Ideas, and their creation, are of such manifold, indispensable and sublime importance that existence itself couldn’t exist without them. The very fabric of being is threaded with interweaving ideas sprouting from the base stem that is Creation. The more stems branching out of this, the more opportunities and possibilities for the further branching of ideas. Yet these branches are not subject to the limitations of gravity, nor confined to merely three dimensions. The possibilities are endless.

Whether an idea is entirely original (if such an idea is possible) or a branching, modification, etc., the importance, and unmitigated magic of the idea is nevertheless undying.

The branching stem the idea for this article branched from:

If you folks are like me then perhaps you have found it more or less difficult for what you read and study regarding the Spiritual Teaching to really sink in. It is recommended to read each sentence or paragraph thrice, whilst working to extensively comprehend and understand what is meant before moving on to the next sentence / paragraph.

This is where I was having a bit of trouble; I would grasp the meaning during my study, but it wasn’t exactly firmly secured. Too often I found my self struggling to remember the comprehensions I’d derived during my study let alone put them into practice. This often caused me to get “stuck” having to take up to three (or more) days and much time and effort to convert the wisdom of of a single paragraph of the teaching as my own.

I made efforts to not reproach myself over this ,as such wisdom is quite dense and profound, and it is certainly better to take it slowly and make sure that it is locked in, rather than ignorantly and futilely seeking to cram the wisdom of an entire book within a day or two, which has been said to be more disadvantageous than helpful (something I personally learned the hard way). Even so, I couldn’t help but feel that there should be a more engaging and extensive method for digesting this wisdom.

I tried a couple different methods. At first, I would take 30 seconds to paraphrase in writing what I had just studied. That did help but not to an extent that fully satisfied me.

Then one day, I just started talking to myself in an attempt to “process” the information openly through a dialogue with myself. I made some good progress/comprehensive breakthroughs here, but I still thought to myself:

Man! If only there was a record of all these comprehensive breakthroughs I’ve been making.. If only there was a way to review these comprehensions I was making with myself…


I flipped on the video recorder to my laptop and started recording my study of the 7 valuable steps of meditation, (this was my third time through the steps as I had not developed/retained the wisdom as firmly as I would have liked.) I read a sentence, in both English and German*. Then  I thought, and talked (to myself) about what the information means, how I understand it, as well as giving myself examples of how it can be applied to my daily life. I was making this wisdom my own through this profound, comprehensive process. And not only that, but I had records of all these golden cognitions! I was gifting myself with my own personal cognitions and comprehensions to be reviewed, changed, elaborated on, corroborate and/or expanded upon at any time!

If you are serious about the spiritual teaching and have been getting stuck, finding yourself frequently struggling across plateaus of consciousness development, then I honestly cannot recommend this method enough.

Please, do yourself a favor, and try it.

It is also a great way to detect logical fallacies, misunderstandings, lingering beliefs, or religious doctrines we may still be carrying, that may go otherwise unnoticed.

Haven’t I heard this somewhere before…

Yes, you guessed it. This idea listed above sprouted directly from that of Michael Horn’s Future Self. Here I must give due respect and acknowledgment to Michael for creating the Future Self book.

And not simply for the book itself, to be honest I have still yet to fully utilize the book / tool in the manners / methods in which it is recommended. No, I’m extending gratitude and acknowledgment for the creative innovation of such practical application of the Spirit Teaching. Future Self itself is a branch, sprouting from the stem of the Spiritual Teaching, as well as a stem itself from which my own idea had sprouted.

This is yet another reason why it’s so important that we make the knowledge and wisdom our own rather than the idiotic methods of robotic repetition and word for word memorization used to “educate” by our public “schools”.

The ideas within Future Self are simply brilliant and my idea branching from that is, if I may say so, also pretty gosh darn smart, even if I am smacking myself in the head saying Duh! for not coming up with it sooner. Looking back, it seems so simple and obvious. Yet that’s usually the case learning.** The neurons in my brain simply hadn’t traveled down that path yet. They simply discovered a side-route branching from the path introduced by Future Self.

Reverberation of Self-Responsibility

Again, we cannot (and should not!) simply rely on Billy Meier and the Plejaren for instilling wisdom in us, we must become creative and innovative with our own methods of evolution.

Imagine Billy’s writings as ever-bursting springs of Wisdom; we can run to them and try to and grasp and carry as much as we can at a time with our cupped hands…

…or we can innovate; dream fresh ideas and design inventive methods; creating systems of pulleys, wells and bridges to draw upon the well water (wisdom) ever more efficiently; refining and expanding upon each new innovation that came before.

….Everyone adding in their own unique ideas and perspectives; imaginations expanding upon what were once state of the art innovation; beauty and creativity branching out of beauty and creativity; giving more space and opportunity for yet more beauty and creativity…

….Life is so excellent on so many ever-expanding ever-deepening profound wises that it is endearingly agonizing to be bound in circumscribing such Wunderschönheit to the letters being relayed by this keyboard…

…wrapping this up now… least I get carried away…

Yes… hopefully the presented ideas regarding enhancing your studies won’t only help you directly, but perhaps also indirectly, the same manner Future Self helped me, by flicking on a mindswitch, sprouting another unique idea to branch out of this one!

