Tonight’s Podcast focuses on the importance of the UFOs and other seemingly amazing elements of the material that should not be forgotten. At the same time, it should not be overindulged that one forgets the core purpose of the mission, which is of course the teaching. Nevertheless, creativity and innovation should not be so throttled that we forget the fact that one day, we must venture out into the stars ourselves, as earthlings, and that firstly begins by us dreaming (blueprinting) about doing so.

Billy Meier had quite an amazing life and while that shouldn’t be over-glorified (over-positively engaged, fascinated, etc.), it should not be completely passed aside, because if one were to look at it neutrally, then one can gain much inspiration and wonder for their own lives, using the experience from others like Billy, the Plejaren, Asket and her people, and other unsolved mysteries etc.  (IE: Gilgamesh) that are worth investigating and wondering about.

The joy and wonder of mystery should never be forgotten by the human being. Indeed, some may get lost in the sauce (so to speak), but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be thinking on the wonders of creation in Creation. That of course includes UFOs and beamships. The common earthling has such an insane, brainwashed idea of beamships that they automatically classify it as Science Fiction instead of looking at it, perceiving it, wondering about it, challenging etc. Indeed, the ships are important because one day we must make them ourselves, and how else can we get there if we do not think of them?

This also includes time travel, which by the way, has its beginnings in the corrected Pi by Harry Lear.

One should not forget these elements exist in the universe. While we do have problems right now to take care of, we must remember that we should allow the Universe to dream through us, and that includes the UFOs, which is, in reality, a huge part of the Meier case. Furthermore, earth worms should try to reconfigure the way they view UFOs and other fantastical elements of the case. Instead of being religiously-induced by these things, we should explore and investigate them for creative and eventually, innovative purposes.

Dreamers must not be forgotten, for it is dreamers that carry the weight of humanity on their shoulders. It is the dreamers who push humanity forward.

Remember the UFOs…



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  • Well for me at least when it concerns beamships, telemeter disk or motherships. The Plejaren’s have conducted intelligent flight maneuvers which been annotate and recorded. For the record I also own VERZEICHNIS AUTHENTISCHER FARB-photos (which is the original Flight logs and other pertinent information)

    • G’Day Mary, Don’t let the likes of me stop you from telling us what you know. We have had thousands and tens of thousands of years of people like you telling us what you know. Have at it! Tell us all about your esp with lower life forms and the spooky stardust we are all but, and how the internet is accessible from the remotest of locations which allows us to drench the world with our interdimensional destinational dreams. We are all ears. You are as welcome here as you are on youtube. If I can think of a reason to communicate with you again, I’ll be the first to let you know.

  • I was wondering if Harry Lears correction of pi has “happen before” the prophecies said? I have a vague recollection (cr 251?) that it would happen after the sun would shine with much more dimmer effect which would make scientist in the future work with record speed trying to mitigate the problem.

  • I wonder if the Plejarens are still using these beamships and motherships even though they are now using stargates which you just walk through instead which are much faster and quicker? Maby they figured not to waste these beamships and motherships for those extremely long travels into other vast univreses?

  • Contact 251


    “Some prospects! Tell me now how far your research and tests have progressed regarding the latest travel and transportation technology?”

    “Everything remains hampered by failures, and it will still take more time before all the functions perform flawlessly. Some additional, unexpected problems arose again recently. Once everything is functioning without defect, we will have the capability of visiting you more often as we will not have to traverse the distances to Earth and you in such an awkward manner; instead, we will do so without losing any time at all, among other things. Likewise, we have not forgotten your promised trip to visit my daughter Semjase.”

    Well Ptaah said this after the cloak was removed concerning the withdraw (meaning this was some time ago).

    I don’t know if they’ve discussed the propulsion systems being at maximum perfection with the new beamships, telemeter disk and motherships. If anyone has a reference contact report concerning the update on maximum perfection to the newer propulsion that would be helpful.

    • Hi Luis,
      Hope your day brings you a lot of Joy.
      It really wouldn’t be ‘very helpful’ to know the info’ you seek, and indeed you will not find it (Keep in mind the the Pleiajarens are over 30 000 000 million years ahead of us – and were still working on the subject matter / research – and that was in conjunction with Askets race, the Timors – who are in advance of them… Technically they are several thousand years ahead of us probably more now due to Askets race. But to help you to ‘scratch your itch’ as it were :
      I have read all of the contact notes (approx 7 times ) over the last 33 years, since first meeting Billy, and there is somewhere some more info’ but not too specific on ‘new propulsion’ (It may have refered to Neutrinos as opposed to Tachyons – cant recall)
      But basically if you were to think ‘Star Gate’, and then cross correlate that with when Asket was in the desert digging up a ‘Spiral shaped’ object ( possably a reference to thier testing such tech’ ) Then you will be on the right track of ‘wondering’ and piecing together…
      All the best for you Today,
      Salome, Gary

      • Gary I have never came across Asket digging.
        Although Semjase dug something and the european backpacker girl tenting out in the desert inadvertently saw her.
        Have I missed something?

