Many of us occupy ourselves with the study of the Spirit Teaching, and perhaps like me, you also observe our neighbors, friends, close family, and society as a whole. You also may notice and wonder about this apparent contradiction: Everywhere we look it seems that good people are befallen with every manner of difficulty and strife, while the greedy self-serving ones constantly gain the upper hand in society, seize political advancement, and accumulate and horde the worlds financial wealth.

Of course, on the surface, this does seem to contradict how many of us think things should work. However, by way of deep contemplation and patient observance, we find that this is nothing other than the Universe (Creation) unfolding in it’s ever-logical manner. What we are witnessing here is the boomerang effect.*

With the boomerang effect, the power of the thoughts are essentially hurled out into the universe, and depending on the force behind the “throw” they reach a certain apex and change direction, in which case they hurl back to the “sender” while increasing in might along the way. In this process is also what is known as a “shift in polarity”; positive-power comes back as negative and vice-verse.

So here, when seemingly negative-circumstances fall upon the senders of good-natured thoughts, It is exactly because their own “hurled” thoughts have, in effect, come back with increased might and a shift in polarity; presenting them with a challenge, and an opportunity to overcome said challenge, to then be one step further along in their evolution.


Challenges to Overcome

These at-first-glance negative happenings are food-stuff (working-material), substance to process with the thoughts, so that we may recognize the beneficial value of the situation, over-come it and convert it into a block on which to build ourselves up to a newly elevated height. In the course of this comprehensive process we are exerting the effort necessary in developing strength and resilience of the consciousness. The end result of  this learning of how to cope with, overcoming and mastering these difficulties is a positive happening, thus equalizing this process as a whole and bringing about the neutral-positive results necessary for furthering the evolution.

On the other hand, the greedy and self-serving individuals, whom send out negative and egotistical thoughts of personal gain, coercion etc., are hit with seemingly positive at-first-glance happenings (occurrences and circumstances) such as; influx of wealth, promotion, political victories etc. They experience nothing more than the superficial material gain of negative power, which they then tragically and erroneously deem to be the true path to success and continue ever-deeper into the depths of that dark path, while recognizing none of the beneficial food-stuff. They process nothing in any kind of profound wise in order to neutralize the happening with their consciousness power in an equalized manner and therefore develop nothing of any real value. Thus, rather than forming a block of healthy cognition of which to build a balanced foundation for themselves to climb upon, they instead dig themselves deeper into a ditch.


To build ourselves up in the manner of conquering any and all forms of hardship creates the sturdy foundation upon which true prosperity is built both internal and external, and allows us to develop the character traits and mental resilience necessary to navigate and steer ourselves throughout the perpetually volatile ebb and flow of life.

On the other hand, the seemingly prosperous negative thinker is really just as hollow on the inside as is the precarious illusion of a podium upon which they appear to be raised. Yet once the consequences for their negative deeds finally catch up to them, by way of the pendulum effect (not to be confused with the boomerang effect) it all crashes down upon them. And, as they have built up no inner resilience nor strength through having only gained (superficially) the easy (negative) way, they are thereby impaired by their lack of their experience with, and the understanding of, the evolutive process. Thus they have developed none of the tools nor abilities necessary for coping with, and adapting to, the struggles and strife which their counter-part (the neutral-positive-equalized thinker) continues to refine throughout the course of their life.

The Other Side of that Coin

Also to mention here is the pure-positive thinker, who refuses to acknowledge the negative aspects of existence, thus sends out unequalized thoughts of a fully positive nature, which causes, from the results of their own actions (cause and effect), negative material (food-stuff) to return to them, which they could choose work with, in order to strengthen, shape and equalize themselves thereby, yet they stubbornly refuse to acknowledge any negativity at all through their rose tinted glasses and thus become perpetually bombarded with negative-circumstances, of which they have effectively brought upon themselves, until their eventual destruction ultimately results. In the end, this life is as just as degenerate, ausgeartet**, and stagnant as the that of the evil, self-serving negative thinker.

