participate on it any more. But I realized it was this particular person that had a problem. As I was noticing that other people were having a problem too. And once in a while there are some people that are not being so nice. They are probably not even aware of it. But since we are all trying to grow spiritually and learn things, I think it is a good idea to be as respectful as you can. That is just my personal thoughts on this.


  • Something else to keep in mind is that we all come from different backgrounds and cultures as well.

    For example: I’m a born and bred South African, with an Afrikaans-Dutch background, so my upbringing was heavily “Dutch” influenced in many ways (i.e. quite straight-forward, blunt, to the point, strict, very high standards, etc. – not unlike the Germans in many ways). Then add to the mix a strong British influence for extra fun and color! This “cultural” influence may make me come across as a bit matter-of-fact and blunt sometimes (unintentionally) and maybe some people can take this the wrong way, without knowing me well enough. So just giving an example.

    My own opinion is that we might keep this in mind as well (and I speak to myself as much to anyone else here) when dealing with others – whether it is online and even face-to-face. What may seem perfectly natural and even right behavior to one person (due to cultural influence), may appear “attacking” or otherwise rude, etc. to someone of a completely different background.
    PS: This is also why I sometimes struggle with American English (and my grammar and spelling can be a bit off too – so I do apologize in advance for that). 🙂


    • Dear Anne,I agree with you 100%. People should stop feeling so offended all the time, like a fragile snowflake.

      • Hi Jacobus
        Well it’s easy enough to say “people should stop feeling so offended all the time” but in reality it is not so easy for people to just simply “stop” being thin-skinned, overly sensitive, etc. (dünnhäutig).

        First a person should come to their own recognition of this condition within themselves, and that also is not easily accomplished.

        And no-one is excluded in this because it is a short-coming we all should strive to recognize in ourselves and work to overcome by applying the Creative principles of true love, harmony and peace – both within ourselves first and in our dealings with others.

  • Rules are rules whether they are fair or not is not the actual issue. I’m sure the traffic the blog gets is a lot more than, let’s say 3 years back, so if it reduces the amount of effort to manage the blog then by all means do what you need to do. After all, this is a blog and not a forum for the fairness doctrine or equal time rule even if the message is of upmost public regard.

    Outside the blog, I’m sure we’re encountering MUCH MORE unfair behaviors from our fellow neighbors than us here that came across the Meier material or Mike’s presentations. If people are passionate about fairness they can work directly with their neighbors they live locally to. Over time, you’ll find other doors will open as well as many others will close firmly shut for a variety of reasons.

    Good luck ya’ll.

    • you forgot to say okily dokily neighborino. If Michael and FIGU members and forum moderators could tolerate the feedback they were recieving for the information they were putting out into the world from the general public who they are dealing with and decided not to be so precious and particular about some uncertain confused matters then there would not be this problem in the first place. When they stop deleting people’s comments, editing and suppressing what they want to say and then telling them their wrong and asking them to substantiate themselves without substantiating themselves and claiming to know more than they know, then there won’t be the problem. At the moment they are getting themselves into all sorts of weird little problems because they do not know how to deal with normal feedback and obviously don’t know how to put information out into the world if they are receiving it either.

      • NOTE: I am posting this same reply to two of Daniel’s comments:


        Here’s how it will be from here on. Neither you, nor anyone else, will have comments approved that claim to be in accordance with the mission information, i.e. the Meier contacts, spiritual teaching, etc., unless you submit links to mission information that corroborates it.

        No conspiratorial comments, likewise not associated with, and referencing their corollaries in, the mission material will be posted.

        For example, regarding your comment about England being “most aligned to the spiritual teaching than any other”, it’s pretty clear that nothing could be farther from the truth. The Henoch Prophecies made it clear as well, regarding countries like yours and ours:

        225. According to the prophecies of Henoch, the truth about industrialised countries is that they only seem to appear to be true civilisations, but in fact they are not; because more and more, at the end of the 20th century and at the beginning of the third millennium, they will disregard all true love, true freedom and true wisdom as well as true peace along with all values of humaneness and all values of men’s and women’s true being.

        Here’s how it will be from here on. Neither you, nor anyone else, will have comments approved that claim to be in accordance with the mission information, i.e. the Meier contacts, spiritual teaching, etc., unless you submit links to that information.

        Regarding the future of England, it’s hardly as a leader of anything:

        February 7, 1976:

        The crown falls and breaks, it is all over,

        the House of the Windsors has broken apart.

        Shaking is the island kingdom;

        bones are brittle now and pale;

        the kingdom – it has fallen;

        only legends of it will be told.

        And again from the HP:

        176. Everything in the West will be destroyed; England will be conquered and thrown down to the lowest level of misery.

        240. Conditions similar to civil war will be in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and claim many lives.

        267. At the same time, as a civil war rages in Germany, an enormously bloody revolution will break out in England which will claim more lives than will be claimed by the civil war in Germany.

        And Meier’s recent predictions ( indicate what England, along with NATO countries will be up to.

        That being said, everyone can express their opinions within the guidelines. From here on, if your comments don’t appear, go back and compare them to the guidelines for the reasons why.

      • This is very wrong, Daniel.

        The fact is the truth is the truth, it doesn’t need conspiracies.

        Furthermore, there must always be order, for without order, there is chaos. We do not need to go down old pathways as we have before because we have learned.

      • I don’t know what to say Daniel. I really can’t criticize or force anyone on their own stuff/project to do what I want. I’m not part of FIGU or some special individual that was at the top of his class and went was given some classy all expenses paid scholarship to some fantastic college, etc. I’m just a regular guy who found the Meier material like I would imagine everyone here did at some point.

        As an example, when I attempted on two occasions to sign up on the FIGU forum, which again this isn’t a forum but a blog, my application wasn’t accepted in either case. Granted I did not at the time or currently own my own phone so leaving some things blank means automatic denial. It’s FINE, as I don’t take it personally but it is what it is. The FIGU forum asked for honesty so that’s all I could do.

        Now, to change gears slightly, I’ll put this out there as it relates to Western Civilization. A tortoise and a hare are running a race. It takes the hare 3 months to complete the race and the toroise 9. At the End of a Year are these two equal?

        The answer to the above is a resounding Yes as equality is denoted by completing the race but not whether one did it better than the other. BUT, Earth humanity isn’t exactly independent for that equality to be true. So, we’re stuck on someone else’s time to compete and not really to our own accord. If the tortoise and the hare are competing for the same job and the boss wants the project to be done in 2 months, then neither the hare or the tortoise will succeed as one takes 3 and the other 9. This is what Earth Humanity wants with regards to innovation and disruptive technologies.

        Similarly, Earth Humanity is graced with such outstandingly intelligent people that will gladly accept money over everything else while his fellow neighbor wallows and lags behind. So, we’re at a point where the “most advanced” folks among us are discussing taxing robots for taking people’s jobs away like THAT’s going to solve the problem of this race people are running. In the end it will not be successful because the folks up top have Z-E-R-O consciousness or conscious capability to make a change that will actually lead to peace. This is the cavity our modern society has that cannot be bridged by platitudes and words.

        So, bottom’s up buddy. The hare and the tortoise will have to work together at this point as the boss isn’t going to need either one of them. If not, well they then can kiss their planet goodbye and try again when they re-incarnate hundreds of years later.

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