Furthering the Mission vs. Missionizing

An important distinction to be made moving forward is the difference between proselytizing and the creating of channels to information, to be (or not to be) observed at the individual’s discretion. It is essential that we do not missionize, while at the same time, we must be aware of the importance of reaching those logical, good-natured folks out there who are trying to sift through this convoluted cluster of insanity we call reality.

Therefore, there is no denying the need for a certain extent of publicity for the Meier case. However there are certain manners in which to go about this, and it doesn’t include waving people down on the street and forcing a pamphlet in their hand, only to have it mysteriously find it’s way into a storm drain moments later.

No, to present the case in a dignified manner we cannot “force comprehension” upon everyone (or anyone) who comes within sight.

But it’s so tempting…

I’m sure at least most of us have done it; after our initial investigations of the case, we lit up, got overly enthusiastic and tried to spread the word by any method at our disposal. And we were all met with similar results; them giving you that look. You know exactly which look I’m talking about. That okay-what-ever-you-say-you-conspiratorial-nutcase look.

Many of us have also gotten other, yet equally fruitless results. Such as that other person you know whom investigates UFO’s, who lights up with the same enthusiasm that you express in presenting them with the case. At first.

They quickly dim down when they realize that the case content has way too much of those oh-so-tiresome matters of Love, Peace, Wisdom, Knowledge, and Freedom etc,. and nowhere near enough of the saucy accounts of intergalactic kidnapping and interstellar insemination to hold their attention away from the lights in the sky.

We cannot, no matter how hard we try, make people see reason if they refuse to open their eyes.

Lead by Example*

What we can do however is to be present, maintain ourselves with composure and dignity, and go about our daily life smiling as we elegantly steer ourselves atop this mercurial maelstrom of life.

Make them wonder: How are they always so composed? Whatever life throws at them…they handle it so well… They always seems so happy.. What are they doing right?  What’s this.. radiance surrounding them…? Perhaps I should ask them some questions, they seem approachable…

Be the outlet

Answer their questions honestly but don’t give more information than is necessary to answer each question, knowledge takes time to digest so let them do so at their own pace. Be present and available to help inspire others discover their own path to the truth.

Of course being the outlet, in addition to leading by example, can also take on various other forms such as Creation and production of more material highlighting the Meier case. Again, discretion here must be kept in mind here to maintain neutrality least we cross the line into proselytizing.

Yet the case needs to maintain a certain level of increasing public availability, because there are many good people whom, at their core, are loving and rational but they have allowed themselves to be heavily influenced (become psychically ill) by the negative circumstances of reality.

I know because I was one of those people.

If I hadn’t had the chance encounter with the “Silent Revolution of Truth” one night while I was stoned and searching for answers on Hulu, then I may still be frying my brain in somebodies attic and slipping ever further into insanity, rather than doing my part of aiding in the mission.

Inceptual Support

What also must be said; gaining publicity for the Meier case isn’t the only way for furthering our mission. Nor is it, in my personal opinion, the most important. For what we are truly trying to convey here is the essence of the Spirit Teaching which don’t necessarily have to be attached to its terrestrial source. Our main goal here isn’t publicity for Billy Meier and the Plejaren, that is but one means to our ultimate goal of spreading Peace, Love, Knowledge, Joy, Hope, Harmony, Wisdom etc, etc,.

Leading by example is the ultimate form of extending these values. We don’t have to do our part by exclusively guiding everyone to Billy and letting him take care of it, we can each do that ourselves in our own creative ways. Billy’s writings are not the only material out there that convey these ideals and what is being called for is yet more to be made.

The main idea I’m conveying here is that with the spreading of the wisdom of the Teachings with various forms of creative content, we are in a sense “infiltrating” as Jedi referred to it one day in our study group. We can still share, spread, and disperse the core essence Creational Values without need of reference to the Meier material what-so-ever, or even referring to them as “The Spirit-Teaching” Because, as Melissa pointed out in that same conversation; “the general masses are not ready to accept the truth at face value.”

Whether it be directly through us leading others throughout your daily life, or channeling through characters we’ve created, great care must be taken so as to avoid preaching. We must instead be and show the examples.

For the Record

We certainly aren’t attempting to seal away, hide, or horde for ourselves, the Spirit Teaching or the Meier material. And of course we can (and should, in my opinion) place subtle links leading back the origin. This of course, so as to leave it for the individual to determine, by way of their own initiative, whether or not they choose to seek it out and trace it down. The most conscious and attentive will be those whom unearth the goldmine.

