Update 1: 3/30/2018

This blog post covers part 2 of what you can do directly with rewards for Patreon subscribers.

A pleasant greeting to you, wonderful person, whoever and wherever you are, reading this blog post.

As time goes on, so does the mission, and so does the adaptability to the times. While certain methods and practices such as debating skeptics or trying to prove the case to the numb-minded may have been effective at a certain point, we are in a new age of the mission.

Thanks to this concise, detailed post by Joe, the age of debating skeptics can be considered over.

Furthermore, the age of trying to prove the mission and its authenticity to the closed minded has reached the point of diminishing returns. We no longer have any need to “prove” anything. For those of us that know the case is the truth, that has already established, and thus, pointless to ruminate in uncertainties due to neglect of the close-minded’s ability to do their own research.

Where does that put us moving forward?

True expansion and unification of those who walk in truth and proactively use the material for the benefit of their lives, others around them, and ultimately, the world at large, step by step. However, folks should not take that lightly or suddenly become too over-excited in this new approach. We must confront reality as it is — the fact that we are here in 2018 and not in 2800. There are systems, rules, necessities and the like, here and now, to adapt to and utilize in order to fulfill the mission.

No man is an island. The hands of the many must join as one, and together, we’ll cross the river.

Our goal is to normalize and carry on the true essence, the wisdom of the teaching, to use this in everyday life up to the highest levels of production to a simple, loving, casual conversation with the unknowing ones. We want to be able to create books, music, documentaries, advertise and promote the material with solid financial backing, travel in connection to the mission, connect, network, gather resources, form production teams and so much more. However, this realistically requires support.

We have made a Theyfly Productions Patreon, help support our mission.

Expansion requires a structured organizational ethic, taking notes from the core FIGU group and the Plejaren themselves. It is not ran as some sideline charity, but an efficient, working organization that has resources to continue its production and directives. As an offspring plant of the mission, the Theyfly platform too, must expand and grow as a respectable, unified, powerful collective that is capable of fulfilling its directives.

While support on Patreon is one way for you to show your support, there are several other key areas for people to take up the mantle and contribute. Another blog post will be dedicated to this in the future. However, this whole thing is a step towards promoting pro-activity versus being only receptors of information, wallowing oppressively about the prophecies and doing nothing to change them, ruminating, useless attacking amongst ourselves etc. — instead, my friends, I employ you to pick up yourselves and WORK towards the mission.

WORK towards changing the future and building a better world together. We don’t have time to sit back and do nothing but cry, be angry, resentful etc. The time to DO progressive work is NOW. Use this great negative around us to fuel us to become better, stronger, capable, progressive human beings.

Can you design? Advertise? Promote? Create? Are you an innovator, have experience, knowledge to share? Why not appear on the live show and connect with others, network and be inspired? How about reaching out to shows to get Michael on? What about connecting others in your own way to the mission.


Ask yourselves this question:

What am I doing to support the mission and proactively grow it?

It’s time, ladies and gentlemen, to move ahead and truly create a better tomorrow by the sweat, dedication, persistence, true optimism, balance and perseverance of our work.


Update 2: Shout out to the Patrons so far! This list will continuously be updated.

  • Kevin Bakker
  • Michael Todd Coakley
  • Matt Lee
  • Stefan Zutt
  • Mario Grim
  • Jodie Coffey
  • Andrew Grimshaw
  • Silvana De Angelis
  • Mikael Metso
  • Patrick Quinn
  • Niko Sulonen
  • Seweryn Lavecchia
  • Ludwig Johanning
  • Norman DeCindis
  • David w. Hurlburt
  • Matthew Reed
  • Paul Stewart
  • ALLiTiZ


134 comments on “Support Our Mission

  • Hi folks!

    Wanted to share my experience. I’ve been interested in Meier and the spiritual teachings for years but only very recently reached out to get more involved. I couldn’t be more impressed with Jedi and his talented team at PSI. It is very clear to me that we, those of us drawn to the truth, have enormous potential for positive change in this world so please reach out, get involved, donate if you can. Looking forward to meeting more of you as this movement continues to grow!


    • Thanks Jedi for the thanks
      I am really embarrassed that I haven’t or should’ve done more.
      North south east west laziness.

      • If you are working on yourself, then you are doing more. We have to let go of this notion that some aren’t doing enough. For some folks, this is a full time job, and for others, that’s not possible. We all have jobs, lives, loved ones and so on. If you are working to better yourself by following the spiritual teaching, then you are already doing a very good thing.

        “There is no human being who is less important than any other; so the most humble – in the limits of his capability – is also the best in all of his abilities, skills and inclinations.”

