Salome friends from all over the world,

As discussed in the previous blog post (click here), we have moved into a new age of the mission, and with it, comes new innovations and adaptions while maintaining the timeless position of the teaching. It is very important that one confronts the truth – and the truth is that a very low amount of Earthlings truly understand the spiritual teaching. That gives both advantages and disadvantages, mainly starting with this one that should be pointed out before going any further:

The mission, to spread the truth of Creational-spiritual matters and its intricacies in its purest, truest form, is not to be mistaken as an opportunity to proselytize or attempt to convert anyone.

We are not trailblazers or saviors.

There are many cases where one should keep silent and not even mention a word of Billy or the Plejaren. The goal is not to be a copy-parrot, relaying information that you, personally, may not have digested and made wisdom for your own. At times, spreading the teaching can be as simple as showing a smile or performing a true, altruistic act of kindness. Depending on the situation, circumstances, environment, social influence etc., one must use tact and know when to speak and when not to.

Only and only if the curiosity in the receiving human is provoked enough that said human wishes to know more, can one slowly introduce them into the teaching, FIGU and the Meier material in a way that does not harm their evolution.

Due to the collective evolution of Earth in this lifetime, the overall mission still has a very long way to go, and thus, requires much patience, tolerance, neutrality, understanding, tact, love and wisdom. This also puts more emphasis on ourselves and the spiritual platforms for members connected to or learning of the truth, to dock in. As a matter of fact, the only way to truly better the world is through each individual looking within and finding peace for themselves.

Through neutral-positive and equalized, balanced thinking, the legacies, especially connected to the genealogy and continuation of earth humans, will slowly overtime, purify itself like a gold refinery.  This is even further reason why one must focus first and foremost on themselves and their evolution, because it collectively influences the entire world. Thus, it is important to understand that there is a procedure already at work and Earth should not be thought of as a hopeless case because this would be an untruth. Earth, despite its severe negating-negatives, has tremendous potential for good and already has such good here and now in Earth, some of which may not have any connection to the mission directly.

As such, each and every human being, regardless of their knowledge of the mission, Meier, FIGU, the Plejaren etc. should be respected and treated equally as a part-piece of the almighty oneness – Creation. Every single individual human is exactly that, an individual human, and has their own path, their own mistakes, their own form of learning etc. that they must go through in their own ways. While we do not want such learning to get out of hand, especially evils such as wars etc. (which we should speak up about), at the same time, in even lesser cases, we do not have the right to condemn another human being into true Creational life and over-positively cheat them from their specifically tailored evolutionary path.

Our roles, some of us as guides, is to be just as the word describes and nothing more.

This brings us to the next part of this post – What You Can Do.

Disclaimer: Every human being is of equal worth and every human being has their own advantages and limitations. Therefore, no role is to be considered, in a human-worth sense, superior over any others, and every single person fits the pie in their own unique way. More demanding roles are, by default, more demanding on time and energy and thus requires dedication and perseverance.


A quote from Anne Williams:

“A few folk on here may feel as though there is some pressure to volunteer on the blog, etc. The fact is, even participating in comments, at one’s own pace and discretion, is “doing something”. Reading and studying the material is “doing something”. Especially important: Working on one’s self development and consciousness-related growth is “doing something”. Etc. etc. 🙂

As mentioned before “even the smallest effort (the above mentioned counts as ‘effort’) is already a large contribution”.

Volunteer, help and participate where you can and however you can, but don’t feel bad if you cannot do more than you already are doing. From what I see no one is thinking any worse of anyone’s efforts here, in whatever form this “effort” is, or however large or small it may be. “



  • Support our Patreon page, help us build better platforms for the mission through donations.
  • Leave comments on the They Fly Blog, The They Fly Youtube, post your thoughts and opinions. Like, Share, Subscribe. This stuff is an enormous help and grows the mission greatly.
  • Work on yourself. Doing this alone is already a gigantic support to the mission.
  • Be good to your environment and the people around you. Use the real world to proactively practice the teaching in its truest wisdom.
  • Connect with other members in the truth and local study groups. Reach out to those connected to the truth.
  • Find Creative ways to influence that is in a way which is true and neutral.
  • Find shows, podcasts, links etc. for the They Fly team to appear on, Michael especially.
  • Send out emails, connect on social media etc. in regards to growth and expansion of the mission. Let us hear your plans.