This is an infiltration of the realm of dreams. A subliminal swaying of subconsciousness. A benevolent influence of the imagination. If the mainstream media can use such tactics for the sake of causing discord and strife, then we can respond with these counter tactics (in a non gewalt way) rooted in integrity and wisdom, for the sake of Peace and Love.

Inceptual Importance

As illustrated above with my personal example and experience of just how necessary it is for the Meier case to be more accessible, I must as well point to a different sort of importance; the fictional content of which I reveled in. While previously I over-indulged in these to a large extent, like many lost souls (distraught psyches) in this world continue to do, the underlying message contained within much of it also had a beneficial impact.

As dark as the despair of which I was immersed throughout most of my life, it were the morality the fictional characters standing up to fight for their friends, justice, etc., even though they were on the receiving end of an imminent butt-whipping from an androgynous thug, demon, dragon or some other sort of epic, flexing, trash-talking monster.

The Hero/Heroin’s main motivation for courageously standing up to confront such slim odds? Well, simply because it was the right thing to do.

It inspired me deeply that:

A) Someone out there felt so passionately about such ideals for it to then manifest through them in this creative form.

B) The popularity of this content made evident that there were numerous other people out there seeking just this sort of stuff, not only to be entertained, but also inspired.

As dark as my world was, it were these realizations that kept a light shining from with within me, a ward keeping all the hatred, depression, perversion, and insanity from consuming me.

I am certainly not downplaying the importance of work on the direct exposure to the Meier case. Even though the probability of success of getting through to (reaching) the people that you and your efforts come across is slim; if you manage to reach but a single person, even with an entire lifetimes worth of effort, then that is an astronomical success.

Not to make it all about me, but…

Although the impact of the moral values of the various fictional works I occupied myself with had a large role in preventing me from killing myself or hurting others, it was my direct exposure to the Meier case, and through that the Spirit Teaching, which ultimately inspired me to drop the dope, self educate, and start making an honest living. 3 years later, I’ve become more or less fluent in German, neutralized the main brunt of my manifold psychic (and borderline mental) illnesses, and have several notebooks filled with creative ideas written by my own hand, with more being created on a daily basis.

This was essentially sparked by Michael Horn’s efforts in publicizing the Meier case having, in effect, reached me.

And, while I am not trying to up-play my own importance in this, hopefully I will continue aiding in the mission to the best of my abilities, making Michael’s success in reaching but one single lost searching soul (distraught psyche) all the more profound and manifold.


Depending on our various character traits and personalities etc., we are each suited for different potential roles here, whether it be one’s presence and the sowing of seed along on the front lines**, or planting seeds throughout the realm of dreams, or any manner of creative balance between (or even an altogether different method not yet mentioned.) This tandem cooperation is helping to cultivate the work we are doing to fulfill the mission in a profound wise.

Every rational and loving person can find and/or create a place in all this.

*One must consciously develop oneself first and foremost before one has the capacity to assist others. One Excellent way to this is by diligent study of the Spiritual-Teaching with Billy’s published books being of special significance

** To (attempt to) be absolutely crystal clear in order to (attempt to) avoid any misconceptions: We are not an army nor any manner of militaristic force, nor do we belong to any political parties, cults, religious sects (Nor are we striving to be ANY of these things), etc, etc. We are a collection of individual free-thinkers seeking to maintain complete neutrality. We are not out to convert, destroy, or overthrow, etc., anyone or anything but rather work only to spread the Ideals of Peace, Wisdom, Love, Joy, Harmony, Freedom and the like. Any and all seemingly militaristic reference such as “front lines” etc. are done entirely metaphorically and are not be taken literally in the slightest.

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47 comments on “Fulfilling the Mission VS. Missionizing

  • The more you dive into the material, the more you see the difficulty in its acceptance. Even as much as giving something an ear, neutrally, is an astronomical task to the close minded that it makes you sit and wonder about the mad world we live in.

    • I agree Jedi this is why I have come to the inevitable conclusion that the state of neutral positive equalised balancedness isn’t a good thing all the time especially in a world where often our Creation given aggressiveness is tested as much as not foregoing our ego either
      To adequately live in this world you do need a strong ego as well as a bit of ausartung you really do.
      Especially where it concerns trying to get stuff done through other people sometimes being a c*nt is a necessity rather than a choice there is no other way as the masses are still at a level where the language of aggression is the only communication they are bred to understand unfortunately.

        • But still, practicing neutral positive is the best way even for where earth is at in terms of evolution. It’s best to be neutral as much as possible then positive. It helps with the madness in this world.