  • This is a great topic and well put regarding the “Dreamers” Jedi. UFO’s are what led me to Billy and the spiritual teachings. Since I was a child I knew we didn’t originate on Earth and I had an internal knowing about Mars. I always stared as a child and through my teen years at the stars thinking about the other civilizations out there. But I never saw a UFO until I truly started my quest for TRUTH. I started reading everything I could get my hands on! Ancient Civilizations, ufo’s, pineal significants, etc.. Then I came across the Meier mission and it fascinated me but I moved on to other material. During this time I had an experience with a UFO. I was lead out into the back country in Northern Canada. What I mean by being lead out is that my subconscious was leading me out to this place. I had no business being out at 11:30 pm in the back country. Once I stopped my truck I got out and was amazed at how clear the Milky Way was that night. But then a pump jack started creaking and ruined the moment so I drove down this back road for another 2 km. This time when I got out of my truck, a white light shot out of the ground, straight up into the atmosphere. A second later it shot in a downwards direction and turned in a 90 degree direction to the right. It was in an “L” shape. I immediately filled with joy and a validation of my knowing and understanding of my place in this universe. I found the Meier mission once again and have been following very closely ever since. It has helped me rid myself of religious beliefs and continues to help me in many other ways. What is important to me now is not that I saw the UFO. I am thankful for the experience but more so that I FINALLY found the TRUTH in the Spiritual Teachings.

  • I heard that they have the TARDIS in their King’s master ensuite, this way he doesn’t have to go outside to do you know what! They had to send in a search party to find him the first time he got lost in there. I know, WTF, no stargates inside the TARDIS, preposterous! ;->

    • I have been informed that I didn’t say something above correctly; it should have been as follows: “I know right, WTF, no stargates inside the TARDIS, beam me up Scotty!”
      My bad! 😉

  • I had an ufo experience as well .I had this in my mind that when ii visit my farm house ,I would spend the night watching ufos. When we arrived there for the first time (August 1st 2010), we went up the terrace, there was nothing there but clear blue sky and stars . no clouds at all.
    I was very disappointed and focused my attention on local festival going on near. by after 5 to 7 min I looked up again an there it was!.A small bell like object.
    The top of the bell resembled the
    top of a jelly fish but with a defined margin .The bottom was solid gold
    It wad stationary no blinking lights no movement just materialised It appeared around 8.10 pm and was there upto 8.30 pm after which it slowly faded away (did not disperse)until only the solid gold streak remained which also faded away slowly . I felt very happy and peaceful that night I truly believe someone came to look me up from above.
    I just wanted to share this with you guys

      • Hi Jedi,
        I really dont know who you are, and where you suddenly appeared from… ( ? to Michael ) but the seemingly inocoulous question you just asked could land a lot of people into a lot of misery for the rest of thier lives… I would have liked to answer your question a few years ago, with several pages… and not from an Egotistic point… INFACT I will go as far as advising the readers NOT to share thier experiences, for thier own Safety…
        Salome, have a great day… ( sent from a true friend of Billy for over 33 years…)

        • It depends on the person’s thinking (and responsibility) to answer that, which hopefully, should be neutralized. Shouldn’t avoid questions out of fear. If anything gets out of hand (breaking the rules) then it will not be posted (or the user) warned.

          • I honestly don’t care about sharing my experiences about UFO’s because they were only the “catalyst” to the start of my validation of the truth. I have not been distracted by looking for “lights in the sky” since understanding the Meier material. I’m not looking for anyone to validate my experience so I don’t see any harm in sharing my experiences. However I only speak for myself and others should only post if it is neutralized as Jedi described.

          • I`v been researching the Meier case for well over twenty years in Octeber 1997 but befiore this I was looking into books on UFOs and spiritualisms from the Sedona journal Then I got the big book Sittings and fund a chapter on Billy Meier and his Pleiadian friends and I fell in love with what the Ps preched which is no war and more on the arts,culture and so on and I was hookedfrom there on. Salome Terry

      • Back in 7/8/6 I had the most awesome UFO sighting experience.
        I asked Michael if he could ask billy on my behalf but I ended up asking billy and he replied maybe it was people from the future and I left it that.
        I was communicated to one way by them.
        The feeling was an impulse like prick as a tap on my forehead basically saying ‘hey dummy look up we are here’.
        I messaged to the regent of Ahartha telepathically several days prior.
        Hey it sounds loopy and there is more to it than what these simple sentences convey but the context behind it is far out as the sighting itself.
        Right on top of Melbourne Australia betwern 11:45 to 12:45.
        A full hour.
        I wasn’t the only witness.
        Ever since then there were several lives which changed forever.
        Its a long story.

    • What Ian said! Thank You Kenneth for all you do!
      Here is a very good video where Christian Frehner from FIGU Switzerland demonstrates to you the correct pronunciation of names like Semjase and Plejaren in non-German languages.

      Billy Meier: The Correct Pronunciation of The Extraterrestrial’s Names & Terms

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