Effort by MUFON “FX Expert” to duplicate Billy Meier’s UFO photos fails

Michael Horn Live, EP 24

  • Pope Says There Is No Hell
  • More about Smoking Marijuana
  • Huge MUFON “FX Expert” Fail!
  • People Want to Belong
  • Human Brains Grown in Mice
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For those who haven’t seen the Dulce Presentation, here it is:

Michael Horn Live, EP 24

 Tuesday, April 24, 2018

8:00 PM Pacific Time


79 comments on “Michael Horn Live, EP 24

    • I think that we can find better ways of doing a better job of getting the truth out to the ignorant of the truth masses.
      Many of us here who have crossed the fence towards the garden of the truth have done so, so much so that at times we can forget how the mainstream perceives and thinks about the truth namely the billy meier contact case beyond the usual condescending dismissal and name calling.
      Solution that I can think of mainstreaming this ET contact case and some of the stuff that billy has spoken about is to bring in joe blows out on the street to some of the blog shows and programs to air their contentions because ultimately most of the effort to lay the so called foundation or cornerstone to the sword of knowledge revolves around enlightening the ignorant masses of the truth and not to preach to the choir by having just the supporters on the show.
      Just a suggestion

  • The important question to ask in the quest to enlighten the masses and to break the invisible wall of resistence is..
    1) what exactly is the reason and factors why people resist the billy meier case?
    2) with what and how can we resolve this as supporters of the truth?
    3) can theyfly invite other UFO groups or organisations to the show and have a civilized and neutral discussion airing both side of the argument or position.
    4) can tyler of secureteam10 be invited to the show?
    How about Dr Greer or any member of the Mufon group.
    What about Richard Hoagland?

    I think student of the teachings can find other creative ways to extend our arms to those yet to arrive who with a bit of encouragement and help can help them to find that missing key.

      • Cheers jedi
        I think the days of ‘debating’ skeptics are outnumbered.
        The invitation to debate people already puts them on the defensive however wrong their conclusions and actions vilifying billy is because as soon as such invitation is made then their ego is on the line and the natural thing that people do is to double up on negatively reinforcing their false conclusions.
        I think if invitation is made in the spirit of discussion and mutual understanding then this approach may break the ice a little and non threatening enough for them to take up on the offer.
        Stepping stones and people really are at a different steps indeed so we have to factor in this when communicating with them.

        • Indeed, the days of “debating skeptics” have ran past diminishing returns. Doesn’t hurt to see if they’d be interested, but one can observe it is the end of their time as a force worthy of any kind of recognition.

          Surely, it is an ego issue and also arrogance, irrational-delusional thinking etc. which is why they are a waste of time.

          Why say that?

          Who *exactly* are these people and why would we perceive them as authorities or worthy of discussion if they themselves will not make the effort to engage in doing so by first and foremost clearing their own irrational thinking?

          By this, in a sense, we have offered true treasure for so long and it is constantly swatted away by the ignorant.

          Casting pearls before swine (minded)

          If they are interested in discussion, they can reach out, just as everyone connected to the platform already has and made the self-initiative to do so. They can do their own research and investigation.

          We must turn our attention away from those who do not want (which is fine and fair) and to those who do want, who can be sometimes neglected. There are people all over the world truly searching for the truth.

          By focusing on ourselves (individual, communities, platforms), our light shines, and it will naturally attract the right people who too wish to let their own lights shine.


          “So crucify the ego, before it’s far too late
          And leave behind this place so negative and blind and cynical
          And you will come to find that we are all one mind
          Capable of all that’s imagined and all conceivable
          So let the light touch you so that the words spill through
          And let the past break through, bringing out our hope and reason”

          • Some thoughts about this. The so-called “skeptics” aren’t relevant any longer, all their challenges have been refuted, rebutted and dismantled. Derek Bartholomaus not only has been shown to be utterly incompetent, he’s resorted to lying and outright thievery, so thoroughly have his claims, comments and actions been rendered irrelevant.



            The other group, who still have influence with people in the “UFO community” – which should right away tell you how bright they all are – consists of the so-called “UFO experts”, such as Stanton Friedman, Nick Pope, Richard Dolan, Steven Greer, and a few more, all of whom have been vocal in not only denying the singular authenticity of the Meier contacts but also actively attacking, as well as suppressing, the information, etc.