          • Jedi:
            I will really try to remember this when someone is getting under my skin. Some people just have a way of trying to irritate people and that is when the spiritual lessons come into play. But remaining neutral is so hard. I guess it is all part of the process of evolving.

          • Yeah I agree its just that as an earth worm living in a world run by other earth worms who have earthworm standards its inevitable that the situations created by earthworms demands earthworm responses and if you choose to go above certain level higher than that you will be crucified.
            Trust me Jedi I know what I am writing about and I mean experienced about.
            Context is crucial but so is human psychology.

      • “Creation given aggressiveness“

        Matt, aggression is entirely man-made. Creation did not “give” us aggression – we ourselves are responsible for the aggresion and ausartung (getting out of control of the god human nature).

        Sure, at the low level of evolution of the Earth human being there is a certain barbarism, lack of intellect, etc. but that does not mean that we should give in to this and not work on attaining the higher values of being a true human being.

        To survive in this world we need to have courage and not be spineless and we can do this without the “eye for an eye” type memtality, etc. Instead when cultivating love, peace, freedom and harmony within oneself one is a winner, and not a loser like the blind masses who indulge themselves in wrong thinking and living.


        • Anne is right here. Although this specific Creation we are in is very lowly evolved, material expression and understanding is at a point of striving to catch up to its source. Creation itself is an already equalized force. When the human being becomes more and more like the innermost creational awakening energy within, things start to make sense, slowly but surely.

          If folks aren’t meditating already, here’s a suggestion you ought to get to it ASAP.

        • Ugh, excuse the spelling mistakes… I was writing my above comment on my iPhone (stupid spellcheck) 😀

          Hey Jeidi – I have a suggestion – that would make posting comments on the blog a whole lot easier for folks. I was/am a web developer since yonder years, including WordPress design and development. It is possible to make the (this) form for comments larger (longer) i.e. more user-friendly, but it is done on the backend in the code. Let me know if this is something you and MH are interested in fixing and I can do it quick-sticks.

          • This is doable. However, there are overall site changes that are being planned at the moment as a part of a larger update. We can speak about this sometime next week.

          • Sounds good, then may I suggest, whoever is helping with the site changes, that they change the visible textarea for comments to at least 15-20 rows. Currently (with this design) it is at 8 rows. 🙂

        • Hi Anne there is an explanation by billy of natural aggression vs ausartung aggression.
          He explains that Creation given natural aggression is a must in life and that this is the source of human striving.
          Getting badly out of control of good character is different to a measured aggression that is firm, hard, stern and force filled (not forceful) although I would classify it as it being in the level of ausartung by the spiritual standards.
          There is a fine line but the religious tendencies of the predominant masses to follow the so called alpha male types or authority figure is so entrenched into their psyche that on some occasions you do have to play to their psychology by being a little aggressive to get stuff done.
          If you are involved some operation or project and people aren’t doing a decent job that you are dependent on you do have to berate them to fear to achieve a certain level of dicipline in getting the job done and trust me appealing to reason and morality never works but instead either self interest and threat of punishment.
          This really is the truth of reality in the year 2018
          Of course it may also depend on the nature of the industry or the type of work but it really is how it is at the moment.

          • Hi Matt, thanks for this explanation –
            “Hi Anne there is an explanation by billy of natural aggression vs ausartung aggression.
            He explains that Creation given natural aggression is a must in life and that this is the source of human striving.” You wouldn’t happen to have the source? I’c love to look it up. 🙂 Always something to learn!

      • I think being neutral positive is good all the time, if one can do so. I don’t see how seeing things as they truly are, and then reacting in a conscious manner can be bad. But maybe I’m just not able to imagine anything at the moment.

        • Kit after all these years of trial and error in applying what I have managed to learn from billy you do realise that there is a reason why I have come to the unfortunate recognition that being neutral positive and equalised all the time is not a good thing especially in the era that we are living in and that you aren’t seeing reality as it really is if you think that you can be neutral positive and equalised all the time.
          There needs to be a balance and even neutral positive balance to the neutral positive balance and equalisedness itself.
          It is fact.

      • Well, it requires more work to NOT be a c* given the pressure of life to earn a living, survive, AND do that with other people with less resources and growing population at the same time. If you’re working with colleagues you might try to work extra just to keep the ship running even if the timetable which you would like to have is not available. If you over work out of duty/responsibility to the job you’re working on you might end up kissing the pavement, literally (as had happened to me).

