Trivializing the Truth

As Billy Meier was warned, in 1948, about what we now call…”fake news”

The recent mainstream media interest in UFOs is really…touching, isn’t it? The latest trendy fluff piece about UFOs, aliens, extraterrestrials, etc., this time in New York Magazine, prominently features one of Billy Meier’s UFO photos. The only things missing are a copyright acknowledgement – and even one word about the singularly authentic Meier contacts.

Behold, It’s a…Miracle!

Instead, we’re subjected to the usual inconclusive, dead-end, speculative content about every irrelevant bit of UFO conspiracy and conjecture, as well as references to some of the famous myopic and cynically self-serving so-called “experts” on extraterrestrial life, not a one of whom knows what they’re talking about.

But miraculously, just like the Pentagon – that certainly greatly outspent them – the seven credited writers…couldn’t find the Meier case either!

If you want to pause for a moment to wonder just how, in this internet saturated world, seven presumably competent writers didn’t, in the course of their “research”, come across the most important true story in all of human history, you may assume they probably won’t acknowledge or admit reading this, even though it’s also arrived in their Twitter accounts.

I Don’t See an Elephant

But take heart, should the magazine and the writers still want to pretend there’s no elephant in the room, it’s only a matter of time before they will have numerous opportunities to join the chorus of deniers, skeptics, government disinformation shills and fake news purveyors chanting, “Why didn’t somebody warn us?”

Three Pages of UFO Fluff

Because they think that you’re…dumb, Washington, DC, news station WTOP, published a three-article series on UFOs, which was also deliberately devoid of any mention of the Meier UFO contacts. This was in part due to the main source of the UFO information having been provided by the CIA/State Department affiliated, disinformation organization, MUFON.

When I provided the author of the article with ample evidence and information about Meier’s singularly authentic, still ongoing UFO contacts…the shock must have been too much for her. She had neither comments, questions, nor the awe that would be expected of any sincere, real journalist who’d published three articles on the subject, presumably in pursuit of the truth.

But the trend to trivialize, if not unapologetically suppress and corrupt, the truth is now encapsulated in the term “fake news”. Perhaps it’s bit ironic that Billy Meier was specifically warned about this, too, 70 years ago:



So it isn’t “missed” by the writers and editors this time, here are some of the most recent, independent expert conclusions endorsing the ironclad, singular authenticity of the Meier contacts, as well as a little UFO eye candy:

USAF OSI Investigator Concludes Billy Meier Case Real 

NASA Engineer: The Billy Meier UFO Case Is Real

Former Operations Director/VP, Orbital Flight Systems Group, on The Billy Meier Case

Billy Meier UFO Case: Beyond a Reasonable Doubt 

The Real UFO Films The Pentagon Hid From You



















The two photos above were taken from…within one of the UFOs.


We might ask a few questions. Since none of the writers for New York Magazine were “UFO researchers”, or even remotely interested and actively writing about the topic before, and since the unfortunately misled woman who authored the three-page exercise in irrelevancy and MUFON-provided disinformation didn’t have a clue either, just…who tasked all of these writers with their articles, what information and/or directions did they have them pursue and…why?

What’s the real agenda? Is it just designed to further distract, disinform, hypnotize and control people, could it be to provide more escapism and entertainment, so as to numb the concerns about things like the coming: global financial crashUS civil wars,  diabolical, US-instigated war with Russia,  etc.?

The Spiritual Teaching

There’s a popular, daffy idea going around that we “live in a computer simulation”. What should be said is that we now live in a world filled with twisted, altered and aberrated simulations of what were once real and true values, integrity, ethics – journalistic and otherwise, etc.  The thinking, the cravings and lust for power that caused this cannot cure it, any more than the technology through which it’s so rapidly spread, or artificial intelligence, more weapons, etc., can.

We were warned 70 years ago. Maybe you’re just finding it now. We don’t need to “believe in aliens” or chase lights-in-the-sky. The way to extricate ourselves from this ever-imploding, self-consuming mess, from the path of the truth-less, first requires the desire and choice to do so. It doesn’t get better on its own.

There is a reason for the Meier contacts. It is to help us learn the way to live, to forge our own destinies and assure our own future survival. How to do it is to be found in the non-religious, belief-free, spiritual teaching.

So, kick your reliance on fake news and learn the truth…if you’re finally ready for it.


Graphic by Norm DeCindis

42 Replies to “Trivializing the Truth”

  1. MSM: “We now return to your regular PROGRAMMING.”
    Every time turn it on or pick it up we give our consent to the Propaganda Machine that is manipulating our reality (our thoughts and feelings).
    Choose wisely. Above all, be aware.

  2. Mike did you ever asked if ‘UFO congress’ organizers can do live Billy presentation&ask-answer session on SKYPE?

    1. George,

      politely pointed out that not only was the Meier case the only authentic one but that a lot of their presenters were phonies and liars.

      There…may be a connection as to why I’ve not been back.

    2. George,

      That’s the…LAST thing they want!

      You see, I last presented there about 10 years ago. And I think that, maybe, perhaps, possibly, I guess…the fact that I not only claimed that the Meier UFO contacts were singularly authentic but that most of the presenters were charlatans and phonies, may have dimmed their enthusiasm for any further Horn-sentations.

  3. Hi MH I don`t know if this is the right plac to post these two articles from but these articles may be related to the Prophesies and Predictons from Billy and the Ps. Here they are for Tuesday April 3rd 2018#1Pentagon Plans for “Long War” Against China and Russia By Mi8chael T. Clare Tom Dispatch/New Analysis #2 Pentagon`s Scary Plan to Militarize Ocean Life By Maria Danls Earth Island Journal/OpEd

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