Tonight’s Podcast focuses on the importance of the UFOs and other seemingly amazing elements of the material that should not be forgotten. At the same time, it should not be overindulged that one forgets the core purpose of the mission, which is of course the teaching. Nevertheless, creativity and innovation should not be so throttled that we forget the fact that one day, we must venture out into the stars ourselves, as earthlings, and that firstly begins by us dreaming (blueprinting) about doing so.

Billy Meier had quite an amazing life and while that shouldn’t be over-glorified (over-positively engaged, fascinated, etc.), it should not be completely passed aside, because if one were to look at it neutrally, then one can gain much inspiration and wonder for their own lives, using the experience from others like Billy, the Plejaren, Asket and her people, and other unsolved mysteries etc.  (IE: Gilgamesh) that are worth investigating and wondering about.

The joy and wonder of mystery should never be forgotten by the human being. Indeed, some may get lost in the sauce (so to speak), but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be thinking on the wonders of creation in Creation. That of course includes UFOs and beamships. The common earthling has such an insane, brainwashed idea of beamships that they automatically classify it as Science Fiction instead of looking at it, perceiving it, wondering about it, challenging etc. Indeed, the ships are important because one day we must make them ourselves, and how else can we get there if we do not think of them?

This also includes time travel, which by the way, has its beginnings in the corrected Pi by Harry Lear.

One should not forget these elements exist in the universe. While we do have problems right now to take care of, we must remember that we should allow the Universe to dream through us, and that includes the UFOs, which is, in reality, a huge part of the Meier case. Furthermore, earth worms should try to reconfigure the way they view UFOs and other fantastical elements of the case. Instead of being religiously-induced by these things, we should explore and investigate them for creative and eventually, innovative purposes.

Dreamers must not be forgotten, for it is dreamers that carry the weight of humanity on their shoulders. It is the dreamers who push humanity forward.

Remember the UFOs…



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    I hope I’m not stating the obvious here but Russia is being set up to conduct a global cyberattack to collapse the global economy. This could be the reason for the war to begin between Germany and Russia as Meier Predicted.

    Contact Report 691

    “There already are secret plans in the USA and EU-dictatorship to start a war from Germany against Russia, which shall then be blamed for the whole ensuing global crisis. And that the war should be blamed on Russia, of course completely unfairly – if it actually happens – that is obvious from the start.”

  • Sounds like a stupid proxy dumb war to start another war for another dumb excuse to waste all that money on “NOTHING!” And trying to blame Russia is even ” STUPIDER!” These warmongers will just get away with “ANYTHING!” just to scare humanity off the face of the Earth and kill anybody they don`t like! “There are very nice friendly ordinary good people in Russia just as there are nice ordinary people everwhere else who “DON`T want wars!!!” Why all this stupid dark energy to kill everyone especially in Russia is just the dumbest f&s that I`ve ever heard of! These Dark Black Ops,cabals,shills are just plain sick no brain minds that should be put back into their petri dish and snuffed OUT!!! Tell these goons to go back inhto their caves where they belong aka the opening of 2901 A Space Oddesy!!!

  • I`m sorry too for posting in the wrong category, this should have been under The People Were Warned. Sorry about that.

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    • Sorry dereck , the 93 year old friend “couldnt walk”” , his hips were gone/ had it. But now he struts around like a friggin 40 year old after taking this stuff.

    • Contact Reports Volume: 5
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  • It’s a giant leap for some to accept all these FACTS. I understand, I must come clean and say several yrs ago I looked at the”wedding cake” craft and said what a crock. I believe it was a presentation by Michael Horne at a ufo conference that opened my mind. When I go to bed I watch youtube and set the computer to shut off at 60 minutes. The next day I noticed on my YT page in the sub section, “Continue Watching” there was Michael’s presentation, so I click on it and the video started half way or so. There I learned of the Talmud of Emmanual, spelled with a J of course :). That’s the point where I was drawn in to all of this. So here and now I want to say it’s one thing to say “The Truth sets you free” but I must walk, talk and practice the teaching’s that I am learning. CANADA is my homeland, and Toronto where I was born is a true multi cultural place, but I can see the decay of the youth. A Massive Opiate epidemic has swept over the city…and CANADA. Many have died many have survived to tell their story but it’s the youngest people I want reach and that starts with my children. And if they have children of their own there will be a foundation of knowledge from that provided by Billy and Michael. Have a Great Day!

  • Right now, I feel like I’m in a Flintstone’s world. Over the horizon, I can see the Jetson’s world, which is where I want to be, minus a boss like Mr. Spaceley.

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