Why Q Anon Doesn’t Matter

Where is David Copperfield when we don’t need him too?

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  • Why Q Anon Doesn’t Matter
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  • And yet more danger from 5G and…telenotic impulses

Michael Horn Live, EP 23

Wednesday, April 18

8:00 Pacific Time


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24 Replies to “Why Q Anon Doesn’t Matter”

  1. My view in regards to Qanon, Dr Corsi, Alex Jones, Donald Trump et al is that them coming into being is definitely the reflection and consequences of the masses slowly waking up being red pilled to reality, a reality that all this time the kleptocratic elite families of the world who are inbred and intermarried to one another have been conspiring against them.
    This is part of the third world fire, a silent northwood style war , a war between good and evil, a war between the have’s of everything vs the rest, a war for the world, a spiritual war where darkness wants to win over light, a war of ideals against ideal, a war extendd from the ancient past, a war for supremacy, a war courtesy of Lucisatan the prince of Bafathnatana the arch angel of intelligent Giza hideouts.
    Qanon is the times we live in and the reflection of the state of our world and the current predominant level and mindset of people of this era therefore it had to be.
    One of the spiritual laws state that everything is one but within that oneness it contains dualities both positive and negative in degrees therefore good can be evil just as evil can be good within the spectrum of both extremes.
    The law also applies to the Qanon phenomenon just as the plejaren state that only by keeping the mystery alive do the earthmen stay interested therefore by releasing crumbs, tidbits and being cryptic it encourages people to do the research and to think for themselves and to come to their own conclusions.
    The moment Q gives his identity away and state things in unambiguous way will the masses lose interest because they feel left out from the process of discovery just as detailed posts at FIGU forum leave nothing to the imagination for people to wonder and get involved in the discovery because someone had already beaten them to it therefore lose interest in participation.
    Billy is the first Qanon metaphorically speaking.
    Billy says just enough and leave the rest for people to figure out.
    This is genius.
    There is a reason when and where everything demands of it and by that reason everything becomes reasonable.

    1. Well, those folks above have succeeded if we think of everyday people as being unworthy of help (in any form) and people simply disengage and leave everyone to their fate. You know, people are like tuning forks. If people are hit a certain way in life whether it be with loved ones, job, poverty, etc. or come into contact with other folks they will normalize towards the ultimate representation or end result of the eventual fomenting wave. Eventually, if the tune is discord, for example, then eventually those discorded waves will eventually go through everyone and then come back if nothing is done about it.


      “In order to allow all the high values of the inner nature to be fulfilled and to protect them, it is necessary to express them externally, patiently and contentedly with the outer nature and hence never to be impatient nor uncontent.”

      “If the whole thing is considered rationally from this point of view, then it can be understood that an enemy is no doubt an adversary, an antagonist who is a tool for the purpose of learning, which only must be used correctly. For this reason it must be understood that enemies and other adversaries of every kind who are out to harm others, fundamentally, in effect, are worthy of honour and esteem, even when they must be put in their place with hard words and rebukes. Many a human being who struggles against this statement because he/she goes through his/her life in impatience, uncontentment, hate and anger, could make an objection that it corresponds to an absurdity, because an enemy indeed would want to bring only damage and would remain in uncontentment, hate and anger; consequently he/she could not be shown any honour and esteem. However this attitude is completely wrong, because any enemy, on the one hand, is also a human being who must be respected as such and, on the other hand, he/she is a valuable teaching aid for the acquisition of patience, contentment, love and for all other high values.”

      The whole thing deserves a good read through. If people have this vexation of disaster, Fail World Order, or string pullers in the back then only end result is that others will equally in good measure have the same vexation as you do with this stuff. Over the course of time people come to the realization they cannot get rid of this feeling of vexation and cannot be helped by their neighbors (who are in the same boat) and go about trying to save themselves from this alleged disaster. And, if the whole exercise is to have people disengage and segment from “those that can be saved” to “those than cannot” then I ask who truly succeeds in this exercise with this result?

    2. “Billy says just enough and leave the rest for people to figure out.
      This is genius.” — Exactly. 😉 The CG49 does the same when you ask them a question… very clever indeed. And then you eventually learn to be very specific with your questions, and that it is best to make a sincere effort to attempt to come to some level of your own understanding/reflecting of a matter first (do the hard work yourself first). In a nutshell: FIGU discourages “spoon feeding” (read: missionizing/proselytising) because this runs counter to true self-responsibility.


