Michael Horn Live, EP 21

Students are revolting…so what else is new?

Interactive, taking viewer’s questions live!

  • Butter for Brains: Revolting Students March
  • Update on the One True Religion
  • Viewer’s Questions
  • Organization Using Technology to Spread Hate Worldwide
  • Mt. Etna on the Move







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 Michael Horn Live, EP 21

Tuesday, March 27

8:00 PM Pacific Time

56 Replies to “ Michael Horn Live, EP 21”

  1. Jedi, that’s the second time you wore that singlet. In my opinion it is not a good look for the show. Here in Australia they call people who wear them blue singlets “yobo’s” or bums.

    1. Ian,

      There’s not much room to respond to this comment — only the fact that while visiting the Caribbean, it can be quite hot! I love tank tops since I am quite physically active, but also as a form of slender style with skinny jeans.

      1. Yobo style, or stylishly yobo? Yobo-ing or free-styling? 😉 I know all about tropical heat and I don’t fault you one bit for wearing what is comfortable.

        In my personal opinion it matters not what the person looks like on the outside, but only how they are on the inside.

        More focus on the important matters… matters.

      2. Jedi my apartment is so hot that I like to wear anything that is sleeveless due to the old fashioned boiler just under my bed includinding singlets(tank tops) which goes between oil and natural gas.

      3. Jedi, here in Miami people usually dress casual as well, it’s too hot to be preppy, you know it’s funny that one gets used to so when I travel to my country of origin, Argentina, people talk to me in English thinking that I won’t understand the language, all because for the way I dress.

          1. I love the warm weather in Florida and to me being casual is very cool for me. Getting all dressed up in this day and age is all passey even when you go out for dinner,ballet ,etc,etc,etc. Who wants to get all dressed up to the nines in the 21rst century. I also love the no formalitiy laidback casual ambience of the people from Austria,so very cool. G`day Lo.

  2. Hi Professor MH I finally saw EP 21 and wrote down notes in my new notebook about the might of thoughts and neutral positive thinking soi that I`ll be very aware not to think too negative thoughts in my everyday thinking since I worry alot.

    1. Well if you heard what is going on in Sacramento Ca with the Black Lives Matter and Baton Rouge La to looks like the first of the two civil wars are about to begin fortunately both civil wars will be very short lived then by 2020 all hell will break loose and we will ALL BE DEAD!!!

      1. We’re all going to die prematurely, all by natural causes if we count humans as natural, but we live on Earth during its upper-middle ages not on Erra and we’re genetically modified and being watched like the Truman show by atleast 5 foreign races, Michael talks about popcorn

  3. MH I heard recently that there is a benign group of ETs putting a serum inside the sun to calm the Earth down so that there will be less war and less violence on Earth? Is this true? If so maby these nice ETs could put more serum into the sun to stop all the wars and violence on Earth maby even do something for planet Earth and the rest of the solar system to stop all this violence and hatred and wars? Seems to me Earth is turning into Erras instead of Erra! Where is the peace love harmony freedom kindness and so on so we can all be like Erra NOT Erras???

    1. Wut? o_O

      Terry you might be a little more selective about your information sources… This is nothing but far-fetched nonsense.

      Peace, love, harmony, kindness etc. starts with the individual. If every person would actively, purposefully and sincerely spend some time out of their day reflecting on self-responsibility and what this truly means (ie. work on making themselves true human beings) instead of wasting time and energy on trivial un-value added endeavors, then a change for the better, for all, is already begun.

  4. Thanks MH Before I forget you mentioned something about colors? By colors why were you talking, referring to about negative colors and positive colors etc? Salome Terry

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