Why Is Alex Jones Plagiarizing Billy Meier’s Prophecies?

Jones echoes Meier’s warnings about coming American civil wars

For several years, we’ve sent Alex Jones Billy Meier’s very specific – and impeccably accurate – prophetic warnings, as well as all evidence showing that the Meier UFO contacts are singularly authentic. Jones has never acknowledged, published, nor commented on the information, despite Meier being the source of the most abundant, specifically accurate prophetic information in history.

I mention this now because of this new video Jones posted, in which he and his guest, Matt Bracken, speak about events that may trigger a civil war in America.

Readers of this blog know that Billy Meier has, since 1981, warned about two civil wars coming to the US.

When you listen to some of the points raised by Jones and Bracken, apart from the conspiratorial theory that this will possibly be triggered by an FBI false flag event, you’ll see that they are almost precisely echoing Meier’s prophecies, even including the break-up of the USA as we know it.



Unfortunately, Jones primarily polarizes and inflames; his site is Infowars and he comes to us from his…war room. There is a complete absence of any reasonableness, any reflection about how we got into these situations and how we need to bridge the polarizing, politically partisan, ideological divide, as human beings. This kind of polarization of Americans is also mentioned in this article, by physicist Neil Johnson.

Jones, and many of his contributors, also all too proudly (and very emotionally) espouse fundamentalist and evangelical religious beliefs that are full of the “God is on our side” kind of fervor that further inflames and promotes conflict and confrontational behavior. His viewers are all too ready to grab their guns without expressing even a hint of reasonableness.

War with Russia

As is the case regarding America’s coming civil wars, Meier’s warnings about a coming US-provoked war with Russia go back 70 years and he even recently foretold that, “There already are secret plans in the USA and EU-dictatorship to start a war from Germany against Russia, which shall then be blamed for the whole ensuing global crisis.”

Months after Meier’s latest prophecies…these machinations were announced.

The fact that such an insane war will, with certainty, lead to the complete destruction of America, has also long been foretold.

To be clear, I’ve also spoken about the provocation and lunacy of the left that has, to a large degree, been responsible for initiating much violence, especially after Trump’s election. So, all parties concerned are equal opportunity offenders.



The Spiritual Teaching

I’ve also emphasized the importance of the non-religious, belief-free, spiritual teaching, as the real key to helping us assure our own, very threatened future survival.

As with any key, it must be inserted into the lock – in this case the “lock” that irrationality, aggression, politically partisan thinking, and any kind of radical religious fundamentalism that we have imprisoned ourselves with. Once inserted, it must of course be…turned.

There is still time to learn the way to live…if we choose to.



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Terry Carch

I just saw the second video from Billy in 2015. Yes at first I thought Murkle was the “Wolf in the Fold but Billy said Murrkle is being used by the US to foment a war with Russia! As I sent two articles from truthout abou the Pentagon trying to push for more war EVERYWHERE including in the oceans for a stupid second cold war which cold very well to a not nuclear war. After reading the Prophecies and Predictions back in 1999 this probably explains why I had those two beautiful lucid drams. Funny I wasn`t so sard back then but now I am really veryscared and frightened of death and dying! I think this must have something to do with my last very bad incarnation of being locked up in a coffin and lft to die so I couldn`t get out of the coffin in Egypt! Call it abuse and neglect!!!

Terry Carch

Does anybody notice The X Files resurfacing all over again even in the reruns on BBC America plus new and old X Files movies too? Funny how some of George Noory`s guest seem to believe in this stupid Luciferian sinister malevolent end of the world degeneracy doomsday prophecies stuff? That is probably why Rosean Barr signed her death wish. George Noory is right about the fact the people are starting to get very whacked out and behaving like lunatics doing and showing stupid bizarre behavore I don`t know whether people are so stressed out or have temper tantrums or both. This could explain why Billy is predicting the two civil wars and then WW4 or more nuclear wars,whatever it is some people are starting to show signs of very sisnister bizarre behavore. I seem to recal the sme thing happen in Octoiber 1928 just before the stock marcke crashed in 1928/1929 too. I wonder if this is the same thing all over again? Sounds like the Lucifeian Hell all over again,who knows?

seweryn lavecchia

An interesting video where Alex talks about the Human/Pig Hybrid.