Update 1: 3/30/2018

This blog post covers part 2 of what you can do directly with rewards for Patreon subscribers.

A pleasant greeting to you, wonderful person, whoever and wherever you are, reading this blog post.

As time goes on, so does the mission, and so does the adaptability to the times. While certain methods and practices such as debating skeptics or trying to prove the case to the numb-minded may have been effective at a certain point, we are in a new age of the mission.

Thanks to this concise, detailed post by Joe, the age of debating skeptics can be considered over.

Furthermore, the age of trying to prove the mission and its authenticity to the closed minded has reached the point of diminishing returns. We no longer have any need to “prove” anything. For those of us that know the case is the truth, that has already established, and thus, pointless to ruminate in uncertainties due to neglect of the close-minded’s ability to do their own research.

Where does that put us moving forward?

True expansion and unification of those who walk in truth and proactively use the material for the benefit of their lives, others around them, and ultimately, the world at large, step by step. However, folks should not take that lightly or suddenly become too over-excited in this new approach. We must confront reality as it is — the fact that we are here in 2018 and not in 2800. There are systems, rules, necessities and the like, here and now, to adapt to and utilize in order to fulfill the mission.

No man is an island. The hands of the many must join as one, and together, we’ll cross the river.

Our goal is to normalize and carry on the true essence, the wisdom of the teaching, to use this in everyday life up to the highest levels of production to a simple, loving, casual conversation with the unknowing ones. We want to be able to create books, music, documentaries, advertise and promote the material with solid financial backing, travel in connection to the mission, connect, network, gather resources, form production teams and so much more. However, this realistically requires support.

We have made a Theyfly Productions Patreon, help support our mission.

Expansion requires a structured organizational ethic, taking notes from the core FIGU group and the Plejaren themselves. It is not ran as some sideline charity, but an efficient, working organization that has resources to continue its production and directives. As an offspring plant of the mission, the Theyfly platform too, must expand and grow as a respectable, unified, powerful collective that is capable of fulfilling its directives.

While support on Patreon is one way for you to show your support, there are several other key areas for people to take up the mantle and contribute. Another blog post will be dedicated to this in the future. However, this whole thing is a step towards promoting pro-activity versus being only receptors of information, wallowing oppressively about the prophecies and doing nothing to change them, ruminating, useless attacking amongst ourselves etc. — instead, my friends, I employ you to pick up yourselves and WORK towards the mission.

WORK towards changing the future and building a better world together. We don’t have time to sit back and do nothing but cry, be angry, resentful etc. The time to DO progressive work is NOW. Use this great negative around us to fuel us to become better, stronger, capable, progressive human beings.

Can you design? Advertise? Promote? Create? Are you an innovator, have experience, knowledge to share? Why not appear on the live show and connect with others, network and be inspired? How about reaching out to shows to get Michael on? What about connecting others in your own way to the mission.


Ask yourselves this question:

What am I doing to support the mission and proactively grow it?

It’s time, ladies and gentlemen, to move ahead and truly create a better tomorrow by the sweat, dedication, persistence, true optimism, balance and perseverance of our work.


Update 2: Shout out to the Patrons so far! This list will continuously be updated.

  • Kevin Bakker
  • Michael Todd Coakley
  • Matt Lee
  • Stefan Zutt
  • Mario Grim
  • Jodie Coffey
  • Andrew Grimshaw
  • Silvana De Angelis
  • Mikael Metso
  • Patrick Quinn
  • Niko Sulonen
  • Seweryn Lavecchia
  • Ludwig Johanning
  • Norman DeCindis
  • David w. Hurlburt
  • Matthew Reed
  • Paul Stewart
  • ALLiTiZ


134 comments on “Support Our Mission

  • Good shout. I myself personally need to do a lot more to help with the mission.
    Thanks for the reminder Michael!

  • Nice call Jedi, and hope you and MH get a good response to help with your worthy and valuable aims on They Fly.

    Wish to also point out that some of us are already active elsewhere with the same goals of furthering the Mission, i.e. actual study groups that regularly meet together in person to study the teachings and do the Peace Meditation together, etc.

    Besides helping here on the blog with MH and Jedy, for anyone wishing to start/join an in-person study group, they should reach out to their country’s Landesgruppe, or to the CG49 directly (if no Landesgruppe is established in their country).

    This (They Fly) is just another avenue/means to the same end of many like-minded all over the world working towards the same goal.

    As an interesting snippet: Just recently I was told by a CG49 member via private e-mail that “we know from Ptaah that in mid-October 2016 21,461 human beings in 116 countries are concerned (sich beschäftigen) with our mission”.

    By now in 2018, this number has likely increased.

