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Many of us have at least some idea regarding the importance of the German language in relation to the spiritual teaching. Yet even outside of the interwoven evolution-CODE present in the books written by Billy Meier exists an entire, already ancient German world.

German is the most widely spoken native language in Europe at around 130 million native speakers, and after English it is the language with the most content available on the web. Germany and Switzerland are economic powerhouses and, along with Austria, are the origin to some of histories most celebrated genius minds of musical composition, literature, and various sciences.

In fact, if it were not due to Germany and Austria having lost two world wars against the English-speaking world, and being more or less politically and culturally dominated thereby, then German, being the language of logic, would likely be in it’s rightful place as the world language in terms of education and science.

You talkin’ bout that angry nazi-demon-speak?

There are many ignorant pre-conceived notions about German; that it’s an ugly, angry, aggressive, tightly wound motorized language spoken by punctuality obsessed cyborgs programmed to the constant muttering of perfect grammar.

Well, depending on who’s speaking it and with what feelings are propelling it, it can certainly sound unpleasant. This is also the case with English or any language.

Honestly think to yourself, native English speakers, especially Americans; before coming across the Meier case, what exposure have you really had to the German language other than the videos of Hitler speeches in History, or maybe hearing Du Hast by the bondage-garbed techno-metal band Rammstein on a night out at the club?

Naturally if that is the only such exposure to any language one has of course they will think it sounds hideous and repulsive. Now imagine what someone might think if their only exposure to English were Gilbert Gottfried and Nancy Grace?

Seek more desirable exposure

That’s really the key to learning a language; exposure. Well half of the key, the other half is to genuinely enjoy the language. As I have said, there is a whole German world out there and it’s not limited to the barbaric ideals of racial supremacy or growling freaks wearing dog collars and eyeliner. For that matter it’s not limited to the Meier material either, though in my opinion that is the true treasure trove of German learning.

Yes, there is so much beauty present in the German language in many forms, music, poetry, musicals, films, books, etc, etc.

Here is some such exposure:

Mozart the musical act 1 (w/ English subtitles)

Das Gefühl by Annette Lousian

Darum Leben Wir by Cassandra Steen

Adventure Time clip (w/ partial English subtitles)

And also some free learning Software:

https://www.duolingo.com/ (recommended more for desktop)

https://www.memrise.com/ (recommended more for mobile devices)

But German is so hard!

“Hard” is merely a relative term. If you go into something thinking “oh gee whilly this is just going to be soooo darn difficult” then of course that is how it shall be.

Yes German is the language of those scary compound nouns (which in my opinion are as fun and refreshing as they are easy to use once you get the hang of them) and many intricate grammar rules. Honestly speaking people, how many of you with foreign friends care when they make grammatical errors? How may of you have “perfect” English grammar? I know I don’t. Ask Michael or Jedi whom (is the ‘m’ supposed to go there? I can never figure that out..) often send me Emails notifying me of corrections they’ve made.

Of course you don’t need extensive know-how of the intricacies of any language in order to understand it. You just need familiarization with the “bulk” of the language. This is why learning languages in schools is less than desirable, not only do they take the magic out of it by forcing everything on you the form of dull lectures and rote repetition, but they try to hammer the grammar into you right from the start.

The Grammar Hammer!

Imagine building a house and being given nothing but screws and bolts without any wood or bricks! Along with any hammer in this equation being used against your brain rather than building anything productive. I must have taken 5 years of French and Spanish throughout my school years, and hey, now I can count to 5 in each language! Of course that was also my own fault for not having the interest. The interest, desire and will to learn need to be present above all.

I have never taken a single German class, but studied autodidactically with aid of tools such as the software linked above. Once I got to intermediate level I started reading and from then on my Love for the language has blossomed and flourished to a truly satisfying extent with the desire to improve has taking on a will of its own. After beginning my initial struggle to make the ch noise in ich exactly 3 years ago*, I can confidently say I can read German fluently. I may have to still look up many words, but I still look up many English words too.

