Creating is, in its own essence, evolution. By creating we are allowing the Universe to dream, and by the Universe dreaming it is also expanding (growing). New ideas arise out of the newly forming creative essence. It is fully necessary for each and every human to be creative in order to evolve.

Cooking, drawing, architecture, woodworking, building a snowman, writing, using a skateboard to move a piece of furniture that’s too heavy to carry…. the manners in which one can be creative are literally endless (heck, here in the south the manners in which one can be creative with duct tape are near as endless).

It is of unparalleled importance to go about being creative in one’s day-to-day life, to search for creative (unconventional) solutions to any and all arising problems. Be creative. With practically any method in any circumstance one can be creative. Use your imagination to its fullest. That’s what it is there for: a tool (and an ally) to be utilized (collaborated).

Because of the infinite possibilities of creativity paired with my limited amount of time on this planet, I’ll dedicate the rest of this article to calling specifically upon creators of fictional-fantastical content but I’m certainly not excluding anybody! (If you’re a sports-guy that has drawn up the rules for Spirit-ball and want to teach us how to play, give us a shout!). This branch of fiction (sci-fi, fantasy, etc., etc.) however, can itself take on near limitless forms: Cartoons, comics, webtoons, TV-series, movies, short-stories, novellas, epic soundtracks, songs, ballads, poems and books etc., etc.

The Need.

Now why, you may ask, is it so important to draw attention to this stuff? Aren’t there plenty, even perhaps too many, of these distractions already out there? Indeed, there is quite a bit of content of this nature already in existence. But, if you are like me and love to indulge in fantasy, yet are simultaneously occupied with matters of psychic and conscious-development, then perhaps you have also come across the same issue as me: the majority of the (un)creative content out there is polluted with vile, degenerate, ausgeartet garbage. So much so that you literally feel “set back” in your consciousness-development after having devoted a chunk of your time and attention to any of these atrocities.

Not to say that such cannot be present in your creations, nor should you censor yourself. However, Ausgeartung needs to be presented as the evil that it is, instead of romanticized as is, unfortunately, all-too-often the case.

Indeed, we live in a world where the the balance is tipped in favor of negativity, so let us counter-balance it with the positive-power of our imaginations. Express and portray the dark-side, even in it’s abundance, yet show examples of how this evil can be overcome (vanquished). Use the Creational impulses as your guide to bring these worlds (which are truthfully only allegories of our own) within your imaginings into balance. The art of the times must reflect the spirit of the times, and indeed these are dark-times. But there is Hope! Do not focus on the dark or negative traits of this world or any other, but rather use the portrayal of it as a tool, an example to be overcome by painting a vivid picture of how-to.

Please, allow me to paint such a picture within our mind:

A ravaged landscape; ash, fire, ruins, desolation, a sun clouded by a mist of embers;

there’s nothing left living anywhere in sight.


…in the center of it all, we see a small child clothed in naught but tattered rags, she is kneeling; gaze fixed upon the ground.

She is smiling, amidst her gaze is a mound of dirt with but the tiniest stemming of a sprout peaking through.

It is green.

So very green is this little speckle of a sprout; the contrast of it’s surroundings serve only to make it all-the-greener.

The reason I am expressing this call for fantastical-content creators is because we have to get good stuff out there, to repel the darkness and show there there is always a path to hope for those who are searching, even if it is naught but the faintest of shimmers in the midst of the abyss. Through this we can carve out a path to those seeking truth, other like us who also need to escape.


Whoa, whoa, wait! Why am I encouraging an escape from reality!? Isn’t that the last thing we should be thinking of?! Don’t we need to focus on cleaning up this mess before we concern ourselves with these fabricated worlds of fiction?! Won’t creating more distractions do just that, distract?

Yes and no.

In the latest issue (186) of Voice of the Aquarian Age (in German)* Billy Meier describes just how negative these distractions can affect you, and their negative impact on society as a whole. Yet, he also expresses, just as clearly, in that same issue (page 6) the need for distractions. Indeed he (BEAM) encourages escaping reality to a certain extent, be it through watching sports, TV, reading, web-surfing, playing video games etc., and also states that doing such is “genuinely non-reproachable”.

The following is a rather roughly translated quote from that page: “To constantly endure reality without some manner of pause would mean that one is either a robot or full-time psychopath.”

The fact of the matter is that everyone needs some manner of escape, and while I am certainly not encouraging any measure of neglect of responsibilities of our real world, it is unfortunately the case that there are many people out there who need inspiration, who need a demonstration of what true hope is, as well as how to execute it. These people, like many of us in the past, just don’t know where to look, they have been lied to by their churches, condemned by their peers and forsaken by society as a whole. Thus, they turn the hero’s and heroins of fiction for answers.

So let us work toward creating and publishing good, beneficial, and inspiring content. Let’s do it without the excessive and romanticized, drug-abuse; violence; pornography and other degeneracies. Let’s build worlds for other like ourselves to escape to for a while to get a way from the many worries and burdens of this one.

But let’s go a bit further!

Let’s craft a story that will also inspire them while they are away, that they may come back to our world with a fresh perspective, a renewal of might, and a determination to tackle these real problems head on!

And Hey!

Let’s remember now and again to take a vacation ourselves to these foreign realms of boundless imagining! Just don’t get lost, we still have plenty to accomplish here.)


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  • In an evolved world where the purpose of art is known, the creator would take into account and be responsible for cause and effect upon the evolution and well being of the fellow life forms.

  • I read this artical last week , i really agree with the opinians. Actually, i had the same ideas in 2014 ,4 years earlier than the this contact reports.I began to know Billy and his books and materials also since the year 2014.

    Hello , Michael , could you please giveme your personal email so i can write to you and share more idears about the spirital teaching?


  • I hope I posted these articles on segments of Goblet of Truth(GOTT) from pintress which are traken from the book in bright colorful rectangular squares. I`m going to look these articles up and add some of them to my notes in my notebook because I don`t use crdit cards and can`t afford to by the book(GOTT). But if anybody is interested you can look GOITT on pintress. Salome

  • Hi, Send you , Seth and Michael Horn songs,请笑纳 and Think think~

    1.Let the bass go by Snoop Lion .
    2. Shell Shocked by Latitude.
    3. May He Poop? ( An Indian video translation by Ben).

  • To Seth and MH,
    Sorry that because iam a visually impaired and use screen reader so i type wrongly of some words.

    Now made some corrections of No.2 songs of the Film “忍者神龟”:

    2.1 Shell Shocked by Wiz Khalifa and Juicy (English Ver原版).
    2.2 Shell Shocked by Wiz Khalifa and Juicy,韩庚(Chinese Ver).
    2.3 忍 by GReeeen (Japanese Ver).

    About the 3th song’s description , i just copy from the internet , but finally found erros inside: not translated but subtitled by Ben.

    Sorry again for the misunderstanding caused by my faults and my poor english, because english is not my Mother languages.

    This is not for fun or lesurement, please think think and 反思,改正错误!(correcting the mistakes by your team)
    Try your best to do the job and anywork and doing in dailly life better and better 🙂

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