And well there should be, considering all that is yet to come

There’s an uneasy feeling spread across the land and well there should be. The long foretold, and at one time still avoidable, events are now upon us. Even the most stubborn deniers of the truth can feel it. We see the effects of this knowingness manifesting everywhere, to lesser or greater degrees. Yet, people think that the events themselves are something new, when they’re really the effects of long-standing causes now making themselves visible and felt.

It’s not as if we, the people, weren’t warned…over and over. Of course, we were. And long have we been, since ancient times, and as given to us by Billy Meier and the Plejaren, stated in clear, specific, unambiguous terms, in several languages, for almost 70 years. But human stubbornness, greed and arrogance force their fulfillment.*

In the USA

It’s nakedly apparent that the USA isn’t a true civilization of any sort but more of a corporation run amok; the political polarization points to increasing conflict and breakdown, as also long foretold.

The Trump administration – with a number of very flawed policies – was nonetheless duly elected, in part to avoid a concocted war with Russia.** As the administration pursues legal action against some of the more entrenched wrong-doers, who sought to illegally overthrow the election, more chaos, breakdown and danger to various parties may well occur.*

This is a good time to refer to  things of real substance to help inform our own actions for our future survival.

There’s an uneasy feeling spreading across the land and well there should be, considering all that is yet to come.


*Quetzal: You apparently never give up hope. Your optimism is honourable and deserves to be heard by human beings, but the way things have developed throughout this century there is not too much hope that human beings of Earth will come to their senses and heed your words. This will then be the case only when the prophecies prove to be true or, even worse, have already come to pass. Probably only then will the time come when the defamations against you will end in regard to your contacts with us, although they will long continue to be vehemently disputed by your enemies as well as by pathological know-it-alls and critics who dismiss them as swindle, lies and fraud. The full truth about our contacts with you will be proven in the distant future, and then mankind will accept our help we offer through you—even when they erroneously assume we come from the seven-star system known to human beings of Earth as the Pleiades.

**30. The planned ban on cash shall elicit the disposession of the population, while however the elites of the ruling classes and of capitalism shall enjoy great opulence, as if they were swimming in a pile of money. And the whole financial system the world over will be overturned, in order to redistribute the extant national debts of all countries, so that in general it costs all populations of all states. There already are secret plans in the USA and EU-dictatorship to start a war from Germany against Russia, which shall then be blamed for the whole ensuing global crisis. And that the war should be blamed on Russia, of course completely unfairly – if it actually happens – that is obvious from the start. And if this war should actually happen, then it will be used as an excuse to enact martial law which will suppress the riled-up population, who by then will be fully dispossessed – with mighty and reckless military and police forces.

***16. The USA and the rulers of the USA shall be imperiled in the future in many ways, which arise from both governmental and non-governmental anti-government and anti-state actors, as well as from large parts of the United States population, so that the US population breaks up into different population-groups, the basic causes of which are already present, so that the USA is already separatized into various groups at the present time.








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  • Just read your post MH. Well done. I just heard that there is living plant life on one of Juiter`s moon? I`m also hearing about the fact that maybe its time to join the Galactic Federation even if it isn`t the Plejaren Federation? My point is this mabye we had better start somewhere if we want to get help and also save ourselves some all these nightmareish predictionsd that Billy and the Ps are predicting. Joining the Galactic Federation is better than nothing. At least its a start and mabye some other very good spiritual helpful world who are like the Ps might help us get out of this nightmarish trap that the Ps and Billy are warning us all about and put Earth on the right correct course if we want to save our very own lives. As in the episode of the original Star Trek episode Arena at the end the Metron said “there is hope” How much longer must we on Earth wait for more terrible things to happen If we don`t join some kind of something of a very good benevolent federation like the Ps before all hell breaks down and out? Cause and Effect! “Must we all die in ANY kind of war nuclear or ANY other kind of war for that matter”. Syria is just a small example of what could happen on a macro large scale effort here on Earth. “Cause and Effect!”

    • “the fact that maybe its time to join the Galactic Federation even if it isn`t the Plejaren Federation?”

      We should be working like this anyway, not looking for ANYONE to save us but ourselves. We should be cleaning our own mess and pushing ourselves to new heights. This is our world and our responsibility.

  • I feel that these things must happen in order for great change to come about. So many people are starting to pay attention to how our government truly operates. Although the ways in which things will happen are not to be celebrated and encouraged, the breakdown of the current mode of governance must and will happen. Only then can a real change come about. It will eventually lead to people turning towards the spiritual teaching and living in accordance with the Universal laws and recommendations.

    The more I reflect on these things, I know that they truly must happen. We humans are slow learners, but with just enough experience, we learn to stop touching that hot stove.

    • Truly one cannot over ponder those events that will occur to a point of fearing what may or may not be and trying to figure out a way of escape. Earth humanity is a collective that continues to strive together as well as individually to continuously evolve higher and it will go in the direction that humanity as a whole leads it. One can only become knowledgeable and wise in the spiritual teachings and live them and they will keep spreading. They also will keep one strong and of good courage. Its nice to know that there are a number of us around the planet that are like-minded and we can help one another if need be:)

      • That’s so true Julia. I couldn’t agree more. We should not try to escape to other countries after we all had a hand in the downfall of our own. We have to fix our own problems and make our country a wonderful garden of love, peace, and harmony. Otherwise, we will just take our problems somewhere else and the cycle continues. While having some fear is a normal human reaction, obsessing over these things will not help anything or anyone. The angst and fear can be better utilized when we turn that into being proactive and striving for the betterment of humankind.