Which brings me to another point; you must approach this with realistic expectations. If being fluent means being able to discuss the intricacies of the lost “sciences” of alchemy and mysticism without mistakes or hesitation then I couldn’t truthfully call myself fluent in English.

Woah, we’re half way there?

If you speak English, you are essentially halfway there with German. English (d)evolved from Germanic origins, of course it also accumulated heavy French influences throughout the centuries and conquests, yet the similarities to it’s roots are still quite present. Not only that, but America has essentially culturally conquered Germany. As a result of this there is more than a small influence of modern English on contemporary German*. At times learning German feels almost too easy because of this, which can be confusing if not kept in mind. Too many times I’ve blanked on a German word and it turns out I could’ve just said the English word with a German accent and been correct.


Learning and even mastering German does not guarantee accelerated, deeper, nor “easier” learning and understanding of the spiritual teaching. What is of true, unavoidable, and decisive importance is the interest, enthusiasm, and volition of the individual. However, in any case, mastery of the German language is recommended for those wanting extensive comprehension of Billy’s writings. In this wise German can be seen a “tool” for “fine-tuning” the consciousness and its evolution.

Also I am not attempting to bash and demean English speakers or the language itself. I honestly love the language dearly and feel that it is beautiful language in terms of poetry, prose, and other arts involving language. Yet in my opinion that is its rightful place in this world; a cryptic, poetic language of mysterious riddles and paradoxal mystique, rather than the domineering superior world trade language of the that everyone “needs” to “master” to be “successful”, as is unfortunately the case.

Additional notes

German can also viewed as a “bridge” of sorts to many other languages such as Swiss German, Dutch, Luxemburgish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, etc, etc. Knowing English paired with German can make any of these languages much easier as they all stem from the same roots.

Also you can find more than a few scientific studies on how learning a second language benefits the brain

Again, it isn’t necessary to fully understand German in order to activate the evolution-CODE interwoven in Billy’s texts. Here is a video lesson of proper pronunciation of ET names from Christian Frehner. It describes one of my favorite features of German as well as one of it’s greatest advantage in learning it. It is a phonetic language. Meaning that (other than very few exceptions) it sounds exactly how it’s spelled.

Quite a relief from English, eh? You should see the amount of red underlines in these articles before I start the spell correction. I am not exaggerating when I say that I make far fewer spelling errors with German than English. German just… makes sense.

* To be entirely honest I was not very diligent nor consistent with my studies for the first year or so. If someone were to dedicate an hour a day everyday they could reach my level of fluency within a year. “You learn a language in hours, not in weeks, months or years” i.e. if you spend 7-8 hours a day language learning during a summer break from school etc, it is possible to become “fluent” in that time.

**Keep in mind that these rarely if ever translate into the spiritual teachings. The language of the spiritual teaching often has differences to “modern” German due to a certain “devolution” of the language.

76 comments on “The Importance (and Joy!) of the German Language

  • For the ones intent to learn “german”:
    First step is: Learn to distinguish, and then drop, the words of french origin.
    Second step: read this:
    It will help you greatly in memorising the new-high-german spelling of old-german (=old-english) words.
    Quite near to today’s english would be the old-english and low-german tongues.

    Some food for thought:
    Meier and Ptaah speak in—guess what—-swiss german.(Not in today’s “High German”)
    Meier does absolutely not speak german as he writes it. He speaks essentially swiss german. What you may read of him is just a purely brainchild-language. New high german (which you want to learn) is nothing else than a written language for him (just look at the videos). By the way, modern german has been created purely as a written language in the chancelleries of the nobility, not one sow spoke it when it was created (Just as gender-speaking nowadays is artificially created and supposed to be imposed on the population).

    Soo: Stick to english, and throw out the words of french origin (many). Meiers written german is anyways quite difficult to grasp, also for native german speakers, so all the more difficult to understand by learners of german.

    NEVER have an inferiority-complex just because you don’t speak New-High-German. Learn a german dialect instead. Because they are the only vehicles of german attitude towards life left.

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