Effort by MUFON “FX Expert” to duplicate Billy Meier’s UFO photos fails

Michael Horn Live, EP 24

  • Pope Says There Is No Hell
  • More about Smoking Marijuana
  • Huge MUFON “FX Expert” Fail!
  • People Want to Belong
  • Human Brains Grown in Mice
  • MMA & Kindness
  • Online Beauty Salon: Download the App!

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For those who haven’t seen the Dulce Presentation, here it is:

Michael Horn Live, EP 24

 Tuesday, April 24, 2018

8:00 PM Pacific Time


79 comments on “Michael Horn Live, EP 24

  • I don’t know exactly what you all are experiencing??!!?! but I am wading through a morass of lies whilst trying my hardest to live honestly and truthfully whilst striving to gather for my innermost self, spirit-form, as much knowledge as possible!

    • In other words I am saying that I am continuously frustrated with humans of lower intellect trying to drag me down whilst I am striving to drag them up!
      From, The Way to Live:
      Unfortunately, there are only few human beings who are characterised by real deference, as well as respect, for the fellow human beings and all life; however there are many human beings who joyfully and gladly discriminate against those who are of higher standing than themselves, act against them and culminate them; they are instigators of unrest who will not be found among those who respect, with deference, everything which is higher. Pg. 4.

      • Andrew, we live in difficult times and the responsibility we (few ones) voluntarily bear for daily adhering and instructing ourselves in the Spirit Teaching is of great importance. Even though we are few, we are the foundation stones of a might house we and our descendants will continue to build upon until all the evil that surrounds us is completely vanquished. 🙂

        About the stubborn deaf, dumb and blind evil-doers of the world.. I read this the other day…

        Goblet 16:5 pg 345

        “5) The ones having no knowledge of the truth are like useless chaff of the grain which are scattered by the wind, because all of their wrong actions are without weight and without value, and their words are like mist and smoke without power.”


    • We are going to experience frustration when we treat others with truth and expect them to treat us with truth when they are treating us with lies and expecting us to treat them with lies.

      • Andrew, that personally sums my own experience in this world. The main learning has been to expect nothing (very testing) and occasionally be pleasantly surprised.

        For whatever reasons, something in relation to human beings alone has gone completely nuts in the last decade. A poor way to describe it is that it’s like there’s no one really here; hardly any real depth or unselfconscious spontaneous passion.

        Nature has far more presence and that’s why I now live as a recluse in the remotest wild having worked for 32 years in mental health in London, which is the front-line.

        One of the hardest things is wondering if I have lost compassion for people. When push comes to shove, that would not be true but as far as engaging as happened in the past, there is no desire whatsoever.

  • And yep, unsure of how I have become somewhat reluctantly involved in this ‘social site’ (the only one) apart from responding to a video on YouTube of Michael giving a talk. He responded back and I have been struck by his consideration, basically.

    After 18 years of wild experiences in areas in the remote Himalayas, there’s an understanding of how this facilitated Billy’s process and from where the idea of simply Creation, rather than a singular God-Head, arises.

    Nuff said.

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