Michael Horn Live, EP 24

Effort by MUFON “FX Expert” to duplicate Billy Meier’s UFO photos fails

Michael Horn Live, EP 24

  • Pope Says There Is No Hell
  • More about Smoking Marijuana
  • Huge MUFON “FX Expert” Fail!
  • People Want to Belong
  • Human Brains Grown in Mice
  • MMA & Kindness
  • Online Beauty Salon: Download the App!


For those who haven’t seen the Dulce Presentation, here it is:

Michael Horn Live, EP 24

 Tuesday, April 24, 2018

8:00 PM Pacific Time


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  1. Thank you for reminding us, Michael, as this was what was remembered. But it’s difficult to remember exactly especially when listening to others who have known Billy’s work far longer than this new arrival.

    I have posted in on Google and LinkedIn – again.

    Just after Trump got into power, a good friend in the US who had her own broadcasting network for many years, said that no one could hold an anti-Trump conversation in a supermarket without a murderous look.

    There are global protests (the beginning of civil war) going on that YouTube immediately takedown. You have to be hearing about it via trustworthy friends.

  2. PS – I wish there was some way to check for grammar/spelling mistakes – as with YouTube, etc!

    1. be never gets my favorite ballet dancers translation right. If Google Crome can translate foreign languages right why can`t Youtube translate foreign languages correctly. Youtube says they can`t afford to get good translations but Google Crome can afford to translate correctly is not very logical and not being reasonable. Very strange. As for “Lights in the Sky” why not skywriting the Spiritual Teachings as the airplanes used to do. Youtube used to have the Spriitual Teachingsin video formats with Raul Zahl etc.

  3. Michael Horn just left a strong comment to Michael Born about nitpicking in relation to dates regarding US civil wars.

    As a newcomer to this site, I feel there have been numerous comments showing either a lack of gratitude for the tremendous time and energy MH has put in over the years, the said nitpicking and even a little immature rivalry…

    How many reading this could stand on a stage and thoroughly engage people non-stop for nearly an hour – praising someone else (Billy) while obviously not getting their own ego in the way?

    Nuff said, but this heart knows it has to be said.

  4. I don’t know exactly what you all are experiencing??!!?! but I am wading through a morass of lies whilst trying my hardest to live honestly and truthfully whilst striving to gather for my innermost self, spirit-form, as much knowledge as possible!

    1. In other words I am saying that I am continuously frustrated with humans of lower intellect trying to drag me down whilst I am striving to drag them up!
      From, The Way to Live:
      Unfortunately, there are only few human beings who are characterised by real deference, as well as respect, for the fellow human beings and all life; however there are many human beings who joyfully and gladly discriminate against those who are of higher standing than themselves, act against them and culminate them; they are instigators of unrest who will not be found among those who respect, with deference, everything which is higher. Pg. 4.

      1. Andrew, we live in difficult times and the responsibility we (few ones) voluntarily bear for daily adhering and instructing ourselves in the Spirit Teaching is of great importance. Even though we are few, we are the foundation stones of a might house we and our descendants will continue to build upon until all the evil that surrounds us is completely vanquished. 🙂

        About the stubborn deaf, dumb and blind evil-doers of the world.. I read this the other day…

        Goblet 16:5 pg 345

        “5) The ones having no knowledge of the truth are like useless chaff of the grain which are scattered by the wind, because all of their wrong actions are without weight and without value, and their words are like mist and smoke without power.”


    2. We are going to experience frustration when we treat others with truth and expect them to treat us with truth when they are treating us with lies and expecting us to treat them with lies.

      1. Andrew, that personally sums my own experience in this world. The main learning has been to expect nothing (very testing) and occasionally be pleasantly surprised.

        For whatever reasons, something in relation to human beings alone has gone completely nuts in the last decade. A poor way to describe it is that it’s like there’s no one really here; hardly any real depth or unselfconscious spontaneous passion.

        Nature has far more presence and that’s why I now live as a recluse in the remotest wild having worked for 32 years in mental health in London, which is the front-line.

