Sunday’s broadcast focused on Creative Productivity and Technology Balance.

In a world where you’re nearly forced into becoming a technological slave, it can be difficult to get a breath of fresh air and enjoy human contact, let alone use creation productively. However, creation is a direct aspect of the Creation. By creating, we allow the universe to dream through us and bring plans into fruition. Creating; creation etc. aren’t limited to artistry. In fact, everything is constantly being created – like the thought to type these words, the thought of delivery, your blood cells, and so on and so forth.

The prophecies should not be nitpicked to identify the date or to wallow in the oh-woe-is-us-this-sucks-and-we-can-do-nothing. Instead of screaming and holding your head, running for the hills, think of a way to creatively use the might of thoughts to solve our issues and counteract the prophecies (if we, all individuals and eventually at large as a collective think in this direction)

A great comment recently submitted by SR Anderson reads:

Yeah, I think we should be moving towards this path, and that is, when a problem arise the first thought we should have to remedy it is, “How can I usefully and creatively apply the might of my thoughts and the power of my consciousness to overcome this?”

3 comments on “Humanity Matters | Episode 5 | Creative Productivity and Technology Balance

  • The power of thought and consciousness is all a part of what Creation is all bout. We are all thinking human beings. Less than that is to be automatons not able to think for ourselves. Technology is not the all being. Technology is only as good as the person who programs your computer and other devices. Right now I`m doing research and writing down in my 29th notebook about Billy Meier saken about what the Plajerns gave to Billy about what life is like on Erra. I even found a photo of what the planet Erra looks like and am using this photo as my desktop. What a beautiful world Erra must be. My only wish is that Earth would follow and do as the people from Erra do to better life as it should be on Erra,not what life on Earth is doing now turning into a degerate mindless less than humain hateful society full of animosity. There is a lot that the people of Earth could learn from the people of Erra such as love,peace,harmony,kindness and so much more. Seems to me Earth is doing just the opposite of what Erra is all about!

  • Hi Terry:

    Wow! can you share the pic or drawing you have of Erra? I would be interested to see it!


  • Hi Diane The other day I found a picture of Erra which turned out to be a short youtube video. but when I looked up the picure of Erra Iused it for my desktop the desktop got out of fogus lke the the real picure of Asket it wasn`t clear but fortunately I manged to find a better larger picture of Erra and I now use it as my desktop wallpaper. last night when I played the five minute videos it ended with God Bless Erra so I don`t know if this is the real picture of Erra? I wonder if we are allow to see a real picture of Erra,if so maby a video tour of the whole planet as youtube does with Earth with Earth sun a whole video of Erra with it`s sun Tayget. I think Erra has two suns and two moons besides the ten planets. you can check out the video and the photo in Google etc if you want to. The video on youtube is titled ” Erra The Planet of Tranquility” Yoiu can even look up images of Erra which is mostly in various shades of green with three light yellow eras that look to me like deserts with a sprinkling of thin white clouds if you want to and can find the photo image. The desk top I found is a beautiful large oversized photo which doesn`t show the poles but it a nice clear image unlike the picture of Asket which I wish GFoogle could make that picture of Asket clearer. Salome. Terry

    the video

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