      1. Anne see how it’s so genius to set up such a structure around the way this case has been presented.
        There must be thousands of spiritual laws applied to set this structure up so inevitably anyone studying this UFO case will become self learning autodidact hence the path to learning and improving their intelligence and spiritual IQ guaranteed.
        You cannot get away from this.

    3. Hi Matt good assessment. I too thought at least QAnon teaches people how to think. But as per Suzi Dawson – QAnon is targeting people who already know how.
      QAnon is definitely a psy-ops.

    1. Welcome back Sheila I was wondering to myself from time to time where you had gone and whether something had happened to you.
      Anyway what matters is that you are now here so good to feel your presence again Sheila.
      In regards to Qanon there are so many pundants for, against, undecided, don’t care, changed their minds, neutral, hardcore skeptics, hardcore believers and somewhere in between all this.
      For me right now I hope its a psyops although robert steele former CIA still thinks Q is genuine but antischool, Alex Jones and David Seaman thinks otherwise whilst random rants ryan is skeptical, what is important at the end of the day is what people learn from all this as you still have the vast bluepilled masses lining up to see prince harry’s marriage ceremony.
      In a society that values truth and justice the dirty, rotten and despicable royal families of the world and any such arrangement could never be allowed to exist yet here we still are in this supposd finger flicking access to the repository of all human knowledge age of enlightened 21st century where such ugly and heinous state of affair is allowed to exist and still propped up by the sheer stupidity of the dumb masses who are donkey stubbornly unthinking themselves to slavery and control who still perpetuate so much nonsense by their ignorance and the inability to think for themselves.
      So I hope out of all this drama unfolding around Q that people become much more thinking for themselves and wiser for it with the hope that eventually it extends to their treatment of the billy meier ET contact case.

  2. I have a question regarding meditation. When meditating and when concentrating, how is the process of contemplating your thoughts and emotions supposed to go when your supposed to let your mind be blank with no thoughts? Having a hard time knowing exactly how to meditate properly. When I start I’m not sure how to proceed properly.?

    1. This is a good video to answer your question. Ignore thoughts or push them to the back of your brain. Be aware of the breath but don’t focus on the breathing. True clear-sight (nothingness) meditation is a state you “hold onto”. The body must be calm, relaxed, still. Feel the nothingness and (concentrate) on staying in that state. Do not give any thought any energy (feeling, emotion) – ignore them. Let them pass through you when they come, but do not get attached to them.

    2. Hello Michael
      Usually the harder we try to “force” these intrusive thoughts out the more difficult it becomes to clear the mind. Acknowledge the thoughts when they occur, calmly, and then let them pass through and away (don’t dwell on the intrusive thought – just acknowledge it and quietly push it on out – calmly). It takes a lot of practice. Suggest doing the concentration exercises (e.g. candle exercise from the book The Psyche). Also do a search on futureofmankind.org – there is some good info there.


  3. I`v been told there wilkl be times when your nit really focusing well in mediation. There will be god days when you can focus on meditating and days when you can`t but the important thing is to keep meditating anyway because this is cumulative and this will add up over time if you keep working at it no matter whether you have good days or off days,just keep going and you`ll see al the benefits and the rewards that come true in the long term.

  4. Hi guys, I finally got They Fly Blog back on Google Crome as well as startpage.com,it was very tricky but I finally got it. No more hi jetpack systems go! Hooray for me:-))) Salome

    1. Hi Terry 🙂 Yay glad you got your browser issues fixed! Yes Earth Day! Here in Flagstaff our city mayor is encouraging everyone to take a water pledge. I think it’s a great initiative, especially because we know that water is going to become even more of an issue than it already is.. especially in view of the now unstoppable climate issues. The water pledge is a nationwide US endeavor…

      “My Water Pledge is a friendly competition between cities across the US to see who can be the most “water-wise.” Mayors nationwide will challenge their residents to conserve water, energy …”

      Check it out at: mywaterpledge.com


  5. Hi Anne This years Earth Day is about the waste in using plastics,I am also a firm believer of recycling anything including plastics. Did you know that you can even use plastic cups, flower pots and other plastics for other uses? Only problem is how are we going to bring home groceries, and other items if they don`t have handles to carry things home from the stores etc? Paper bags usually don`t have handles,notonly that but you`ll not only a plastic problem,but also a paper problem too. We need to start to think wisely and logically too. Salome

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