    • Very good point Melissa, We not only have to save ourselves but also save the health and environment of this planet too as well,etc.

  • Hi Melissa,
    I agree with you. I’m ready to get through all this so we can finally live in Love, Peace, Harmony and Freedom. I look forward to the day we all live in accordance with the Universal laws and recommendations! I very often try to imagine what that will be like…being that we have been and still are a barbaric people for such a very very long time.

  • only when catastrophe strikes , then people wake up start thinking as one nation . suffering and hardship ends petty differences . survival during crisis is a good teacher . I’m thinking of a scenario like from the movie the day the earth stood still.

    • Maybe but…maybe not always (

      127.) And in the Third Millennium the time comes when big parts of the continents disappear and the people will have to flee to the mountains, yet their sense of the catastrophes will only be of short duration, because they will forget everything again quickly and therefore make an effort to do much rebuilding, because they are already creating phantasmagoria, through movies and television, as well as later through a worldwide netting of computers and electronics, through which they deceive themselves and see things that do not exist, and are only visually determined for the eye, subsequently their sense for reality disappears and they can no longer distinguish between reality and fiction, whereby they lose themselves more and more in the labyrinth of life, while those who produce phantasms commercially as well as religious and sectarian phantasms, have an easy game with the people of faith, who they deceive in every possible manner and make them into humble beings, like cringing dogs.

  • How are we going to get rid of all those corporate companies who want to sell us and buy their defective products for all the money they crave so they can do what they want with all that money while the rest of us live in such dire straits have to buy their cheap junk that break and get thrown out? What ever happened to co-operatives where everyone has a say and sharing without a big boss telling us what we can do and not do? Does anyone in government and the military ever think about that if we must vote for the lesser of th two evils of which these sinister beings are all one and the same?

  • Michael,

    This is a very good article and posting it afar. If you could just make a 3 minute YouTube clips saying exactly this, it would be a catalyst for many people.

    As always said, you are welcome to the remote Himalayan sanctuary anytime with your family. As mystics have always done during the end of these insane cycles, they watch from afar in order to re-seed the collective.

    Lots of activity in the night sky from here…

    Always sending protective blessings X

  • Terry, according to my understanding of what I have read, the Plejaren are the head or top members of the Galactic Federation, and our foolish leaders have already refused their help. So the earth blew its chance of joining the Federation. The Plejaren will not change their requirements and our leaders will not change their refusal to accept them. Michael covered some of these requirements in a recent interview.

    • Hi Crhis This makes me wonder why these political fools refuse to except help from the good human friendly Plejarens and ask for help from the bad unfriendly non-human beings like the Greys,etc? All these nefarious politicians want the technology and not the spiritual teachings from the Ps! Its no wonder that this world will die out if we don`t learn to get our act together and soon with the spiritual teachings and the Creational Natural laws and Recommendations etc.

        • Jedi, Back in the 1950s,1960s etc, after the original black and white movie The Day The Earth Stood Still there were alot of bad grade B scifi movies dealing with malevolent unfriendly ETs out to destroy Earth which later by the 1960s,1970s and beyond scifi books by people who were abducted by Grey alien who later found out that this was the work of the CIA doing experiments on unaware people who do not to this day not know that these innocent people were being used as experiments for the government and CIA operatives to spy on unsuspecting human beings. Woodly Striber is a prime example of what the CIA did to him and his family in upstate New York bacl in the 1960s and 1970s and 1980s too p[lus Striber is very religious and believes in a god I might add. He`s the guy who wrote the book Communion back then. I think MH could explain this better than I could.

          • You are referring to the bio-androids who work under the Zeta Reticuli collective who crashed in Roswell? Because standard, “greys”, as in popular media TV greys, do not exist.

  • Christian, it may be worthwhile for you to find out if there is a FIGU study group near where you live, if this is something you’re interested in?

    • I’m in NC and as far as I am aware, the closest study group is in Ohio…oh well! Thanks for the reply anyway Anne… I think, as time goes on, more FIGU folks in the U.S. will see the advantageousness/necessity of forming a physical community. If I remember correctly, there have already been a few failed attempts here already.

      • Ohio – That’s a long way from you.

        Yes, there have been four attempts to start a true FIGU USA Landesgruppe, which failed time and again because members did not comprehend/practice the true values of equality, non-hierarchical structures, true democracy, etc. Which was the main reason(s) for the unfortunate failures of these groups.

        However, that is not to say that all is lost in this regard, and it really only requires those who want to see a Landesgruppe becoming a reality for the USA, once more, to really dedicate themselves to the required work, to learn to get along in true peace, love and harmony – and to finally comprehend and practice true democracy in the group (equality, non-hierarchical) according to FIGU statutes, and the spiritual teaching.

        There are several pro-FIGU study groups in the USA, also. Moreover, anyone that has a sincere interest can get together with other like-minded persons informally as well, to study the Teachings together and/or do the Peace Meditation.


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