Disclaimer: Please do not apply for these roles if you do not have the time, patience or dedication. All members who wish to fill direct roles will have to have the following requirements before applying. Exceptions do apply, based on the position one is aiming for:

  1. Adequate knowledge and understanding of the spiritual teaching and its purpose.
  2. Adequate knowledge and understanding of Billy Meier, The Plejaren, FIGU, the contact reports and They Fly.
  3. Good team player with emphasis on reason, diplomacy, respect for others and their own roles, patience, tolerance, wisdom, kindness, peace, balance, honesty, warmth and above all, love.
  4. Strength, dedication, commitment, persistence, perseverance, proper enthusiasm, altruistic values and ideals are required in some form, and members working directly with the They Fly platform are encouraged to have a strong backbone against all odds.
  5. Absolutely no competitive, destructive, selfish, coercion, or other evil-intentional seeds are allowed. There are no exceptions to this. Healthy negatives and disagreements are to be done in a diplomatic manner seeking peace and the best outcome for all parties.
  6. Camera and Voice are required to promote human to human interaction, especially team-based meetings on Hangouts which the They Fly team do very often weekly. Exceptions to this rule very rarely apply.
  7. Members working on the They Fly platform are required to not be a blabbermouth in connection to the work and to only reveal information when necessary. Knowing when to speak and when not to is a requirement.

Positions Currently Opened (Certain roles require different specialties and this will be updated in the future with new roles)

  • Prophecy and Predictions Corroborator. Members in this position will go out and find information relating to the prophecies and predictions, mainly the predictions, and relay information with sources of the news report and contact report back to They Fly for posting content and updates.
  • Contact Report Historian.  Members in this position are required to have deep, diverse knowledge of the contact reports and the exact locations for references in They Fly content.
  • FIGU Historian. Members in this position are required to have deep, diverse knowledge of FIGU and the FIGU Bulletins and updates for references in They Fly content.


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14 comments on “Support Our Mission: What You Can Do

  • The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to ways you can help. I think it’s important that Jedi pointed out that not everyone can devote hours upon hours a day, but that doesn’t make anyone less important. We are all growing that snowball into a huge unstoppable force.

    Whether you are interested in contributing a little or a lot, reach out to us and find out which programs and jobs are available.


  • Jedi, old friend, you hit the nail on the head with this one.
    I also want to point out that the ways in which one can be of aid certainly aren’t limited to what is listed above, but rather only by the imagination itself 😉

  • How about reaching out on Youtube, instagram, twitter, facebook, email and much more if at all possible. Salome Terry

  • Knowing there is a growing community of like-minded individuals gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling. Also, being confident that what I’m doing in life (reading, learning, being kind, compassionate and caring) is enough for right now. I was going through a dark time with so much negativity in the world and I had been ‘lost’ from the Spirit Teachings until the other day, I thought wow I haven’t read Michaels blog lately. And here it was, growing like a beautiful field of wild flowers! I’m happy to be back (although I was never really gone).

  • Great work being done here guys but i have noticed the term ‘spiritual teachings’ being used a lot.
    There is only one teaching of the FIGU, which is the Geisteslehre = spiritual teaching.
    With respect

    • Indeed it is only one. The references to “teachings” in this context is mainly stemmed from the multitude of available books (which are all interconnected as one ultimately)

    • Good point Karl. Thank you. I am guilty of using the term ‘teachings’ as opposed to the more correct form ‘teaching’. I’ll pay better attention to this going forward. 🙂


      • … adding a note to my comment above in case of any confusion: I’m referring to using the term “Spiritual Teachings” vs “Spiritual Teaching” (Geisteslehre).

        When referring to the “Teachings” (as a general all-encompassing term) then using the plural is correct. This is because the ‘Teachings’ comprise:

        1. The Teaching of the Spirit
        2. The Teaching of Life
        3. The Teaching of Truth


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