        One of the hardest things is wondering if I have lost compassion for people. When push comes to shove, that would not be true but as far as engaging as happened in the past, there is no desire whatsoever.

  5. And yep, unsure of how I have become somewhat reluctantly involved in this ‘social site’ (the only one) apart from responding to a video on YouTube of Michael giving a talk. He responded back and I have been struck by his consideration, basically.

    After 18 years of wild experiences in areas in the remote Himalayas, there’s an understanding of how this facilitated Billy’s process and from where the idea of simply Creation, rather than a singular God-Head, arises.

    Nuff said.

  6. 30 July, 2018

    Hallo, Miene Freunde!

    Greetings! So, this is my first attempt at writing an post for the group, so bear with me, please.

    I would like to talk about marijuana. No doubt many of us have at least tried this mind-altering (very key here) substance, and some of us, like myself, have literally grown up on it. My father, being part of the 60s generation, grew it in our back yard. It has always been an easily accessible crutch for me to use to dull pain, forget traumatic experience (we all have them) and to just generally have fun when we are out with friends. Having it always around, I never truly realized the effect it has on the mind and it’s functioning.

    Three weeks ago, to the day, upon encouragement from a YouTube post from our dear friend and fellow student of the teachings, Michael Horn, I decided it was time to close the “marijuana chapter” of my life story. I felt it was holding me back, and after learning from Michael that it impedes the progress of emotional evolution, I came to the conclusion that it was absolutely necessary for my growth in and my study of the teaching of the spirit. Little did I know how beneficial quitting would be.

    Even after only three weeks, I have noticed some definite positive changes. You may have noticed a few of these yourself, if you and I are friends on Facebook. Not only did it seem a veil had been lifted from my thought processes and understanding, but my desire to participate in the group seems to have completely exploded (in a purely positive way). You may have noticed this, even if we aren’t “Facebook Friends”, simply in my posting, and responding to posts, in the group “Friends of Billy Meier and FIGU”. Not only this, but I am finally getting serious about learning German. Seth (I’m not sure of his last name, I think it is Whitaker, but his posts are on YouTube under the name “Peace Seeking Intelligences”) has some wonderful videos on learning German on YouTube, using both the “77 Meditations” from “Meditation From Clear Visibility High and Highest Meditation” and “Goblet of the Truth”. I would encourage you to check these out, if you haven’t already.

    There are several other things I have noticed, that were unexpected. The first of these being how much my mood and attitude have improved since I stopped smoking. I was under the delusion that marijuana made me happier when I was depressed. I now think it only added to my depression. What goes up, must come down, as the saying goes. The same goes for my attitude. I find myself much more interested in delving into my studies, and I don’t get resentful when I see others excelling in their own studies. In fact, it makes me strive even more. I’ve also noticed more energy and a general ability to get more done during the day, mostly because I’m not sitting around the apartment in a dazed stupor!

    I must warn you, though, their are things that haven’t been pleasant, for me anyway, the main one being that my nights has been filled with dreams, many of them unpleasant and emotional, but this would make sense, if smoking pot stifles emotional growth. My mind is making up for lost time, I think. Way too much time have I lost smoking that stuff!

    In closing this post, I would just like to encourage any of you still smoking pot to try quitting just for a couple of weeks. I think you’ll notice a big improvement. If I can do it, you definitely can as well. I live in San Francisco. I literally can’t walk out my front door without smelling pot. It’s now available for anyone over twenty-one to buy legally. It has certainly been a test of my will power (I think I’m beginning to see the connection with the name I was given at birth, William) every minute of the day, but I have proven to myself that I AM strong, I CAN do it, and so can YOU!

    I will also be posting any other benefits that I notice as they come to me in the comments of this post on Friends of Billy Meier and FIGU on Facebook.

    Thank you very much for your time, my friends! Have a lovely day!


    William Heaton
    San Francisco, California, USA

    1. That’s great news, William. I hope each day continues to get better and better along your journey.

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