            In the past, I’ve offered ALL of them any and all info/evidence they want to review that authenticates the case. They have been stubbornly non-responsive – while continuing to attack the case. I’ve also then challenged them to debate, etc. Stanton Friedman accepted and the results of the debates as per the listeners’ poll – 2% for Friedman, 98 % for me – were not what he would like to be remembered for, I’m sure.


            No, the “UFO community”, their skeptics, forums, etc., aren’t important, they just suck the oxygen out of the proverbial room and cynically pollute the waters of wisdom. When I publish info, do shows, interviews, etc., in which I criticize, and/or castigate them, it is to, hopefully, provoke some…thinking among an audience that only finds, hears or sees me because of their interest in the topic. And while the UFO element per se really is the least important one, many people do find the information, evidence and the…spiritual teaching because their attention was first drawn to my “provocative” position and unyielding contempt for the damage done by the people in the UFO…INDUSTRY for selfish, greedy purposes.

            That being said, I’d certainly be willing to engage in actual discussion with ANY of the aforementioned characters, as they certainly do know and which they strenuously avoid.

          • Michael you do realise that judging by what billy said about 2029 that the unscrupulous ufo inexperts will also inevitable come around in the future and be forced by the sheers weight of circumstances and undeniable events to accept the billy meier contact case for what it is.
            Whatever that catalysing event is in the future it always works out that the ones who vehemently were against it initially ends up being one of the first ones to jump on the bandwagon and do a complete 180 degree turnaround.
            Maybe they may see $$$$ or because of social forces they may be forced to acquiece.
            But whatever the case maybe they do enjoy for the time being mass following and the sooner they come around through the possible stage you set for them in the future, I mean as in you Michael Horn, the faster the adoption raye of meier.

          • Matt, I still say that the “UFO experts”, and the UFO community as a whole, will be the…last to know the truth. And by then they will be entirely irrelevant anyway.

    • Of course if it is possible for these people to be reached, then feel free to do so. The problem is the UFO industry is a sham. It is about entertainment and “lights in the sky” with no deeper productive reasoning and value, which effectively makes it obsolete.

      A new “UFO community” has to be reforged from the mess of the old, one that focuses on productivity and growth instead of over-positive fascination and consciousness-enslavement-for-profit.

      …but in a way, it already exists, it has for a long time. It’s us.

      • I imagine dealing with many of the people in the UFO community is similar to being the only sane person in an insane asylum.

      • Although I agree with bulk of you said Jedi you still have remember the current consciousness state and level of the 99% unwashed blue pilled masses who are just slowly coming to the most basic 1st grade level truth such as the fact that their government lied about almost everything and that they can’t be trusted.
        So there is still a long way to go in terms of lights in the sky to the giant leap of faith to the penultimate billy meier delivered truth.
        Having said that and be that as it may that the ‘UFO milk it to the last dime’ industry is what it unfortunately is even as charlartans and shady profiteers have continued to exploit this topic for profit the inadvertent consequences of their activity is that now every cat and dog is aware and are talking about UFOs just as meier predicted.
        So I don’t think that everything is all black and white and out of the bad good can also come from it just as it works the other way.
        In regards to trying to inform these so called experts, over the course of 13 years that I have been red pilled to billy meier I have made the effort to inform majority of them and as recently as several weeks ago I tried to get julian assange, donald trump, secure team10’s attention to the billy meier case but since I don’t have a platform with perceived authority SNS messages and my emails gets easily lost among the sea of thousands of others.
        That is probably where Michael’s theyfly platform would excel in terms of having already built up reputation and notoriety among ufology where his message would get through better than say someone like me without a platform.
        I would love to do it full time but reality of life doesn’t afford me this luxury as is the case for 99% of other figu supporters.

        • I’m new to this site – and basically dealing with any such platform or the Internet in general. But there’s an urge to say this; in a Unified Feild, no one has the monopoly over communing with any form of awareness anywhere.

          It’s been scientifically proven that when two photons are separated and sent to the (equivalent) opposite ends of the Universe when one is altered the other changes accordingly and simultaneously. As we are physically composed of uncountable particles, it’s obvious there is one essential ‘something’ manifesting in an infinite number of ways.

          For over sixty years, I have been watching the night skies. Living in the remote Himalayas for the last 17-years, it’s obvious that communing is the same as being in resonance with any non-human entities on Earth.

          If you really want to help the masses, then communing with ET’s needs to be something that is intrinsic in our nature; meaning ESP with anything is normal but being dumbed-down/programmed isn’t.