    Everyone who can, and who hears the call and wants to help, have many opportunities to do so – all it takes is to make enquiries, to step up and to volunteer. 🙂


    • Thanks for this information about those connected to the mission, Anne. It really is great news. I knew the number was growing, but I’m still pleasantly surprised we are over 20,000 strong. The seeds are growing into a beautiful garden!

      As Jedi mentioned, there are many ways you can help. Do you ever get that feeling that you want to do more, but just aren’t sure what you can do? Reach out to us and we can discuss the various options and activities. There are many ways you can help and we would love to have you! I do understand that a lot of folks work a regular job and may not have the extra time, but, big or small, every little bit helps.

      For those of you/us who support the mission through Passive Membership and the various FIGU study groups, thank you for all that you do. Together we will make a better future for all.


      • You’re welcome Melissa. I too was pleasantly surprised when I was told that information about persons connected to the Mission – it really made me feel warm inside. 🙂

        Mentioning seeds and growing gardens… I always like to compare the Mission with the tall hardwood trees that grow in the Amazon rain forests. These trees have a lot of competition with faster growing underbrush and other foliage when they start out as tiny little seedlings on the forest floor. But these little seeds just keep going and going, straight up, towards the sunlight. Unstoppable in their quest, even if it takes a much longer time for them to reach their rightful place in the sunlight than their competition. The Mission is just like that… it is slow growing yes, but unstoppable. A positive force to be reckoned with. 🙂

        To your comment “every little bit helps” – this is absolutely true. The smallest effort is already a valuable contribution where it concerns the Mission. Billy also mentioned in a contact with Ptaah:
        “… if they engage themselves, then much can be achieved through them. A small number of human beings can also achieve much and bring, in many others, change for the better and good, if they make an effort. How does it go? Constant dripping wears away the stone.”



  • I am really happy to see this post. The need for self-responsibility is to be reiterated again again. There are an infinite variety of methods in which this can be done and more and more doors are being opened.
    One of the greatest things one can do in this regard is to reach out. Connect with your fellow truth-seekers.
    By coming together we have a much greater impact on the world. Time is of the essence, and I’m sure many of us have planned or are at least currently contemplating our “escape” or “hunker & bunker” strategies, but again, with the might of our coming together and the strengthening our bonds with one another, is our chance of survival, both individually and as a whole, increased beyond manifold.
    I for one am growing ever-excited about our future! Let us grow into it together, beaming ever-radiant with each passing of the sun 🙂

    • Seth, you hit the nail on the head:

      “By coming together we have a much greater impact on the world.”

      Exactly 🙂

  • Hey Jedi, regarding the Patreon I only realised afterwards (as I didn’t see the list of helpful ideas) that I don’t have any of the skills required to fulfill any of the help that’s needed! Besides me personally studying the teachings, showing good example and spreading the word to those who are interested and would like to know (more) about the case.
    Also there’s donations to be made but they will have to hold fire, just for the next few months as unfortunately I’m not in a position to donate right now. Hopefully can start to do so by September 🙂
    Good going at your end though Jedi, your a top guy who’s giving his all. And then some!

    • Hi Simon, there are innumerable ways you can help! They don’t have to be anything that’s been previous mentioned 🙂 A good example of a small step in the right direction is to simply link articles etc. you stumble across that pertain to scientific discoveries or anything related to the mission, or really anything that you feel will be of benefit to bring attention to. You may even find yourself contributing more than you anticipated 😉

  • Hi Simon, Your not alone I to am not able to contribute financially either but would love to get my other organization to join as passive members so we can stop this insane madness ruining Planet Earth, but how to go about this is the question right now. Maby Jedi and MH could help me spread the word here?

  • Good inspiring post jedi
    I found that one way of helping the mission is to give away billy’s books to people or those that show interest and lead people to FIGU and theyfly sites.
    If you can’t make full use of it and then pass it on as Arahat Athersata says.
    Yes and you are right no point arguing with the uninitiated as newinititation is a difficult process only certain prerequisite life experiences are required to obtain that missing key to the temple of Creation but even then the journey of a thousand mile has only just begun and one must work for it to take that initial first baby step but even here its two steps forward three steps back in a never ending work in progress step by friggin step.
    It wasn’t meant to be easy to go through the eye of that tiny needle and those fortunate few who have managed to do it lose a lot of weight and a lotta excess baggage.
    Well written article Jedi and thanks for the whipping.

  • Any way I can help, please let me know I’m glad to help. I have a question if anyone can help, I remember when I first met Michael in Los Angeles briefly he brought the scenario of 30th June 1908 The Tunguska Incident (contact report 428) he brought up the fact how those spirits from that event now reincarnate back on to earth. The people were respectfully from Bardan 1,2, and 3 thats within the coma galaxy. There’s a region within Russia called respectfully named “Bardan”, with that being said is their a correlation?

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