        With regards to the Meier material, I think during a CR I can’t find, Ptaah was explaining how both Billy and Quetzal had over worked themselves. They had some friction with each other as both were pulling in the hours.

        Now with the coming future, I’m not sure how governments, corporation, or tax entities will manage growing dark pools and the growing amount of unregistered assets that don’t generate a trail or are taxable. This was something growing before bitcoin was a thing and probably more workable with “Internet 2.0”. An example is like having a 1st edition comic book or some other collectible, etc. It’s also being unable to list all the wealth someone has and how that’s going to work on the local level.

        A collectible:

        • assets…
          a 1st edition comic book…

          I hope the Universe changes it’s mind and doesn’t contract in on itself, I mean, think of all the lost comic books!

          • I don’t give financial advice or expect what I type here to be held to the same standards they hold everyone else they encounter in regular life just because I read the Meier material and interact with folks here. I also don’t expect people to believe a regular person on the internet. So, Megalulz aside …

            All I’m saying is that, IF (that big word) the prophecies become true and people are tracked down to the meter, wouldn’t people who wanted to know everything about your private matters end up knowing every thing you have that might be worth something? All you need is an appraiser to look at what you have and assign a value, the rest is a possible future history.

          • Salome Ned,
            I’m picking up what you’re putting down, mate.
            It’s all good.
            I know what you baked bean, I know what you’re spaghettin’ at!
            Have a great Friday and a better weekend!

          • Alright, no worries.

            When I read things in the Meier material and with other things I’m not exactly looking just for the upside/placebo/positive (however people want to call it). A lot of folks may not realize they have a religious/lottery mentality of trying to hit it big or not have to work hard at anything in life. What I want to do, and probably what everyone needs to do at some point, is manage all the downsides/nocebos we run into all the time and part of normal life. It’s important as it is natural to try and hedge so that you don’t lose it all if things turn bad but also position yourself to recover whether its through diversified financial assets, bitcoin, rare collectibles, etc. that’s available for folks to do so. Nocebos are pretty powerful; so much so that people avoid it (whether consciously or not) and end up looking for the easy way out with people willing to rob them of everything in the process.

      • it is said that an “iron fist” may be necessary in the future for the sake of establishing and maintaining order.

        Of course a democracy is the ideal way to go, but as the majority of earth humans are robotic-sheep-sponges, a democracy clearly wouldn’t be very productive. Therefore we need a benevolent dictator of sorts to seize control until people learn to think and behave in a rational manner.

      • It is said that an “iron fist” will be needed in the future in order to establish and maintain order.


        Of course real democracy is the ideal goal, but as the majority of Earth Humans are robotic-sheep-sponges, having such sheeple calling the shots would in no wise be productive. Therefore, it seems a benevolent dictator of sorts is needed until people learn to think and behave in a rational manner.

        • Just so there’s no misunderstanding of “benevolent dictator”, another choice of words can be, “benevolent leader”, “benevolent figurehead” etc. etc.

          • Ja, “Dictator”, like may terms, symbols, ideas, etc., is neutral with a lot of negative weight accumulated upon it throughout the times.

            In essence, someone can seize absolute power with force, and then use that power for the benefit of man as a whole.
            Putin isn’t necessarily “benevolent” but he’s a good example of a dictator ultimately striving toward peace, the greater good, etc.

            To clear up further potential misunderstanding: I am not planning on attempting to become this, nor suggesting anyone else try it. Just offering speculation.

          • Hi Seth,

            From my reading, the references don’t support any need for a single dictator, benevolent, or otherwise, ruling with an “iron fist”.

            The “iron fist” is from a born-in-a-barn, 2nd coming, false “Redeemer” in the land of Peace after the red meteor hits (‘Prophetien und Voraussagen’) and the strict laws introduced after the environmental, economic, or, warring collapse (‘Warning to all the governments of Europe!’ & CR 229).

            Putin is not a dictator in my view, benevolent, or, otherwise as the Russians elected him, repeatedly.

        • Good point Seth
          Only when every last earthling recognised the truth and lived based on thr eternal ever lasting creational laws will crass forms of government, obstruse laws and illogical belief driven ideologies will be eliminated.
          But right now half measures in the form of soft dictatorship is necessary with a sprinkle of fascism.
          The masses bring it upon themselves due to lack of self regulation comforming with good logical sense.
          So laissez faire democracy will never work especially when you need to get good things done.
          It does take an iron fist.