  • “…they just suck the oxygen out of the proverbial room and cynically pollute the waters of wisdom.”

    Well said M… last night (when I was supposed to be sleeping) I was thinking about the logic and clarity of the Teachings – and the Meier material in general (ufo’s etc.), then wondered to myself…

    “Why is it so easy for some (the few) to recognize the truth, and why does the mass of humanity (scientists and “so-called” experts and other intelligentsia) have such a difficult time doing the same?

    The only answer I could come up with was this…

    The inability and overwhelming reason for the majority of Earth human kind to comprehend the truth lies solely with religion…

    Religious sectarianism, cults etc. is veritably polluting the air and choking Earth humanity to death! Literally and figuratively.

    • I very often wonder that same thing, Anne. Why is there a small minority of folks that clearly see it for what it is? I mean clearly, not convolutedly. There are many who treat the Meier case like a religion, but then there’s a certain group who totally gets it. Is there a certain thing that happens during evolution, that at some point, a part of the brain opens up, where before it was closed off to understanding? I’ve wondered what else can explain the complete lack of awareness by billions of people? I would think that since most people are at the evolutional stage of rational life, they would have more reasoning skills. But you’re right, it must be religion or religious thinking that’s totally shutting down that rational thinking part of the brain.

      • Hi Melissa

        You got my point exactly.

        Religious thinking (i.e. blind belief) does shut down the rational, logical thinking of human beings – it in fact makes people “stupid” (literally).

        “Belief” is nothing more than wishful thinking – it doesn’t have a basis in reality or fact – therefore “believers” are essentially crippled in their own consciousness and they become stagnated in their natural evolution. “Belief” is an insidious poison and one can be poisoned by it without even realizing it.

        The other important factor here is the immense negative energies that are created from religious thinking/belief. These energies encircle the Earth like an oppressive bell (hence the Salome Peace Meditation) and thus has a very negative effect.

        Another thing to keep in mind is that, yes, the Earth human as it the evolutional stage of rational life, as you point out, however, here on Earth we have a special circumstance – i.e. the ancient interference that happened and severely disrupted the natural evolution of the Earth human being (threw things all out of balance!). If our naughty ancestors did not interfere as they did, then the Earth human being, in their natural evolutive state, would not be burdened in their consciousness with the deadly religious poisoning, as we know it today.


    • Hi Anne,I totally agree.You really got my attention there with religion soaking up polluting the 99% of the worlds population with “Lights in the Sky” sectarian beliefs etc.

  • … in other words blind “belief”, which has actual detrimental physiological effects on the brain, etc. now verified by our own scientists.

  • Amen to that MH and everyone too. Great show MH. Keep on plugging away MH. Can`t wait for the next show EP 25? Salome

  • FIGU bulletins about marijuana:
    http://www.futureofmankind.info/Billy_Meier/FIGU_Bulletin_48 http://www.futureofmankind.info/Billy_Meier/FIGU_Bulletin_67
    Youtube videos speaking the texts:
    Billy and the Plejaren said that marijuana and especially hash cause permanent damage to the brain, nerves, psyche and consciousness, which our scientists haven’t discovered to the full extent yet.
    It also “.. leads the intoxicated human being to the erroneous view that it concerns an expansion of his consciousness and so-called “evidence experiences,” but this is truly a gross self-deception, which takes the place of unsuccessful rational insights.”

  • Not only that Carter marijuana turns your brain inside out and turns your brain to mush etc. Oh and marijuana is so addictive its like smoking cigi(cigarettes) you gotta have its like heroin.

  • If I am not mistaken Billy never said that there will be a civil war in the USA anywhere between now and 2020. Sometimes when I listen to Michael Horn I get the impression that he makes of this US civil war scenario as if it will happen with certainty in 2020! As if Billy himself had told him that this is a prediction when in actual fact Billy had mentioned this only as either a possibility or probability! It is important to note that Billy never mentioned the year if or when a US civil war were to take place.

    Yes it is true that Billy had said that ‘America will be wrecked’ but that does not mean that he meant this because of the civil war that would happen in the USA anywhere between now and 2020. Because Billy himself never gave the year! The only thing that is mentioned about the USA and the year 2020 is that the USA might no longer be the world’s super power or something to that effect. It doesn’t necessarily mean that a US civil war would have taken place by then.

    • I’ve never said that it will happen in 2020 and I’ve never said that Meier did either. I certainly have said that I think we are in the early stages of an actual civil war. Look at the news, commentators who would’ve never said anything about a civil war are now routinely mentioning it.