The Motivation

When these “bad” (negative-food-thought-working-material) things happen to good people, it is really the Universe behaving the only way it knows how; in the purely logical manner of cause and effect. It need only be recognized and comprehended in order to see that the negative isn’t “bad” at all but rather part of a greater whole of what is actually good (neutral-positive equalized).

Therefore, one should not seek to be a good person for expectation of positive circumstances, rewards, building of image, or the expectation of naught but sunbathing in the soothing radiance of giggling warmth whilst endlessly drifting upon rainbow waves of melodious miracles; nor should the motivation be negatively rooted the in fear of karmic retribution, damnation, or the vengeance of a maniacally vindictive (or was it mercifully loving?) god.

We should strive to do and be good for the neutral-positive-equalized reason of it being the correct, logical, healthy and evolutive way to live. Put simply, it’s the right thing to do. We should seek to be and do good because it’s the right thing to do.

This distinguishes those of true integrity and virtue from those seeking superficial gain, popular image and the like. The apparent “rewards” and “gains” of the wicked in their accumulation of ill-gotten goods such as blood money etc., by way of their dark deeds are in essence but a curse, for by thoughtlessly drilling themselves down through this trench they are, in effect, damning themselves to a stagnation of their consciousness-evolution.

The real, true path to prosperity, inner wealth (which can often times be accompanied by outer wealth for the patient and harmonious) is generously paved with a multitude of various forms of struggle and strife. Digesting and absorbing the nutrients from this substance is how we grow; cultivating the attributes and abilities needed prepare us for the ever-increasing difficulties*** awaiting us along the path of our evolution. These challenges are the whetstones upon which we sharpen and shape; molding the diamonds eager to shine within each of us the same.

The Arduous Adventure awaits!

Come now, let us band together on this treacherous journey of evolution in it’s most pure form; rife with every manner of hardship along it’s path. Those of us with the courage and determination to live, will do just that.

But not just that!

In this journey we continue to reach ever newly heightened heights, each more unimaginable than the last, with our raising of ourselves up and the throughout the upward churning spiral that is our Creation.

  • *See  page 126 of The Psyche (Die Psyche) for detailed explanation of the Boomerang effect. (As well as further clarification on page 224)
  • ** ausgeartet is inadequately translated in dictionaries as “degenerate”. It really means: to get very badly out of control of the good human nature.
  • ***The Challenges increase in their over all level of difficulty, yet with the progress of the consciousness-power in a neutral-positive way, one becomes better equipped to over-come the challenges. Therefore making the more challenging difficulties further down the line altogether more manageable than the initial easier challenges one faced without the strength and abilities gained from this experience.
  • E.g.; 400 lbs is heavier than 300 lbs but one with with conditioned and strengthened muscles will have less difficulty lifting the 400 lbs than one with no strength & conditioning attempting to lift 300 lbs

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108 comments on “Why “Bad” Things happen to Good People

  • So, dealing with bad things happening and especially things that you’re not directly responsible for is probably the biggest thing to learn in life. If we think of “bad things” then how “bad” was it that Jmmanual suffered judgement and Crucifixion or Billy suffered attempts on his life and having his name dragged in the mud? Or the many other extremely good prophets end up getting extremely bad consequences. It’s pretty clear these good prophets MUST be silent when the time called for it being extremely conscious of the circumstances they are in even while fatigued or beat up.

    Sometimes the best thing to do IS to remain silent. Billy has done that on several occasions and points throughout his life as had Jmmanuel when he was brought forth to different people for judgement. So, there is no room to missionize unless you desire the same fate the various followers of the prophets have met in the past. Therefore, if you wish to avoid being “boomeranged” by folks that will only turn what you said right back at you with greater consequences, then, as annoying or crappy the situation maybe, it’s best just to be silent. Don’t worry about the loud mouths, folks that scream about your actions, or whatever is going to attempt to sway or influence you to do the opposite of what you feel/learned/experienced internally when the time comes to be silent. If you really examine yourself and your consciousness you will know when the time comes to be silent. After all, you don’t have to prove the Meier contacts or the P’s much like it was not the destiny of the followers of Jmmanuel to follow him to Crucifixion.

    I wish you all well in this coming future, Salome.

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