        • I heard it Melissa. On another topic about the mission I was looking at statistics for women’s physical security worldwide promted by what Anne and others had said and the stats ranged from high security to no security, but what struck me was that in no nation on Earth is there a situation where women are physically secure ie from men. I think this is another aspect of the mission which could also be addressed at some time and I’d like to see more women talking about some of the issues in more detail, because i know about these details and many have never seen the light of day in the media and popular culture, it may encourage more of it later in time/history and the mission is slightly more about women than it is about men because there are more of them in the world were we to talk proportions

          • Are you freaking serious Daniel.
            Men can also become victims of other men just as men can also become victims of women just as it works the other way.
            Pardon my French but just as men can be bastards likewise women can be c$nts.
            At least in the first world women are afforded tremendous amount of protection from the law to such as extent that they can drive men to suicide especially concerning domestic and sexual abuse allegations as well as child custody cases.
            Just like men women can be very conniving, deceitful, cunning, manipulative, devious, dishonest, control freaky, exploitative and downright bitches.
            There is no two ways about it just as men can make women’s life a living hell so can women especially those sociopathic and psychopathic ones who absolutely cannot see any fault within themselves but to them its always the men’s fault.
            They lie, cheat and threaten just as much as men but have the added advantage of a condensed brain that is wired perfectly to win arguments and get away with false allegations and accusations where men end up being forced to apologise for something not of their fault.
            They can pull heart strings at a click of a finger and corner men with the gift of their gab.
            Just as men can be, women can also play men till kingdom come so don’t give me this BS story that somehow women are supposedly threatened everyday of their lives and that they are unsafe wherever they are.
            It always takes two to tango but this day and age we men are being assaulted with ridiculous laws against us that are designed to immaculate us and to tear families apart by the Dark Order knowing full well that if you throw enough mud around some of it will definitely stick.
            Look what happened to the late Wendelle Stevens, such a good man yet the stench of false allegation has stuck with him for life and tarnished his good reputation.
            So stop leeching off the tree of dark and dangerous untruths derive sustenance from the reality of truth.

          • Matt, some men are vulnerable but we’re talking about the history of the entire world and all it’s nations and FIGU is all about men by men for men at the moment. I put women’s violence against men often down to their inactivity and joblessness which changes the brain composition over time. Jedi, in the countries that matter there are more women than men, and there has always been ever since they came into the light of mattering. The physical insecurity of women often causes most of the issues, and the nations with less women are where they kill the female sex or suppress them or some other combination. Women truly only have access to certain nations and certain industries at the moment and they can’t just wander around freely without risking it all either. Women are not meant to be inactive throughout their lives and servants to their husbands that is very bad situation.

          • You misunderstand the dark order Matt, it’s the other way around, our world dominated by men for men is the dark order not some other fantasy that you have.

          • There is no doubt masculine-energies are in overabundance, even with women (See: UFC Fighter women, feminism etc.) who are in fact, unworthy of being female creatures and actively help to suppress the female gender (and true feminine energies, the real energies the world needs through women) by being Man 2.0; essentially copying the aggressive folly of man. Not only is this dangerous, rather, it’s repeating the same mistakes of men.

            The idea that we don’t have women doing evil on this planet is simply false.

            There are many women doing very evil, psychopathic things (IE: Hilary Clinton) and others in position of power that are driving our world to madness. While it is the start of promoting a healthy balance between genders, this is a good observation in the case of Earthlings and their general inability to control themselves. Earthlings are often quick to swap from one extreme to another, finding little to no balance and sometimes, repeating old mistakes.

          • It is possible that many of these over-enthused feminists may be new to incarnating as the female gender, and thus, unable to truly understand and promote the true feminine nature that is needed.

          • That situation of women serving their husbands and their lifelong inactivity only came about since the mans religions and clubs came along and they had nothing else to do but serve husbands and it has gone on too long, inactivity of women causes many serious crisises in our society and men have never noticed until recent time. The truth about men, we have seen it they have their hands of responsibility on everything Meier has talked about. The truth about women, never have we ever seen the truth about women, they’ve always been suppressed, and we have a high overpopulation because their purpose has been to breed and assist the man to breed and clean the home

          • Don’t ever compare me to some other guy Matt it is disrespectful and it opens your mind up too openly to what I don’t wish to see.

          • Daniel,

            As has been pointed out to you before, and again recently, you keep inserting your opinions as facts, which is a violation of rule 4. here:


            As pointed out, you did it when you stated:

            “FIGU is all about men by men for men at the moment”

            “…looking at statistics for women’s physical security worldwide promted by what Anne and others had said…”

            The first principle of the spiritual teaching is taking 100% complete self-responsibility for everything in our lives. So, keeping that and rule 4. in mind, if you continue to do this your comments won’t appear here any more. Of course this applies in principle to everyone.