      Meier mentioned the coming civil war(s) in 1981 and 1987. What he said was, “…you already confided to me during my Great Trip in 1975, that, according to your probability calculations, the superpower USA could come to an end after 2020, if nothing in this country changes for the better by then.” USA means United States of America and most recently he said:

      “16. The USA and the rulers of the USA shall be imperiled in the future in many ways, which arise from both governmental and non-governmental anti-government and anti-state actors, as well as from large parts of the United States population, so that the US population breaks up into different population-groups, the basic causes of which are already present, so that the USA is already separatized into various groups at the present time.

      There is a lot said in the above. If something happens to Trump as a result of some political/governmental crazies, that would further inflame the already progressing polarization.

      “29. Even in the USA, the people will be dispossessed as a consequence of the global financial crisis, which shall become a pretext for deploying the military and police forces against the angry and partly also heavily armed population.

      All things in these latest prophecies and predictions point to anarchy, breakdown, etc. We would be quite foolish just to debate what year a certain manifestation happens, when we should be taking the warnings quite seriously…and using our own observations and thinking to assess the situation.

      • Yes but I have listened to you speak Michael in interviews and the way you say it can give the impression that there will be a civil war in the USA anywhere between now and 2020 which in my opinion is a little misleading! Whenever you talk of a civil war you should say of a POSSIBLE coming US civil war anywhere between now and 2020. Of course there is a difference! Although you had never said this coming US civil war as a prediction, you do sometimes make it seem as if it is a prediction when in fact it is only based either on a possibility or probability. A civil war in the USA can indeed happen anywhere between now and 2020, but on the other hand it can also happen at a later time.

        The reason why I’m telling you this is because even on the FIGU forum some people are interpreting this US civil war more as a prediction than either as a possibility or probability. I think this is wrong because it might not necessarily happen anywhere between now and 2020. Yes, the way things are heading in the USA might lead one to think of a possible US civil war. But again, it might not necessarily happen anywhere between now and 2020. The coming US civil war or civil wars can happen at a later time.

        Also another thing if I may point out, even if the USA by 2020 is no longer the world’s economic power or superpower, it doesn’t necessarily mean that by then a civil war in the USA would have already broken out or that the USA would divide itself into several separate parts. These are all of course possible scenarios that might happen if the USA doesn’t change its way, at least according to the information that’s in the contact reports. It doesn’t necessarily mean that all these scenarios will happen with certainty anywhere between now and 2020. They can obviously happen at much later time.

        • There’s a song that this reminds me of (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZ3fjQa5Hls). What I say (or people think I say) doesn’t matter…in light of the fact that what Meier says – despite his unparalleled accuracy – doesn’t matter, except to a small number of people.

          If what he says is accurate, it also doesn’t matter if it’s this year, the next, etc. Of course, if it does matter to people then getting about the business of learning and living is more important. In fact, it would’ve been far wiser just to…call the whole thing off.

          • Michael,

            I never accused you nor Billy of saying that there will be a civil war anywhere between now and 2020. However, yes, the way you word it yourself Michael (not Billy) can sometimes be a little misleading because you NEVER or rarely use the word POSSIBLE civil war or something along those lines! I have already pointed this out to you and yes of course it makes a difference. Also in the contact reports I have never come across a possible coming civil war in the USA anywhere between now and 2020. The only thing I came across was that by 2020 the USA might not be the world’s economic power or superpower. Again, let me be clear, I’m not saying the civil war in the USA won’t happen because who am I to say if I obviously don’t know. The way things are going in the USA might perhaps lead one to think that a civil war will happen by 2020. But remember this is all just speculation. And also like I said before, there are some people in the FIGU forum who are probably misinterpreting what you are saying because they think a civil war in the USA will happen.


            Remember, these so-called US civil wars that are mentioned in the contact reports are only just prophecies, not predictions and nowhere is it mentioned in the contact reports that a civil war will take place in the USA by 2020.

          • Please pay attention to EXACTLY what Meier said:

            Q: “So then do you see the two civil wars coming to America?”

            A: Yes, yes You know, that will…wreck the whole of America.”

          • Yes Michael, okay, but Billy obviously never said that these 2 US civil wars would have already taken place by 2020. That’s my point!

            Also there is nothing mentioned about one, let alone two civil wars coming to the USA anywhere between now and 2020.

            So if now according to Billy these two coming US civil wars are inevitable, the question would then be how far apart would each of these two civil wars take place?

