Growing up in a mostly sick, demented planet, one can find themselves drifting from desert to snow, mountain and valley, stumbling over and over again to find the truth. When it does happen, however, it is truly “magical.” There is a deep knowing — a feeling of satisfaction that is almost impossible to describe in words which bestows the human who unearths this monumental treasure.

The further one dives into the teaching of spirit, the teaching of truth, the teaching of life, and the deeper their understanding and knowledge grows with all the wisdom unlocked, there comes a natural balance that one must, sooner or later, confront. That is the knowing and use of the truth, which can only come from individual assessment and testing, solely acquired to each individual, uniquely tailored to their own specific evolution.

Each and every human being must solely and exclusively, without outside Gewalt, find the truth within. There is absolutely no way around this, not unless one wishes to commit an atrocious act against Creation. Each and every human being is different. Every person has their own destiny to fulfill and their own evolution to unlock. Therefore, knowing the truth should not be an excuse to violate others’ evolutionary path. The truth is that not every single person is ready to hear the truthly-truth, nor is it necessary to spread the truth to them in a way that damages and hinders their specific evolutionary path, which they may be better off without knowing.

One should not concern themselves with worries and problems of others to such a degree that they nitpick every nook and cranny. Sure, it is fine to correct others or neutrally try to understand their point of view when the need arises, especially in regards to specific information that should never be falsified as it was many times in the past. However, even then, one should use tact in their approach, especially online, which is prone to several misunderstandings due to many missing key elements of human interaction.

It is fully possible one may present an argument or negative that is legit against another human being expressing themselves, but it is also possible at the same time, that the presented negative is a misplaced worry. It’s impossible, German or English, to completely and totally describe an individual’s personal connection to Creation and how Creation relates to them in their own way. This does not mean, because they may not use the exact words you wish to hear, that they do not understand or comprehend matters you may be concerned of.

This can initially cause some frustration, especially in regards to the fact that humans are, by default, societal creatures and benefit tremendously from being in collectives. This is even further dampened when the truth-living human must walk among zombie-minded human collectives, ranging from their co-workers to friends, family and even significant others.

Certainly, knowing the truth is no bed of roses, and this may sometimes lead to the human being feeling alone and frustrated with the world.  This frustration may even escalate to new heights when the truth-living human expresses themselves within their acquired expressive understanding, and this may be completely misunderstood or taken the wrong way, sometimes by other truth-living humans, even though the truth-expressing human is fully aware of their true context, understanding and intention.

How do we solve this?

By practicing true neutrality. One should always try their best to remain calm and relaxed. Information should pass through the human being in a neutral form before they decide whether to use that positively or negatively. Positive and negative are not the same things as good and evil, and often times, the charges must be used in a variety of different ways to generate an overall neutral-positive position and growth.

For example, “Bobby, don’t walk off the cliff” can be considered a negative-good position. Whereas something like, “Suzie, jump off the roof” can be considered a positive-evil.

One must not confront another human being in a malicious, aggressive, attacking manner, rather, they must engage each and every human being with love and care, knowing that the part piece of Creation is within others just as much as it is in oneself. Neutrality is not an excuse to be a robot or passive — neither of which are connected to the true intricacy of neutrality, which operates closer to a conductive tool.

Neutrality is a very logical tool. 

It allows one to truly be unharmed by the evils of this world. It allows one to reach mountains and climb to new heights. Neutrality allows one to see things exactly as they are. Through that clarity, one can naturally find themselves inspired to do the right thing, especially after unlocking such a power that must be understood and respected.

Speaking of human collectives!

Humanity Matters is a new, ongoing They Fly Productions series where we will cover thought-provoking topics, learning and understanding of the teaching as a teaching-engaging-collective. Our next episode will be live on Sunday, April 8th at 6 PM EST. The topic of discussion will be the same as this blog post.

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19 comments on “Knowing The Truth is a Responsibility

  • I wholeheartedly agree with Jedi, forcing the truth on someone can do extreme harm to another’s path. It is best to test out the waters oneself to see if it’s ok to bring it up. I prefer to drop subtle hints and information to see if a person will “bite”. Most of the time it flies over their heads but there have been a few people who have opened up to the truth and made their life better in the process.

  • Jedi, this absolutely hit home for me. Exactly how I’ve been feeling in regards to feeling frustrated with the world and alone (even though my husband is on board with the Truth, he doesn’t like to discuss any negativity in regards to the prophecies/predictions). Your words give me new determination to go within myself and live the truth. I’ve been practicing staying neutral (at my job specifically) and I feel a new sense of calmness that is allowing me to forge forward in a (neutral) positive way. Thank you for all you do to bring the truth to light.

    • I’m glad you mentioned practicing staying neutral at your job. This is good and also very important as we all may be inundated with negativity when we go to work. Some jobs even require you to be illogical which goes against the grain. What I mean by that is when we have to lie or fudge the truth because we aren’t allowed to say anything that might be considered hurtful no matter how true it might be. Sometimes the truth isn’t sweet. I don’t mean tasteless, I simply mean the unbiased truth. The old adage of the customer always being right has done some real damage to honest dialog and rational problem solving.

      After having said all that, we can use this illogic and negativity to further our own goals. The insanity can be turned into progress for those willing to see it for what it is. However difficult it may feel at the time, developing a neutral positive balance at work can be very freeing and empowering.

      Another great blog, thanks Jedi!

  • Thank you my friend. Until there can be true harmony on the planet by everyone being neutral-positive-equalized, we must use discretion in order to determine (neutrally) where the line is in terms of what to “reveal (share)” and to whom.


  • While it is tempting to impart our hard earned knowledge, it should be done more organically with everyday ideas and speech. Going back to Talkativeness “Consequently, if one is talking about the spiritual teachings it shall always be in a general manner and according to one’s own understanding.” Many of Billy’s discussions, are very matter of fact, regarding nature, human nature, science etc. Rather than discussing interpretations or ideas of the spiritual teaching, a general manner of talking would be discussing life experience and knowledge therefore allowing people to gather their own learning from it.

    I grow vegetables in my garden. When I garden, I develop a deeper understanding of nature, which in turn deepens my understanding of everything. As my skills improve so does my knowledge. When I eat the food I have grown, I am more aware of the nourishment to my body. Rather than buying it at a supermarket, I am responsible for this food and understand the true value of it.

    This is a very plain example which allows a chance for reflection to people at all levels of understanding. It is an open opportunity to apply useful, material knowledge that can lead to deeper reflection and understanding of the spiritual teaching without actually talking about it directly.

    I’m not suggesting that we all talk about gardening, but there is real value in material topics which are relatable and use common sense!

  • We all need to remember not to get too negative. We need to remember what neutral positive means,that is emphases on the positive if we want to get through each and every day without getting too drawn up with all the little negative that can make life miserable difficult. Remember emphases on the positive not the negative if we all want to survive. How the people from Timers and Erra get through living if they kept thing such horrible negative thoughts. These people from the Plejaren Federation though good positive thoughts not negative thoughts. Call this survival and good very long healthy living, good health and good positive thoughts.

    • Hi Terry,

      MH is out of town for about 2 weeks. MH and I both do different functions that, together, support and grow the platform in a variety of ways. MH is no longer alone in the Theyfly platform. It has been growing and this allows MH to perform what he’s best at in addition to more that we previously didn’t think of possible before.

  • Great show and article like always. I like your responses to our previous comments. Its great to go through my own learning process with you all. This is a great platform and opportunity for us all to learn and evolve together. Kudos!

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