If you get such an idea or have already gotten one, please feel free to sprout another stem for future branches to sprout from in the comments below!

*German is phonetic, even if you don’t understand it you can still read it aloud (thus activating the evolution-CODE) after watching a brief youtube course of how the letters sound.

** Here is a link to a free online course that teachings logical methods of learning, utilizing the power imagination and creativity, rather than the tediously malicious methods of programming herds of robotic-sheep-sponges administered by public “schools.”

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  • Hi, if you struggle to study and have the knowledge really “sink in”, also please consume your required omega-3 fatty acid, cold pressed. This will promote the ability to learn.

    The Plejaren spoke of the importance of this for promoting the ability of learning, so that is where I learned it.

    I have tested it, and it works.

    • Hi Tyler, Thank you for the advice. I have been taking what you have suggested as well as many other memory/cognitive enhancing herbs/supplements for several years now. Yes, they help to a certain extent. Though the method described in the article is more or less in mind for other folks whom may have learning disabilities (ADHD, etc) be they born with them or “acquired” through one or several of the prolific methods of consciousness-destruction available to to the public.

      • Hmm.

        It gives me reason to think.

        When I observed that I was learning, it was at a time when I was consuming cold-pressed flax seed oil in fairly large amounts, and it was when I came back to ‘The Psyche’. Particularly, it was re-reading over the presented fact about how long our material evolution will last.

        In a poetic sense, on that night it really glittered like a diamond star within my own firmament of the consciousness. And since about that time, I have been really helped by that bit of light to overcome a lot of fears about death.


        I begin to wonder now if the original spirit prayer by Henok has actually been one of the more instrumental factors in my own effective learning.

        For when I pray the spirit prayer, I am invoking my own consciousness, and guiding my attentiveness onto it.

        I believe that when the knowledge is intended to become applied to reality, then it has something to do with invoking the consciousness first, as well, so that it begins to “listen” properly.

        Then, I estimate that with the aid of the omega-3 fatty acid, the coarse-material factor can then work correctly with the fine-spiritual factor in the required unity needed for the knowledge to become “passed off” to the consciousness so that it can then program the knowledge into itself.

        Does that appear correct? I am just supposing based on what I’ve learned.

        • That’s awesome Tyler 🙂 Thanks for sharing that.

          “Does that appear correct?” I’m not qualified to make that judgement though I think you mean “fine-material” where you put “fine-spiritual”


  • I`v been taking lots of vitamins and supplements for years too but I haven`t been able to find Omega 3 vitamins anywhere. Whenever I I liten to George Noory about Critical Health News on c2c I listen to Ben fuch and Joel Walles from Critical health New they too recommend Omega 3 vitamins too but I can`t find them anywhere?

  • One thing that i manage to implement into trying to remember something that I need to is to try the following.

    1) read the article one to three times
    2) write down a single word from each paragraphs (maximum of 3 paragraphs) and place it face down near the article or book.

    3) Next morning with-out picking up the article, book, or any of the three words. And before any daily routine has grabbed your focus, try to remember (with in 20 minutes) what you have read the previous day. If you cannot then …
    4) Read (or find) the first word from the first paragraph to help induce recalling of the first paragraph.

    5) repeat for each 3 words

  • Studying the teachings is a never-ending process, life-long. I have found, personally, after some months or years, going back to a particular book, passage, poem, writing, etc. of Billy’s that upon reading the material again I gain a finer, more-indepth understanding, than when I studied it the first time around. It’s like peeling the layers of an onion. You start with the outer superficial layer, and as you gain the knowledge and wisdom through practical application in your life (this can take much time – more than a few days), you continue “peeling off” deeper layers – always moving towards the core in slow but steady progression (reaching the “core” of a teaching can take years – even lifetimes).


    • Hi Anne,

      Yes even with the method mentioned in the article it’s not as though this is a manner of “downloading” the teaching to your “wisdom storage”, it’s merely a tool for helping to fasten the foundation firmly into place. There is still much work to do in fully understanding it, and some parts of the spiritual teaching can’t really be “grasped” or comprehended through a simple video dialogue with onesself, such as when I was studying steps 6 and 7 of the seven valuable steps of meditation. Things of the more “all-encompassing” substances can really only be understood through the “grasping” of such in a lived practical sense, of course meditation is included in this.


  • I just found this website that I signed onto as a passive member of FIGU. If anyone is interested here is the website: United States Online FIGU-Interest Group for Mission-knowledge. Salome

  • Hi Seth:

    Thanks for this article. All of the information on the spiritual lessons can be very overwhelming and, therefore, hard to remember. Your article made me think of a way I can try to remember important information. I had a friend who was a devout Christian and she had these little cards that she would read every morning before starting her day. She read one card per day. The cards were bits of info considered important from the bible. At the time I thought this was a very good idea and now I have decided to make my own cards. What I am doing is keeping blank index cards next to me while I read/study the spiritual lessons/Goblet of Truth. Then I summarize in my own words what the lesson is talking about and end it with one or two ways in which I can use it in my daily life. Then in the morning I will read an index card with a lesson on it and example of a way to use it. Each day will have a new lesson on it and when I finish the pile of index cards, then I will start over again until the lessons are clear in my mind. This will eventually help me to remember the lessons and use it. This is just a suggestion, but I hope it helps. and it is only one card per day.

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