          • Honestly, this is EXACTLY the kind of time-wasting, deer-in-the-headlights “thinking” that the warnings were intended to PREVENT and AVOID. Nitpicking dates is PRECISELY the kind of avoidance of reality, failure to understand and take the warnings seriously thinking that – unfortunately – shows how lITTLE even those who claim to be interested in this material indulge in.

            The question ABSOLUTELY ISN’T: “…how far apart would each of these two civil wars take place?”

            The question IS: When the hell will you grasp the reality and act accordingly?

          • But Michael I was obviously aware of the civil wars that were mentioned in the contact reports but please tell me this; where is there mention of these US civil wars taking place by 2020? I honestly think that this is something which is only based on your hypothesis or opinion and nothing else. The reason why I am telling you this is because there is talk about these civil wars coming to the USA by 2020. When I heard or read about this I said to myself who gave this time-frame? Was it Billy? No, I don’t think so. If anything I think it was you who started this ‘by the year 2020 US civil war scenario’. I think it is important that you mention that this is based on what you think might pan out from now to 2020, not what Billy himself had said because misunderstandings might arise from this! Also if a US civil war were not to take place by 2020, then sceptics might come and criticise you because they would be misled into thinking that this time-frame was mentioned by Billy when in fact it wasn’t.

            You had mentioned before that the USA is currently in the beginning phase of all the civil unrest that awaits it. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that this will escalate to a civil war in the USA by 2020. It can happen by then, or it might happen in a later time.

        • Michael borg impressions are just that, ‘impressions’
          So is prediction as predictions are just that ‘predictions’.
          Prophecies are also just that ‘prophecies’.
          Facts are just facts and lies are just lies.
          Impression does not equal prediction any more than lies equals fact nor can prophecy become impression any more than facts equalling impression.
          They are all different as apple is to an orange.
          I have over the course of many years and however long Michael has been doing presentations, interviews and QandAs over the last 13 years seen many of them and not once have I heard him state unambiguously that civil war will definitely happen.
          To be fair on Michael if you saw someone dousing a house with gasoline or petrol with a match or a lighter in his hand wouldn’t you shout fire fire to pre-empt the disaster just about to unfold just to get attention from people inside the house to save them from impending death.
          Sure the impression is that there really is fire when there isn’t but the context presents preponderance and high probable chance that this person was going to light the fire to the house.
          For me in this situation the house might as well be on fire and how can you blame someone in this situation for shouting that the house was on fire.

        • Michael Borg: MH never said that the civil wars would take place by 2020.

          You asked:
          “…where is there mention of these US civil wars taking place by 2020”

          Yes, where indeed?? Where specifically did MH say this, as you keep asserting he did?

          Would it be fair to say that folks are making assumptions and getting the wrong end of the stick BECAUSE they have not opened their ears properly, and then went about posting their mistaken understandings on the forum?

          The fact is: MH never said that civil wars would happen by 2020 (if he did, then please prove it with a verifiable link to that statement).

          MH is also NOT responsible for folks who only hear what they want to hear and who don’t use their proper discernment and intellect. That is on them entirely (i.e. that whole bit in the Spiritual Teaching about SELF-RESPONSIBILITY that folk simply can’t seem to grasp…).

          Enough already.

          Michael Borg If you feel this strongly about the matter and folk “misunderstanding” MH’s meaning, then by all means feel free to correct those misunderstanding folk on the forum by directing them to the source of the information (the horse’s mouth) so that they can discern and prove the FACTS for themselves.


          • LOL, Matt! You’re going to have VERY SORE knuckles after 8 billion plus times Jitchi moments!

          • Andrew do you know if FIGU shop sells any creational spiritual knuckle busters or semjase mixed martial arts 2 inch gloves with an emblazoned peace logo or maybe the destroyer boxing gloves?

          • Look, I apologize to Michael Horn if I was ‘nitpicking’. That really wasn’t my intention. He is after all just trying to bring the coming US civil wars that are mentioned in the contact reports to our attention. Fair enough.

  • Strange, because I thought Billy actually said there would be two civil wars around the time Russia played the scape-goat.

    For those who can bear to do in-depth research, it’s obvious it has started but is typically not getting out on the mainstream – and not even enough on YouTube.

    If you have friends in the US, UK, France and Spain in particular, who are not overly paranoid as to email what’s happening, it’s obvious we are in the beginnings of a global civil war.

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