Prepare yourself and those you care about for the possible consequences

For over 76 years, Billy Meier and the Plejaren have specifically warned about the dangers the world will face from the biggest purveyor of wars, terrorism violence and aggression, i.e. the United States of America.

Now, with the insane, unprovoked attacks by US forces against Syria, and the Russian military, etc., it would be timely for people to read/reread a number of articles on this blog, including:

May the American People Know the Truth 

The Truth about Russia

America is, once again, attacking and ruthlessly killing scores of people who’ve done nothing to us. The law of cause and effect, and the prophecies derived therefrom, cannot be cheated. As Billy Meier said*it is and will be the innocent ones in America  who will bear the brunt of the consequences…as it also will be in other countries.

With that in mind, please also read the Henoch Prophecies, and the Predictions of Jeremia, excerpts of which are in the above links, as well as this article, to help prepare yourself and those you care about for the possible consequences.

It may now be more understandable why the Plejaren and Meier said, originally in 1975 and again in 2012:

“the superpower USA could come to an end after 2020, if nothing in this country changes for the better by then”.

Most importantly, this is the certainly the time to study and apply the spiritual teaching, as is to be found in these books:

The Might of the Thoughts

The Way to Live

The Psyche

The Decalogue

The Goblet of the Truth

…which can be found here.


See also:

NEW Prophecies and Predictions from Billy Meier


46 comments on “The People Were Warned

  • The recent events are accelerating my perspective on many issues. This is causing some internal conflicts within. I am thinking that this is a process of stripping the negative ideological ways of rationalizing my current reality to introduce and better understand the spiritual teaching. I have inquired through FIGU Canada about ordering all the books of the spiritual teachings ASAP to further study and evolve my spirit. Having physical copies of the teachings are going to be nessessary in the future as Michael has stated in a past Michael Horn Live episode.

  • I heard that Jared Kushner went to Israel a few months ago and made a deal to start another war. I Twitted Trump to stop bombing Syria. This bullshit about Assad attacking the children in Syria is total nonsense. I am beginning to wonder if we are fighting these middle-eastern wars to get rid of Israel’s enemies. I wish people will wake up and see the light. We need more pressure on this President to stop these wars. I know I am doing my part.

  • I wonder if this is not only the warmed over Bafa Giza Jerks and also from the warmed over Orion wars too? These Dark Lucifarians and Deep State Black Ops etc will NEVER EVER stop and or let up which will only lead to WW4 and so on FOREEVER!!!

  • If you are not already involved in the peace meditation, please join us. If you live in places that may be directly impacted, prepare by learning how to live self sufficiently and independently to the best of your ability. Send letters or emails to your local members or representatives and sign petitions to support the movement of peace. Absorb the spiritual teaching. Be practical and apply wisdom.

    • Hi Katherine I`ve been doing the Peace Meditation for a number of years. If you are not too screemish you might want to check out In the News down in the bottom left hand corner. There are two articles on the WW3(WW3) wars that you might want to read. I`m extremely sensitive,scared and very frightened to bother to read these sinister and nefarious articles. Mabye Billy and Ptaah could come up with something stronger to stop all these nefarious cables from trying to punish us and kill us too! Salome Terry

  • Robert W., Matt Lee,
    I think Trump is fighting an impossible war within this country. Who runs the FBI, a rogue organization which breaks into Trumps lawyers office and steals all the files on the president? No constitution there. Who runs the CIA? Another lawless entity which runs drugs, weapons, etc to fund itself, and in the process causes wars in other countries to replace their governments. Who runs the NSA who was involved in the creation of the internet, the google, facebook and all the other ways to watch and listen to you,,,and what is the reason for the collection of that data and what will they do with it. Who directs all this insanity? Not the president that’s for sure. Something is in control because it is a directed effort on various fronts. Up until Friday night I thought the good guys had a chance to gain control of this madness before it was too late. Well that went out the window, now I read Meiers writings again on the innocent will suffer…why does it have to be that way. In the past I have worked with the Russians, most European countries etc. There are wonderful people everywhere. I simply throw my hands up in dispare…sigh

    • Hi Michael try this site and see what you can piece together.

      Some are saying Trump went after the chemical weapons installation of the rebels run by clandestine CIA op under the cover of going after Assad so that they cannot carry out falseflags again and blame it on Assad.
      There is a talk of co operation between putin trump and xi

      • I’m a Q follower, I hope this is the reason. Its so hard to get the truth through the research you have to do and even when you think you got it,,,your still not 100% sure. We will see what the x22 report has to say tomorrow, Talk to you later.

        • Despite his flaws Trump is a really good person who is up against a monolithic force which has been there since prior to the days of Andrew Jackson briefly disrupted by JFK but grew to the monster that it is today.
          The Dark order will do anything to stay in power and the policies of the Trump admin is the outgrowth of that collosal war between it.
          So instead of people ignorantly complaining about his decisions people should first consider the sabotaging actions of the CIA , DNC and FBI against him and then think about how much goes on behind the scene and then consider the legal and political implications of Trumps reactions.
          If I was Hitler the job of rounding up these dark order vermins would’ve been so easy but we live in a so called democracy where the rights of everyone including the satanic luciferian the devil worshipping ritual child sacrificing dark order must also be respected.

      • Matt let`s hope for the best but prepare for the worst as the saying goes. Trump wants to meet with Putin to discus all the issues,but then knowing Trump,he flip flops everywhere!

        • Yeah Terry lets keep our hopes up all is not lost there are still good possibilities ahead ptaah and billy’s percentages border on approximately 50/50 give or take
          There are good people out there doing good for the cause of humanity that we don’t know about.
          Their influence to the confluence of future events is inestimable.

          • Hi Matt I agree with you totally. I too think the Deep State,Black Ops CIA, FBI, and so on don`t want peace on Earth! Everything is money and war to these dark low beings., They don`t know any batter and just don`t care!

  • Hi Michael “lt`s the The Deep State and the Black Ops all over again,you name it these nefarious sinister shills who want to run us in and kill us all in the name of a nuclear war so these shills can eat their cake and run this world to the ground I,e, KILL US ALL or at best turn us ALL into slaves to serve them with their lies,deceive, and slanders, etc,etc,etc!!!

  • Maybe the break up of the USA would not be such a bad thing. I listened to a historian who commented that one of the reasons the Swiss gov. works is the smaller size of the country. Well I suppose we shall see what happens since we are all at the drive in theatre together.

  • Jo Jo, why don’t you go back to posting on the Figu forum? I enjoyed reading some of your posts in the archives there. Also, imo you were a good anchor to some of the erratic thinking that used to go on there.

  • JoJo MIchael Horn wants everone to please post your full name if you want to continue blogging here. Thanks Salome

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