  • Thank you Seth for sharing your experience that led you to this moment, where someone like myself can read this well written article and not only relate to your past but be inspired to where you are today. We all have a story. The good, the bad and indifferent component of this life make us who we are today. I am not new to this information but I am new to truly live within the spiritual teachings. Since I was around 8 years old I have had an understanding where we came from and Meier has validated this understanding later on in my life and I am truly committed to the mission. Salome

    • It truly is inspiring to ones self to find what you’re capable of, things you may not have previously before even imagined. I must say I have evolved more in the past several weeks than the rest of the three years since discovering the material combined. All because I listened to an impulse; reached out and became active in interacting and working with like minded folks (others whom occupy themselves with their consciousness growth) on a daily basis.


  • After finally taking the time to read this entire article, I just want to say that this was very inspiring. Thank you Seth for this great insight.

    I, like probably everyone here, wanted to tell my closest family and friends about the Meier case in the beginning. However, I quickly learned when and where I should talk about it. I live to be the best human being I can be and hopefully by example others will someday follow.

    It can be so frustrating because we want others to step outside their worldview and comfort zone in the hopes they will find that one piece of information that sparks their curiosity and craving for more. Why don’t they get it? Why can’t they understand or see what I see?

    Seth gave us a good clue when he mentioned that most folks just can’t see reason. No matter how much we want them to get it, they simply aren’t at that level yet.
    Semjase gives us the 7 stages of human evolution.
    1. Primary Life
    2. Rational Life
    3. Intellectual life
    4. Real life
    5. Creational life
    6. Spiritual life
    7. Creation-life
    Most earth humans are still in the stages of rational life.
    Rational Life
    1) Primary development of reason.
    2) Effective realization of reason and its use.
    3) Primary recognition and acknowledgment of higher influences.
    4) Belief in higher influences without having knowledge.
    5) Belief in higher powers, delusional faith, fear of evil, veneration of good, etc. Germinating time for religions, etc.
    Present stage of the average Earth human being

    6) Primary recognition of the real reality. Stage of knowledge-related development. Research, first spiritual insights and their use: “spiritual healing,” telepathy, etc.
    7) Primary development of knowledge and wisdom.

    A few higher developed humans have made it to intellectual life.
    Intellectual Life
    1) High-level development of the intellect. High technology, second use of the power of spirit with the first cognitions. Primary generating of life forms.
    Present stage of the educated Earth human being = scientists, etc.

    2) Realization and use of knowledge, truth, and wisdom.
    3) First utilization of knowledge and wisdom.
    4) Acknowledgment and utilization of the laws of nature. Creation of hyper technology. Second generating of life forms.
    5) Natural use of knowledge and wisdom in recognition of spiritual forces. Further breakdown of religious assumptions.
    6) Life in knowledge of wisdom, truth, and logic.
    Present stage of a few border scientists and spiritual scientists

    7) Primary recognition of reality as the real Absolutum.

    You can find the full 7 stages of human evolution in Contact Report 6.

    • I just wanted to clarify the Earth human stages because the breaks have arrows that are pointing up, which is misleading.

      Under the Rational Life stage, the average Earth human is at stage 6 (Primary recognition of the real reality. Stage of knowledge-related development).

      Under the Intellectual Life stage, the higher evolved or more educated Earth humans are at stages 2, 3, and 4 (2. Realization and use of knowledge, truth, and wisdom. (Slow breakdown of religious acceptances) 3. First utilization of knowledge and wisdom. 4. Acknowledgment and utilization of the laws of nature. Creation of hyper technology. Second generating of life forms).

      Also under the Intellectual Life stage, a few border scientists and spiritual scientists are at stage 7 (Primary recognition of reality as the real Absolutum).

  • Hi Melissa I just love your last post about what Semjase told Billy and I I`m going to add these niotes into my new niotebok #29. I spent twenty years writing down all these little notes from various information I read about Billy and the Ps. Right now I`m in the middle of making notes from Billy Meir Saken about what the Plejaren extraterrestrials told Billy so I`ll add what Semjase told Billy from your last post on creation and the evolutional step we must learn and evolve from. Salome.

    • Gday Matt ! Hhahahah , The blokes at work and my/our clients that we see on a regular day to day basis , can’t for the life of them understand “why” i am so happy all of the time ! and when they ask (because they find it hard not to) i respond to their question just one word ….. “Knowledge”
      You should see the looks on their faces when i drive off or walk away..
      BTW im a (Transport trucky)
      Try that sometime , see what response you get !

  • If anyone here would like to take the opportunity to share their own experiences in how coming upon Meier case, Spirit Teaching or anything else they found inspirational, encouraged them to change their own life for the better; please feel free 🙂

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