          • Hello Daniel

            Let me assure you, in all my long years as a member of FIGU, and as a woman in the FIGU, your statement “FIGU is all about men by men for men at the moment” is not true, in the least bit. I suggest you take a look at the translation “The Position of Women in the FIGU” – posted here on They Fly Blog recently. It very clearly outlines FIGUs views on equality, equivalence and natural gender differences, and how FIGU views both men and women working together with respect towards each other, in equality.

            Later today I will also respond to another comment you made (on the Blog Etiquette posting), where you suggested that women set up a blog about the spiritual teachings, etc. etc.

            Until later,

          • “…looking at statistics for women’s physical security worldwide promted by what Anne and others had said…”

            Daniel, I don’t recall mentioning women’s physical security in any of my comments? Are you perhaps mistaken that I said something to this effect? Could you point me to the comment(s) where I said this, if indeed I did?

            Thank you

          • “It is possible that many of these over-enthused feminists may be new to incarnating as the female gender, and thus, unable to truly understand and promote the true feminine nature that is needed.”

            Exactly Jedi. 🙂

          • I’ve often stated that I wouldn’t want to date a woman who could bench press me, unless she was from Alpha Centauri. I hear the gravity’s different there and though the women are feminine and often petite, they’re remarkably strong.

          • The masculine energy has completely suppressed/oppressed the feminine energy on this planet. Whether it be the violent and aggressive nature of hyper-masculine men, or the violent and aggressive nature of hyper-masculine women, it’s the masculine energy that we need to deal with front and center. And yes, Women have taken the brunt of this oppression for many centuries, all over the planet, and now, due to cause and effect, we are seeing the rise of women. The beginning stages have not been pretty because some of these groups of women think they need to be like men in order to compete, be valued and treated equally.
            The real problem is the total domination of the actual feminine energy. The gene manipulation of our ancestors included the increase in testosterone which created this hyper-masculine energy. Eventually, the backlash will happen and the true and powerful feminine energy will emerge (I’m already starting to see these groups emerge slow and steady).
            If anything, we are always very good at swinging that pendulum to the most extreme on either side. We have to learn through misery apparently and unfortunately.
            Like Anne said though, FIGU has been a shining example of women and men working together in equality.

          • Daniel you said

            ‘Don’t ever compare me to some other guy Matt it is disrespectful…..’

            Oh well if you insist I’ll call the bluff on this one and actually help make the self fulfilling prophecy come true.

            I don’t know whether I am the only one here but I am getting this sense of dejavu Matthew Deagle moment who despite his material intelligence is nontheless chaotic or even catastrophic.
            Years ago the plejaren and billy had made comments to the effect that he was crazy.
            So there you go Daniel now I did compare you to some other guy.

          • A man only begins to be a man when he ceases to whine and revile and commences to search for the hidden justice which regulates his life. And as he adapts his mind to that regulating factor, he ceases to accuse others as the cause of his condition, and builds himself up in strong and noble thoughts; ceases to kick against circumstances, but begins to use them as aids to his more rapid progress, and as a means of discovering the hidden powers and possibilities within himself. Billy Meier

          • Daniel,
            I feel women is equally responsible for all the negativity in this world just as much as men are. In fact, I feel that women play an upper hand even though they are not directly involved. This is because we as earth humanity do not live the life of truth and are not spiritually evolved, but engage in all the fantasmagoria like Billy mentioned. Maybe, in future, once people start to live the life of truth and reasonableness, then may be women might shape up the world to be a better place. But as of now, I blame women (not all) more than men, because they see things happen and stay passive for the most part, and this mission is about humanity as a whole. Sorry!

          • I’m sorry Jessy, but that’s just nonsense. Women have been beat, raped, and murdered into submission by men over the centuries. Most of the world’s dictators, war leaders, and megalomaniacs have all been men. Yes there are insane and maniac women too, but the men have led the way for the violence and negativity in this world. There is just no denying that fact.

          • Jessy,

            While women should be stepping up to the role and being more assertive, it is still majority the man’s fault for helping to suppress the female gender, thereby making many women passive and shy due to societal influence, even from other women. It is EQUALLY our responsibilities as MEN to encourage and push our women to become equal and step up. Note: this does not mean over-enthused feminism!

        • Melissa I don’t know what any of what you had said has anything to do with the issue at hand.
          Let me be impolite here
          What you’d said is a convenient rationale (rational lies) used by every cat and dog under the sun who after feeling some pangs of guilt from all the instances of not following through with where they could’ve contributed in the past try to minimise or downplay their guilty conscience, which it knows full well by harassing them, and them coming up with some way of justifying it.
          Trust me I am also guilty of it and I know where its coming from.
          Dyson once rhetorically asked at the FIGU forum why people don’t contribute more financially to such worthy cause as his friend’s wanttoknow website.
          Read his posts.
          We should not be in denial.
          Those that know the truth should know that it is a given to work on yourself and lets not BS about here you are not doing Creation, billy, Plejaren and co, the spiritual teachings and whomever a favour first instead they have done you are favour first for which you are first and foremost doing it for yourself before anybody or anything else.
          So we should be eternally greatful.
          So anything and everything that we think we are doing for the mission should basically be a given.
          It will always be a small ask.
          Anyway sorry to get on the high horse here
          I only responded with a thanks to Jedi’s thanks because he included my name in his post and not to blow my own trumpet and show false modesty to try to prop up my ego for the pittance that I’ve pledged and not to diminish other people’s contributions by setting my conscience straight.
          To each to their conscience own.

