14 Replies to “The Billy Meier UFO Contacts: New Prophecies & Predictions”

  1. Hi Jacobus, I just saw the video an the figu website. I`ll go strait to my question. If all these nefarious entities such as NASA, US government and Deep State all know about Billy and the Ps why are they trying so very hard to avoid the issue and denies they eve ever heard about Billy and the Ps? Why all the coui disuses of fake UFOs to get control of the people here on Earth? Is it money they want? etc,etc,etc? I`m 74 years oild with multipul diasablities that I was born with! Why must I wait 800 years to find out that have been contacted by these very friendly helpful ET Ps with the spiritual teachings of which is fair enough but life is very short here on Earth! why am I bearing all thi hardship and not allowed to really see ahd hear these benevolent friendly ET Ps while I`m living? Where are all the moral and ethical values of the Deep State that want nothing more than a nuclear war that want money for nuclear war, weapons of mass destruction, money to kill ALL of us here on savage primitive Earth??? If the Deep State knows all this about Billy and the Ps why don`t these cabals just come out and just deal with this and say we`ve been contacted by the Ps for well over thousands of years and left Earth to make us suffer and die in a nuclear war by 2020??? Were is that logic and rational for such despicable malevolent bad behavior to wish us all ether pay up or die from camcer,rafiation poison from a nuclear war? Why such criminal behavior from such a young saveg world such as Earth??? Must we ALL die just to find out that we have been cotacted? Why such bad RNA/DNA for such a short aggressive genes from the Syrian star system?

  2. Hi MH Will we all see these presentations on Youtube like all the EPs such as the last EP 20? Thanks Salome Terry

    1. Remember that old Chinese saying, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a…credit card. And it’s even 800 miles less.

    1. Sean,

      I haven’t done any for some time but I may be doing one in Sedona in a few months. I will post it on the blog if it comes off.

  3. Michael,

    Unfortunately, I am unable to attend either of the above presentations. That being said, will either of these presentations be made available either in DVD or downloadable Content? Thank you in advance.
    All my love.

  4. Mike

    i don’t like how you attack people on absolute everything you know nothing about.. Michael Talbot was not a conspiracy theroist or a New Age Fruitcake and yet you brand him as his Book “Holograms universe” as Junk and retarted. YOU are just a Brainwashed occulist. You know Nothing

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