          • Hi Matt, I think you’re reading too much into what I said. I simply meant that not everyone has the time to contribute full time (working wise) to the mission and doing something small is by far better than doing nothing at all. I myself contribute when and where I can and also by being a passive member of FIGU.

            I meant nothing more or less.

  • Hi folks,

    I’d like to publicly welcome Melissa on board as our first female moderator. Melissa, myself and MH will be sharing the workload on moderating comments. A blog post dedicated to certain necessary positions to be filled will be posted perhaps sometime next week.

  • “Always be aware of the great value of virtues and make like very many of your fellow humans who strive for high ideals and lead a life that is full of a quiet heroism.”

    “The human must always conduct a line of reasoning in all matters within himself, specifically, through his effective perceptions and cognitions, through his thoughts and feelings as well as through his deep reflections, from which cognizances and knowledge, experience and the essence of everything, wisdom, are gained. Wanting to prove something is always wrong in every case if it concerns things that every human himself must discover and recognize through his own understanding and through his own reason, from which then his own inner line of reasoning emerges. Other evidence can only be offered in this respect if, for example, the facts are cleared up with an accident or crime, etc., which then serve as evidence. However, where it concerns pure facts of reason and understanding, for which evidence should be created, it is utterly wrong to want to strive for an open and external line of reasoning.”

    “Approach your work and your business with forethought and circumspection, for good work is worthy of proper compensation; circumspection, forethought and honesty offer sound long-term rewards in business, even in a world of guile. When you achieve positive, remarkable successes keep from becoming blinded and deafened by them and proceed toward those things of virtuous substance. Be attentive also to the means and ways of the people with whom you deal; though many strive for lofty ideals, few reach their goals.”

  • Reading about man seemingly causing all the trouble in world, I am reminded of a saying – behind every “successful” man there stands a woman. 🙂

    Daniel, Daniel… you are charming, and maybe correct in some way, but you have a big mouth. Haha. This is not a platform for our personal thoughts and opinions, otherwise I would too start to claim all sorts of silly stuf… nevermind.

    • Well it is a platform for personal thoughts and opinions, just… be self responsible and make sure they fit the guidelines! 🙂

      It’s the ones that break the guidelines we aren’t much a fan of!

      • Right, right… agreed! 🙂 So glad we don’t have to cite Billys words for every remark made, otherwise we’ll be no different than every bible-babbler out there.

    • Yeah that’s it, don’t you worry Luka, they delete most of my comments so the rest don’t make any sense and I can’t ever respond anyway so don’t worry about it.

      • Okay, I’m only approving this comment which was formerly trashed because I want to address this once and for all:

        IF your comment does not comply with the guidelines, it WILL be trashed. If you continue breaking the rules, you will be banned. This has nothing to do with censorship in a negative sense. It does have to do with the fact that people need to be responsible and STOP accusing others and assuming nonsense. You are free to post your thoughts and opinions, as long as they aren’t attacking or breaking the rules.

        Daniel, you’ve posted many things against MH that are over-the-top, and I am reaching out to you to see this.

        PLEASE, use some discretion. Without order, chaos ensues. This is normal; natural, and frankly, needed in any evolutively growing civilization.

  • Hi and welcome onboard Melissa as moderator. Been a while since I commented on this blog. Just wanted to say that the self work that one must engage in as someone stated earlier is paramount to supporting the mission in my opinion. That being said I would estimate everyone then adds to the collective from their own strengths. Although these strengths may be different if compared to others it still contains equal value in my estimation.
    Glad to see the rules of conduct and participation being applied here Michael.
    Also appreciate the balance being worked toward here with more women participating. Definitley need the feminine perspective on many things discussed on these blog topics.
    See everyone in the livestream.

    • There is no a “must”, just a voluntary choice, but I understand what you mean. You must die, everything else is a matter of a personal choice. Just like Billy, he didn’t have to do anything, it was only his choice in my opinion.

  • Just to let everyone know that I won`t be able to take part in this particular part of the blog temporarily due to a personal dilemma that sprung a leak recently on Saturday March 17th 2018 unfortunately but I will keep blogging in other parts of the blog. I won`t be able to do any volunteering temorarly for the time being due toi a leak in a ceiling in my apartment that has to repaired and fixed. Sorry about that.

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